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Telit Technology noise pollution control

Environmental noise pollution tackled afresh by Telit A new collaboration is set to challenge the traditional approach of combating noise pollution in populated areas. Until now health and regulatory agencies have largely relied on statistical computer modelling – rather than actual data collection – to develop noise abatement policies and recommendations. Telit Wireless Solutions, a global provider of machine-to-machine (M2M) products and services, has partnered with Poland-based Svantek Sp. z o.o. on the development of a cellular-connected SV 200 noise monitoring station. Field noise monitoring is often constrained by two main factors: power for the device and remote communication. Customers expect a high-speed data link to the measuring source online, with the option of listening to whatever is happening at any of

the locations being monitored. The amount of data required for such communication can be compared to that of watching movies on a web browser, significantly narrowing the field of cost-effective wireless connectivity module options. The goal of the SV 200 is to enable the same quality and time efficient delivery of realobserved data for any organisation, via cellular connected stations that make it more affordable and easier to use. The standard model can monitor environmental noise continuously, has thirdoctave analysis and audio event recording. An optional weather module, to enrich the data stream with additional environmental context, makes it ideal for use outdoors. The Telit H24, inside the SV 200, is a 3.5G module with HSPA (High Speed Packet Data

Access) connectivity delivering 7.2Mbps down and 5.7Mbps up data rates. With built in TCP/IP and UDP stacks and security protocols the device can operate across a temperature range of 30° to +85°C. It is available in four regional variants ranging from single to tri-band in HSPA all with quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE fallback connectivity plus optional receiver diversity and on-board GPS.

British Gas chooses GEO for next generation energy displays Cambridge-based technology firm, Green Energy Options Ltd (GEO), has been awarded two contracts with British Gas Trading Ltd for two customised in-home displays for deployment within British Gas and Scottish Gas. This is the third time GEO has been awarded a volume display contract by the company. (See Exclusive C-Level Interview on pages 21-24.)

The GEO smart display will be used in smart meter installations from the end of 2013 onwards and will give current and historical information on both electricity and gas consumption. It has been designed with the requirements of the Government’s Smart Metering Technical Specification (SMETS) in mind, has an interoperable display that can support all the leading meter manufacturers’

devices, as well as many other special features required by British Gas. Wireless communications, between the meter and display, use the internationally recognised ZigBee Smart Energy Protocol which is both secure and safe.

CSC launches new M2M tool to minimise custom app development time CSC’s new OmniLocation® MachinEdge aims to streamline the development and deployment of machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, enabling developers in the manufacturing industry to create custom applications within days as opposed to months. It supports internet-based industrial automation to capture and transmit machine data and integrate with computer applications to enable fewer and better business decisions. This deeper level of insight into data helps organisations


M2M Now October 2013

identify new sources of revenue in addition to improving operations efficiency. Most organisations today select one of four suboptimal options: build from scratch; standardise on a single infrastructure provider; use multiple, segmented applications; or outsource to a third party. MachinEdge provides a new option that enables developers to create their own enterprise M2M applications rapidly without changing work processes, hindering innovation or restricting data types and formats.

“While M2M offers much promise, it is evolving quickly and remains poorly defined, making it difficult for organisations to capitalise on it,” said Doc Parghi, CSC’s director and general manager for mobility and social. “MachinEdge is a nextgeneration solutions development approach that combines CSC’s consulting depth, expertise in the manufacturing industry, and technical capabilities in big data, cloud, and cyber security.”

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M2M Now Magazine October 2013 Edition  

The latest product, people & market news from the Machine to Machine sector. Includes expert industry opinions and interviews.

M2M Now Magazine October 2013 Edition  

The latest product, people & market news from the Machine to Machine sector. Includes expert industry opinions and interviews.