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Editor’s Note Pascal Dubois and Taruna Kaur-Singh

Our last issue is finally here. but we are happy to say that it will not be the end. There is a mini edition coming out on Dec. 7, so be sure to pick it up! As for this issue, you’ll be sure to find articles that will interest you among a variety of topics. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to drop by the office and let us know or send us an e-mail. To begin with, we would like to thank our readers and writers for their hard work all through this semester. Nothing would be possible without supporters and we are glad to know that we have so many. We know, we said this numerous times but it still remains true. Now, let’s get to the end-of-semester talk. It is finally here, the semester will end in a week. For the past two weeks, teachers have been piling us up with assignments, exams and essays but it’ll all be worth the hard work when the holidays arrive. Any plans for them? Maybe a sunny destination is on your list and if so, you are lucky! If not, don’t forget that Montreal can be fun during this time of the year too (if you have no ideas then be sure to read our mini edition coming out Wednesday). We would like to announce that we are now working in collaboration with Marianopolis College’s student newspaper, The Papercut, Champlain College’s student newspaper, The Word and John Abbott’s student newspaper, Bandersnatch. This coalition is sure to be promising and our ideas are getting better and better. Next semester, all four colleges will start sharing articles to know the life of other students in different colleges. We might even collaborate to publish an edition per year for all four colleges. Wouldn’t that be an enriching experience? As for what has already been done, The Papercut has taken a couple of pictures of Vanier Students on strike to put in their latest issue. If ever you are interested, you can find their issue, online, at We also want to advise students to voice their opinions at the General Assembly on December 7 F216. The talks will be in regards to policies, school fees, bylaws; motions and all students are able to give their opinion. We have said enough, now it’s up to you to flip through the pages to get informed, amazed, impressed by what is happening around you! The Insider’s goal this semester has been reached and we hope to reach even more students next semester.


The SSUNS Also Rises: Model United Nations Symposium Rocks Montreal By Laura Giuliani

Students in suits, students in suits. Sure, you’ve seen that before. Maybe it was on International Suit Up Day (October 13th), or maybe you yourself suited up for concerts when you were part of your high school band. But I daresay there’s one thing you haven’t seen: youth in suits everywhere at Square-Victoria this past weekend. And by everywhere, I mean everywhere—thronging in the Delta Hotel, flowing into the adjoined food court at Place-Des-Arts metro, bustling up and down the streets, passing through the metro. The occasion? The Secondary Schools’ United Nations Symposium (SSUNS). For SSUNS— the premier model United Nations symposium for high school and CEGEP students in North America, with endorsement by both the real United Nations and the Cabinet of Harper himself—students in suits crowded up Square-Victoria metro station and the Delta Hotel, where the symposium was held last week, from November 10 to November 13. If you came and looked around, that’s all you would have seen:

students in suits, students in suits, students in suits. Except on Saturday night, when there was a masquerade ball; then you would have seen students in masks, students in masks, students in masks. In model UN clubs, students take on the roles of the delegates of the countries which form the UN—this year, Vanier students acted as delegates for Greece and Tajikistan—and participate in different committees, which represent the real-world international agencies of the United Nations. These committees include the Human Rights Council, UN Women, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, among others. The students were delegates in re-enactments of past General Assemblies of 2001’s Special Session on HIV/AIDS and 1956’s Special Emergency Session on the Suez Crisis. They also took part in several specialized agencies, among them the New York Times Editorial Board, and crisis committees like Her Majesty’s Secret Service - MI-6 and the Joint Crisis: Somali Civil War. Dozens of high schools (and three CEGEPs) were represented at SSUNS this year. Although most of the students came from schools in Ontario, there was also representation from a smattering of American schools, as well as from Trinidad and Tobago’s Maple Leaf International School and from the Uganda chapter of Students for Global Democracy, an organi-

zation which supports those who are fighting dictatorship. Quebec was represented by high school students from St. Thomas and Lower Canada College, and by CEGEP students from Vanier, Marianopolis, and John Abbott. “Meeting new people from Toronto, California and all around North America was one of the amazing aspects of SSUNS,” said Jérémie Richard, who is Vice President of Vanier’s own Model UN Club. “It was a good experience,” said Michael Formato, who participated in SSUNS as a delegate in simulation of a meeting of the World Intellectual Property Organization. “I hope to go back next year.” “We were discussing human trafficking,” Jérémie said. “I found that being prepared, but also being spontaneous really helped out. When I actually started to get involved with my committee, which was the [Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development], that’s when the actual fun began. [...] SSUNS is not fun if you’re not involved. If you do, you’re gonna have a lot of fun.” The Model UN Club is holding a bake sale on Monday, November 28th, in the hallway between Jake’s Mall and D-Caf (the metro area), from 10 to 2. Join in on the fun; come and buy some tasty treats!

Odd News

By Iness Lachhab

Wars. Murders. Natural Disasters. Every day, newspapers bombard us with that kind of depressing news from all around the world because sensationalism attracts readers. Fortunately, the world isn’t as terrible as the media make us believe. News can actually be funny, odd and even sometimes inspiring. Speed Detectors for Pedestrians In Rouen, France, it was possible to see fake speed detectors and signs for pedestrians during the month of November. The artist Benoit Thiollent created these signs to invite people to take their time and appreciate the beauty of the city. Obama Pardoned two turkeys For thanksgiving, two lucky turkeys received an official pardon from the President Obama. Courage and Carolina, the two blessed animals, were saved from a terrible fate and had the chance to go to Disneyland for the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

An Anti-theft Coffin

They Bought 70 Years Worth of Toilet Paper In Florida, Mary Moore, Joseph Nouerand and Christopher Lincoln risk spending 20 years in prison because of a very unusual fraud. These representatives of a septic tank cleaner company made at least 15 seniors believe that they had to buy their products such as toilet paper, soap and detergent formulas because the laws have been modified. Some of the poor victims bought as much as 70 years worth of toilet paper! Superglue Butt Injections In Miami, Oneal Ron Morris was arrested for illegal cosmetic surgery procedure and for causing “life-threatening injuries. For $ 700, his patients had a buttocks injection for aesthetic reasons. What they did not know, is that he injected in their body household and automobile products such as superglue and “Fix-aFlat”. Stuck Up! A new book published by several doctors presents 100 different X-Ray images of the weirdest cases of ingestion and insertion of objects in the human body. In “Stuck Up!”, the objects stuck in people’s bodies include a doll, light bulbs, Christmas lights and even an iPod Nano.

An Italian funeral society recently created a coffin connected through different captors to the local police department. The name of this model is MIKE (Monitoring Infringement Ksolutions Equipment), just like the TV presentator who died a year ago and whose body was stolen. Swearing Dolls Many American parents were shocked when they realized dolls sold by Toys “R” Us were actually swearing. According to them, it is possible to hear amongst these dolls’ babbling the words “crazy bitch”. The outraged parents asked Toys “R” Us to stop selling these dolls but the company refused claiming that what they hear is just baby babble.


STM Project By Courtney Fyfe

A project that has been in the works for a little while now is one that more students need to be aware of since it could potentially affect a large part of the Vanier population. The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) has approached Vanier and proposed the idea of adding a four-month Montreal pass at a reduced price onto the CEGEP tuition fees of students who live on the island of Montreal. This would be a mandatory fee for all fulltime students who live on the island, but with an estimated 9% discount on the price of reduced fare. Numbers are only approximate and are based on those of Université de Montréal. For the four-month pass, an extra $149 would be automatically added onto tuition fees per semester. While this almost doubles the price of tuition fees, it benefits most students living on the island. The two main major disadvantages would be that students who can walk, bike, or drive to school would have to no choice but to pay as well. Also, paying the total fee at once instead of over four months may be difficult for students on a tight budget. The benefits are that students can save money, even if it’s only a small amount. Students over the age of 25 actually save a significant amount of

money because they have to pay the regular fare. It would also eliminate waiting in line every month to renew the monthly pass. This would hopefully reduce the large amount of cars on the road since students would be more inclined to use their public transporta-

tion, putting Vanier College on good terms with the STM to make suggestions to improve their services. Not to mention that the increased number of transit users would increase the possibility of the STM improving their services as well. Finally, it would prepare students for the same system that is happening in universities across the country. Universities all across Canada are starting to use this system that is called a U-Pass (Universal Transportation Pass). It has come to Quebec more recently but the STM eventually wants to get it

standardized around the city. It was actually the UdM student union who approached the STM asking for this program, but it was the STM who came to Vanier and Cégep St-Laurent to test the program out to see if it could work in CEGEPs. As of now, it is only for students on the island of Montreal. This is because the STM is a much bigger company, while companies like the Agence Métropolitaine de Transport (AMT) get a bit more complicated. The next step of this project is to hear the voices of the students through comprehensive surveys that will be given out to see how many students would actually benefit from the project; followed by a student referendum to pass the motion. Right now the referendum is likely to be in January; however it still hasn’t been confirmed. If the majority of students vote NO in the referendum then the project will not continue. However, should they vote YES, then it might be set to start in the fall semester of 2012 at best, but most likely for fall 2013.

Just in time for the holiday season: DEALS, DEALS and more DEALS!!! By Patrick Mroz

There’s less than three weeks left and you know what that means: shovelling snow, waiting for the bus in -40 degree weather while your nostrils produce snotcycles and wasting even more gas preheating your car. But really, it’s the joyful holiday season! And I’m here just in time to save you, your friends and your family loads of money, as I will try to pass on all my deal-hunting habits and tricks. Most of my “hookups” about getting good deals on stuff are pretty mainstream tip that some of you may know already but I’m sure I’ll be able to please even the most up-to-date shopper. There are a few websites out there that revolve only around deals. These usually do all the hunting for you and are able to offer you some pretty awesome deals that will save you tons of money. One of my favorite sites is Groupon is a company that has emerged a few years ago but has flourished in the past year. They specialize in the Dealof-the-Day market. To take advantage of the deal, you have to be a regular visitor of the website because most deals appear at midnight and are valid for only 24 hours. The great thing about Groupon is that they are able to offer substantial rebates on popular stuff. They can offer you 70% off the price of a spa package that would usually cost hundreds of dollars, 80% off teeth-whitening treatments, 60% off meals for two or more people at expensive restaurants and vacation deals for a weekend escape to Mont-Tremblant for 4 people for 199$ instead of 600$. Most deals come without conditions although some do but the conditions are usually easy to deal with. Another website in the same category is called This website has a list of user reported deals that enable you to browse by category, region or store. What they do is allow users to report deals they found so they can be added to the list. If you find a deal for anything, you can also help the community by submitting it. Unlike Groupon, Redflagdeals tend to have a repertoire of deal per city and tend to list tens of deals per day that are usually valid for a few days or weeks. They could offer you coupons for free coffee at Starbucks, 2 for 1 movie tickets, 10% off electronics at Staples, they also offer more serious deals


like 25% off vacation or flight packages to destinations in the tropics and North America. If you wish to save money on more serious stuff, here are a few options for electronics and other consumer products during the Christmas season. If you are tired of getting ripped off by major retailers such as Futureshop or BestBuy, there are a few alternatives that focus on saving the consumer money. Most of the alternatives are based on Internet websites so they do require a credit card to complete the purchase. If you are looking for new TVs, computers, cameras, phones or other electronics, you should consider checking out the price on the following sites:, Newegg. ca,, and canadacomputers. com. Most of these sites offer a wide variety of electronics for different brands and budgets. If you aren’t scared of Internet shopping, I can guarantee that you will find the best deals available on one of these sites. Most of these sites offer price-matching, so if you find the item at a better price elsewhere, you can contact them and they will equalize the price as well as give you an additional rebate. All of them ship the items to your door without any custom or brokerage fees. CanadaComputers have recently opened a retail store in Laval so you can also pass by their store to find the latest and greatest gadgets. If you’re into PC gaming, this site will make your nerd muscle flinch. There is a website called that offers brand new PC games at incredible prices. This website gives you an electronic copy of the game with a legit CD-Key that will allow you to play your favorite games at as much as 50% off. Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 are both offered at 25.99$. Most games require the user to input the CD-Key into a PC playing platform such as Steam and Origins which will then allow you to download the full game to your computer. Some new games are offered at incredible prices, like the 26$ MW3 and BF3, but require the user to change the language of the game to French or English by downloading additional files. Users must make about five minutes worth of copies and pastes because they come in foreign languages like Russian, but in all cases the changes are easy to do and a well written guide is available as

a reference. The great thing about this site is they are 100% legit. I’ve been buying from them for about two years and I’ve never had a key expire or get voided. If my word if not enough for you, once you complete the purchase, you can always contact the creator of the game, like EA or Activision, and get the key validated yourself. The last website is probably my favourite one because it allows me to go on practically endless shopping sprees for very cheap. has been one of my guilty pleasures for years. You can find almost any gadget imaginable at a very low price. DealExtreme is the kind of website where you may set yourself a fixed budget to spend and you just browse on their website, adding any item that interests you to your shopping cart. Most items on their website go for a few dollars but they do have the occasion hundred dollar or more item. The cool thing about DX is they have a lot of the stuff you’ve always wanted but never knew where to find. Whether it’s the teddy bear shaped iPhone 4 case, the ultra bright military force flashlight, the portable battery powered iPod speaker, the hidden camera pair of glasses, the pen shaped spy cam, the red laser pointer that could burn through plastic, the credit card sized lock-picking set, the 4-in-1 hunting knife/shovel/saw/fish scaler or the butane lighter you’ve always wanted, this site has everything. Twice a year I set myself a 100$ budget and just browse their website and add whatever I want. I’ve shown this site to many of my friends and all of them have picked up the same bi-yearly habit I have. Hopefully, my experience and hard work to find the best deals will help you save some money and allow those who are not afraid of Internet shopping to take advantage of the best bargains around.

Occupy Montreal, the End of a Dream? By Pascal Dubois

Last Friday, Square Victoria was hectic, the city demanding the immediate evacuation of the tents at the Square since last week. The atmosphere was tense as members of Occupy Montreal started leaving, leaders not coming back and most of the mood slowly fading. However, some are prepared to stay longer to keep the fighting for the cause. Why talk about them? Because they fight for us, they fight for a general cause that most people support from a distance. We should be out there sup-

porting them, with them (I’m aware that I’m not doing much better). Let’s not forget that 99% of the population has 1% of the money. WE are the 99% left with 1%; enough to live but bound to never make it as huge as them. There is a fine line between a revolution and an overall protest. Occupy Montreal was the beginning of a revolution, one of the mind and soul. My heart is with them to keep the fight alive in the legal and proper way they have been doing it since the start. The movement won’t lose its growing influence with Montreal’s officials starting to get annoyed by them. Well, this is for the people still out there, who truly believe in the movement, the people still out there screaming on Saturdays against the injustices of our world the people who still have faith: Keep on fighting, amazing things never come easily. It had to be hard; it had to become a struggle. Nothing ever comes easy so don’t give up. For those still unfamiliar with the whole topic, the Occupy movement started in New York as Occupy Wall Street aimed to fight against how our money is controlled, how everyone around you is part of the 99% that has no amazing opportunity, and how those above us sometime visible in the media and others not are the 1% that possesses 99% of the money and opportunity. The movement slowly spread from New York to the rest of the freaking world. This naturally brought the idea many cities in the US and spread over the border here to Canada like Occupy Toronto and Occupy Ottawa. It landed in Montreal, a city also very much based on economy. The dream touched our generation’s soul: militants, Francophones, Anglophones, students, adults. However, this happened over the past 5 months:

“After allowing the tent village to exist for five weeks, Mayor Gérald Tremblay changed his tune after reports of violence and death threats made the front page of La Presse this week. The mayor had said the occupation would be permitted as long as safety was ensured.”

bed hungry. That’s 13 % of the world’s population; this number is way too big! Reducing meat consumption would enable to reduce starvation on the planet and the land could be used for farming instead of breeding cattle and other animals. Being a vegetarian is also a way of living that is more sustainable. Ah, sustainability! Some of you might be annoyed by hearing this term, but maybe it’s because you don’t understand it completely. It is often associated with being “green” or taking care of the environment. Sustainability actually relates to everything. Sustainability is living our lives by making sure that our actions benefit the future of the planet. It’s thinking about the long-term consequences of our actions.

It’s choosing to consume less and consume differently in order to ensure that our children and future generations can live an acceptable life, not ruined because we wasted their resources and polluted their planet. I chose to be a vegetarian for humanitarian reasons, but also because I believe it is more sustainable. Our farms are not what they used to be and the meat we produce uses so many resources that I’d rather eat vegetables and other food products that appear more sustainable. As I told you, I used to love meat. But now, I’m used to not eating it. I swear it’s possible; give it a try, maybe you’ll want to become a vegetarian too. There are tons of delicious recipes available to make amazing meatless dishes!

expensive for one day of parking, it is still actually below the market price for such an active area (being near Cote-Vertu metro). Even the staff’s parking permits have increased in price this past year and the staff has already been informed that it will increase again. Whether student pricing will increase or not has still not been determined. While the school has still outsourced their parking, contrary to what was written in the previous article, it is in fact the school’s administration that decides on pricing. The reason for their outsourcing is because it frees up a lot of Vanier’s resources to have only one company controlling the parking lot. As for the limited space, it is false that more spots are going to be destroyed for an expansion of the gym complex. This past year, around 10 more spots were actually made near N for students, but there are only limited spaces at Vanier for more parking spaces to be made. The idea of above ground or underground parking has been brought up before, but has been completely rejected for some time now. Unfortunately, that definitely won’t be happening. If students still feel unhappy, they have a chance to let their voices be heard. On December 7,

during universal break, there will be something called “Parking Talk” going on in the Amphitheatre. Students will be able to, give their opinions and ask questions about parking or the major road work happening on Ste. Croix avenue. Parking talk also happened last year and the change of parking regulations on the streets was explained. Meanwhile, this year, the conversation is expected to have a great focus on all the changes in prices and the logic behind it. It’s important that as many students as possible show up to give their side of the story. 757587/story.html

Therefore, I wonder sometimes when reading the Gazette or the 24 Heures, is it really over? Will we give up? Only time will tell. But from what I hear, the spirit is still similar to when it all started.

Vegetarian and Glad to Be It By Florence Tiffou

I was raised in a carnivore family who ate meat several times a week. I love meat, I do! But about a year ago, I chose to become a vegetarian. There are many reasons to become vegetarian; some do it because it is healthier; others because it is cheaper and many because they are shocked by the ways animals are treated to satisfy our own needs. I chose to be a vegetarian for what I call humanitarian reasons. Did you know that it takes 20 million tons of protein plants to produce 2 million tons of protein found in meat? This is crazy! We lose 18 million tons of plants out of 20, which mean 90%. These plants could be used to feed other human beings on the planet. Statistics show that 925 million people go to

Parking Follow-Up By Courtney Fyfe

To all readers who read the article called entitled “Gridlock” in issue 4 of the Vanier Insider, I sincerely apologize because it turns out not all the facts were correct. For the true story, please read below. Parking has become a hot issue among students at Vanier this past semester. Whether it’s about the prices or spacing, everyone seems to have a complaint about something. As returning students may have noticed, the parking pricing system has changed drastically. A company called SPAQ, who specializes in institutional parking is actually the one who controls the school’s parking lot. This year they have increased the prices, due to inflation, from five dollars to six dollars. However, this year, instead of being forced to pay five bucks for a whole day, students can actually pay per hour at a starting rate of two dollars for the first hour and one dollar extra for every additional hour, up to six dollars. This is much better for both students and the institution. Now, students aren’t obliged to pay for a full day even if they only have one class, and Vanier is making more money because people aren’t just passing their tickets that say they’ve paid to their friends. While six dollars does seem ridiculously


The Little Things I’m sure most of you are familiar with the ‘blank page syndrome’. Like me, you probably wish there were some magical way to cure it. And doesn’t it seem to happen at the worst possible times, like when you have three essays due in the same week? It also seems to be at its peak right when you need your creative juices flowing; like, say, now, in the couple weeks of final exams before winter break. Is it ringing a bell? No? Well maybe this is more familiar: uughhhh I dunno what to write blah blah blah blah screw this damn essay. I’m gonna diiiieee. And then you just erase it all and proceed to rip your hair out of your skull. If this has not yet happened to you, my guess is that you are either in a science program or you have never done any homework. Seeing that either of these seems quite unlikely, I will continue on, assuming you understand where I’m coming from. I am currently having the absolute worst case of the ‘blank page syndrome’ ever. I think I stared

at this Word page for about twenty minutes before even writing the title. And my deadline is creeping up on me. Fast. My brain shutdown is probably due to the fact that I have been putting my brain cells into overdrive all weekend typing essays for several of my classes. Many of my teachers seemed to get this brilliant idea that today was the perfect day to hand in these assignments. So I ended up with three 1000word essays due for the same day. This situation has probably happened to many of you. Have you ever noticed that teachers are all on the same wavelength? They go easy on you for a while – all of them, simultaneously – and then figure they’d been nice enough and give you a butt load of work; again, in the same time period as the others. Anyway, I brought this up because I got to thinking that there is no way I am experiencing this alone. Surely you are all out there feeling my pain. So this is just me telling y’all, “TWO MORE WEEKS TO GO! Hang in there! You are not

alone and you will survive!” Well, if I can be any lesson to you, I suggest you don’t leave those torturous essays to the absolute last minute like I have just done. It will, literally, fry your brain. Even if they are only due the last day of classes, it is not a good idea. So that’s my little piece of advice, though it’s probably falling on deaf ears; I know, like you, I will most likely make the same mistake over and over again. We all know better, but hey, doesn’t the prospect of a night out sound ten times better? Instant gratification; it’s such a beautiful thing. Don’t let it get the best of you.

Veronica What is Love? Sincerely,

By Anonymous

What is love? Does anyone really know these days? I guess love is different to everyone and people all show it and perceive it differently. As someone who is in a long-term relationship, I still find myself learning about and questioning love on a daily basis. In my heart I know I care about my boyfriend deeply, but sometimes I still have second thoughts. I find myself wondering if I’m too young to be involved in something so serious. I mean the heart is a delicate matter and it’s not something to joke around with. I’m sure some people are saying that if I have second thoughts then I must not really love him, and truth is I don’t know if I do know what love is to say I do. I mean love is thrown around so lightly these days. People who have been dating for a matter of hours say it like it’s just another word. What ever happened to waiting for the right moment and not to mention the feelings involved with actually being in love? Then again, there are so many clichés out there about what love is, who’s to say which are right? Also, how will you know when you’re actually feeling something if you’ve never even felt it before?

When I think of love I think about trust, communication, a connection so strong that it trumps everything else and all of this comes as a package, but my boyfriend is a hopeless romantic who believes that love alone conquers all. He believes that nothing else matters except love. To him love is an indescribable feeling and that other problems don’t really matter as long as there is still love. I agree in a sense, but sometimes it causes a conflict in my heart because I know he’s not someone I’d ever want to lose, but on the other hand sometimes if I try and be rational about the situation, I realize that these other issues really start to build up and hurt me. This is a struggle I’ve been battling time and time again, but every time I end up at the same conclusion as my boyfriend, that love is the only thing that matters. However, when the fight comes up again, that’s when I start to second guess my decision and have trouble finding a balance. I mean if that feeling of not wanting to lose the other person and not wanting to hurt them is love, then yeah, I’m in love, but that

scares me to death. Besides being so unsure about everything, I just find it terrifying to trust someone else with my whole world. I don’t have some past heartbreak story, I’ve just always been one who has dealt with stuff on my own and even after 3 years in a relationship, and I’m frightened to be so dependent on another person. I usually put my boyfriends’ feelings before my own, and at times that leaves me wondering if I need to be selfish sometimes. I guess everyone does at some point or another, but that brings me back to the conflict of not knowing what I want. All this to bring me back to the beginning and leave me asking what is love? I guess this is just the problem of one teenage girl. Maybe I’m the only one who is feeling or has felt this way, but I know I’m definitely not alone is wondering the answer to my question.

Book of the Week You know a book has an edge to it when the girl is the one doing the saving. Clara Gardner is no helpless teenager waiting for her Prince Charming to save the day. This brings an interesting twist to Unearthly, the novel I read this week. Early in the book, the author establishes that 16 year old Clara is, in fact, more than that. Angel blood courses through her veins and with this privilege comes a purpose; she is assigned a specific “mission” – for lack of a better word − and must fulfill it no matter the cost. As she begins receiving visions clarifying her task, it becomes increasingly clear that her role as an angel-blood is to save the life of a boy she hasn’t even met yet. Her purpose drags her and her family out of sunny California and into the intemperate mountains of Wyoming, where she will finally begin to understand under which context her task will be carried out. But as she begins to finally get to know the heartbreakingly handsome Christian Prescott, she also starts to give in to her less angelic side as another cute cowboy steps into her life. The question is: will Clara be able to resist temptation


– and her heart’s desire – in order to save the person she was supposed to? This riveting novel is approximately 400 pages in length. I read it in a single sitting, I kid you not. That’s just how good it was. Because I’m such a sucker for the supernatural and cute romances, this book grabbed my attention and did not let go. Even when I was on my fifth hour of reading and nursing a killer headache, I could not bring myself to put it down. In other words, it was awesome. And if you are sick of the repetitive vampire stories that seem to be in fashion recently, this book is worth a try. It keeps the irresistible touch of fantasy while incorporating a twist of romance, without all the clichés. It’s definitely my pick of the month.

By Veronica Dumais-Lalonde

A Trip to Malawi, the Vision of Melodie Hicks By Pascal Dubois

The Malawi trip was introduced to the Vanier community five years ago when the nursing department approved the first trip. I can figure how Melodie Hicks, teacher from the nursing the department, must have felt: At the beginning of a brand new adventure. The trip consists of six students going to Malawi for six weeks to learn more about the country, learn about the local culture and gain experience. The trip is part of the final stage of the nursing program providing an invaluable experience to the lucky students. Their hard work is to be acknowledged while they have to maintain good grades and r-scores. Along with classes and homework, they still find the time to get ready for what could be the trip of a lifetime. The objective of the trip is for the students from Vanier to gain experience, live in another part of the world for six weeks and get rid of preconceived ideas. They gain a further understanding of the diver-

sity of our world while getting a global perspective of health care and a better understanding of the challenges they will face. The trip is also aimed at bringing something beneficial for Malawi nurses of the same age through an exhange. One of the objectives is also to bring them here, give them an occasion to work with better equipment and learn the differences between both systems. Moreover, this will allow them to put things in a different perspective, become leaders of their own community and spend some time in a different country. The road towards Melodie Hicks’ dreams is not an easy one; the amount of money necessary for the realization of the whole exchange is of about $50,000, which is not an easy sum to obtain. That, allied with the responsibilities of a teacher must be a scary task sometimes, but her past accomplishments speak louder than words in my opinion, since the exchange has

already been accomplished five times. She will need all the resources she can obtain, and we hope that the Malawi exchange could be the beginning of a long and great relationship. During our interview, she claimed not to try to change the world, but I believe she is the first step, and certainly a leader and example to others in our community. I personally hope that Vanier will adopt the Malawi trip as a tradition because it is the first step to change ourselves according to our knowledge, understand how complex our world is and how every one of us can make this world a better place. I encourage you to help their project as much as you can, by going to see the comedy show they organized. “I hear sometimes, first year students already talking about the trip to Malawi of third year nursing with excitement.” Melodie Hicks

We. Need. To. Sleep. By Alexandra Ceasar

The semester is almost over and by now most of us look like zombies, with our pale faces and dark baggy eyes. With the exam period around the corner, stress is at its peak and sleep is at its lowest. According to a study done in the United States, students who sleep adequately have better grades; the link between rest and academic performance is obvious. So, if you have trouble sleeping lately for various reasons, taking your time reading through this might be a good idea. First things first: insomnia and troubled sleep are often caused by stress or anxiety. Therefore, the most important thing to do is reduce your stress level. It is best to attack the problem at its source: most of us are probably stressed because we don’t organize our time well. We often procrastinate and this makes us have to rush at the very last minute. To get organized, you should consider following these suggestions: Make a best friend out of an agenda. At the beginning of the week, organize your agenda. Write down all things due, all exams, and every time you plan on working on your homework. Don’t be overly precise and be realistic. Have fun using color codes so that important notes you will attract your attention. Discipline yourself. See what works best for you, but find a way to make the “action-reward” principle work for you. Get in the mindset that if you get a certain amount of things done, you are allowed to reward yourself somehow. Avoid distractions. Close Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all other distractions, if you’re working on your computer. If not, turn off the TV and put your cell phone on silent mode in another room. If you’re addicted to your electronic devices like most people, tell yourself that you will be allowed to access them only on your breaks. Allow yourself to breathe. Take a few short breaks while you’re working hard. This will allow you to give your brain a break, in order to be more focused when you restart working. Set your alarm at every hour or so, and allow yourself to a 10 minutes pause. Now would be the time to check your social networks, cellphones, or to have a snack. Avoid web chatting or

calls, since you won’t want to let go of the person to get back to work. Make rational decisions. If you know you have an exam tomorrow that you feel you haven’t studied enough for, don’t go out tonight. This is something we hate to do, but it is often necessary, especially if we haven’t been good at organizing our time. The more you make efforts to stay on track with your academic work schedule, the more you will find time for friends.

Now, if you manage to organize yourself but still have trouble sleeping, you have to find ways to unwind. There are many ways to relax, but effective techniques might vary from person to person. Here are just a few examples of what you should try: Take a short warm bath. It will relax you if you do not overdo it. Be careful that the water is warm, not hot, and don’t stay in too long. Get a massage. Have someone massage you

or simply rub your back before going to bed. This should relax you and make you feel sleepier. Listen to music. Forget Drake or Rihanna here, these will just pump you up. Find relaxing music used for meditation, for instance. If you imagine your happy place being a beach, you can find audio of a beach to listen to. This might sound silly at first, but with a bit of visualization, you will be content and relaxed in no time. Drink herb tea. Make sure there is no caffeine in your tea and find a flavour you enjoy. Savour it in your bed or on your couch, not while working. If you do not like tea, try hot milk with some honey if you have a sweet tooth. Ventilate your room. Before going to sleep, open your window to allow fresh air in. Make sure the heat is not turned on too high; people tend to sleep better in a slightly cooler environment, since they can cuddle under their blankets. Use your bed properly. This means using your bed strictly as a sleeping area. Studying in bed before sleeping is not a good idea. Also, try sleeping on your back and make sure your bed is comfortable. Get up. If it’s been 20-30 minutes and you haven’t fallen asleep, get up. Don’t go watch TV since it is dynamic and it will energize you. Instead, pick up a book or a textbook which you are not particularly interested in. Avoid looking at the time. This is probably what makes up panic the most. Don’t look at the time and count how many hours you have left. Turn your clock so it faces the wall and try to sleep. If troubled sleep is unusual to you and if it persists after two weeks, it might be time to consult a doctor. However, avoid sleeping pills unless absolutely necessary since they can become addictive. Remember, sleep is the key to success. It is better to be rested than to have pulled an all-nighter to study. Try to find a balance and make an effort to organize your academic work load. On this note, we wish you a successful end of the semester and good luck!


Campus Double-Take

Bertha, 17

By Valerie Doyon and Farah Ruthie-Aladin-Delva

It’s against me to ask friends for a picture, but for Bertha, I just had to make an exception. Her style is great bargains. I haven’t gone shopping with her yet but I’m clearly anxious. She’s always got that special little article of clothing that you just can’t find anywhere, that little something that makes you look again. Today that is I two things: her Doc Martens and her leopard printed pants. Catchy, flashy, call them what you want, I’m in love. Bertha is a sweetheart who knows how to dress and always does so with originality. She also listens to great music. I’m praising her too much! Just saying. Showing you guys Bertha is my way of showing you how you can do anything. With the right amount of uniqueness and the attitude to match, you can pull off anything!

Style: Cheap, last minute Fave Colour to Wear: Red Passion: Sleeping Fave Stores: Value Village, Salvage Army, Renaissance and Indigo Fave Drink: Fruit punch Carmime thankfully didn’t say no when Music: Regina Spektor, Joanna Newsom, Sufjan Stevens my friend and I ran after him outside between the D and N building. I keep telling myself to not do Pants: H&M that, but it’s easier said than done. You only get one Shoes: Neon (Doc Martins) shot at getting a person for the newspaper after all! Jacket: Thrifted (Value Village) What caught my attention was how much black he could wear and Sweater: Thrifted still look good. My friend and I both concurred that his hair was gorgeous, and that his jacket was the key to his look. He had to dig around for the tag, but finally found where it came from: Cuir We were really shy about asking Kevin Danier. Like many guys, he had trouble with describing his style. if he wanted to be our temporary model for a few From my eyes he looks like a mixture edgy and old rock. minutes. He was surrounded by friends, who all Style: Laidback, Jeans and shirt seemed sweet I hate breaking up groups, but like Fave Drink: Ice Tea Anthony, I had noticed how well dressed he was Music: Rock & Metal before, because that’s just what I do. He describes Farah and I had so much fun talking Fave Store: Zara his style as being classy hip-hop. I’m not too to Daphney! She’s hilarious. When I Fave Colour to Wear: Blue good in that field of fashion but I do detect a little asked her, what she considers her style After Midnight I… : Sleep bit of preppyness in there. I’d like to draw some to be, she said anything that doesn’t attention to Kevin’s scarf. Scarves are everysmell. It’s hard not to laugh around Jacket: Cuir Danier where this season. Well we are in Canada right? her. She has a vibe like no other. She Pants: H&M This season they come in every color and length. definetly is unique. I was amazed by Shoes: Foot Locker Kevin didn’t remember where he bought his scarf her earrings, especially the ear with Glasses: Versace but that’s fine, scarves are sold everywhere! From all the safety pins! I would have never chequered patterns to multicoloured knits, they thought to do that and sadly now I are around of our necks, a simple and quick way can’t because I know you, and that would be considered of switching up an outfit without much effort. copying. We met Daphney when we met Kevin, seems like well dressed people hang together. She considers her style to be original, feminine and comfortStyle: Classy Hip-hop able I agree wholeheartedly and think of her Fav Colour to Wear: Blue as a mix and matcher. What I mean by this is Music: K-Os, Kanye West, Jay-Z her ability to make everything and anything Fave Smell: First day of summer work together. In my eyes, this is a gift and Fave Drink: Goldshlagger like minimalists, it’s not so simple. Fave Stores: Winners, H&M and Zara Fave Drink: Cranberry Juice Style Inspiration: Music Jacket: H&M Music: Los Campesinos! Scarf: Unknown Fave Superhero: Spiderman Pants: Winners Shoes: Little Burgundy Shirt: American Apparel Glasses: Ray Ban Pants: American Apparel Shoes: Boat shop on St. Henry What do I say about Anthony? Well first of all he’s the walking poster boy for American Apparel. He informed us that he used to work there, and in no way does he support the way they exploit sex for their advertisements. He was really sweet, and seemed somewhat taken aback when I asked him for his picture. I won’t lie I’ve noticed him before, and always thought he’d say no. Once again we got carried away when it came to talking about our interests. That’s something that had to be stopped and my friend and I arrived late to our class. If I had to describe his style in a few words preppy, nautical and urban would definetly be in there. It doesn’t take much to pull off this minimalistic and unique look, only a few great items (at good prices) from stores like American apparel and H&M. Shirt: Gap Pants: Zara Shoes: Urban Outfitters Bag: Little Burgundy

Carmime, 19

Kevin, 18

Daphney, 19

Anthony, 18

Marissa, 17


Style Inspiration: Street style, haute couture Fave Designers: Valentino, Alexander Wang and Chanel Fave stores: Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Momento and Thrift Stores Music: Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Queen, Laura Marling and Aerosmith Fave Drinks: Leeche Martinis, ice tea and water Marissa is a perfect example of high end fashion for less and she obviously knows quite a lot about the subject. She describes her style as a mix street and high fashion. She said it without thinking, which proved to me that she knew what she was talking about and probably more than I do. While talking to her we got carried away and forgot to ask her where she bought all her close, the sole purpose of our bothering her. Luckily I hunted her down. All shades of tan pair well with virtually every colour. Her shirt is laid back yet classy, a must have!

Upcoming Movies By Alexandra Ceasar

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Action movie with Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, and Noomi Rapace Premieres December 16

Arthur Christmas Family movie with the voices of James McAvoy, Hugh Laurie and Bill Nighy Premieres November 23

Funny Pictures

The Adventures of Tintin Family movie with Jamie Bell, Daniel Craig, and Gad Elmaleh Premieres December 9

The Sitter Comedy with Jonah Hill, Sam Rockwell, and Ari Graynor Premieres December 9

New Year’s Eve Comedy with Robert De Niro, Ashton Kutcher, Halle Berry, and many more Premieres December 9


This Time Anonymous

Does it ever happen to you? You simply stand there wondering how you’re in this position. How you’ve gotten yourself in a situation where you ask yourself how the hell you got there? I’ve asked myself those questions one too many times. Yet each time I find myself in that position, I tell myself, “next time will be different. Next time, I’ll make sure I won’t get hurt”. But we keep falling for it. Love Probably the best and worst feeling in the world. Yes, I know it sounds like a cliché, but it’s true. It’s funny when I hear people saying love hurts and that it’s the worst thing in the world. It actually makes me want to stop and knock some sense into them. The problem many people face is confusing love with other terrible feelings. They associate love with anger,

jealousy, hate and envy. Those are the things that make people say, “next time I’ll be more precautious”. However, when everything is going well with couples they claim that they are happy, which is most probably true. So, you see? When you take out all those bad things, somehow people suddenly love “love”. Then you have those people who are too scared. Too scared to commit. The ones who’ve been so hurt in the past that they never want to be in a relationship in fear that they’ll get hurt again. They’re the ones who will forever have a hard time opening up to people and letting them in. Then they meet that one person that’s willing to give them the world. Yet, they can’t seem to let their walls down. They keep looking back at their past. Looking back at that one person that walked all over them, hurt them and left them there broken. They just can’t seem to let that good person

in their life no matter how amazing they are. We’ve worked so hard to put the pieces together which are fragile and brittle. We simply can’t afford to get hurt again. And you know what’s going to happen? That one good person won’t wait forever and they’ll leave. They too can’t afford to love a person who will never be capable of loving them back. This time, I’ll be the one regretting my past. This time, I’ll be the one wishing I did something different. This time, I’ll do it all over again. Maybe someday, one day, I’ll be capable of saying, “this time I won’t change a single thing because I’ve finally found somebody”. This time, I’ll be happy.

Do It Big!

Facebook Contradiction Candy XXX

I was on Facebook when I saw a page on the side called “56 things men which women knew”. I decided to click on it since I was curious to know what was on the page. Here are the top 10 that I thought were worth mentioning: 1-Guys have feelings too, fortunately we are very skilled at: ignoring, forgetting, disregarding, or simply just being apathetic to them, but they do exist and they can hurt. 2- Say what the hell you mean! Implicating or hinting everything will get us nowhere. 3- Don’t think that you can get away with lying, we hear more than you assume; we’re just better at keeping our mouths closed. 4- I have homework, I’m tired, I have to wake up early. These are not good reasons not to have sex; and men think that something is going wrong in the relationship when they start to hear these excuses. 5- If we break up, please don’t even bother giving the excuse, “It’s not you, it’s me”! 6- We like a little chubbiness. For real! Why don’t you believe us? We want to feel a body, not a bag of bones so get off the diet! 7-Stop asking us, “Do I look fat in this?” There is really no right answer for us. 8-Don’t treat us like shit, and expect us to treat you like gold. 9- If we’re dating, STOP GIVING YOUR NUMBERS OUT TO GUYS AT THE CLUB. No, it’s not being nice; no, he didn’t buy you a drink; and no, we are not stupid. 10-We are not hollering at every girl we say hello to. You just don’t have any trust in the relationship. I found all these facts quite interesting until I stumbled upon a page very similar to that one. It was called “things girls which guys knew”. Now that was interesting since both men and women had about the same things to say. Here are the top 10 that I thought should be mentioned: 1- Don’t always expect us to call you. The phone works both ways! 2- We’re not always girly girls; we can like boy stuff too.


3- When the girls get together, we talk about EVERYTHING. Meaning my best friends know everything about you 4- If we say no once, we mean it, don’t ask again and again. No means NO! 5- Don’t complain on how long it takes us to get ready and then moan about how we always used to get dolled up for you and now we don’t anymore. 6- Don’t tell us who is hot because we don’t care. 7- No matter if we’re fat or not, most girls aren’t as self-confident as guys! And we need to be complimented as often as possible! 8- If you don’t act like soap-opera guys, don’t expect us to dress like Victoria Secret models. 9- . Anything you do or say to another girl that you wouldn’t want us to know about (or wouldn’t like us to do with another guy) is considered cheating. 10- We have other friends of the male gender. Just because we have guy friends doesn’t mean we are sleeping with them or think they are attractive, sometimes it’s nice to have a guy’s perspective on things! So leave your jealousy at the door! Have you ever stopped to notice that most of the things on the girls list match the ones on the guys? For instance, in number 3 on the guy’s list it says, “Don’t think that you can get away with lying, we hear more than you assume; we’re just better at keeping our mouths closed.” On the other hand, the girl’s list says that they tell EVERYTHING to each other. Another example, in number 4, the guys list says “I have homework, I’m tired, I have to wake up early… etc etc etc; these are not good reasons not to have sex; and men think that something is going wrong in the relationship when they start to hear these excuses.” Yet, on the girls list it says that no means no if they don’t feel like having sex. So you see? Guys and girls are so different yet similar. I mean come on, let’s discuss something. If you want to have sex with your girlfriend and you’ve already had sex 3 times that day, I really do think she has the right to say she has other things to do. Now don’t get me wrong. It is also very annoying if that’s all a girl ever says. Compromise is the key!! These two scenarios are obviously complete opposites but you get my point. Also, like it is said in number 3, girls talk way too much. Some of us know how to keep a secret and manage to only tell their bff. Others, have the hardest time keeping their mouth closed and then they wonder how the whole school knows that she gave a

blowjob last night at 8h35 pm. Seriously girls, step up your game a little, there’s no need for people to know your entire life. Take numbers 6 and 7. They both have to do with a girl’s self-esteem. Yes we complain about being chubs here and there but that’s only because we have so much pressure to look slim and skinny from all the media. It makes us feel very paranoid about our looks. So boys, please bear with us. Now, listen carefully, this doesn’t mean I’m saying it’s okay for a girl to cry about her weight all day long. That’s just very annoying. If you’re about to go on a date with your boyfriend, and somehow that day you feel “extra” chubby and you get it out on your bf screaming “This is alllllllll because of you asshole! You made me like this. And then you go complain to your boys saying I gained weight but you’re the one who’s been shoving food down my throat blab bla bla” At this point you look like a complete fool girl. The only reason you probably looked bigger that day was because it was your time of the month and you were bloated. And you really shouldn’t have pms’ed on your man like that. So you understand? Once again you need to compromise. Never go overboard with the complaining ladies, and men don’t ever and I mean ever, tell us we need to hit the gym. If you do, you will not see daylight ever again. If you take a look at number 8 on both lists, it is the funniest one out of the bunch. Men complain that women shouldn’t expect to be treated like gold if they treat their man like shit. Women, complain that men shouldn’t expect them to look like models if they don’t act like soap-opera guys. It is in these cases that you see how much men and women are similar. At the end of the day just treat your partner nicely. There is no need for a couple to think like this in the first place. If you do, maybe you should reconsider who you’re with. Last but not least, number 9 and 10 deal with jealousy. If there is no trust in a relationship, it will never work. Believe me when I say this, no relationship can last if there is no trust. I really hope most of you knew this without having to hear it from me. If this is the first time you hear it, you’ve most probably been living under a rock and you should find your way out A.S.A.P.

What is Student Services? By Courtney Fyfe

Vanier offers students a multitude of services and resources that are meant to help students in all areas of life, yet most students aren’t taking advantage of them or don’t even know what they are. I’m sure a lot of people have either heard of Student Services or at the very least passed the room (C-203), but what actually happens behind those doors is a mystery to most. It’s quite simple; it’s exactly what the title implies: services for the students! Their departments include:

students who want to know more about the rules and procedures at the College. -Student Development: Helps students to get involved in the life of the community and make the most of their student life at Vanier. -Student Employment: Helps graduates find employment and students find part-time and summer employment. Also helps students develop job search skills and offers workshops.

-Counselling Centre: Helps students figure out a career plan and deal with any personal problems they’re having that are getting in the way of their success. They offer both drop-in counselling and by appointment for longer matters.

-Students with Disabilities: Service to help students with both learning and physical disabilities.

-Financial Aid: Give out loans and bursaries to students every year. Apply as soon as possible.

However, student services also deals with complaints, housing, lockers, opus cards, and putting up posters and reserving rooms at school. As if that’s not enough, they are involved in multiple other cool projects. The S.T.A.R program (Student Transcript Activity Record) is one of those projects. It’s a program that notes a non-credit entry on students’ official transcript stating that they have done 60 hours and more of volunteering in their school or community and is recognized by scholarship committees at universities and by future employers. It can be volunteering in social and community involvement, academics,

-Health Services: Nurse practitioner on staff helps students having any health related problems or questions. Offers help with minor injuries, pregnancy tests, birth control, the “morning after pill”, menstrual problems, prevention of diseases, consultations about important issues and more. Strictly Confidential. -Student Advocate: Helps in making suggestions and recommendations of solutions for students who feel concerned or like they’ve been done wrong. Informs

-Sustainability: Promotes sustainability (helps Vanier go green!).

science, athletics, arts and more. Student Services also handles the student club C.O.R.E (Campus Organization Reaching EverySoul) that is actively involved with helping the students. They help with fundraising, creating awareness for important issues, organizing a variety show and more. Just a few weeks ago, they were the masterminds behind the Multicultural Food Fair in Jake’s Mall. Leanne Rondeau, a counsellor from Student Services, is responsible for the promoting of Pink Tshirt Day at Vanier, a day dedicated to anti-bullying. It was created after a student in Nova Scotia was bullied for wearing a pink t-shirt and other students bought 50 pink t-shirts to give out in support of their peer. Next February 29, people across the continent will wear pink in support of this cause. Students are also wearing pink patches on their clothes and bags to show their dedication. Feel free to go pick up a patch at Student Services and ‘like’ “Vanier Pink T-shirt Day” on Facebook. Student Services offers a lot to the students, so don’t feel shy to drop in for some more information. Every day in October they were even offering free apples to students for “An Apple a Day” month. Take advantage of the resources you have while you still have them; besides, they’re free and confidential!

What your Body Says By Pascal Dubois

We are always communicating consciously or unconsciously. We are like an antenna transmitting information to the people around us 24/7. Sometimes our voice says something but our gestures are saying something entirely different. We may lie, but the truth is written on all our faces. There are seven universal emotions and expressions that Dr. Paul Ekman studied: anger, sadness, enjoyment, contempt, disgust, fear and surprise. Some have particular qualities such as surprise which lasts only a fraction of a second if it is genuine. (That’s right; your mom knew the food might have made you sick if her expression was held for more than a second.) There is something even faster than emotions showing across the face. According to Paul Ekman’s research, he uncovered something he named microexpressions. Imagine the flash of a camera; that’s how long they last and they are extremely hard to perceive. There are also variations, mixed feelings and emotions that show up on the face. For example, disgust flashes in a fraction of a second to various degrees. We all have things to hide, but our face reveals what we truly feel, what we truly think. And seeing it may be hell sometimes but in a career in law enforcement, business, it is a useful skill to master. All micro-expressions appear in a fraction of a second, if you were to spot one, the real question after asking yourself which emotion it is would be: why? Paul Ekman designed tools to train people at detecting micro-expressions and understanding emotions. The FACS (Facial Encoding System) codifies the muscles of the face to be able to do an analysis of the face and detect the real emotion a person is feeling when delivering a statement that may be false. Another tool

would be METT (Micro-expression training tool) to train in the detection of microexpression and understanding the emotions behind them. We all lie, continuously every day without even being aware of it. We create full-blown, conscious lies or something called a “white lie”, which means that we purposefully omit the truth or modify details to avoid awkward situations or hurting people. But it goes even beyond only the face. All of our body can tell the truth without us wanting it. For example, fidgety hands, little or no eye contact transmit the signal: little confidence either in the thought expressed or in the person themselves.Understanding body language is a science unto itself hich would be hard to describe here in its entirety. However, one little tip learnt from deception detection and overall body language: If it feels like there is something wrong with what a person said, do not dismiss it as irrelevant. A lie only works if we accept it. Few people can consciously tell when someone is lying; they are Oups I did it again… called wizards in the world of lie detection. These people are more accurate at detecting lies than polygraphs. However, we all feel on a subconscious level that the person we are talking to is possibly lying to us. One way to find out if the people are lying is to question them subtly. We’re not telling you to go full-blown investigation, but ask a couple questions and ask them to tell their story backwards.


Sola Exhibit Since its inauguration on November 24th 2010, the Henry Lehmann art gallery (B-305) has provided Vanier College’s burgeoning young artist community with an open space to showcase their unique talent. Named after the beloved late Communications and Humanities professor who spent more than 30 years of his academic life in the Communications Department promoting the artistic development in his young pupils, the Lehmann gallery seeks to carry on Lehmann’s spirit and extend this message by displaying the artwork of Vanier College students in an open environment for all students to see. Next up at the Lehmann gallery is “Sola”, a large stencil graffiti piece by Sherrena Busha, the closing exhibit for the end of the semester. I have met up with Busha to ask her a series of questions concerning her artistic vision, notable inspirations and most importantly, her artwork which will be gracing the gallery at the opening next week. Busha, a bright eyed and outgoing 22 year

old, is currently finishing her last semester in Vanier’s Communications program. During the 15 minutes we sat down for the interview, her great enthusiasm and strong dedication to her art was overwhelmingly apparent. According to her, the exhibit’s title acts as an alias for her artistic persona. “Sola is a sort of female Variation of solo”, she explains, “with this exhibit I want to promote a message of female independence”. Does she mean some sort of pro-feminist message? “Maybe, but not like down with men!”, she says with a laugh, “more like a way of providing voice for female artists like me, a way of showing that we can do it do”. Indeed, stencilling and other forms of graffiti are an extremely male-dominated field of arts with very few prominent female ambassadors. With “Sola”, Busha seeks to provide her female audience with a sense of self-empowerment, insisting that they too can “Be Sola”, in other words be themselves. Busha’s love for all forms of visual and fine arts began when she was 18 during her first semester

Walking down the empty narrow corridor of a church, you wonder if you are indeed in the right place. Then as you enter the crowded basement, you are struck by the blatant hipsterism emanating from every corner. The many tables of artiste types staring at you from their respective tables, waiting for you to pick up their zines can be intmidating. Once you get passed the fact that you will never be cooler than the person sitting in front of you (and you cannot afford their glasses) it gets easier to approach them and look at their work. This year marked the 10th anniversary of Expozine, the annual small press, comic and zine fair. For those who do not know, a zine is essential a mini-magazine that is self-published. They offer a range of topics from politics and music to fashion and philosophy. Zines are often produced on regular letter paper in half-page formats that are easy to print. There are a variety of formats; the options are endless to make these original works that are relatively small in terms of circulation (usually less than 5000). The most cost effective ones are the eight-page mini-zines that use only one side of a paper and are thus easy to photocopy.

Some produce zines on intricate paper made by hand. Some write about their interpersonal relationships. Others draw jaw-dropping cartoons of regularlooking characters until you turn the first page and they turn out to be pornographic. To each their own. The art of the zine comes through the artist themselves. While some just stare you down as you flip through their work, others are friendly and explain the concept and inspiration of their work. There was an irresistible double-feature zine about squirrels and ghosts by artist Andy Werner that has a Persopolisesque quality to the illustrations. The Man Who Built Beirut, by the same artist, talks about the Syrian occupation of Lebanon in 2005. Les cornichons étrangers by Dino Garcia, another political cartoon, talks about marginalisation in society through a conversation between two men in a cafe. It presents an enlightening take on hipsters and how they fit into society. The same author also produced the Hipter’s Colouring Book, a funny minizine that pokes fun at hipsters while letting you colour them in. It seemed strange that so many artists had works that mocked hipters while they were clearly

Julien Arsenault

at the College. She first discovered the school’s art department which she describes as overtly “diverse, informative and very encouraging”. She gave great praise to Mr. Fischer and Mr. Orkuz, two very influential teachers whom she credits for helping her in develop her distinctive craft, helping her “experience a little bit of the world” and cites New York Street Artists Sen 2, Cope 2 as well as Mad C, a rising female artist from Berlin, as her artistic heroes and principal sources of inspiration. Unsure of what she will do once the semester is over; Busha hopes to enrol into arts-related courses in university and hopes to pursue her passion of studio art for a living. “Sola” will be unveiled at the Henry Lehmann Gallery on Wednesday, November 30 and will remain there until the end of the semester. It is highly recommended for both die-hard fans of graffiti and those seeking a fresh new perspective on arts in general.


By Danielle Rudnicka-Lavoie

hipsters themselves. Irony much? The more personal works were quite diverse. Comment fair l’amour avec un Maigre sans se fatiguer by Carl Vézina is all about relationships. It is a compilation of Belooga Joe cartoons from the artist’s blog. The topics in his comics range from toilet humour to social commentary to masturbation habits, all discussed by two beluga whales. In this zine, the illustrations mostly stay the same but the dialogue changes. An exercise in minimalism that could teach us all that creativity does not always require flashy colours or intricate designs, all you need are a few mammals discussing life. Expozine went on November 25 to 27 but be sure to check out next year’s edition and ‘like’ their Facebook page to keep you up to date on the event. Even if print art is not your thing, check it out, there is something for everyone and best of all, it is free, there is delicious affordable food and some zines sell for as little as 25 cents.

Interview with a Cheetah-Woldy Marckens Murat By Eve Jania Verdieu

We have a lot of talented players at Vanier, but we do not always have the time to meet all of them, so I decided to interview Woldy Marckens Murat, a football player. Q: What position do you play in the football team? A: I am a corner back. Q: Have you always occupied that position? A: No, actually, I started playing football in 2006 as a running back but I didn’t like that position at all. I changed as a wide out, but the coach saw that I didn’t appreciate that position either, so he put me as a corner back and I have occupied the same position since then! Q: Do you want to continue playing that sport for a long time? What are your goals? A: If it is in God’s will to make me become a professional football player, then I want to go as far as I can. Football is my passion and I am living my dream, why stop now? Q: You’re right! But do you find it harder to be part of


sport-études program rather than a regular program? A: I think that it is more demanding to be a student athlete because you have to be able to manage and separate your time between sports and studying. I had to make sacrifices; I don’t go out as often but my friends understand and support me in what I do because they know how much I love football. Q: My last question is concerning the last match that the Cheetah’s lost. Is there anything you would like to say concerning that football game? A: I have no comments on the game we lost; there’s nothing that could explain how I feel and felt regarding the team we played against. All that I can say is that next year we will be the ones bringing pain to them. GO CHEETAHS!

A Farewell to CEGEP By Danielle Rudnicka-Lavoie

Being in my graduating semester, lately I have been reflecting upon my time here at Vanier over the past two and a half years. There have been good times and bad times as with any other learning experiences – you learn from your mistakes, you grow as a person and you meet incredible people along the way. The great thing about CEGEP is that we are all figuring out what we want to do and who we want to be. Some people don’t see how lucky they are to be in CEGEP as opposed to going straight to university – seeing as tuition fees are so high, people would be less likely to switch programs to go into a field that they actually like and not one determined by their parents or societal pressures. When I first came to Vanier, I was in Liberal Arts. The program, while it is well constructed, interdisciplinary and a great knowledge base regardless of what career you intend to have later, was not for me. I found myself alienated by the tight-knit group of students that seemed to hold completely different values and interests from me. Seeing as all classes were with the same people, I couldn’t take it anymore after four months. The course load was another story all together. Coming from a French public school where I never had to work that much to get decent grades, I found the 40-page readings after every class less than manageable. After dropping as many classes as I could, I still struggled to go to class and pass the four classes that I took. And that’s how you get on the fast track to academic probation. Enter semester two. I switched to General Social Science in order to keep my R-score from plummeting to the ground. I soon found myself in classes such as Western Civilization, Introduction to Psychology and Quantitative Methods. Although I wasn’t fascinated by what I was learning, I found that I was learning more about society by just looking around me at the people in my classes: they were texting, on Facebook, sleeping, or doing work for other classes. It seemed absurd to me why people would

MoneyBall By Julien Arsenault

Once every so often there is a sports film that defies all the worn clichés associated with the genre and breaks new ground for films to come. Bennett Miller’s “Moneyball” is such a film. Based on Michael Lewis’ 2003 book of the same name, “Moneyball” tells the story of Billy Beane, played with the usual excellence by Brad Pitt. He is the general manager for the Oakland Athletics, a baseball team who has just

rather be doing something else than try to learn while in class. As I passed the intro classes and started to pick classes that I liked, something changed. I had a paradigm shift that allowed me to improve my academic performance greatly. When I realized that nobody but myself could push me to do better, that’s when I started to try to do better in school. Whereas in high school I was a brat trying to resist all authority, in CEGEP I had become a studious person who respected the teachers and the course materials. The teachers at Vanier are, simply put, amazing. While we’ve all had rotten apples, most of the teachers that I’ve encountered at this school are approachable, intuitive, understanding people. If you’re starting CEGEP, a word of advice is to be nice to your teachers. Talk to them, go see them after class and discuss problems you’re having. Most of them are more than willing to help. And if you become more familiar with them – this is a secret between you and me – they tend to give you better grades too. The more teachers you have backing you, the better. You might even get a letter of recommendation or an internship offered to you. As awkward as you feel approaching them at first, trust me, it’s worth it. If you’re in Social Science, don’t be discouraged in your first semester. All those intro classes are boring but they will lead you learn more interesting and specialized things. In my third and fourth semesters, I started to like my classes a lot more (although I was stuck always taking psychology in order to have a decent schedule). Personally, I found that my Political Science courses were the most interesting. I was disappointed to find out the lack of choice in this field with only three courses offered. After I had completed those I took Intro to Sociology, thinking that I would hate it. It ended up sparking my interest enough that I might take a minor in it in university. Therein lies the true lesson of life: don’t knock it till you try it. Another skill that I’ve learned from being in

lost the team’s best players and is struggling to find suitable replacements due to the team’s limited budget after losing to the New York Yankees during the 2001 post-season. After a visit to the Cleveland Indians offices Beane recruits assistant general manager Peter Brandt, played by Jonah Hill, a Yale economics graduate and baseball stats geek who impresses Beane with his “Sabermetrics” approach to drafting players. In short, this complicated approach values players according to their On Base Percentage (OBP), which is their tendency to reach base, regardless of other flaws which make other teams dismiss them, making them more affordable and immediately available. At first the athletics scouts are outraged by such unusual propositions but after a rocky start at the beginning of the season, the team eventually earns a good reputation and finds itself in the leading ranks of the post-season. Though these types of underdog stories have always been common in sports movies, “Moneyball” is an original picture that throws away much of the predictable team spirit fare one would expect from a baseball flick. Instead what we see are deeper, more serious themes of loyalty and one man’s determination to stick to his unique vision despite of great opposition from everyone else. In addition, “Moneyball” places far greater focus on the statistics which fuelled Beane’s vision than actual game play, a reflection of Billy Beane’s superstitious beliefs to never attend athletics games while they are in progress, making this a baseball film like no other. While the strong focus on baseball stats and technical sports terms may throw potential viewers off the film, it is in fact quite accessible and will be interesting to the average audience member regardless of their knowledge of the game. Prior to having seen the film, I only possessed the most basic baseball knowledge of and had never even considered wrapping my head around the idea of any kinds of statistics, yet I was still completely swept away by the film from beginning to end thanks to the strong cast, distinctive cinematography and the sharp script that kept “Moneyball” on its feet from start to finish.

CEGEP is how to manage time. Juggling school work, relationships and a job (or sometimes two) can be taxing on your mind and body. Do yourself a favour and don’t spread yourself too thin – get an agenda to plan out your week so you don’t end up with a mountain of work on your desk on a weekend when you’re pulling a double at the restaurant and forgot your boyfriend’s birthday. Sometimes I’ve had to compromise the quality of my work in order to get it in on time. Expect that you will be doing a lot of this if you’re a procrastinator like me. Pulling all-nighters, neglecting your relationships and family and missing out on job opportunities are things that have all happened to me in CEGEP. What you need to remember to succeed is that your education comes first. And that’s how you maintain a 27 R-score after being on academic probation. Take it as a warning, don’t let it bog you down and move on to bigger and better things. Having confidence in yourself can positively affect your grades and your performance at work now as well as in the future. Keeping this in mind, at Vanier you have all the tools offered to you to succeed. There are Student Services, the Library, the Social Science Resource Centre, the Math and Science Centre. Whatever program you’re in, there are places to go and people to see if you need help. It’s up to you to take initiative and take advantage of them. Being at Vanier taught me how to be organized, respectful and focused. I hope that our readers have had similar positive experiences at the College. One last word of advice: GET INVOLVED! Since I’ve joined the newspaper, I’ve felt like I’m making some kind of difference at the College. While it may not seem like the most important contribution to your school life, it does make a difference in how you view coming to school. For some it’s just a matter of coming to class, as it was for me for awhile. The moment when you finally find your niche and figure out what you want to do in life is one of the most incredible feelings to have.

Brad Pitt shines once again with all the effortless cool and confidence one would expect from him but additional praise goes to the equally stellar supporting cast including Jonah Hill who surprises in one of his most serious roles to date as the geeky stats nerd turning the team upside down and Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the disillusioned team manager who desperately tries to understand Beane’s new logic while trying to boost team morale in Beane’s absence. Director Bennett Miller and Cinematographer Wally Pfister give the film a subtle dark edge, even during lighter scenes, which helps highlights the building tension between Billy Beane and his confused co-workers trying to understand their boss’s strange ideas as well as Beane’s complex relationship with his ex-wife and 12 year old daughter. However, the greatest praise goes to acclaimed screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, hot on the heels of his best adapted screen play Oscar for last year’s excellent “The Social Network”, whose pen is largely responsible for the film’s particular charm. What could have easily been 2 hours of dull statistical droning and endless baseball-nerd trivia is instead turned into an accessible and surprisingly human story of redemption and courage and thanks to Sorkin’s script which bears all the trademark wit and razorsharp dialogue which earned him his reputation as one of Hollywood’s most original writers. Regardless of your feelings towards Baseball, “Moneyball” is one of the best films of the year and perhaps one of the best sports movies we will see this coming decade. A definite contender for at least 5 major categories in the upcoming academy awards, this film is a highly unique and refreshing addition to the sports movie canon and certainly measures up to genre classics such as “Bad News Bears”, “Rocky”, “Slap Shot” and “Hoosiers”.


Letters to Juliet

TO YOU PENIS SEARCHER, You can only find something if it is there to be found. There is only one place to search for a penis and if it is not there that means that it does not exist. Have you asked him whether or not he is a girl in his pants? If so, you should do what is best for you and if he is not the choice is still up to you. Do not expect anyone to make decisions for you that are going to affect your life, be responsible and act accordingly. If you do not know what to do, take some time and pray that when you need to find out whether or not it is there that you will not be disappointed. Always be sure of what you are getting yourself into. Check and see if the light is on, in your head that is. Cheer up!!!! Smile!!! There is hope. Cheers

Dear A.C, About this sex change let me just say this, decisions that affects one’s life are but made by the individuals that are going to be affected the most. Let your boyfriend make his decision and you focus on yourself and is what is best for you. If you choose to stay with him, are you able to live with the consequences, may it be good or bad, are you willing to adjust your life style to accommodate his? These are serious questions you must ask yourself. If you have answered yes to all of them well youi have your answer. Now pertaining to his sex change making you a lesbian. I highly doubt that. However are you a lesbian and do not know it or do not want to admit it. Ask yourself. Cheers!!

Dear freaking embarrasing; Masturbating according to Dr. Laura on “Passion” on C.J.A.D at 10P.M is actually an experience, everyone, male or female should experience. If it is that you are trying to identify your penis/vagina location that is your choice. It is your body as long as your actions do not affect someone else. You explore your body parts all you want in the privacy of your own home. As for herpies, this is a sexually transmitted infection/disease. So no you cannot. Cheers!!

DEAR J, Maybe the reason why you think about the “Pope” when you and your boyfriend are fooling around with each others gentiles’ is because you get convicted. I am assuming that you have some Religious knowledge about sex before marriage. Associating your actions with the “POPE” is just your conscience reminding you about the things your mother taught you about Christian values. The visual of what you are doing is bringing the image of who the “Pope” is supposed to represent to you. Is your mama’s voice somewhere down inside you taunting you about no sex before marriage? If the answer is yes then make the decision that will eventually bring you satisfaction not in your flesh but in your mind, body and soul. Remember J if you are doing something in your life and you have no peace about what you are doing, then always use that as your guide to turn away. HOWEVER IF YOU CHOOSE TO CONTINUE KNOWING THAT YOU ARE CONVICTED AND YOU CHOOSE TO DIOBEY YOUR CONSCIENCE then you just has to live with the consequences of your choices. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU GOT TO DO. “JUST DO IT.”

Cheers to all,



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