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My name is Moses. I live in Haiti. I am eight years old. When I was a baby, I lived with my family in a town by a small river.

The river filled our streets. Then it pulled our houses away. The river grew so big and angry it pulled people away too. I think it took my father, my mother, my sister and brother. It took my grandmother.

IT TOOK EVERYONE. I hope I will see them again.

The river took me too. It took me in a basket away from my family. I don’t know how I got in the basket. Maybe my grandmother put me there.

BUT I DON’T REMEMBER. The river carried me a long way from my home. But I wasn’t afraid. I could hear the water. It didn’t sound as angry as before. I fell asleep.

"Vanita's book shows the resilience and strength of the Haitian people, using one of the worst disasters to hit Haiti – the Gonaives floods of 2004. The story of Moses portrays both the tragedies and the possibilities of Haiti, and shows how goodwill and benevolence can triumph over the most devastating odds. Written in accessible, simple prose, this book will ring true to those from any part of the world who have had challenges to face in their lives." Father Rick Frechette Richard Frechette is a medical doctor and Catholic priest who directs the Haitian programs of NPH International. These programs include orphanages, schools, a children’s hospital and more, around Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He did similar work previously in Mexico and Honduras.

"I know Moses personally and was at the hospital when he arrived nameless from the floods. His story was so precious that the only name that was right for him was "Moses." He is now a gift to the other children at our orphanage with his humor and compassion. Vanita captured well the suffering of the children of Haiti in the story of Moses. No matter how often the people are knocked down by hurricanes, floods, violence, earthquakes, their resilience and faith pick them up over and over again." Sister Judy Dohner Judy Dohner previously served as executive director of Immokalee’s Guadalupe Center in Southwest Florida. At the age of 57, instead of retiring she went to Haiti. After the earthquake, she was asked by Father Rick to be interim director of St. Damien’s Hospital where she still works today.

As told by Vanita Oelschlager with art by Mike Blanc. Cover photos are through the courtesy of Ted Stevens.


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