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“every year starting 2012, more money will be taken from post-secondairy students than ever before.” P. 3


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Editor’s Note Pascal Dubois and Taruna Kaur-Singh Here we go for a second run. Another exhausting week or so ahead of us (yeah we’re writing this a week ahead and we know what’s coming). What keeps us going is that we know the final results are worth it. As long as students who didn’t know the Insider existed keep knocking at our door saying they loved our work, we’ll keep writing. We also apologize for the mistakes in the past issue. They were due to technical problems and, we hope, shall never happen again. But the past is the past and we gladly look ahead to a brighter future, hopefully correcting what we’ve done wrong. Bear with us, the Insider is a journey in which everyone on board is in a constant learning process, including you reader. As you will notice, we have three main focuses in this issue. First, we have Halloween, the folklore behind it, scary mansions and surrounding themes and genres. Second, we as students have been affected by the raise of tuition fees. Believe it or not, Vanier is now at strike and information about this controversial topic will be provided in the following pages and following weeks. Last, October, in Canada, is Woman’s History Month. Therefore, we would like to dedicate this issue to women who succeed every day in diverse areas and outperforms men, to women who struggle, to women who never give up and to women who have accomplished or are accomplishing their dreams. But before you move along, here’s an anecdote of our dinner with the staff. We went to Ottavio’s, an Italian Cuisine & Pizzeria in Saint-Laurent. Our reservation was at 6h30 and at 7h, the waitress started to get a little…impatient to say the least. We hadn’t ordered yet because we were missing a couple of friends. Anyway, once everyone was there, we ordered and the food was in front of us pretty slowly. However, it was delicious! Nonetheless, we had a great time and got to know our writers better, thank you guys for the amazing evening! To all of you new readers, we hope to get you hooked and that you have a good time reading the great productions of our resourceful writers. This week is also eventful because of the Social Science festival. Interesting presentations are taking place and it is definitely to check out! Okay, the following pages will bring you back in the past two weeks, back into what has become now an interesting period of productivity and constant challenge. Thanks to the staff and thanks to the readers, the Insider is going to keep growing and touching more and more students. This is your voice after all! Time to turn the pages but first here’s a shout out to our staff:


by Pascal Dubois On Tuesday October 4th, Vanier became part of the movement against tuition fee hikes. The college has accepted to be part of the national strike. Why protest? Why be mad? Why join our forces? Every year starting 2012, more money will be taken from post-secondary Canadian students than ever before. I remember when the discussions started: the confusion, the hesitation and the uncertainty of friends and acquaintances, as well as the scared looks I received from family members clearly thinking, “How the hell are we going to pay for all this?” I resent the government for the increase. It has been said that a terrifying number of high school graduates will either drop out or won’t even consider college as an option as a result of the tuition fee increase. Experts narrow it down to about SEVEN THOUSAND students. The impact of those seven thousand souls never making it to college because of monetary problems is quite frankly outrageous. Yes, some of us will be left untouched and will not be affected by the (at least) three hundred dollar increase per semester. Others will go on with their lives as if nothing happened, get good grades, good jobs and end up paying their taxes and escaping every year to a nice vacation. I’m not going to lie; I’m a bit worried, even afraid. Not for myself because I know I’ll be okay eventually, but for all those who have jobs, and sometimes have to work night shifts in order to pay rent, tuition, taxes and insurance. I’m afraid for those among us who will not go on with their lives, who will leave their friends behind, who will sadly empty their lockers and walk away to return home every night from a full-time job they never wanted. I’m worried about the people who will hate their government and for those who claim they dislike their school. Because eventually they will realize that schooling was the only stable thing in their lives. I’m anxious for the tormented young adults of our generation who will come to the realization that they will never even have a shot. Let’s get away from biases and personal anger and face some facts about the tuition fee increase that the government is preparing for us. To start off, let’s see how universities get their fundings: Where universities get their money (as % of total operating revenue) Year Gov’t funding Tuition fees 1977 84.0% 13.7% 1987 81.4% 16.3% 1997 67.1% 29.0% 2007 57.1% 34.2% Sources: Statistics Canada and CAUBO


Canadian budget, the anger of a generation

“Tuition fees will rise by $325 a year, over five years, beginning in fall 2012. The increase will bring the cost of full-time studies to $3,793 per year, for Quebec residents. Full-time students currently pay $2,168 a year.” As mentioned in the MacCleans. We have to look at how the increase will affect students in order to avoid bias as much as possible. There will be NO CHANGE in the student loans department and all new aid will come under the form of bursaries. The budget has been described by the ASSÉ (Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante) as “a declaration of war against students”. On one hand the government is being criticized for going to far and on the other hand, for not going far enough. However, there are disagreements on the topic amongst students themselves. The student population at Vanier has little detailed knowledge concerning the budget, yet sides are clearly defined between students. In conclusion, “balancing the books” on the back of students will cause a generation of ongoing bankruptcy and threaten the long-term economic stability of the province and country. Fewer students enrolled in university means less people with high-qualified jobs, which will lead to less tax revenues. The increase will allow the country to gain control over the deficit. However, at what cost? Alienating a generation, or at least the surprisingly large part caring about it? I urge you to join the efforts of the other colleges and universities. A strike will take place November 10 organized by the ASSÉ. More information will soon follow. It is time to show that we care about our future Pascal Dubois Sources: MacCleans magazine



We are Lucky! By TAruna Kaur-Singh Who would have thought that living in Quebec wasn’t expensive? We pay 13.5% sales tax, our construction industry is corrupt. You must have noticed the never-finished construction zones. Or even the roads that keep being redone because every other company only remembers that it’s time to change their pipes once the company before finishes to fill up the road! I mean really? You guys couldn’t co-operate? A street that should have been in construction for a month was in construction for a year. That’s eleven extra months & money. If you think that’s bad, don’t even get me started on our bridges! Anyway, aside from the extravagant taxes and construction industry, our life, in Montreal, is pretty cheap. Try renting an apartment with everything included for 500$ CAD in Europe or even in the U.S. Moreover, our public transportation is pretty good. Many buses, trains and metros are offered and the quality/schedule is impressive. The bus service has also developed for night workers which is fantastic! If only more people would leave their car at home, the highways and streets wouldn’t be so crowded. So next time you want to go out, use the public transport. Montreal also has an underground city which is very useful in winter (which basically lasts 9 months here). You might not see the benefit of all this so you should know; the list isn’t finished. Our medical insurance, automobile insurances and electricity are very cheap. The reason behind the price of our insurance is the government, believe it or not. Besides, with the taxes we pay, I hope that they cover our asses. For electricity, Hydro-Quebec is also owned by the government. Some might curse at their Hydro bill, but how will you react if your bill tripled, which would be the result of privatization. In addition, some still grumble about privatizing Hydro (are you crazy? Do you WANT to pay triple the price?) because private companies offer more electricity. DO YOU REALLY NEED MORE ELECTRICITY?! We do not have a shortage of electricity so why would we need more? The only good side of privatizing Hydro would be that consumers would waste less electricity because the prices would be too high. In conclusion, living in Montreal is one of the cheapest places.


By Veronica Dumais Lalonde Does it ever happen to you to that you forget someone’s name? Hopefully, I’m not alone. It has occurred too many times: that vaguely familiar person comes up to me and says hi, all friendly-looking, leaving me feeling horrible because I can’t put a name to the face. Then there is that weird, awkward silence followed by my meek attempt at normalcy: “Oh heyyy... you! How you doin’?” My brain is freaking out trying to remember, but it’s not working at all. Of course, luck is definitely not on my side because the person notices my total and utter lameness and says, “It’s Bob (Or whatever the person’s name is, never mind my creativity when it comes to name-giving).” I’m too busy kicking myself inwardly at my lack of social skills to understand what the person’s trying to say so I mutter a clued-out “Huh?” “The name. It’s Bob.” Bob lifts a questioning eyebrow in my direction. And here’s my chance to look smooth. Booya. “Riiiiiiiiiiight! I knew that! I was just, you know, making you think I didn’t know.” Oh-so-lame. There’s no way that worked out. So now I’m taking out the boxing gloves and really doing some damage to my internal self. Like, where is the wit or the sharp comebacks when you actually need them? Sigh. “Uh-huh. Ok, well, I’ll see you around.” “Yes, Bob! Sure thing, Bob. I’ll be remembering the Bob next time, Bob.” So there’s me looking like a complete loser trying to, I don’t know, make up for the fact that my memory hates me by saying the person’s name a bazillion times, but instead I just earn myself another weirded-out look.


The Little Things

Next week rolls around and I’ve already somewhat forgotten what Bob looks like. Seriously, blame it on all the essay-writing I’m always doing. Despite my best intentions, everyone looks like a Bob to me and I just can’t redeem last week’s faux-pas by waving a hello in the hall, because I’m not even sure who the real Bob is. It’s like being in a Where’s Charlie? , only this time my ego is at stake. This is a frequently repeated pattern. But I mean, give me a chance; new school, six thousand people who vaguely look alike at times... It’ll get better, right? Right? RIGHT? God, what if I’m suffering from Name Amnesia? Does that even exist? So if you’re in the same boat... you can totally relate. If you’re not, enjoy laughing at those of us who are, because hey, those are the little things that make our days tolerable.



Runaway 2 BY TAruna Kaur-Singh

This, running to stay human, started a year ago or at least I think it was a year. I kind of lost track of time. Anyway, I used to live with my mother, father and sister in a small house near Montreal. I still remember the smell of those cookies mom and I were making while Evelyn watched TV. Then suddenly the phone rang and mom picked it up. It was dad, I could hear him scream on the other end of the line. He didn’t seem mad and at the time I didn’t understand the emotion, but now I think it was fear. From the small bits of conversation that I heard of, I understood something was coming, not someone, but precisely something. I didn’t understand what he meant and was going to ask more information but then mom hanged up and told me to hide in the basement with Evelyn and not to make any sound. I would have argued but the severity in her voice made me stop. I also had the sudden urge to say “I love you” but dismissed the thought because it seemed childish. If only I had! I took Evelyn’s arm and started going down the stairs when mom held my arm. “Go in your dad’s office. In the family picture he keeps at his desk, you will find a key. Its gold. You will need to open the secret door under his sofa. From there you run without looking behind you until you hit another door.” She said emotionless. “do you hear me? Do not stop until you find another door!” She repeated with fear. “But -” I was cut before I could ask her where will she be going. “Go,” She nudged us downstairs. “there’s no time!” I looked into her eyes one more time before going down the stairs. I did as I was told. Effectively, a key was in the frame and a note saying to not forget that someone had to stay behind. I didn’t understand the note, so many questions arose but no answer. Also, time was pressing which did not let me analyze the situation. I blindly followed the direction mom gave me and after half an hour of running or so, a open door appeared. Evelyn and I entered the room which had metal for walls. I closed the door and pressed the button that said “lock”. A sound was heard and the door seemed unopenable. Suddenly, screens popped up or maybe they were already there and I just hadn’t notice them. They turned blue but it wasn’t long after that I saw our house in different angles from different screens. I was captivated by this equipment until Evelyn whispered “mom”. I saw her, fully in black with a sword in hand. But then I saw them. For a second I couldn’t believe at what I was looking at. I could have sworn that one of them was looking right past the camera, into my soul. That sounds stupid right? How can that thing see me when I’m behind a screen? Suddenly, mom slayed it and our “connection”, that kept me prisoner, got cut. Even though I knew I was safe, I got scared. Mom was doing great but then, from another screen, I saw hundreds of those things in our lawn, entrance,...everywhere. I still shiver when I replay this memory. Evelyn thought I was cold so she offered me her jacket that was actually mine. “Nah, I’m alright.” I said. “You were thinking about the first day, weren’t you?” She asked suspiciously.


She knows everything about me. We connected a lot in this past year or so, but I still want my privacy even though I am also protective of her and want to keep the bad memories away from her.


To be continued...

By Iness Lachhab Your Spiderman costume has become too small. People offer you beer instead of candies. The message is clear: You’re too old to trick or treat! Fortunately, there are many other things to do to celebrate Halloween. Murder Mystery Party On a dark evening, you put on your costume and become someone else: a Mafioso, a rich playboy, a renowned singer… The invitation you received contains information about your character and the characters that your friends will interpret. That night, a murder will be committed. Your goal is to find out who the murderer is or to hide the fact that it is actually you! There are many murder mystery party kits sold at book shops such as Renaud Bray for about 25$. If none of your friends are willing to host the party, another option is to attend the Murder Mystery Party at La Ronde that goes from 6 PM until midnight and includes supper and a drink.

The Last Ride La Ronde offers a variety of activities every weekend of the month of October. You can visit a high security prison or an experimental base where humans are used as guinea pigs. One of the most unusual activities is called The Last Ride: for only 5$, you can experience the terror of being buried alive! Montreal Ghost Hunts Discover Old Montreal’s darkest secrets through the stories told by its ghosts. - Ghost Walk: Follow a storyteller through the unexplored streets of the West side of Old Montreal. Visit haunted locations and meet the ghosts that will share with you their dreadful stories and legends. Saturday October 22 at 8:30 pm. Price: 18.50 $ (ID card required) - Ghost Hunts: You will hunt down ghosts hidden in Old Montreal’s streets. Meet them one by one and listen to their often morbid tales.

Friday October 28 and Monday October 31, 59.95 $/ person Saturday October 29 and Sunday October 30, 84.45 $ / person (access to the rides)

October 27, 28 and 29 at 6:30 PM Price: 18.50 $ (ID card required)

The Rocky Horror Show

For more information and reservation visit:

This British horror-comedy stage musical created in 1973 will be presented at the Rialto theatre. The main characters Brad and Janet are two lovers that decide to go see their old science teacher. Unfortunately, their car’s tire explodes and they have no choice but to ask for help in a mysterious castle. There they will meet strange characters such as a bisexual transvestite mad scientist, a hunchbacked handyman and a zombie... Blood, sex and humour are the main ingredients of this legendary musical. The show is followed by a costume party.

Zombie Walk Dress up and join the pack of zombies that will invade the streets of Montreal. The walk starts at 3:30 PM at Mont-Royal metro.

Halloweeird Ball


Too Old to trick or treat?


Jackie & Judy is a new bar that hosts live shows. For Halloween, there will be many music groups playing as well as a costume contest. Obtober 29, from 9:00 PM

October 29, 30 and 31 at 8:30 PM Price: 20$ (ID card required) Rialto Theatre 5723 avenue du Parc

For more information visit:


Part 1

appreci Unknown

I really didn’t want the door to open. It had been a few seconds since the last knock. We were all staring at each other in shock not knowing what to do next. They had warned us about it on the news. “Stay at home and keep quiet”. That’s what they said. We were in danger and didn’t know how to get out of it. Actually, there really wasn’t even a way out. It was practically impossible. It’s at that precise moment that it finally hits you. “Wait a minute; this really could be my last few minutes on earth”. That’s most probably what should be going through your mind at that time. Actually, maybe it’s a little bit more stressful than that. It’s more like all your life flashing before your eyes. People always say that’s a cliché. From experience, I’m telling you it definitely isn’t. Imagine watching a movie in fast forward with all the scenes suddenly skipping and flying over each other. Watching all the sad, happy, emotional, angry, painful scenes suddenly flash before your eyes? Yeah, that’s exactly what it felt like. There I was sitting in a room with my entire family, looking at every single one of them for a few seconds trying to find that one memory we shared that I’ll never forget .Trying to make my last few minutes or even seconds worth while. Going back a few years before that day, if someone had asked me “what would be the last thing you would do before you die?” I would’ve probably told them sky diving. But at that moment, sky diving was the last thing I wanted to do. Finding a way to avoid death in a brutal way was the first thing on my to-do list. I had always wished I’d die in a peaceful way when I was old surrounded by my kids and grandchildren. Never did I think it would happen when I was twelve, living in a war zone with helicopters, tanks and bulldozers surrounding my house with 40 men waiting outside my house with guns. I don’t think any of us would think of dying that way in the 21st century. I had only ever heard stories like these on television, or from a very old relative that’s lived a while. It seemed like it had been forever since that first knock. Thinking back to it now, it was no more than a few seconds. Uncle started walking towards the door shaking in terror not knowing what was going to happen next. I squeezed my father’s hand and held my breath. My palms started getting sweaty and I was sure the entire room heard my heart beat. That’s when the door flew open and I was blinded by all the flashlights that were suddenly aimed at me.



Part 2



For a few seconds, I thought it was the light at the end of the tunnel. It obviously wasn’t. I wasn’t lucky enough to die without pain.

My vision came back and that’s when I saw it all. Armed men were running around the house with their AK-47’s and M16’s. How did I know what those were? Let me tell you. Growing up, I always played video games. More specifically “call of duty”. I knew everything there was to know about weapons. What was going on actually seemed very similar to the game. A little TOO similar. The only difference was if I died here, I wouldn’t come back to life and get a second chance. It would be the end of me. The end of my entire existence. “Move, move, move” was what they kept shouting while dragging us with them to a different room in the house. The entire family scrambled into the living room shaking in terror. I had my little cousins screaming, my grandmother reciting every prayer out there and my father holding my sister and I tight against his body. I had heard of what they did to women. How they beat them, raped them and eventually killed them. That’s the fate that awaited me. Lovely, isn’t it? They kept pointing their guns at us as if WE were going to harm THEM. Ha!

One of them ran to the back door, opened it and another twenty men ran in. In total, I probably had forty soldiers in my house. They definitely weren’t here to help us. We ended up finding out that they were here because they needed protection from the opposite army; our army. My house was the largest one in the village and it fit all of them. That’s why they chose to stay here. “Are you for real?” I thought. This day really can’t get any worse. This is the punishment I get for living in a big house? They spread around the house checking every single room for men between the ages of 18 and 25 to throw them in jail to keep them from joining the army. Luckily, my cousins who were of that age had already left a while ago to another village near by. As I was sitting on the floor surrounded by all of this mess, I said something to my sister in English. I honestly don’t even remember what it was. That was probably the stupidest thing I had ever done. I saw a smirk on one of the men’s face. His eyes were wide open and I saw a hint of excitement in them. He knew we weren’t from around town. He started walking in our direction with his smirk growing larger by the second. I knew what was going through his head. I wasn’t stupid. I was going to be one of those women. “Get up” he said, pointing straight at me.




Ahhhh Halloween

Julien Arsenault

There’s nothing quite like Halloween, a memorable time host to many happy childhood memories of frights, disguises and overeating. As kids, many of us dressed up from head to toe and eagerly scoured our neighbourhood streets’ decorated Houses in search of sweets. Then came the unfortunate realization that we’re simply a little too old to be trick-ortreating. Those feeling nostalgic to see neighbourhood kids decked out in their trick-or-treating best this October 31 can continue to honour the Halloween tradition by adding spooky ornaments to their home and generously giving out candies at the door. Many people decorate their front lawns and entrances with skulls, carved pumpkins, cobwebs and other things, but only few take the care to add ambiance to their scary décor with an eerie companion soundtrack. If you happen to stay home this Halloween night, here are five classics which will make this a memorable Halloween: 1. “I Put a Spell on You” – Screaming Jay Hawkins Quite Possibly the definitive Halloween classic, Screaming Jay Hawkins predated the macabre stage antics of Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson by walking out of coffins onstage and erupting in his trademark grunts, yelps and screams as early as 1957. In his tormented blues, Hawkins’s powerful voice cries over a the song’s sombre rhythm as he desperately clings on to his fleeting lover, crying out his frustration and magic possession his terrified companion. The singer’s unsettling cries had to be edited out for the song to receive airplay and earned Hawkins a reputation as the very first horror-themed “shock rocker”. 2. “Monster Mash” – Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt Kickers

3. “Jack The Ripper” – Screaming Lord Sutch Britain’s answer to “Monster Mash”, this 1964 UK novelty hit opens with echoed panting and the ear-piercing sound of a woman screaming. The song tells the story of notorious British serial Murderer Jack the Ripper as he prepares to hunt down his next victim. Similar use of scary sound effects over a blues-based riff made this song a horror classic and, unsurprisingly, was also banned from the BBC upon release. Another upbeat tune, this song will shake up trick-or-treaters at your door. 4. “Ghost Busters” – Ray Parker Jr.

The theme song from the 1984 horror-comedy classic of the same name was never truly intended to scare listeners. It remains a Dance floor classic with an unforgettable saxophone riff and call-and-response hook. As a sort of pest-removal service for ghosts, Parker Jr. instructs anyone to call Ghostbusters in case of any paranormal activity. This 1962 smash may sound a tad more Though rather cheery, the songs lyrics still suggest the Halcorny than spooky by today’s standards but its loween spirit which a decorated house may need. use of creepy sound effects like the opening of a tomb, a sizzling cauldron and clanging chains 5. “Thriller” – Michael Jackson had the song banned by the BBC for ten years for Another 80’s dance floor anthem, the late MJ’s sounding “too morbid”. In the song, a Boris Karloff type voice tells the story of a dancing Franken- masterpiece will forever be associated to his controversial stein-type creature whose new moves become a imagination remembered by his millions of grieving fans. hit “throughout the land”. The then-groundbreak- The song’s mind-blowing music video, in which the King of ing sound effects give a Halloween kick the song’s Pop morphs into a werewolf before the eyes of his horrified R&B beat and are sure to add an upbeat touch to girlfriend and later performs a synchronized zombie, is a classic of the early MTV generation and has aged better the haunted surroundings. than numerous horror films of the decade. While Jackson certainly did not limit himself to similar creature-themed material, this song will forever bring up the memory of rabid Werewolves and Lurking Zombies on what it still the most haunted night of the evening.

pascal Dubois I surprisingly ask myself many questions about Halloween: where did the tradition come from? When did it start? How did it start? Why is it such a big tradition? One thing I understand about it is that it started out of the good old human fear of the unknown. Today we will dive in the reasons why Halloween was created by looking at how fire, beliefs and superstitions led to one of the coolest holidays we know today. Let me take you back to Ireland in the early Middle Ages. Imagine you are a serf in a medieval community. Death can come anytime and the harvest turns out the way it does whether you pray for it or not. You truly believe that your faith will lead your destiny. The Christian holiday “all saints’ day” is religiously observed. You and neighboring tribes coin the term “All Hallows eve”, the day before All Hallows day. You already observe “Samhain” taking place on October 31. What you do to protect yourself from the evil spirits of this world can be considered as a very dark ritual. The reason why you try to protect yourself from spirits on that day is because the layer separating the world of the dead from ours is the thinnest at that time. According to the local Pagan beliefs, as summer dies and winter slowly approaches, it is your duty to pay homage to the dead. Among the practices the locals associate with Halloween, it is mandatory to light a bonfire (which led to the pumpkin) and execute a sacrifice to symbolize the plight of the souls lost in Purgatory. They also go door to door offering prayers for the dead in exchange of “soul cakes” and other treats. The tradition of the costume was added much later to the celebration. Those traditions have NOT evolved and have NOT stuck to Christians. Being brought to North America by Irish immigrants, they have been modified through time. The commercialized holiday would not even be recognized by people living only a century ago. This holiday has been modified so much by adding beliefs and superstitions through representations and adaptations done throughout the years.



The true meaning behind All Hallows Eve has unfortunately been lost forever… I wonder if there is always a little truth behind every superstition or myth. For example: Count Dracula is based on Vlad the Impaler but you can actually trace it back to the Bible when Cain shows Lilith the power of blood. The myth of werewolves comes from Lycanthropy, a fictional illness where a person believes that he is a wolf and acts like one. This originates from the Greek myth of Lycaos. There is also the myth of zombies which came from Voodoo culture. We all consider these myths to be supernatural; but again, there is always a little truth behind every myth. The real question is, how much? Halloween is indisputably a great holiday, but I somehow always get an uneasy feeling on the only day when all norms are broken and it is okay to become anything you want for one day. The historical sources of the holiday cannot be traced all the way back, but this speculation is considered to be the most accurate.



Thrifty Fashion


Valerie Doyon The soft feel of a new cashmere cardigan is hard to beat. Personally, I would never give up the feel of a leather jacket that has been worn to perfection. Now if you’ve never experienced the warm cosiness of leather, I pity you. It is a feeling unlike most and hard to find. Old leather is the best. The way the jacket moulds your body and smells like corn fields and coffee. It’s taken years to earn such a pleasure to the senses. Recently while shopping in some trendy vintage thrift stores on St. Laurent Street, I came face to face with a way of cheating a couple of years. Not only was there an overwhelming amount of leather jackets in every possible shape and colour but they were all soft and worn out in all the right places. Another great bonus was that they were affordable and of extraordinary quality and popular designer brands. What’s not to like? Vintage goods are distinctive. Unlike “fast” fashion, vintage clothing has made it through the years. Why so? One word: quality. Yes, we’ve all heard our teachers say: it’s not the quantity but the quality that counts. With a high rise in popularity, thrift stores are budding all over the country. It might be the thrill of the hunt or the extremely affordable bargains that bring a fresh perspective to the term used! There are many benefits from buying second-hand. Not only is it cheaper, it is more fun and it is good for the environment. By buying thrift store goods you are assured to have a one-of-a-kind. Sadly, that also means that you might find the perfect jacket, blazer or cardigan in the wrong size. Depending on how risqué you’re feeling, you might choose to wear vintage clothes in different ways. First timer? Don’t be scared. One article pairs wonderfully with regular clothes; from something as simple as a feathered hairpiece to a pair of cowboy boots, both original must-haves. Going all vintage is an art in itself. Not only does one have to master the concept of different fabrics and their time era but wearing vintage is a mix-and-match process. A second opinion is crucial but if you pull it off wonderfully the results are thrilling, original and personalized. What we wear is a way of expressing ourselves. Every day we judge people based on their outer appearance. We all say we don’t do it but I know for a fact that that’s a little white lie. A way to stand out is to be original and most importantly to be true to youself. Never be afraid of the ridiculous!

The Scariest Haunted House in the United States: The Bloody House of Death By Xiaochan

Corrigan House, 1120 Bridge Street, Orange County, Vermont

The story of this haunted house began in 1873. It was owned by Mr. Corrigan who lived with his Salvadorian wife Rebecca. The couple had a daughter, Jennifer, who was eight. Mr. Corrigan worked for the Natural Gas Company located next to his house. Two years before, he employed a maid named was Tessa. That winter, Rebecca discovered that her husband was having an affair with Tessa. Furious, she stabbed Mr. Corrigan to death and chopped off Tessa’s head. Rebecca was sentenced to death for murder. From then on, this house became haunted. Her daughter, traumatised by both the killings, was sent to live with her uncle on his farm in Tennessee. It was reported that she gradually recovered from the scars of her childhood and that she attended college in her twenties. The house was left vacant for 20 years following the brutal murders. It was renovated and remodelled to accommodate railroad workers. They soon moved out upon hearing hysterical the screams, cries, and sobs of a woman. The house was left vacant again until 1895 when a certain Dr. Howard bought it. He was an old man in his sixties who was quiet and reclusive. His neighbours rarely saw him but they reported seeing different redheaded women knocking on his door and going inside his house. On June 22, 1899, neighbours heard a terrifying woman’s scream followed by a red flashing explosion inside Dr. Howard’s house. It was so loud that it shattered all the windows on the second floor and cracked the walls. When police went inside to investigate, Dr. Howard was nowhere to be found. Instead they found four headless bodies of young women strapped to the bed in the bedroom. Three of the heads were hung on the wall and the fourth was the one that had exploded. There was Blood all over the walls. The murdered women were all red-headed. Police determined that the scream heard by the neighbours came from the last woman to be decapitated. It was rumoured that Dr. Howard had been conducting an experiment that made him able to keep the women alive for a short time after their decapitation. The results of the autopsy were shocking: the women were Dr. Howard’s own daughters. Since this horrid event, Dr. Howard was reported missing with a reward offered by the police to whoever found him. Months later, witnesses reported having seen him walking around another sector of the county. But there was never enough concrete evidence to prove he was still there. Several years later, the police investigation remained inconclusive. People forgot about him and some presumed him dead. In the meantime, workers from the gas company next to the house moved in to the haunted house. Some of them were the late Mr. Corrigan’s colleagues and had known him well. Oftentimes, they would talk about him. They suffered from horrifying nightmares during which they would see the stabbing of Mr. Corrigan and the decapitation of Tessa by Rebecca. One of the workers went to sleep one night and never woke up again. He screamed several times that night, was very agitated and died in the early hours of the morning. There was no doubt that he suffered from a heart attack caused by the trauma of the nightmare. After that event, all the workers moved out of the house fearing that they might come to the same fate if they stayed.


The Scariest Haunted House in the United States: The Bloody House of Death By Xiaochan In 1925, Mr. Corrigan’s daughter Jennifer, a business woman who was married to a prominent lawyer, came to her late parents’ house from Tennessee with the intention of renovating and selling it. The house brought back the terrible memories that had haunted her decades before but she was determined to transform it to sell it and make a large profit, seeing as she had bought it for a very low price. Renovations began as soon as two weeks after they moved in. Extensions were made in the back of the kitchen leaving Jennifer happy with the results. She put it up for sale in September 1927. Every night, when darkness fell, she would hear different women’s screams in her head. Her husband did not understand her because he did not hear anything. Then one night when she was home alone she looked in her bedroom window and saw the reflection of a decapitated redheaded woman. She looked behind her and saw the head hung on the wall of her bedroom. She was so scared that she collapsed on the floor. She was dead. In 1928, the Natural Gas Company, who owns the largest natural gas storage facility in the world, suffered a gas tank explosion of such a force that an earthquake was felt by the neighbourhood surrounding the haunted house for several minutes following the explosion. Workers on the site that day, including some of those that lived in the haunted house just several months before, died during the explosion. Hundreds of homes were damaged within a 25 mile radius. “Each house collapsed and broken glass, brick, wood planks, twisted pieces of debris fell on the heads of the terrified residents who had all rushed into the streets,’’ reported the New York Times. An old man in his late eighties who was hit by the explosion suffered severe internal injuries. He bled to death on his way to the local hospital. He was later identified as Dr. Hugh Howard. The haunted house, which stood right next to the site of the Natural Gas Company, was completely destroyed by the explosion. The place it once stood on was recognized from then on as evil and deadly. No one ever dared to get close to it. It was easily noticeable that the ground there was tinted red. Every time that it rained, a red liquid washed out from the earth. In 1983, the government decided to set up a petrol station there. Excavations were done which found nine decomposed bodies. Nobody had a doubt about their identities: they were the victims of the haunted house, including Dr. Howard.

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It’s finally here. What you’ve all been waiting for. The sex Q & A are here!

We’ve got all the questions you ask yourself quite often. The one’s your too scared to ask and dying to know the answers to. The Vanier Insider now has its own sex questions and answers. Students can now post questions and we will do our best to answer them and help you out. Here’s how it’s going to work; boxes will be placed in N Caf and Jake’s Mall where you will be putting your questions and we will pick out a few and include them in our next issue. We will even have a section for “sex myth busters”. Here is a little preview of what you’ll find in the following issues. 1. A penis is a guy's best tool for giving his part- 2. The average guy can last for about 10 minutes ner an orgasm. before having an orgasm. Fiction! Women have reported reaching orgasm about 81 percent of the time through oral sex, compared to 25 percent of the time through intercourse. 3. Drinking coffee can make your sperm taste bitter.

Fiction! According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, the median time it takes men to get off is 5.4 minutes. 4. Women just aren’t that into porn.

Fiction! Researchers at Stanford University study found that it took just a couple of minutes of Fact! If you’re looking for some oral love some good ol’ porn to get women turned on. The only later, best to skip the Starbucks. difference? Women tend to like porn with a storyline 5. Sunshine can actually increase a man’s sex (you know, the pool boy enters the kitchen...yada drive. yada). Fact! A new study by researchers in Austria 6. Men think about sex every seven seconds. found that an hour of sunshine can amp up men’s Fiction! This is the same number you’ve been testosterone levels by almost 70 percent. hearing since high school, but The American Sex Survey found that most men think about sex a few times a day -- not a few times a minute.

bOOK oF THE wEEK: nEVERMORE bY vERONICA lALONDE Varen Nethers is similar to a black hole; any human that goes near him gets engulfed in his darkness. Such is the case for Isobel Lanley,a typical blond American cheerleader who seems to have it all: the looks, the popularity, the jock boyfriend and the quirky best friend. What motives would she have to associate with the somber-looking Goth boy who seems to despise most humanoids? Well, none, actually. These two characters are assigned to each other doing an English project, to both of their dismays. Almost instantly, Isobel’s whole world takes an unexpected twist as she ventures deeper and deeper into Varen’s intangible world, involuntarily at first. But as she distances herself more and more from her cliché lifestyle, she becomes closer and closer to Varen’s mysterious one. Soon she is treading the same dream-land; a world of nightmares where Varen’s imaginings come to life... If there’s no way out of the confines of his mind, can Isobel save him, or even free herself?


Sex Q and A

Here’s the perfect read for those of you who, like myself, enjoy the dark mystery of the supernatural realm. I couldn’t put this book down; it was crazy-glued to my hand the entire weekend that it took me to read it. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, trying to find solutions to everything that was happening. I mean, what’s more enthralling than dreams? More blood-chilling than nightmares? More heartbreaking than an impossible romance? Nothing. Except perhaps, the sequel to this novel which you will be dying to read until its release in the summer of 2012. Take my word for it, Nevermore is everything you hope a fiction novel will be: funny, suspenseful, intriguing, emotional… you name it. Check it out at the bookstore, you won’t be disappointed.


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October is Women’s History Month and the government of Canada would like to recognize the invaluable help women have brought to our society. We are present in the Canadian force and as much as we fight on the battlefield, in the air and on the sea, we are also peacekeepers. For those of us who are civilians, we achieved greatness by classing ourselves among the best in the world. We are nurses, but also doctors; we are stay-at-home mothers, but also CEOs; we are scientists, but also religious people. We are determined to be treated as equals. Regardless of the challenge, we have always stepped forward. We should be treated with dignity and respect in every field. You know what they say, “Behind every successful man, there is a woman.” Here are some quotes that will surely make you think: “Sure God created man before woman. But then you always make a rough copy before the final masterpiece.” Unknown Author “Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult.” Charlotte Whitton “In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man; if you want anything done, ask a woman.” Margaret Thatcher “Women have served all these centuries as looking-glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of man at twice its natural size.” Virginia Woolf “The woman who is known only through a man is known wrong.” Henry Brooks Adams “Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men.” Unknown author A socialist once said that the status of women in a society is a reliable index of its degree of civilization. If this is true, it would explain why the rule of Taliban isn’t civilized. Many women face injustice in countries like Afghanistan or Iraq, which makes the battle in Canada look like it’s won when, in fact, much more progress can be made. According to the Financial Post, women only hold 5.2% of the top 500 jobs in Canada. Also, why has there been only one female prime minister, and only for a couple of months at that? Our neighbour to the south has never had a woman president (a black president was only elected in 2009, which means it took America 220 years before accepting a change!). And we say that North America is civilized! Women’s status is quite low in Canada compared to other countries. For instance, Pakistan has imposed a quota saying that 1/3 of political post be occupied by women. The Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, is a woman. She is actually one of the main reasons why the European Union is still standing, keeping the EU economy strong. The 2011 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to three women, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Leymah Gwobe from Liberia and Tawakkul Karman from Yemen, “for their non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women’s rights to full participation in peacebuilding work”. As women, we are strong, powerful and independent. We are capable of doing a “man’s job” and much more. We are equals and do not seek to be superior but to be heard without being mocked. To say the least, we are educated from the same schools as men; therefore there is no need to distinguish between the sexes, giving more advantage to men.





Celebrating women By Alexandra ceasaz Before starting and immediately losing the attention of half of the people thinking: “ugh, another feminist article”, please tag along and think. You certainly have many women in your life, whether they are your mother, your friend your sister. If you are a socially responsible person, you would want the women in your life to have the same opportunities as you do, right? Well, gender inequality is still a problem in today’s world, but luckily for us, many societies seem to be working towards reducing and hopefully crossing out this issue. One thing is certain: women do play a very important role in the world. Since October is Women’s History Month, it seems appropriate to take a look at some women who play an important role in their communities. The first one that pops into mind is Michelle Obama, seeing as she is the first African-American First Lady. She gets involved in the community by campaigning against child obesity and representing American and African-American women and mothers. Another admirable American woman is Wendy Kopp, CEO and founder of Teach For America, and CEO of Teach For All. This organisation has trained over 24,000 teachers and reached three million students. Recently discussed in the media was Aung San Suu Kyi, who won the Nobel Peace Prize. As a leader of Burma’s democracy movement, she chose to remain under house arrest for most of the past two decades rather than leaving the country and abandoning her people. We must not forget to mention Winona LaDuke, a Native American activist and environmentalist who filed lawsuits to recover land withheld from Native American communities. There is also Angela Dorothea Merkel, the first female chancellor of Germany and second woman to chair the G8 in 2007, which is noteable considering that most countries in the world are run by men. As we can see, women have done great things. On the other hand, there are countless women in the world who still have limited rights and can’t achieve their full potential. For that we have numerous organizations, including those that provide contraception and education for women in poor countries, in order to help them have a better future. For example, the United Nations Girl’s Education Initiative “works to improve the quality and availability of girls’ education.” There are also organizations such as Mercy Corps and BRAC (Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee), that loan money to women who want to start their small businesses in order to feed their children and send them to school. Overall, the best way to make a difference in the world and to get involved is to denounce gender inequality when we witness it and to support women and the organizations that benefit them.


By Sara Andrade It was only last march that the AAA men’s basketball Cheetahs lifted the National title against all odds at the CCAA Nationals Championship in Oshawa. Although merely seven months have passed, the snake has already moulted. With the beginning of a new season comes the revealing of a new team. As a matter of fact, four starters from last year have left Vanier. Among them was Jerome Blake - the star of the provincial finals and the tournament MVP at the Nationals who is now playing for Concordia-as well as Lenny Austin - now at University of North Dakota. As for the remaining starters, Seth Amoah and Michael Fosu, they have both gone to the University of New Brunswick. These four departing players were major key contributors. However, what is lost can be regained. The rookie recruits have talent and the ten returning Bballers led by their two captains, Ben Millaud-Meunier and Brent Browne, are expected to expand their roles and step up their game. In spite of all the changes, one essential element remains unaltered. Indeed, 2010 marks the 12th year as head coach of the Division 1 basketball team for Andrew Hertzog. When asked about defending the national title, he states that it is the ultimate goal since no team from Quebec has ever done so. However, he is aware of the enormous challenge it represents: Winning the national title last year means that we will have big targets on our back and that we can expect to get the best performance from each and every one of our opponents. We have to be cognizant of this and work very hard to stay sharp and focused. It may take a bit of time for us to mesh as a team, but I think we will be competitive and will continue to improve throughout the season. We do not dwell on ‘defending’ a national championship – we just want to focus on becoming the best team we can be this year.


Ready For Lift Off

Up until now, the pre-season has been highlighted by a successful weekend in Boston where the team won the Hoop Mountain basketball camp championship in early August. As for the Hagen tournament at Dawson College held from October 7 to 9, it was a ‘good learning experience’. “Some of our younger players got some very valuable experience and are now starting to understand the level of intensity with which they need to play in our league. It is a big adjustment from high school basketball”, explains Coach Hertzog. In any case, the pre-season is now in the past as the team’s first league home game is on Thursday, October 20 at 9PM against Champlain Saint-Lambert. The Cavaliers are top athletes as they are talented, strong and experienced. Furthermore, they know each other well since they practiced together during the summer. It promises to be an exiting, contested game if the Cheetahs deliver a good performance. Be sure not to miss it.

Source: http://www.sportetudiant-stats. com/ Check football, soccer (men, women), rugby (men, women), flagfootball (women) and volley-ball (mixed).








Horoscope Libra (Sept.22nd-Oct.22nd):

Scorpio (Oct. 23rd- Nov. 21st):

You’re a minimum wage flunky who works at Burking What is wrong with you! King, which would explain your used Fiat Strada. Your front seat is covered with empty BK bags and Venus strongly suggests wearing a swimsuit only after late P.M. Sagittarius (Nov 22nd- Dec. 21st):

Capricorn (Dec 22nd- Jan19th):

Very few people admit to being a Sagittarian, but the rest of us know who you are because all Sagittarians are lefthanded. If you are not left-handed, your mother has lied to you about your birth date as part of a cover-up. Pluto suggests A.M. as a good time to search for your real father.

If the CIA is serious about wanting to learn how to deal with terrorists they should study the “get even” tactics used by any group of angry Capricorns. Your jealousy will be put to the test in the coming weeks as parties bring you back in contact with some people from your past.

Aquarius (Jan 20th- Feb. 18th):

Pisces (Feb. 19th- march 20th):

You are inventive and imaginative, which explains your habitual lying. Because Aquarians have no sex appeal whatsoever, they are fortunate to have no sexual drive. Mercury suggests you rent some adult movies and watch them during A.M & P.M. time!

You are extraordinarily intelligent and articulate, and those around you appreciate intelligence in someone so ugly. Pisces are known to become more repulsive as they grow older; future looks bleak. Also, you are known among co-workers as “Horse Face”. Saturn says A.M. is a good time to buy breath mints wholesale while P.M. time is best for plastic surgery.

Aries (March 21st- Apr. 19th):

Taurus (Apr. 20th- May20th):

You are conservative and against taking risks. This makes you the dullest person in your circle of friends (if you have any friends), especially considering your utter lack of ambition and/or imagination. There has never been an Aries who has amounted to anything. Ignore your fantasy of meeting Sydney Crosby, he wouldn’t like you either.

You are compassionate, understanding, and sympathetic; that’s why you are known among friends as a sucker. Your parents secretly gave your brothers and sisters hundreds of toys, and while you slept the rest of the family ate meat. Tomorrow during P.M. time, Uranus says to check career opportunities at McDonald’s.

Gemini (May 21- June 20th):

Cancer (June 21- July 22nd):

Waiting for important email will take precedent over waiting for junk mail for the first time today. For what it’s worth, today is going to be very short. This is a very good thing for you.

Dogs will find themselves inexplicably attracted to your skin today and someone called Dave will contact you in the next couple of days. True Love is only ever one step away. But then so are your ever present buddies: Abject Failure and Humiliation.

Leo (July 23rd - Aug. 22nd):

Virgo (August 23-September 22):

Seek comfort in clothing today. The partner of your You are optimistic, enthusiastic, and ambitious. Too dreams will realize you are unworthy of attention. Stock bad you have no talent. Co-workers often mimic your up on junk food and alcohol. poor posture. There has never been a Virgo with a successful marriage, and all Virgos have less-than-average children. A.M. is the best time for sulking.

DISCLAIMER: Vanier Insider is not at fault if your feelings have been hurt in any way, if anything, blame the position of the sun and the planets!


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