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plus the complexities of enabling a constantly moving high-speed wireless setting pose many more mobility obstacles than a typical industrial wireless solution. To meet these requirements, Gemalto has streamlined what was once a complex value chain, offering a unique blend of end-to-end solutions and services that simplify and speed development. Gemalto’s range of compatible technologies includes advanced M2M wireless modules to enable reliable communications, a suite of ruggedised MIMs™ for secure connectivity to mobile networks, flexible subscription management services, and an enhanced cloud-based platform for application enablement that can easily connect assets and enterprises anywhere in the world. Gemalto Cinterion M2M modules are specifically designed to deliver top performance and low latency in rugged conditions typical of M2M applications. A complete line of advanced automotive products are optimised for the extreme environments of temperature, moisture and vibration unique to conditions on the road. All are pre-certified by global mobile operators to help expedite the approval process during development and improve cost efficiency. An intelligent evolution platform design allows easy forward migration without expensive redesigns and an embedded Java strategy simplifies edge-to-enterprise computing, allowing remote assets to seamlessly connect with backend systems. The portfolio also includes the industry’s first multi-mode modules allowing communications on GSM, CDMA networks, enabling OEMs to develop one universal application that can operate anywhere in the world, simplifying manufacturing and logistics while speeding time to market. Similar to a SIM, Gemalto Cinterion MIM smart cards secure a machine’s identity and encrypt its wireless communications. Ruggedised for the challenges of M2M environments, MIMs combine robust chips with a specialised operating system that ensures longevity and offers a long lifespan, which is compatible to the requirements and product life cycles of the automotive industry. MIMs are designed in an array of form factors with a range of features including embedded Java and, as required by the automotive industry, production plants are certified according to ISO TS 16949 for unrivalled quality assurances and traceable production processes.

Gemalto enables its clients around the world to offer trusted and convenient digital services to billions of individuals. By extending this expertise to the M2M marketplace, Gemalto is revolutionising the value chain and accelerating the growth of the Internet of Things. Gemalto’s proven services – including flexible subscription management, security consulting and analysis, secure service enablement and value added engineering consulting and support – help speed time to market while improving flexibility and scalability for new applications. Standards-based device management solutions provide audit capabilities, anti-fraud and diagnostic monitoring, which are increasingly important due to the long lifespan expected from M2M solutions. Gemalto security consulting services help customers carefully consider an end-to-end security architecture to protect M2M implementations from threats. Value added engineering services help OEMs review schematics, analyse circuit board layout, optimise power design to offer stronger solutions and quickly launch state-of-the-art applications.

“eCall enables improved safety as well as economic benefits for carmakers, M2M technology providers, mobile operators and public safety participants.” Bertrand Knopf, Gemalto M2M

Gemalto’s cloud-based Cinterion SensorLogic application enablement platform works seamlessly with M2M modules and sensors and serves as the hub connecting data in the field with backend systems. The device-agnostic SensorLogic Platform transforms data from any sensor into normalised, actionable intelligence that can be securely integrated into backend systems. The SensorLogic Platform utilises a complex event processing engine to evaluate data then send real-time alerts via email or text message when critical thresholds for heat, humidity, shock, vibration or tilt are reached. This action allows supervisors and dispatchers to respond in real time with commands to make required adjustments.

Modules + MIMs + Services + Cloud computing = Simplified, secure M2M M2M technology is at the heart of the rapidly expanding Internet of Things. From automotive applications like eCall and Smart Car solutions to mHealth devices and cold chain monitoring solutions, Gemalto’s leading edge M2M solutions and services are helping enterprises, governments and industries leverage our rapidly evolving digital society to optimise operations, increase productivity, simplify processes and ultimately, improve the bottom line.

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M2M Now Magazine July 2013 Edition  

The latest product, people & market news from the Machine to Machine sector. Includes expert industry opinions and interviews.

M2M Now Magazine July 2013 Edition  

The latest product, people & market news from the Machine to Machine sector. Includes expert industry opinions and interviews.