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And when he forgot to eat his breakfast he spent the whole morning hungry.

When Elefante forgot to clean up his toys

his sister tripped and tore her skirt.

But Elefante also forgot to be afraid of Mouse, and he made a new friend.

Let’s Go Green! This book was made from 98% recycled paper. Using recycled paper saves trees. We used soy inks to give Elefante and his friends their wonderful bright colors. We did not stop there. Our illustrator Kristin Blackwood reused items she had lying around her house to create the art for Elefante. She did not purchase any supplies for the book, but used items that were slated for the trash can. She used an old sponge, a bread wrapper, a straw, sand paper, bubble wrap, a map, scraps of paper from the floor of her studio, a used bandage and a water bottle. . . to name a few. See if you can find these items in the illustrations. Also available in Spanish. Copyright Š 2011 Vanita Oelschlager

All rights reserved.



It’s said that elephants never forget. Poor Elefante forgets everything, like tying his shoes and picking up his toys. Written by Vanita Oel...

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