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We have built our strengths in the content management systems: Contao, Typo3 and WordPress and tailor-made CMS to suit you! We help you analyze your CMS and build target groups. Even if you need editorial content for your CMS, we are happy to help. We deliver ideas, plan and create content and put it directly into your editorial system.

WHY YOU NEED A CMS Especially in the last few years content management systems or CMS in short are enjoying increasing popularity among website operators. Basically, CMS is a software designed specifically to simplify the creation and maintenance of websites. The Contao CMS or the WordPress blog will be installed once and for all in your server, the design will be connected to your website. A CMS is very flexible and it can be both the functions, as well as the responsive design and the layout can be flexibly adapted to your needs and to the requirements of your company presentation. Text changes or the insertion of images, etc. are very easily made via the administration area of the Content Management System. One of the big advantages: You hardly need any HTML or other programming knowledge.

ADVANTAGES OF A PERFECT CMS: Simultaneous processing by multiple users possible Simple division of labor Easy extensibility and customization Separation of layout, content and technology Uniform presentation Automated functions Direct and easy editing of the content Low follow-up costs for changes No time delay for current content WE LOOK AFTER YOUR CMS PERMANENTLY It's not that easy then; time and again we experience that customers give us the order to take care of CMS (Content Management System). Because once you have got positions in the organic ranking, you want to keep them and not lose them again through small mistakes or carelessness. We move daily in these systems and require a fraction of the time for the changes and extensions.

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Content management system the basis for your online brand  
Content management system the basis for your online brand  

A content management system (CMS) is a computer application that supports the creation and modification of digital content. It typically sup...