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Focus Annual Book 2009

Focus The object or the issue to which our thought and attention are directed. Synonyms and related terms: direction, centering, concentration, focal point.





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‘A successful company has focus on its core business, its customers and employees.’


Peter Rietberg

Without focus, where would you be as a company?

The focus in this Annual Book is on what we have

Chairman of the Board

Without defining your direction, the core of your

to offer in various industries and business segments.

services, the ambitions that you have? A successful

It furthermore covers our results, employees,

company has focus on its core business, its customers

milestones, customer projects, logistics network

and employees. On the course it adopts for the

and international organization.

present and the future. This applies to any company, and therefore to the Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube

Focus is ‘the object or the issue to which our thought

Group as well. And it applies under any circumstances.

and attention are directed’. I hope that you will

But particularly in a year with unfavorable economic

‘direct your attention’ to our Annual Book 2009

circumstances, it is important to focus.

with pleasure.

And that is what we have done. By taking measures on a timely basis and by actions, such as reducing our stocks and costs. And aside from this, by continuing to invest in our company and our employees. We have been in existence for over 85 years. Something that we never could have achieved without a focus on what drives us: offering products and services of high quality to our customers as a leading specialist.



Key figures

Key figures













Operating result







Result from ordinary activities before tax







Cash flow (net result plus depreciation)







Net result































The Netherlands







Elsewhere in the European Union







Outside the European Union







(amounts x 1,000 euro where applicable)

Net sales

Group equity Number of employees at end of year Group equity as % of total assets Net result as % of average Group equity Breakdown of sales in %


Fluid Power

“Our knowledge allows us to offer alternatives that yield better results and significant savings.� Harold Brinkman Branch Manager Fluid Power, Deventer, the Netherlands


Company profile

‘We offer a combination of an international network, a regional organizational structure and the service and experience of a local specialist.’

Company profile

The Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group is


a leading, globally operating industrial trading

The Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group was founded

company and specialist in the supply of steel

by Pieter van Leeuwen in 1924 in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands. Growth abroad started with the

pipes and tube and pipe components to a

foundation of a subsidiary in Vilvoorde, Belgium,

wide variety of customer groups. Via our

in 1947. Van Leeuwen continued to grow its

international teams and our worldwide

European network by setting up branches in France, the UK and Germany. In the 70s and 80s of the last

distribution network, Van Leeuwen is

century, the company spread its wings to North

expanding its leading position as supplier

America, Asia and Australia. This was later followed

of an extensive assortment of high-quality

by expansion into the Middle East and, more recently, China and Central Europe in early 2000. We have

pipe and tube products. In the area of

grown to our present size through organic growth

logistics, the company offers customers in

and strategic acquisitions. The Group currently has

virtually all industrial segments customized

a total of about forty branches, most of which keep stock. The branches are spread throughout Europe,

service and added value. Van Leeuwen

the Middle East, Australia, Asia and North America.

puts long-term continuity above short-term

This excellent network has ensured us a leading

returns. It is a company with dedicated employees that distinguishes itself through local entrepreneurship, customer-orientation, expertise and reliability.

position for more than eighty-five years.



‘In every market segment Van Leeuwen deploys specific knowledge and skills, such as product specialism, worldwide procurement and project management.’


a strong market position in this segment in Western

Van Leeuwen reinforces its leading market positions

Europe. We supply a wide range of pipe and tube

in Europe and Asia by means of directed growth and

products to customer groups in the Equipment

optimum service provision. Growth takes place both

Manufacturing segment. We combine this with a

organically and through acquisitions. We strive to

specific logistics service delivery and added value

offer our customers as complete a product and service

in the area of treatments. The Steel Constructions

package as possible, and to guarantee maximum

segment comprises a collection of customer groups,

service in this regard. As the largest stock-keeping

ranging from steel construction and metal treatment

distributor with an assortment of significant breadth

to ship building. Van Leeuwen here too acquired a

and depth, we work on a product-oriented basis,

strong market position, particularly in Western Europe.

as well as on a service-oriented basis, as a logistics specialist offering expert advice, rapid delivery and

Van Leeuwen is a key player in the Energy segment

project management. Central to this is our customized

from a global perspective. Here too we distinguish

service, which is attuned to the customer’s needs.

three main market segments: Process, Power and

We offer a combination of an international network,

Offshore/Oil and Gas. Van Leeuwen globally has

a regional organizational structure and the service

a strong market position in supplying different

and experience of a local specialist. This makes us

customer groups within the Process segment. Due

a powerful partner and specialist with cross-border

to our international network, the available expertise

knowledge and experience.

and our project skills, we often are the right partner for supplying complex projects, including those in the

The markets

petrochemical industry. Our market position in the

Over a period of more than eighty five years, the

Power segment is growing, particularly in the Middle

Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group has built up

East and Asia. This concerns the delivery of pipe and

a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the supply

tube materials to power plants. Van Leeuwen’s global

of pipe and tube products for application in a

market position in the Offshore/Oil and Gas segment

wide range of sectors within the Industry as well

is growing, and we are key suppliers of pipe and tube

as Energy segment.

materials to production and processing platforms, particularly in South-East Asia and Australia.

Within the Industry segment Van Leeuwen is focused on three main segments: Fluid Power, Equipment

In every market segment Van Leeuwen deploys

Manufacturing and Steel Constructions. Cylinder

specific knowledge and skills, such as product

manufacturers in particular constitute an important

specialism, worldwide procurement and project

Fluid Power customer group. Van Leeuwen built up

management. We already have a presence in many

Company profile

markets and countries that in some cases represent

In complex projects with tight deadlines,

growth markets. Our strategy is focused on our

customers must be able to trust a reliable, expert

ability to play and continue to play a role in various

partner. A deciding factor in this is our substantial

market segments in various countries as a multi-faceted

purchasing power, which relies on a worldwide

and expert specialist in the area of supplying an

sourcing and purchasing management network.

extensive assortment of pipe and tube products

Our expert employees also give sound technical

and associated services.

recommendations and serve as a true partner to the customer. Anywhere in the world.

Products and services Van Leeuwen supplies every conceivable steel

The customer’s requirements and expectations are

pipe, hollow section, elbow, fitting and flange, all

also priorities in our quality assurance. Most of the

according to various standards. In addition to carbon

Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group’s branches are

steel products we have specialized sites that offer

consequently ISO 9001 certified, and aim is to have

complete ranges of stainless steel and precision pipes

new branches certified within three years after start-up.

and tubes, bar steel and components for the most diverse applications. With a supply range that has

Our people

great depth and breadth, we can meet even the

Globally we employ a thousand employees.

most specialized demand.

Entrepreneurship, customer-orientation, expertise and reliability are the most prominent characteristics

Regardless of the type of product, we can satisfy

of our way of working. Our employees are given every

the most stringent specifications. Any conceivable

opportunity to develop, nationally and internationally.

mechanical treatment to supply the customer with

Personal initiative and entrepreneurship are encouraged.

materials fully ready for processing, can be provided.

Just like seeing and exploiting opportunities. All the

Materials can be examined and inspected in a variety

while with the customer as priority.

of ways. Our service delivery is a key success factor. In Europe we are a leader in distribution. Stock management, storage and distribution, export packaging or documentation: our organization guarantees prompt delivery, ‘just in time’ and according to each customer’s specific requirements. Globally we are leading in complex projects particularly within the Energy segment.


Equipment Manufacturing

“We have access to the knowledge of local customers and markets, and their specific requirements.� Dave Jenkins Commercial Manager, Brierley Hill, United Kingdom


Report on 2009

‘Our focus was on maintaining customer service delivery and delivery reliability at the customary high level.’

Report on 2009

In spite of the difficult economic conditions,

The market in 2009 was characterized by a

the Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group realized

significant drop in demand in almost all sectors

a positive operating result in 2009. In addition

and regions and a sharp decline in prices,

to the quality of our expanded package of

particularly for welded pipes. We anticipated

products and services, this result was primarily

this trend by sharply decreasing stocks

achieved because of our geographical spread,

worldwide. In addition, we implemented cost

the tremendous effort of our teams throughout

reductions throughout the world. The long term

the world and the prudent measures that were

continuity of the company served as the guiding

implemented. The company was confronted

principle in this regard. Maintaining existing

with an abrupt decrease in demand, declining

knowledge and skills within the company was

material prices and a declining gross margin.

an important objective. The company was able

The operating result before tax and participating

to maintain a solid financial position in 2009.

interests amounted to € 8.7 million (2008:

The company’s balance sheet with a 50%

€ 43.2 million). This resulted in a net profit

solvency remained strong.

of € 1.9 million (2008: € 35.2 million). Revenue declined by approximately 40% to € 457 million in 2009.

Abrupt drop in demand In the last quarter of 2008, it already became evident that the impact of the global economic and financial crisis was going to be drastic for the company as well. A number of key measures had to be taken to deal with a decreased level of activity, a decline in the gross margin and significantly lower price levels. Our measures were focused on reducing stocks and operating costs. The first quarter of 2009 was characterized by a sudden drop in demand, as the full extent of the global crisis became clear. In certain market segments, the volume of materials supplied by us sometimes shrunk by 40% to 50% in comparison to 2008 due to the drop in demand and the financing limitations experienced by buyers. In particular, our focus was on maintaining customer service delivery and delivery reliability at the customary high level. However, due to the changing market conditions, the volume per order declined. Maintaining our service level therefore required additional effort and inventiveness on the part of our organization. In spite of the decline in market volume, we succeeded in securely maintaining our market share. Aside from the drop in demand, we were also confronted with a surplus capacity on the supply side. This was the result of a combination of excessive capacity expansion in factories worldwide in recent years and the sharp drop in demand. This caused markets to be also confronted with sharply declining prices in many product groups.



‘The strength of the company today is partly based on the foundations established in the past.’

To bring stock levels in line with lower market volumes

In addition to reducing stocks, we implemented cost

and to limit as much as possible the negative impact

reduction measures. As a result of these measures,

of the decline in prices, we drastically reduced stock

total operating costs declined by 17% (a reduction

levels throughout the world. During the first half of

of more than € 16 million) in comparison to 2008.

the year, we instituted a purchasing stop for new

Our policy was focused on limiting the impact of these

stocks. This caused mill orders to be sharply reduced.

cost reduction measures on our workforce as much as

Due to the long delivery lead times of earlier placed

possible. Being a good and consistent employer and

stock orders along with sharply declined volumes,

maintaining knowledge and skills within the company

it took until the end of the second quarter of 2009

were important guiding principles in this respect. In

before the reduction in stocks was substantially

total, the number of employees was reduced by over

evident. By the end of 2009, we achieved a 30%

100 (11%). Forced layoffs were as much as possible

reduction in worldwide stocks in comparison to the

avoided in this regard. Unfortunately, we were unable

high stock levels in the first quarter of 2009.

to escape a drastic reorganization of our subsidiary

In this respect, the interchangeability of our products

in France. Our company was hit hard here in 2009

combined with our well-organized commercial and

by a drop in demand in almost all sectors. By merging

logistics network turned out to be very effective,

logistics as well as administrative services, we were

particularly in Europe. We also significantly reduced

able to achieve significant efficiency improvements.

customer-dedicated stocks via the European network.

By concentrating these activities at the main branch

Through these measures, over the course of the year

near Lyon and with the sales branches in Châlette

the stock was reduced to the desired level and we

and Le Havre, the French company is well positioned

were able to avoid major write-offs.

to further expand its activities over the coming years.

Report on 2009

Trends in various market segments and countries

The impact of the global crisis was also clearly evident

Notwithstanding a significant drop in volume in all

in South-East Asia. Nevertheless, our companies,

markets in which the company operates, we were

in part due to their strong office network, were

able to mitigate the impact of this decline through

able to make a positive contribution to the Group

the geographical distribution of sales across different

result, even under these difficult market conditions.

buyer categories. Our customers throughout Western

Activities in Indonesia were further expanded.

Europe were faced with a sharply reduced demand

A new office and warehousing facility was brought

for their products, resulting in a steep decline in

on-stream in Sydney, Australia, at the end of 2009.

in Australia and Asia. The slowdown was significant

the demand for pipe and tube materials. Within the Group, customers are divided in the following

Activities in China in particular were successful.

main segments: Industry and Energy. End users in

Three years following the startup of the joint

the Industry segment, consisting of the Fluid Power,

venture which focuses on distribution activities,

Equipment Manufacturing and Steel Constructions

the company has established a clear role in the

business segments, furthermore applied a very

market by purchasing pipes and tubes from Chinese

conservative purchasing policy combined with the

suppliers and selling to Chinese buyers for internal

phasing out of inventories caused by limited credit

projects. It has also become apparent that there

facilities. The markets in France and Germany were

is a demand for our expertise and knowledge in

hit hard. The drop in customer demand there was

the areas of purchasing, project management,

often 50% and sometimes even more. Our joint

warehousing and logistics in the Chinese market.

venture in Germany also suffered a great deal from market conditions. The number of branches, stock

Earlier investments in warehousing and infrastructure

levels and costs were reduced. Sales came under

in the Gulf region are proving their usefulness in

tremendous pressure in Central European countries.

the Middle East. In addition to deliveries to large

The relatively young manufacturing industry in this

petrochemical projects in the region, it is clear that

region, mostly the production facilities of Western

the market here too has a need for further distribution

European companies, was hit by the declining

activities and knowledge and stocks pertaining to

demand in Western Europe and by the crises in

more specialized products. Our specialized stocks with

domestic markets. Our young company in the

products of high quality alloys are well received by the

Czech Republic also was not able to escape this.

market. In Canada, the company was confronted with declining investments in the oil and gas sector and

We had a good order book in the Energy segment,

consequently with a significantly lower market volume

comprising the global Process, Power and Offshore/

in comparison to previous years.

Oil and Gas business segments, at the beginning of the year. Starting at the beginning of 2009, a clear

Supplier trends

decline in orders became evident. As a result of

Due to the drop in sales and the sharp decline in

uncertain prospects in the energy market, customers

stock levels, our purchasing volume in the past year

around the globe adopted a conservative stance in

was exceptionally low. This meant a lot fewer orders

terms of new investments in the Process segment.

for our suppliers. In spite of the reduced volumes,

Furthermore, it became evident that for a large

we nevertheless placed a great deal of attention on

number of customers financing large projects was

maintaining and expanding our relationships with

no longer a simple matter. These were reasons why

our suppliers. We consider the sound and long-term

a number of major investments were temporarily

relationships with our suppliers to be one of the most

deferred, rather than being brought to market.

important conditions for us to fulfill our own role in

Nevertheless, we managed to book a number

the marketplace successfully.

of interesting projects towards the end of 2009. This resulted in a higher order book at the end of 2009 in comparison to earlier that year.



The explosive growth experienced by the steel

This global team of driven and committed employees

industry in recent years came to a halt in 2009 due

that comprises years of experience, knowledge and

to the market conditions. World steel production

skills, once again proved to be one of our strongest

was in fact 8% below 2008 levels. Tremendous

assets. Our attention was therefore focused on

investments were made in expanding capacity in

maintaining these qualities and competences within

recent years. This not only was the case in countries

the company, despite the difficult conditions. In

with a long steel tradition, but especially in the new,

addition to training employees and the further

emerging countries, such as Brazil, India, Russia and

development of professional expertise at the local

particularly China. This combination of factors has

level, we specifically focused our attention on the

resulted in a significant surplus capacity in relation

further development of the leadership skills of our

to current consumption. This not only applies to

managers. A number of initiatives were implemented

steel production, but also to the pipes and tubes

in this regard, including a Management Excellence

production capacity. The consequence for the time

Program in which managers from all parts of the

being is that prices are experiencing a downward

world participated.

pressure and there is instability in the marketplace. An important question for the coming years is

Due to the years of growth and profitability,

whether the growth in consumption in the new

a number of major investments were completed

economies throughout the world will be sufficient

in recent years and we implemented improvements

to absorb the global surplus capacity.

in many areas in the fields of logistics, warehousing and IT systems. In 2009, our full attention was

Strong foundation

focused on the market and responding quickly

In 2009, we took time to reflect on the 85-year

and effectively to changing market conditions.

existence of the company. We can look back with

We nevertheless invested in resources in a number

pride on what we accomplished in 85 years.

of areas in the world for the purpose of improving

The strength of the company today is partly based

our ability to serve the market. For example, we

on the foundations established in the past.

successfully implemented new ERP systems in the

A key factor underlying our business operations

to support the commercial and logistics activities

are the competences and qualities of our employees.

of these branches even better.

Czech Republic and in Singapore. This enables us

The current market situation demanded performance and efforts from our people that were completely different from previous years. It is with pleasure that we can say that the performance of our people under changing circumstances was excellent.

Report on 2009

Financially strong

Quality, safety, and sustainability

The Group’s consolidated revenue amounted

The activities of the Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube

to € 457 million, a drop of more than 40% in

Group comply with strict demands worldwide

relation to the previous financial year. The margin

regarding quality, safety, working conditions,

consequently also significantly declined. A total

health, and sustainability.

cost reduction of more than € 16 million (17%) was achieved in comparison to the previous financial year.

Our business processes are designed to achieve high

The operating result at € 9.1 million was significantly

quality standards. Most of our branches are certified

lower than in 2008 ( € 45 million). As a result of the

on the basis of the ISO 9001 Quality Management

company’s positive cash position, interest charges

System, and the aim is to have new branches certified

were almost nil. The net operating result amounted

within three years after start-up.

to a profit of € 1.9 million (2008: € 35.2 million). The company pursues an active policy to prevent The company was able to further strengthen the

industrial accidents. The performance indicators

balance sheet in recent years. The balance sheet

for safety (accidents that result in absence) are

retained its strength during the financial and

periodically reported. The causes and corrective

economic crisis in 2009, with a solvency ratio at year-

actions are regularly discussed with the Board

end amounting to 50% on Group capital totaling

of Directors and the Executive Committee. The

€ 146 million (2008: € 161 million). The approach

number of incidents decreased in 2009 for the fifth

in recent years to refrain from acquisitions based on

consecutive year and no serious accidents occurred.

the often disproportionately and unjustifiably high transaction prices appeared to be correct.

Energy efficient working methods and sustainability

In addition to reducing working capital from

have been embedded in day-to-day operations for

€ 186 million (2008) to € 126 million (2009), this

many years now. Initiatives were developed to further

turned out to be an important factor in safeguarding

reduce energy consumption and decrease waste

the company’s solid financial foundation.

streams as much as possible. We pursue an active policy that is focused on investing in facilities in

The accounts receivable risk increased in 2009 due to the deteriorating financial situation experienced by many customers and the often drastic and disproportionate response of credit insurers. Through effective risk management and a strict accounts receivable policy, it was possible to avoid major write-offs.

a modern, safe, and energy-aware fashion.



Our company has a code of conduct that includes


a whistleblower procedure. It goes without saying

In 2009, we maintained a clear focus on anticipating

that all employees must adhere to the relevant

the changing economic conditions by taking measures

legislation and regulations. At the same time,

to safeguard the long-term continuity of the company.

guidelines are observed with regard to ethical

Now that we achieved sufficient success in this respect,

behavior when employees act on behalf of the

we will shift the focus in 2010 to more strategic

Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group. We did not

objectives, such as the optimization of our offer to

receive any reports of violation from our external

the market and service delivery to our customers,

confidential representative in 2009.

strengthening our presence in the market, the spread across countries and product groups, and expanding

Social commitment is also expressed in the support

our specialist knowledge. This expansion will not only

for many regional and local initiatives, and activities

take place based on further organic growth, but also

in the areas of culture, sport, philanthropy,

through the acquisition of companies that strengthen

information, and education.

us in countries or product groups in which our presence is not as strong.

Report on 2009

Our expectation is that the market conditions in the

Investments in 2010 will be primarily focused

first half of 2010 will not be much different from the

on replacing and supplementing business assets

second half of 2009. The industry demand in Europe

in support of stock management and logistics.

appears to have passed its low point. There are some

Furthermore, the standardization program and the

signs of an increasing demand, although this still

roll-out of ERP implementations will be continued.

varies by sector. Investments in the Energy segment

In the meantime, a start has been made on the

are improving somewhat. However, purchasing

construction of a new head office building in

decisions for the larger new projects are expected to

Zwijndrecht (the Netherlands). The workforce

be taken only in the second half of 2010.

in 2010 is expected to remain more or less at the same level as it was in 2009.

Looking back on the 85 years of history of our company, we see that a substantial recovery in

Based on a balance sheet with a strong solvency

revenue and net profit after a sharp decline in market

and ample cash and cash equivalents, the company’s

demand generally only took place after two to three

financial situation provides a strong base for

years. Given the seriousness of the current crisis, it is

expansion. The company’s financing structure in

unlikely that recovery will take place any sooner than

2010 is expected to largely remain the same. The

that. On the purchasing side, we do not expect any

confidence of our customers and the support of

major price changes. A strengthening of the price

our suppliers are of paramount importance for the

of raw materials, such as iron ore, could change this

continuity and growth of the company. Without the

picture rather quickly. Particularly the prices of strip

devotion and efforts of our competent and motivated

steel, and therefore the carbon steel welded pipes,

Van Leeuwen people worldwide and the optimal

could react strongly to this. For the seamless pipes

use of their talents we cannot, however, achieve

and tubes, we expect a reasonably stable price level

this. We will therefore continue to devote unabated

and probably a downward pressure due to the earlier

attention to the development of our employees.

described worldwide surplus capacity. The prices

The combination of competent employees, financial

for stainless steel pipes and tubes seem to have

strength, a rich history and a focus on specialisms

recovered some stability. In general, the market is

once again offers our company many opportunities

adopting a wait-and-see attitude and the expectation

for a strong 2010.

is that 2010 will be a year with weak demand and, at first, continued uncertainty.

Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands, 25 March 2010 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

P.L. Rietberg (Chairman)

J.M. Sassen (Chairman)


Steel Constructions

“The objective is obvious; to provide top quality and achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction.� Angelo Carolillo Sales Support, Meyzieu, France


Results 2009 Taken from the financial statements of the Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group

Results 2009

Consolidated profit and loss account (amounts x 1,000 euro)



Net sales



Cost of sales



Gross margin on sales



Other operating income





Personnel expenses Depreciation Other expenses







Total expenses

Operating result

Interest income Interest charges








Balance of financial income and expenses

Result from ordinary activities before tax

(2,078) (424)






Result after taxes



Result from participating interests





Tax on result from ordinary activities

Net result

• The reduced revenue in 2009 is due to a significant decrease in demand and prices. • Total costs in 2009 are lower (-17%) due to targeted cost savings.



Consolidated balance sheet (before appropriation of profit, amounts x 1,000 euro)


31 December 2009

31 December 2008

Fixed assets Tangible fixed assets Land and buildings



Plant and machinery



Other fixed assets


5,843 27,114








Financial fixed assets Participating interests

Current assets Inventories

Receivables Trade accounts receivable






Other receivables



Prepayments and accrued income



Cash at bank and in hand

Total Assets









Results 2009


31 December 2009

31 December 2008



Group equity

Provisions Pensions








14,377 29,279




Long term liabilities Debts to credit institutions

Current liabilities Debts to credit institutions



Trade accounts payable and trade credits



Taxes and social security









Pensions Other liabilities Accrued liabilities

Total Equity and Liabilities





• Stocks have been reduced worldwide. • Cash and cash equivalents sharply increased due to the reduction in working capital requirements. • Group capital declined as a result of the dividend payment over 2008. • Solvency at the end of 2009 stood at 50%.




Participants in Management Excellence Program

5 January Following the successful expansion in Ireland, Van Leeuwen Wheeler opens an office in Dundee, Scotland.

8 January In Shanghai Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube office moves to Pudong to better bundle strengths with the Van Leeuwen TPCO Pipe and Tube joint venture.

3 February Van Leeuwen Buizen in Zwijndrecht was proclaimed New packing machine

Top Employer 2010 by CRF, a specialist in the area of international research into employment conditions.

16 March First group of managers participates in the Management Excellence Program, especially developed for them.

6 April Van Leeuwen commences to store and deliver P grades and super alloys in the Middle East.

10 June New office in Jakarta

Van Leeuwen Buizen in Zwijndrecht puts new packing machine into operation.

29 June Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Indonesia moves into new, larger office in Jakarta to accommodate more employees and implement its growth strategy.

Singapore converted to SAP Business One VL1


1 September

Opening in Sydney

Singapore converts to the SAP Business One VL1 system. The ERP implementation team continues to work hard on a number of initiatives, including the implementation of the new system in Australia and the B1 upgrade in Deventer and the Czech Republic.

14 October Following earlier investments and expansions of offices and warehouses in Brisbane and Adelaide, a new office and warehouses are officially opened in Sydney, Australia.

2 November

First pile driven for new head office

Following successful audits in Deventer, Zwijndrecht, Châlette and Meyzieu, the European ISO 9001 certificate is again extended by three years.

7 November The first pile for Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group’s new head office is driven into the Swinhaven grounds in Zwijndrecht. Once completed, the office will be one of the most energy efficient offices in the Netherlands.

7 November Van Leeuwen Buizen celebrates its 85 years of existence with a Family Day. At the same time the

Family Day to celebrate 85 years of existence

first copy of the anniversary book, Buizen in bedrijf (Business in Tubes), is presented to Mrs. RietbergVan Leeuwen and Mr. Rietberg.

23 December The largest refinery in Greece modernizes its Elefsis plant; Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group supplies the first 8,000 tons for this project in accordance with the contract. First delivery for Elefsis Project



“I am convinced that especially under the current economic conditions, Van Leeuwen has the capacity to serve customers in the best possible way.� Cheryl Edwards Project Manager International Capital Projects, Houston, USA


Customers and projects

Without customers there is no company. Van Leeuwen has many customers throughout the world in various market segments, ranging from small companies to multinationals. We supply pipe and tube products, services and project management for various large and small projects. Four customers and the employees working for them within our organization speak about their experiences.

‘No, we’re not family, but we do have a relationship for life.’

Customers and projects

Gebr. van Leeuwen Harmelen “No, we are not family. But we do have a kind of

We continuously emulate each other in our search for

relationship for life with Van Leeuwen Buizen,” says

still better materials, other compositions and a healthy

Martin van Leeuwen Jr., Managing Director of Gebr. van

price-quality ratio. This is especially valuable for us and

Leeuwen Harmelen, where he followed in the footsteps

worth a compliment for Van Leeuwen Buizen. In the

of his father, who started up the family business.

25-year relationship with Van Leeuwen Buizen, we experienced good times and bad times at Gebr. van

Gebr. van Leeuwen specializes in everything to do with

Leeuwen. Van Leeuwen Buizen has always stood firmly

underground engineering. The company, with 105

behind us throughout and is a very reliable supplier in

employees, established its name with microtunneling,

the broadest sense of the word.”

guided boring, open-front engineering techniques and complex anchoring and foundation projects. “For that

Ad van Oostenrijk has the same positive sentiments

last specialty, we have been supplying the pipes since

about the collaboration with his customer. “We are

1984, when our customer developed this engineering

thoroughly acquainted with one another. However,

technique,” says Ad van Oostenrijk of Van Leeuwen

this does not mean that the gloves do not come off

Buizen, who has this namesake in his portfolio.

from time to time. That’s simply part of the process when you both want to deliver the best quality possible.

“Worthy of a compliment”

This is underscored by the growth that we have

“The partnership developed very nicely,” adds Martin

achieved together. Our relationship started off once

van Leeuwen. “My father is the inventor of our unique

upon a time as a trial project based on mutual trust and

anchoring system, for example, for sheet piling,

respect. Gebr. van Leeuwen now is a major customer

wind screens, quay walls and even for freestanding

for us, with whom we enjoy working and consequently

automated teller machines. When he hit on the idea,

would also like to continue to think along with.”

he spoke about it with Pieter van Leeuwen. The founder of Van Leeuwen Buizen was a staunch believer as well.

International breakthrough

Together with my father he developed the specifications

The discovery of the anchoring system meant that

for the pipes that we use in our so-called Leeuwanker

Gebr. van Leeuwen became a market leader in this

(Lion Anchor). Since then we have been loyal to each

specialty. “Like any invention, viewed with hindsight

other and we both go for the highest quality possible.

it is ostensibly simple. But you have to think of it first. My father did this, following which we perfected the system. The thick-walled pipes produced by Van Leeuwen Buizen played a key role in this regard. The special pipes are equipped with a spiral screw and injection holes. Once we screw the pipes vibrationless into the ground, we inject a cement mixture through these pipes. This mixes with the earth and hardens, as a result of which walls are permanently, or for the duration of a project, anchored solidly as a rock.” Gebr. van Leeuwen executes this engineering technique throughout the entire world. “We completed the most prestigious project and achieved our international breakthrough in Curacao. The Port of Rotterdam asked us to run a trial using our Leeuwanker to strengthen the eastern quay in Willemstad. After placing six trial anchors, we were commissioned to do the entire quay. It was a memorable occasion for us and the best possible reference one could ask for. Due to that successful contract, it is no longer necessary for us to constantly prove that we deliver high-quality. Jointly due to Van Leeuwen’s pipes. Indeed, they make up about 40% of the composition of our unique Leeuwankers.”



‘A supplier who is competitive and supplies high quality materials instills confidence.’

Customers and projects

Linde AG Abu Dhabi’s petrochemical ‘landscape’ in the United

positive from a technical perspective,” says

Arab Emirates is becoming increasingly impressive.

Stephan Adelsberger. “And from what I understand

Borouge, a joint venture between the Abu Dhabi

from Linde’s procurement officers, this also applies to

National Oil Company and Borealis is to a large

other important conditions, such as pricing, progress

extent responsible for this. With billions of dollars in

reporting, packing and delivery times. The nice thing

investments, the company is continuing to construct

about Van Leeuwen is that they help you further along

the largest factories in the world for the production

in the technical domain, before any problems can crop

of a range of products, including polypropylene and

up. Indeed, a huge project, such as Ruwais 2, involves

polyethylene. Raw materials that form the basis for

over tens of thousands of pipes and tubes and fittings

the manufacture of innovative plastic products.

from 3” up to 120”. You never know ahead of time

“We are proud of the fact that we engineer and

all that you are going to encounter. We discussed

design the ethylene technologies for the projects that

all the technical aspects with Van Leeuwen ahead

are named after the Ruwais development site,” says

of time. They listen attentively and then proceed to

Stephan Adelsberger, engineer with the Engineering

rigorously perform their work to deliver in accordance

Division of the German Linde AG. The Van Leeuwen

with the requirements that we jointly determined.

Pipe and Tube Group also makes its contribution to

For us that is an enjoyable way of working together.

the imposing developments in the Middle East starting

We operate with a total of 52,000 people in

with the Ruwais 2 Project, which was initiated a few

100 different countries throughout the entire world.

years ago and completed in 2010.

You then make sure you do not become dependent on a single supplier. But when a supplier is competitive

“We had contacts with Linde dating from the past,”

and is capable of supplying high quality materials,

says Mark van Egdom. He is the Account Manager

then that company instills confidence. Most certainly

for Germany for Van Leeuwen with responsibility for

when the materials and services are delivered the way

the supply of pipes, tubes, fittings and other materials

Van Leeuwen does it.”

for Ruwais 2. “This contract, after an initial large order for Shell’s Pearl Project in Qatar, was a confirmation for

“The striking thing actually is that we got the

us that our services are unique to Linde,” he says.

technical aspects for Ruwais 2 lined up with Linde really quickly,” Mark van Egdom recalls. “Particularly

Providing further help

striking, because in our relationship with Linde we

“In terms of the deliveries made by the Van Leeuwen

worked with certified suppliers, qualified by Van

Pipe and Tube Group for Ruwais 2, I can say that I am

Leeuwen. Linde was not familiar with the suppliers proposed by Van Leeuwen, but had every confidence in the quality of the production sources that we proposed on a market with high price pressures.”

Onwards to Ruwais 3 Linde is pleased with the collaboration with the Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group. “Now that Ruwais 2 has been completed, I am busy working on the development of Ruwais 3,” says Stephan Adelsberger. “This will be a sort of copy of Ruwais 2 and represents a contract worth over one billion US dollars to us. Once Ruwais 3 is ready in 2013, the ethane crackers will produce 4.5 million metric tons per year. Borouge will then have the largest ethane cracker complex in the world. Under contract to Linde, Van Leeuwen will also supply the carbon and stainless steel pipes and tubes and fittings for a number of Ruwais 3 components. “Of course we are extremely happy about the order for Ruwais 3,” says Mark Egdom. “This is a huge sign of the confidence that Linde has in us.”



‘The personal way of collaborating is as strong as cast-iron.’

Customers and projects

Smulders Group The Smulders Group was established in 1967 by five

Van Leeuwen understands what we do, want and

brothers in Helmond, the Netherlands. They focused

demand. Our contact at Van Leeuwen, Pieter Smaege,

on the engineering and assembly of architectonic and

meets these requirements. With his permanent team,

industrial steel constructions. Through innovation,

he shows a great deal of interest in our activities

they paved the road to success. The company currently

and collaborates professionally with us. You see, in

consists of twentyfour different companies spread

principle we can buy pipes anywhere for our windmill

across Europe that employ over 1,600 people working

projects. But do they meet the technical specifications

on high profile projects. Such as the steel construction

we demand? Do the suppliers come forward with

of the Palace of Justice in Antwerp, with its imposing

their own solutions for improvements? Is the price on

peaks profiled against the skyline of this Belgian seaport.

balance sufficiently competitive? Does the company have an eye for details that are of key importance?

“It is an open, practical family business, that sees and

How efficiently is the logistics operation? And,

grasps new opportunities,” says Ivo Smeets, project

very important, does the company deliver on time?

manager with the Smulders Projects Division. “About

Installing a windmill at sea is very costly. Every minute

ten years ago, Smulders also began to specialize in the

in delays incurred because our suppliers cannot meet

engineering and construction of offshore and onshore

their delivery deadlines, costs us enormous sums of

windmills. Since then we have produced 86% of the

money. You must therefore have the confidence that

windmills in the European market. Managed from the

a business partner makes good on his promises.”

branch in Vilvoorde, Belgium, Van Leeuwen supplies us with a portion of the pipes required for this purpose.”

“Van Leeuwen is able to make good deals” “Van Leeuwen makes good on its promises.

Pipes are available for sale anywhere, but…

In my view on the basis of a number of strong

“Van Leeuwen coordinates the deliveries to our

characteristics. The company is the biggest player

full satisfaction, primarily due to the fact that the

on the pipe and tube market. It has the product range,

company invests a great deal in collaborating with us.

the organization and the knowledge that match our needs. It is a position that also enables the company to make good deals with its suppliers. For us this creates a very favorable situation in relation to, for example, quality, delivery times and price. Another cast-iron characteristic for me is that we work together in a very personal way. Any problems that nevertheless occur are this way resolved with understanding and respect for one another’s standpoint.”

“Not simply a wish” Smulders has now constructed more than 500 offshore windmills. In light of the increasing demand for green energy, there is the prospect of an interesting growth market for the future. “We will therefore do everything we can to be a part of this,” says Van Leeuwen’s Pieter Smaege. “That’s not simply a wish. We experienced a great deal together as part of the different cycles in the very early beginning. We refer to that as learning phases that typify our relationship and which we incorporated into specific framework agreements. Because Smulders and Van Leeuwen intend to pursue their collaboration over the long term. For us the key therefore is to keep the team that we have so carefully built up for this customer onboard. In which, and this is also typical of our relationship with Smulders, we will continue to be engaged.”



‘Van Leeuwen was as solid as a rock in what was a gigantic project for Shell.’

Customers and projects

Foster Wheeler “We design and look after the engineering and

manufacturers that must meet Shell’s most stringent

construction of facilities for industries in the oil and

requirements and that must furthermore be delivered

gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, bio-technology

right on time. I can only say that Van Leeuwen’s

and healthcare sectors, and for example, power

performance was outstanding in such a hectic and

stations. We have been leaders in our field for more

hot market.”

than 100 years. We can therefore count ourselves among the most prestigious engineering and

Project Management in extreme form

construction firms in the world,” says Andy Bower.

“The challenge for us in supplying these thousands

He works for Foster Wheeler as Procurement Project

of products was to keep everything under control

Manager in Reading, the UK. In recent years his

down to the minutest detail,” says Leo van der Leer,

attention was entirely focused on a gigantically large

Project Manager responsible for this operation at

project for Shell Eastern Petroleum Ltd in Singapore.”

Van Leeuwen. “For this purpose we really developed the project management in such an extreme form at

“Shell is well represented in the petrochemical industry

this scale for the first time. Supported by a strong team

in Asia and is expanding its position there. One of the

here in the Netherlands and our people on location in

elements in this expansion was the construction of

the Far East. For example, we wrote a specific Project

a factory for the production of monoethylene glycol

Execution Plan, that clearly and precisely described

(MEG) that was inaugurated in 2009. We completely

what, when and how everything was to be done.”

developed and constructed this factory. We leaned

“The approach and the plan caused the work to be

heavily on the competences of the Van Leeuwen Pipe

very structured and enjoyable,” Andy Bower recalls.

and Tube Group in this regard. They were like a rock

“We are talking about materials originating from

in this project. Without question.”

throughout the world that required 40 to 50 shipments to be shipped to Singapore. That involves managing

“In a hectic market”

a lot of orders, none of which must cause any delays.

“What you have to realize is that a factory like this

Some of our other suppliers sometimes ended up

requires thousands and thousands of steel pipes,

with 80% delays. I believe that Van Leeuwen supplied

tubes, fittings and flanges. In a wide range of

later than originally agreed upon only once or twice.

varieties that often require modifications at the very

In a project of this size delivery on time is quite an

last minute. All of that material must be made by

accomplishment. Particularly once you are in the end-phase of such a project. In principle, at the start of the project there is not yet a great deal of pressure on delivery, but in the last 10% it is vital to success. There is an extreme amount of pressure there at that time and then you really need comprehensive project coordination such as that provided by Van Leeuwen. Leo and his team can be proud of the fact that they managed to get the best from each other and from us, to be able to do what we had to do.”

Compliments from Shell “For that matter, I am not the only one who thinks that Van Leeuwen performed excellent work. Dozens of different players are involved in the development and construction of a factory like this. Van Leeuwen was one of very few suppliers to receive an official letter of appreciation from Shell. In this letter, Shell expresses its satisfaction about - and I quote; ‘the outstanding contribution that Van Leeuwen made to the success of the MEG Project in Singapore. The dedication and hard work demonstrated was deserving of recognition when considering the market conditions at the time were the most difficult experienced in many years’.”




‘Our worldwide logistics network forms the core of our service delivery.‘


An efficient and effective operational process

We have central stock locations in practically every

is an extremely important aspect of the pipe

part of the world: in Zwijndrecht, Deventer and

and tube trade. Operations looks after the

Beesd (the Netherlands) for Europe, in Singapore for Asia and Australia, in Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

physical flow of goods, including all value-added

for the Middle East and in Edmonton (Canada) for

activities. Our warehouses, the people who work

North America. These central warehouses support

there, the machines for treating and packaging

the branches that maintain regular inventories. They do not only have access to the standard stocked

materials and the transport are all fully geared

products, but also to special materials, such as duplex

towards this. Furthermore, Van Leeuwen pays

and super duplex materials, which are relatively new.

attention to the essential related elements,

We invested in our logistics facilities in 2009 as well.

such as quality, safety and sustainability.

Various branches in Australia were expanded in 2009 with the addition of offices, storage facilities and warehouses. A packing machine was put into operation in Zwijndrecht to provide a more efficient, automated way of packing and reducing the amount of packing materials. In the area of project orders, certificate management and stock management, special software was developed to further improve our ability to anticipate sales trends.



The frequency of incidents safety index indicates the number of incidents in relation to the number of days worked.

Frequency of incidents safety index Total Europe 60.0 50.0 40.0 30.0 20.0 10.0





Our worldwide logistics network forms the core of

Customized service

our service delivery. Each day many tons of steel pipe

We provide our products with added value not only

and other materials find their way from strategically

through stock management and logistics, but also

located logistics centers to customers around the

by offering material treatments and customized

globe. Stock management and optimization, storage

service. Van Leeuwen makes ongoing investments in

and distribution, packaging and documentation,

these areas. Examples include machines that provide

examination and inspection, ‘just-in-time’ deliveries:

additional cutting, treatment and handling capacity,

everything is possible. Each day more than a hundred

such as a load plate that allows us to rapidly and

Van Leeuwen trucks throughout the world are on

efficiently load containers.

the road to take care of this. We also optimized our business processes in Europe Where necessary, we provide on-site support to

in 2009 by applying so-called Lean Techniques.

our customers. For example, we set up temporary

A method that many large international companies

warehouses for projects. Over 10,000 tons of pipes

use to standardize processes, increase productivity

and components have been stored for the Elefsis

and reduce the number of errors. In the coming year

Project, the modernization of a refinery, in Greece.

we will continue the implementation of the Lean

This project was initiated in the summer of 2009

philosophy and working methods.

and is expected to take approximately two years.

Quality Our intensive shuttle network guarantees high

Our business processes are attuned to high quality

reliability of supply and low transportation costs.

standards. Most of our branches are certified on the

The network allows us to deliver most items in stock

basis of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System,

anywhere in Europe within 24 hours if necessary.

and we aim to have new branches certified within

We have optimized our transport scheduling in

three years after start-up. Following successful audits,

Europe, whereby local branches make use of each

the European ISO 9001 certificate was extended to

other’s distribution network. Our company is

the end of 2012. The Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube

consequently able to make the entire Van Leeuwen

Group also received a Gold Award for its 10 years of

product range accessible to every branch and

European certification. In 2009 a great deal of time

therefore to every customer in Europe.

was spent ‘auditing’ a large number of manufacturers.



‘Our business processes are attuned to high quality standards.’

Our Van Leeuwen AML (Approved Manufacturers


List) is key to our purchasing decisions. The list serves

Energy efficient working methods and sustainability

as a guideline for our international customers in

have been embedded in day-to-day operations for

relation to their quality requirements. In 2009,

many years, for the purpose of reducing energy

31 potentially new suppliers spread around the globe

use, preventing environmental pollution, as well as

were audited. Of these, 18 have since been approved

reducing the quantity of waste. We pursue an active

and have been included on the AML.

policy that is focused on investing in facilities in a modern, safe, and energy-aware fashion.

Safety The Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group pursues

Further developments

an active policy to prevent industrial accidents.

With regard to quality, safety and sustainability,

The performance indicators for safety (accidents

we are expanding the quality audit of our supplier

that result in absence) are periodically reported.

network, with special attention to Korea, Taiwan

The causes and corrective actions are discussed with

and China. Improvement of our processes continues

the Board of Executive Directors and the Executive

to be a focus as well. It is our conviction that quality

Committee. The number of incidents decreased in

improvement enables us to improve our service to

2009 for the fifth consecutive year and no serious

the customer and reduce our costs.

accidents occurred. The frequency index for accidents involving absence was improved due to adherence to a more intensive policy. The index decreased from 17 to 13. This has put us ahead of our target. Van Leeuwen, in collaboration with Lloyds, has initiated the OHSAS (Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series) certification process, a certificate for working conditions. The first branch is expected to be certified at the beginning of 2010.


“Characteristic of Van Leeuwen is that we specifically seek collaboration with other specialists to serve our customers in the best way possible.� Peter Ng Regional Procurement and Material Manager, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Our applications Various pages in this Annual Book contain photos of the six business segments in which the Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group operates. What do these segments entail,

Industry Industry includes the segments Fluid Power, Equipment Manufacturing and Steel Constructions.

who in our company works for these customers and projects within these different markets? We give them an opportunity to speak here.

Fluid Power Cylinder manufacturers in particular constitute an important customer group in the Fluid Power segment. Van Leeuwen supplies materials such as cylindrical and chromium-plated tubes and bars for hydraulic applications, such as lifting arms on ships and cylinders for construction and agricultural machines. Technological knowledge and knowledge of applications are of key importance for the Fluid Power segment. We have developed a strong position in this segment in Western Europe and are growing in Central Europe.

Equipment Manufacturing In the Equipment Manufacturing segment, we supply a wide range of pipe and tube products to manufacturers of various construction and agricultural machines, and to players in the transportation, automotive, machine and crane building sectors. Aside from pipe and tube products and semi-finished goods, we offer logistics services, including customer-dedicated stocks and mechanical treatments, such as laser and plasma cutting. Many companies in this segment are multinationals with production sites in multiple countries. With our extensive European network, we are optimally positioned to anticipate developments in this area.

Steel Constructions Many steel constructions, such as greenhouses, ships, bridges, stadiums and windmills, as well as furniture, fencing and traffic gates use various pipe and tube materials. Van Leeuwen has a strong position in this segment as well, particularly in Western Europe and is experiencing growth in Central Europe. We serve customers with local stocks, project management and treatments, such as the bending and cutting of materials.

Our applications

Harold Brinkman

drawings. The key here is that we then must work

Branch Manager Fluid Power, Deventer, the Netherlands

in even closer collaboration with hydraulic cylinder

Employed by Van Leeuwen since 1997

design engineers. To offer them added value and cost savings. Because our knowledge allows us to

“Chromium-plated bars and cylindrical tubes,

offer alternatives that, ultimately, yield better results

which we sell throughout the world on the hydraulics

and significant savings. Looking back on 2009,

market, are precision products with a great deal of

for me, it is difficult to pick out the best project.

added value. However, they are increasingly sold as

My team was involved in various large projects

standard products. We will therefore have to focus

for customers opting for a single central point of

increasingly on special abilities, such as the offer

contact. And that’s us, through and through.”

of pipes and shafts produced in accordance with

Dave Jenkins

this by bundling and sharing our strengths even

Commercial Manager, Brierley Hill, United Kingdom

more than before. A good example is a project

Employed by Van Leeuwen since 1988

in 2009, in which I closely collaborated with my Dutch and French colleagues. We developed a pipe

“I strongly believe that our Equipment Manufacturing

specification that had to meet the specific standards

business has every opportunity for growth. We

of the aluminium foil industry. We succeeded, after

have access to the knowledge of local customers

which we could supply a collective price proposal

and markets, and their specific requirements. We

to various European industries. And it didn’t stop

have the energy and expertise, backed up by our

there. My colleagues succeeded in rolling out this

product portfolio, to take major steps forward in

initiative, so that we now successfully serve other

every conceivable industry sector. We accomplish

European users as well.”

Angelo Carolillo

I look after the entire related process. I arrange

Sales Support, Meyzieu, France

for the correct packaging and keep my finger on

Employed by Van Leeuwen since 2006

the pulse of the logistics aspect. Van Leeuwen Tubes initiated these professional service activities in 2006.

“At Van Leeuwen Tubes, I am the service link

In spite of the crisis, Van Leeuwen tapped into

between the customer and the manufacturer. I am

new market shares through activities such as this.

located in Ardèche at the site of our industrial partner

We must still further expand these activities.

SRCA, which is where our treatment machines are

By listening even more attentively to customers

installed. My work consists of ensuring that the

and figuring out their needs. The objective is

steel pipes are treated so that they exactly meet the

obvious; to provide top quality and achieve

customer’s specific requirements. Aside from this,

the highest possible customer satisfaction.”



Energy The Energy sector includes the Process, Power and Offshore/Oil and Gas segments.

Process Petrochemical plants and refineries make use of steel pipe materials on a grand scale. Carbon and stainless steel pipes, valves, fittings and flanges are of essential importance for the supply, processing and discharge of oil, liquid chemicals and gas. Over the last few decades Van Leeuwen has evolved into an expert supplier of these certified products for the worldwide process control industry. Nowadays Van Leeuwen is closely involved in the new construction as well as the maintenance of these plants.

Power From coal-fired plants to solar energy. The demand for clean energy has for years resulted in investments in the replacement and expansion of power plants. Van Leeuwen has built up a strong reputation in the Power segment, particularly in developing Asian countries where technically high quality power plants are being built. By bundling technical and logistics expertise with our solid relationships with leading manufacturers of carbon steel and alloyed pipe and tube materials, Van Leeuwen has evolved into a reliable partner for highly demanding, complex projects.

Offshore/Oil and Gas In the continuous search for new energy reserves, oil and gas are being extracted from beneath the bottom of the oceans at an ever greater scale. To exploit these energy sources, fixed, as well as floating production platforms are being developed and constructed. Due to the sometimes extreme circumstances under which these platforms are being used, knowledge concerning the application areas of different types of steel is essential. Van Leeuwen provides customers, from Brazil to Dubai to Singapore, with technical advice and high quality materials, such as duplex and super-duplex steel.

Our applications

Cheryl Edwards

II Projects for Bechtel. I was responsible for supplying

Project Manager International Capital Projects,

all the required pipe and tube materials needed for the

Houston, USA

expansion of this petrochemical complex in Abu Dhabi.

Employed by Van Leeuwen since 2007

This international project enabled me to experience

(and from 1991 to 2000)

how the materials supplied by Van Leeuwen are used and processed in actual practice. And how

“Van Leeuwen is a known quantity in America as well.

our selection of manufacturers, pricing strategy and

Ever since the opening of our office in Houston in

logistics resulted in a very satisfied customer. I am

2006, internationally operating customers have been

convinced that especially under the current economic

enthusiastic about our services. I am involved in large

conditions, Van Leeuwen has the capacity to serve

international projects that are managed from the USA.

customers in the best possible way. Indeed, this is why

An interesting project that I worked on was the AGD

we have been in existence for over 85 years now.”

Peter Ng

of Van Leeuwen we do not want to get this off the

Regional Procurement and Material Manager, Dubai,

ground all by ourselves. We are specifically looking

United Arab Emirates

for collaboration with other specialists in the Power

Employed by Van Leeuwen since 1981

industry, manufacturers, as well as, for example, a specialized German stock keeper who supports

“Power is a segment in which Van Leeuwen in recent

us in the technical assessment of requests and

years experienced tremendous growth. I am involved

contracts, trains our personnel and who maintains

in various activities in this segment, such as the

stock in our distribution centre in Dubai. The two

procurement of stocks, stock management and the

companies complement each other. Our partner

complete logistics operation. Major investments are

with its knowledge of and experience in the

being made in the construction of clean power plants

Power segment and us with our competences

here in the Middle East. We have an opportunity to

in distribution. A relationship like this is bound

further develop this segment and as is characteristic

to have a healthy future.”

Calvin Ng

We supplied all of the carbon steel pipe and tube

Sales Manager, Singapore

materials for the reconstruction and renovation of one

Employed by Van Leeuwen since 1996

of their FPSO units in Singapore. A successful project, in part due to the fact that we provided support to the

“Together with a team of six colleagues I am

customer’s project execution from beginning to end.

responsible for domestic procurement in Singapore.

Together with our colleagues in Europe, we identified

There is a great deal of potential in the Offshore/Oil

the needs of the engineers in the Netherlands and

and Gas segment. The most interesting project that

coordinated the deliveries to the three contractors of

I was involved in was a project of an international

the wharf in Singapore. With due consideration to the

enterprise that operates a fleet of ‘Floating

increasing demand for oil and gas, this segment holds

(Production) Storage and Offloading’ (FPSO) units.

a lot of opportunities for us.



Staff developments

The employees of the Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group are our single most important asset. This is indeed why we invest a great deal in our employees. We want to provide our employees with a work environment in which they have the opportunity to use and develop their skills and talents.

An international enterprise Van Leeuwen is a Dutch company, but with an international allure and a ‘local presence’. Employees of 27 nationalities work in branches spread across 18 countries. Of the company’s total workforce 32% are women and 68% are men. The highest proportion of women employed is in Australia/Asia (59%) and the lowest is in Europe (25%). The average global age is 42. At an average age of 43, Europe has the oldest workforce. The youngest workforce at an

‘We continuously invest in the skills and talents of our employees, because together they form our most important capital.’

average age of 35 is in the Middle East. In more than 85 years, our company has grown to the current global organization with strong local trade organizations. This growth has come about through the effort and contribution made by our employees, that we rightly call our ‘human capital’. We operate in many countries with employees of various nationalities. The recruitment and retention of good employees remains an important area of focus for our company.

Workforce Our workforce in 2009 declined to 1,005 employees. This represents an 11% decrease. Forced layoffs were as much as possible avoided as part of our downsizing. Through the use of temporary contracts we are for the most part able to flexibly adjust our workforce to match the level of activity of our company. We had to implement a substantial reorganization in our branch in France. Drastic measures were required because our company in France was hit hard by a drop in demand.

Staff developments

Top employer After independent research by CRF, a specialist in international research into employment conditions, Van Leeuwen Buizen in Zwijndrecht (the Netherlands) was named Top Employer 2010. A company that satisfies the CRF’s tough requirements is entitled to call itself Top Employer for a whole year. Young, highly educated professionals especially, regard this as proof of a good employer and take it seriously in their choice of a future employer. With regard to all the criteria surveyed (employment conditions, training and education, internal advancement opportunities, working conditions and corporate culture), the Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group

‘There are many opportunities to develop yourself within the company and this is encouraged by our management.’ Julie Parsons (Mechanical & Construction Sales, United Kingdom)

offers young talent the best opportunities with an excellent score of our stars.

Corporate Human Resources

Development programs

Corporate Human Resources facilitates the training

The Management Excellence training program

and education policy of the Van Leeuwen Pipe and

for managers was developed in close collaboration

Tube Group. It implements group-wide programs

with an external firm. The program follows an

such as the Trainee and Management Development

intensive schedule which alternates between three

policy. We consider it important to continue to invest

joint training weeks. In 2009, an international group

in our most important capital: our employees.

of twelve managers worked on their management

A great deal of time is therefore devoted to setting

skills. The program will be continued in 2010.

up and implementing development programs, such as management training courses, traineeships and e-learning.



‘It is a tremendous challenge for everyone to continue to work together on Van Leeuwen’s excellent reputation, nationally as well as internationally.’ Tom Verweij (Sales Manager, Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands)

There are also local and international training programs in which young enthusiastic employees are trained to advance into, for example, sales, purchasing or logistics. In their first year, trainees are offered a broad development path, which can be followed by a period of specialization. We made a number of significant steps in sharing our knowledge on the basis of an e-learning project in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The e-learning platform can be directly accessed by employees via the Van Leeuwen Academy’s website, and e-learning will be further rolled out within the company in 2010.

Investing in the future In addition to the abovementioned development programs, Van Leeuwen also invests in a wide range of training opportunities. We want to remain a competitive and attractive employer in the future as well. Van Leeuwen develops tailor-made training programs and workshops in diverging domains, such as logistics, international trade, safety, risk management and the new ERP systems. By alternating our managers among various international branches, we strengthen our local organizations. This way we put knowledge sharing among different business units into actual practice. In addition, this offers involved employees a new challenge. Due to the diversity of our organization and our presence in various geographical regions, we can offer many employees a unique opportunity to develop outside their current field of work.

Staff developments

Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group number of employees



Middle East



North America













Proportion of Women/Men















Middle East

North America





International organization

Vilvoorde, Belgium

‘Our worldwide logistics network forms the core of our service delivery.‘

Van Leeuwen operates approximately 40 branches spread across 18 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Asia and North America. Twelve of our sites are pictured here.

Chonburi, Thailand

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Zwijndrecht, the Nederlands

Brierley Hill, United Kingdom

Brisbane, Australia

Sydney, Australia


Deventer, the Nederlands

Meyzieu, France

Beesd, the Nederlands

Shanghai, China

Offshore/Oil and Gas

“It is stimulating to contribute to the success of a complex project with the full support of our international colleagues.� Calvin Ng Sales Manager, Singapore



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Van Leeuwen branches

North America


Middle East

Asia / Australia


The Netherlands


5. Zwijndrecht

United Arab Emirates


1. 2.


6. Deventer

24. Dubai



7. Beesd

25. Abu Dhabi

United States



4. Houston

8. Vilvoorde

26. Doha

Joint ventures 27. Singapore

Malaysia 28. Kuala Lumpur

Thailand 29. Bangkok


30. Chonburi

9. Châlette-sur-Loing 10. Gonfreville


11. Meyzieu

31. Jakarta

12. Nantes

China United Kingdom

32. Shanghai

13. Brierley Hill

33. Beijing

14. Bury 15. Dundee


16. Middlesbrough

34. Sydney

17. Sheffield

35. Adelaide

18. Southampton

36. Brisbane 37. Melbourne



38. Perth

19. Tullow


Joint ventures Poland


20. Katowice

39. Van Leeuwen TPCO Pipe and Tube, China

Czech Republic 21. Brno


22. StudĂŠnka


40. Combulex, the Nederlands 41. Benteler Distribution,




23. Istanbul


36 38


35 37




International network Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group BV Lindtsedijk 20, 3336 LE Zwijndrecht P.O. Box 50, 3330 AB Zwijndrecht The Netherlands Telephone: +31 78 6252525 Fax: +31 78 6252705 E-mail: Internet:

Europe The Netherlands

United Kingdom

P. van Leeuwen Jr's Buizenhandel BV Lindtsedijk 100, 3336 LE Zwijndrecht Telephone: +31 78 6252525 Fax: +31 78 6252020 E-mail: Managing Director: M.A.L.W.J. van Engelen

Van Leeuwen Wheeler Ltd Nine Lock Works, Mill Street, Brierley Hill West Midlands DY5 2SX Telephone: + 44 1384 487600 Fax: +44 1384 487619 E-mail: Managing Director: J. Blakey Branches: Bury, Dundee, Middlesbrough, Sheffield, Southampton

Van Leeuwen Precisie BV Hamburgweg 6, 7418 ES Deventer Telephone: +31 570 500700 Fax: +31 570 500777 E-mail: Managing Director: A. Faasse

Czech Republic

Van Leeuwen Stainless BV Industrieweg 26, 4153 BW Beesd Telephone: +31 345 687777 Fax: +31 345 683304 E-mail: Managing Director: A. Dekker

Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube sro Areal Slatina, Turanka 115, 62700 Brno Telephone: + 420 532 123251 Fax: +420 532 123250 E-mail: General Manager: J.K. Zondervan Branch: Studénka



Van Leeuwen Buizen België NV Schaarbeeklei 189, 1800 Vilvoorde Telephone: +32 2 2554000 Fax: +32 2 2520576 E-mail: Managing Director: A. Renders

Van Leeuwen Rury Sp zoo Ul. Podchorazych 1/6, 40-043 Katowice Telephone: +48 32 7858610 - 11 Fax: +48 32 7858612 E-mail: Turkey

France Van Leeuwen Tubes SAS 2, Avenue des Pays-Bas 69330 Meyzieu (Lyon) Telephone: +33 4 72 451515 Fax: +33 4 72 451520 E-mail: Managing Director: J. Tinel Branches: Châlette-sur-Loing, Gonfreville, Nantes

Van Leeuwen Boru San ve Tic Ltd Şti Inönü Caddesi, Sümer Sokak, Zitas Bloklari C2 Blok, Kat:6 Daire:15, Kozyatagi, Istanbul Telephone: + 90 216 3804525 Fax: +90 216 3806272 E-mail: Ireland Van Leeuwen Wheeler Ltd Unit 2 Tullow Court Mews, Off Bridge Street Tullow, County Carlow Telephone: +353 599181120 Fax: +353 599181124 E-mail:

International network

North America Canada


Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube (Canada) Inc 2875 - 64th Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T6P 1R1 Telephone: +1 780 4697410 Fax: +1 780 4665970 E-mail: Managing Director: V. Klein Branch: Calgary, Toronto

Van Leeuwen TPCO (Tianjin) Pipe and Tube Trading Company Ltd 12E Double Dove Plaza 438 Pu Dian Road, Pudong District Shanghai 200122 Telephone: + 86 21 61042880 Fax: +86 21 61042882 E-mail: General Manager: D. Yap Branches: Beijing, Tianjin

United States VL Project Services LLC 10235 West Little York Road, Suite 250 Houston, Texas 77040 Telephone: +1 281 5823150 Fax: +1 281 5823151 E-mail:


Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube (Singapore) Pte Ltd Shanghai Representative Office Room 1501, No 458 Fushan Road, Pudong Shanghai 200122 Telephone: + 86 21 58311866 Fax: +86 2158311900 E-mail: Chief Representative: J. Chee

Singapore Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube (Singapore) Pte Ltd 4, Pioneer Place, Singapore 627893 Telephone: + 65 68979301 Fax: +65 68979318 E-mail: Regional Managing Director: J.F. Weerstra General Manager: G. Heng Malaysia Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Suite 11-02, Level 11, Menara IGB The Boulevard, Lingkaran Syed Putra 59200 Kuala Lumpur Telephone: + 60 3 22873358 Fax: +60 3 22845771 E-mail: General Manager: J. den Herder Thailand Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube (Thailand) Ltd 487/1 Si Ayutthaya Building 12A Floor, Si Ayutthaya Road Khwaeng Thanon Phaya Thai Khet Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400 Telephone: + 66 2 2480994 - 98 Fax: +66 2 6425087 - 88 E-mail: General Manager: T. Lim Branch: Chonburi

Australia Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Australia Pty Ltd 95-113 Lee Holm Road St Mary’s NSW 2760 (Sydney) P.O. Box 1172 St Marys NSW 1790 Telephone: +61 2 98961111 Fax: +61 2 96882428 (Head Office) +61 2 96884801 (NSW Branch) E-mail: Managing Director: E. Zammit Branches: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth

Middle East United Arab Emirates Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Gulf FZE OilFields Supply Center, B11, Jebel Ali free zone P.O. Box 261145, Dubai Telephone: + 971 4 8833872 Fax: +971 4 8837974 E-mail: Regional Manager: R. Ricketts Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube (Middle East) LLC Al Ghaith Tower, Suite 1203 Hamdan Street P.O. Box 47144, Abu Dhabi Telephone: + 971 2 6271840 Fax: +971 2 6271244 E-mail:

Indonesia PT Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Indonesia Wisma 46, Kota BNI, 36th Floor, Jl Jend Sudirman Kav. 1 – Jakarta 10220 Telephone: + 62 21 5700967 Fax: +62 21 5700968 E-mail: General Manager: J. de Vries

Qatar Van Leeuwen Trags Pipe and Tube Jaidah Tower, 7th Floor P.O. Box 1884, Doha Telephone: + 974 4432212 Fax: +974 4422255 E-mail:



Personal particulars

Supervisory Board

R. Willems, Chairman Nationality : Dutch Year of birth : 1945 Previous important positions held : President Shell Nederland BV President Shell Philippines Executive Vice President Shell Chemicals Other supervisory board positions : Chairman of the Supervisory Board Kon. Joh. Enschede Chairman of the Supervisory Board Essent Member Supervisory Board Caldic Chemie Member Supervisory Board FMO Member Supervisory Board VU University Amsterdam/VUmc/Windesheim Member Supervisory Board COA (Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers) Other positions : Member of the Senate of the Dutch Parliament Chairman Chemical Industry Steering Group Board member of some foundations First appointed : 01-09-2007 End of current term : 2011

J.C. Breen Nationality : Dutch Year of birth : 1947 Previous important positions held : President and CEO Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group BV Managing Director Asia Pacific Consumer Electronics Division NV Philips Other supervisory board positions : Chairman of the Supervisory Board Koninklijke Ahrend NV Member Supervisory Board Teijin Aramid BV Member Supervisory Board Koninklijke Smilde BV Member Supervisory Board Nedcard BV Other positions : Board member Turkije Instituut First appointed : 01-09 2007 End of current term : 2011

J. Ekelmans Nationality Year of birth Current position

: Dutch : 1951 : Independent consultant (business & boardroom counseling) in association with Mr H.C. den Hollander: Outright business counseling Previous important positions held : Lawyer, joint founder and partner Ekelmans Den Hollander (1978-1999) Other positions : Board member (Chairman) BE Semiconductors NV Continuity Foundation Board member Unit4Agresso NV Continuity Foundation First appointed : 18-05-2004 End of current term : 2012 Member Audit Committee

Personal particulars

R.R. Hendriks Nationality : Dutch Year of birth : 1955 Current position : CFO Fluvia Holding BV Previous important positions held : CEO Aon EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Vice Chairman Royal VOPAK NV Member Management Board and CFO CSM NV Other supervisory board positions : Member Supervisory Board Smit Internationale NV Chairman Supervisory Board Flinter Group Member Supervisory Board Nile Dutch Shipping Other positions : Chairman Advisory Board G-Star Chairman Advisory Board Den Hartogh First appointed : 01-01-2006 End of current term : 2010 Chairman Audit Committee

J.G. van Oord Nationality : Dutch Year of birth : 1946 Previous important positions held : Chairman of the Board of Management Van Oord NV Other supervisory board positions : Member Supervisory Board Van Oord NV Chairman Governing Board MerweOord BV Member Board of Trustees Deltares Other positions : Vice-chairman ‘Stichting Red een Kind’, Zwolle, the Netherlands President IADC, International Association of Dredging Companies Board member of some foundations First appointed : 01-01-2009 End of current term : 2013



Board of Directors and Executive Committee

P.L. Rietberg, Chairman of the Board Nationality : Dutch Year of birth : 1964 Previous important positions held : Member Board of Executive Directors Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group BV Managing Director P. van Leeuwen Jr’s Buizenhandel BV Date of commencement : 01-09-1989 Appointed to current position : 01-09-2007 Specific areas of responsibility : Strategy, long-term policy and acquisitions/joint ventures; Corporate Communications.

J.M. Sassen, Chairman of the Executive Committee Nationality : Dutch Year of birth : 1966 Previous important positions held : Division Director Precision Managing Director Van Leeuwen Precisie BV Regional Managing Director Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube (Singapore) Pte Ltd Date of commencement : 02-03-1992 Appointed to current position : 01-09-2007 Specific areas of responsibility : Divisions Precision and Construction; operating companies in Asia, Australia, France, the United Kingdom and Central Europe.

M.A.L.W.J. van Engelen Nationality : Dutch Year of birth : 1958 Previous important positions held : Managing Director P. van Leeuwen Jr’s Buizenhandel BV Manager Human Resources Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group BV Date of commencement : 01-01-1998 Appointed to current position : 01-09-2007 Specific areas of responsibility : Human Resources; operating companies in the Netherlands.

W.F. Livius Nationality : Dutch Year of birth : 1965 Previous important positions held : Manager Operations Europe Manager Operations P. van Leeuwen Jr’s Buizenhandel BV Date of commencement : 01-04-2001 Appointed to current position : 01-09-2007 Specific areas of responsibility : Operations, Quality Assurance and Safety.

Personal particulars

R. van der Weck Nationality : Dutch Year of birth : 1965 Previous important positions held : Division Director Process Industry Commercial Manager Process Industry P. van Leeuwen Jr’s Buizenhandel BV Date of commencement : 26-07-1999 Appointed to current position : 01-09-2007 Specific areas of responsibility : Divisions Process Industry and Stainless; operating companies in Belgium, North America and the Middle East.

A.S. Zwanepol Nationality : Dutch Year of birth : 1960 Previous important positions held : Business Finance Manager Middle East Shell Exploration & Production International BV Financial Director Shell Egypt Date of commencement : 01-10-2007 Appointed to current position : 01-10-2007 Specific areas of responsibility : Finance and ICT




Peter Rietberg Chairman of the Board

Joop Sassen Chairman of the Executive Committee

Maureen van Engelen Member of the Executive Committee

Wil Livius Member of the Executive Committee

Robert van der Weck Member of the Executive Committee

René Zwanepol Chief Financial Officer; Member of the Executive Committee

André Dekker Managing Director Van Leeuwen Stainless

Aren Faasse Managing Director Van Leeuwen Precision

Henk-Robert ten Cate Division Director Construction

André Renders Managing Director Van Leeuwen Buizen Belgium

Jérôme Tinel Managing Director Van Leeuwen Tubes France

Olivier Rosset Commercial Director Van Leeuwen Tubes France

Jeff Blakey Managing Director Van Leeuwen Wheeler United Kingdom

Hans Zondervan General Manager Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Czech Republic

Vern Klein Managing Director Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Canada

Roger Ricketts Regional Manager Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Gulf

Personal particulars

Emmanuel Zammit Managing Director Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Australia

Hans Weerstra Regional Managing Director Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Southeast Asia

Gregory Heng General Manager Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Singapore

Joost den Herder General Manager Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Malaysia

Terence Lim General Manager Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Thailand

Joris de Vries General Manager Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Indonesia

Dennis Yap General Manager Van Leeuwen TPCO (Tianjin) Pipe and Tube Trading Company

Jude Chee Chief Representative Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Shanghai

Maus Jaarsma Group Financial Controller

Koen van Eijnsbergen Manager Finance & Administration

Peter Boer Manager Quality, Safety & Environment

Alexander Gouw Manager Corporate Human Resources

Ingrid den Hartog Manager Corporate Communications

Willem de Boer Manager ICT

Bob Kruys Legal Counsel

Robin Wuite Corporate Secretary; Legal Counsel


Compilation and coordination: Corporate Communications Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group BV Design and production: Centagon BV

Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group BV Lindtsedijk 20, 3336 LE Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands P.O. Box 50, 3330 AB Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands Telefoon: + 31 78 6252525 Fax:

+ 31 78 6252755


Internet: Published: April 2010. Printed in the Netherlands.

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