van Lennep

van Lennep

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Van Lennep

Hugo Zwolsman, Stephan Achterberg and Jacob Mulder known each other for years. One another’s work anyway. They visit each other, inspire each other, criticizing each other. Like friends do. One says this, another adds, the third lifts an eyebrow. They can talk About anything, but it’s often about work. Well, work. People like Hugo, Stephen and Jacob won’t see it that way.

How do they see it ? More .. uh .. for granted? Something that has always been? Something like that. In their work everything always has ‘a’ form. this form and design, that is what’s keeping Hugo, Stephen and Jacob busy. With pleasure. Critical. With these eyebrow. This makes a task just that little bit more exciting. And the result too.

As of late Van Lennep has grown, we are six people by now, plus one intern.

Hugo, Stephan, Jacob, Till, Joany and our newest member Miriam!