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Mylar Balloons To Spice-up Your Party Decorations Mylar balloons are increasingly used in party decorations. You may see them almost everywhere during festivals and celebrations. These trendy balloons look amazing in almost any party decor. They are made of metallic foil coating which is attached to a polythene coating. The metallic foil coating which is used to make mylar balloons is metalized nylon which gives them a shinning appearance. Following are few factors that make mylar balloons advantageous over traditional rubber balloons: •

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Mylar balloons can be custom-printed according to the occasion. For instance you can get mylar balloons for birthdays, anniversaries and even baby-shower. You can even get names and photos printed on these balloons for special occasions. The size, shape and print of these balloons can be customized according to the occasion. Rubber balloons deflate after a short span of time, while mylar ones can hold helium gas for long time. They are quite durable and are apt for gifting purpose and party decoration. Mylar balloons can last for more than a week without getting deflated. Some of them are designed to last for weeks and are mostly used in big events and festivals. The appearance of mylar balloons is fascinating which makes them suitable for party decoration. The shinning surfaces of these balloons brighten up the decor and elevate the aesthetics of party space. Since mylar balloons are made of nylon, hence they do not pop like rubber balloons when subjected to a sharp object. This makes them safe for children and patients. Mylar balloons can be easily deflated after the party and preserved for future use. These balloons can be reused many times which makes them quite economical. Therefore you will get complete value for money when you buy these balloons. These balloons are made from environment friendly material. Therefore they can be recycled after their functional life is over. Mylar balloons can be used for decoration even in hospitals because they do not cause any allergic reaction which is harmful for patients.

Any party would seem to look incomplete without balloons but who would like to decorate those temporary rubber balloons which don't even last for few hours. They are neither very durable nor very attractive and are dangerous for small kids and patients. Therefore buy some mylar party balloons for your special occasions. The customized prints and shapes of these balloons will surely make your party decor a hit on your social circuit.

Mylar balloons to spice up your party decorations