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Editor's Note You know, when it comes about being English students, there are many fields in which we can develop ourselves as professionals. One of them is in tourism and hotel management. In this opportunity we are presenting this magazine describing the housekeeping department of a hotel. Somehow, it is difficult to encapsulate all the content in a magazine, and we have included the most relevant aspect of one of the major departments of a hotel. Being one of the biggest departments in a hotel, the housekeeping department has important responsibilities in the structure of any hotel. As English students of UTEC, our duty is to inform people about the importance of hotel management, and we have the opportunity to exploit our abilities and knowledge, as well. We hope that this magazine can help you to learn more about the housekeeping department of a hotel. Sincerely, UTEC’s English students.








To maintain the cleanliness standards in a hotel is responsibility of the housekeeping department. The housekeeping department typically holds the largest labor expense. Though the exact structure of a housekeeping department varies depending on the size of the property, most have similar overall organization.

Executive level The executive housekeeper is responsible for managing all the personnel in this area, he or she is in charge of planning budgets, identifying cleaning needs, buying supplies and coordinating with other departments to make sure guest are receiving excellent treatment. Some properties also have an assistant executive housekeeper.

Guestroom Cleaning Cleaning guest rooms is the major responsibility of the housekeeping department staff. And the procedure has to be done properly and efficiently before guests check in. house attendants are the ones in charge of refilling cart with supplies and those are the house attendants. And inspectors who are in charge of checking the room after the cleaning is done to verify if the requirements are met.


Public Area Cleaning The cleaning of public areas of a hotel is also a responsibility of this department, both front-of-the-house and back-of-the house areas. They may also be responsible for cleaning dining room areas after they have closed, but the ones usually in charge of cleaning the dining room is the food and beverage staff during the day. Public space cleaners make up the majority of this part of the housekeeping department.

Laundry There is a laundry manager who answers directly to the executive housekeeper. The laundry manager manages the employee in the laundry area and the flow of work managed in it. Laundry employees include laundry attendants who operate the washers, dryers, presses and folders, and linen runners who fetch linen and put it away as it is completed.


Roles and Responsibilities of the Housekeeping Department The housekeeping department is an important part of many industries that offer a service to their clients. The priorities of housekeepers in a hotel are to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of guest rooms and public areas. The role of the housekeeping department requires specialized skills, such as sterilization and removal of hazardous waste in order to give the best service.

Guest Rooms When a guest checks in, there must be cleaned rooms to offered them. So that, It is the role of the housekeeping department, which must be stripped and thoroughly cleaned to prepare it for the arrival of the guest. All bed and bathroom linens must be removed and laundered. In-house laundry services will also fall under the role of the housekeeping department; The guest bathroom must be scoured and



The housekeeping department is also responsible for the appearance of public areas such as: lobbies, restrooms, ballrooms, gyms and other rooms utilized by guests need to be cleaned on a regular basis, sometimes daily. Rugs and carpeting must be kept vacuumed, and should be cleaned and disinfected. Floors are mopped and waxed, while windows are kept clean and streak-free. In addition to cleaning, the housekeeping department will also reorganize public areas such as putting furniture in its proper place, plumping decorative pillows, retrieving dishes and glasses left in hallways and piling magazines and brochures that are displayed for guest use.

Cleaning and linen supplies are monitored by the housekeeping department. When supplies are low, they will either place an order or alert the front desk for an order to be placed. These include linens and room amenities, such as shampoo and conditioner. The housekeeping department may also be called upon to accommodate guest requests for items like irons, hairdryers or extra bath linens. Special requests in room reservations, such as rollaway beds or cribs, are also typically handled by this department.

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More about Housekeeping Department

The housekeeping department is vital to attracting and keeping guests through it's role of maintaining top quality decor, cleanliness and service. Through this department, he clients get attracted because they are visual, so that is the importance of the house keeping department.

The gusts send his or her complains to the chief housekeeper and then, the chief solve the problems with the house keeping staff.

The housekeeping department is also responsible for a level of security, safety and environmental duties such as composting and recycling. So. Besides the care to the hotel, there is a social responsibility with the society as well.


Housekeeping Procedures for Hotel Guest Rooms

Bed Bed clothing is changed between guests at most hotels. But if you are staying for a long period of time, your bed clothing is changed about once every three days. It might surprise you to know that there are no rules regarding how often the comforter should be changed and/or washed.

Bathroom The person in charge of cleaning the bathroom has to change the towels if the guests leave them on the floor. He or she will also clean the toilet and mirrors, and wipe around the sink. They might also run a cloth over the floor if necessary and wipe the inside of the shower.


Sleeping Area Housekeepers might not clean this area daily. If there is something on the floor, they might run the vacuum as they see fit.

Replacement Practices While rules vary from one property to the next, housekeepers will generally replace plastic cups, ice bucket liners and soaps if guests have used them.


A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a set of written instructions or rules that document a routine or repetitive activity that must be follow by hotels. It is helpful in in maintaining quality and consistency of service and standard's in hotels. The development and use of SOPs is an essential part of a successful quality system. it provides the information to perform a job properly, and facilitates consistency in the quality and integrity of a product in this case the hotel service.

Keep restrooms clean and odor-free at all times. In this first rule hot water and germicidal disinfectant are the key cleaning elements in a hotel. Restrooms should be cleaned each day. Clean commodes, urinals and sinks must be cleaned with germicidal disinfectant. Empty trash receptacles each day and dust vents, window sills and ledges. Sweep bathroom floors and replenish towels and toilet tissue and refill soap dispensers. Spray mirrors with window. Mop floors as needed. It involved all things in the restrooms. 11

Clean floors. Floor in the general area should be swept or vacuumed each day. After sweeping floors, apply germicidal fluid and use a wet mop to complete the cleaning. Floors have to look clean every time.

Dust on a weekly basis. Dust high areas by removing dust or cobwebs from corners of walls and vents. Dust wood fixtures, shelves and other furniture with a duster or dust rag and dusting polish. Also dust general areas that have window sills and ledges .


Check walls and doors daily for spots or smudges. Use cleansers that will not strip the wall of paint or finishes. Walls should be washed at least once a month and doors at least once a week.

Wash kitchen dishes daily. This is a very important area in a hotel, so that is why it should be very clean. Clean sinks with disinfectant cleaner, and wash countertops with clean hot water and disinfectant cleaner. Sweep kitchen floors each day or as it is necessary. Mop kitchen floors at least once a week. Clean cabinets once a month, and perform a spot check in the refrigerator each week, disposing of food that will not be eaten. Clean refrigerators and freezers each month. Empty trash receptacles each day as needed.


PERSONNEL Jobs and Functions Executive Housekeeper He or she is responsible for all the administration of the housekeeping department. Also the creation of policies and coordinating operations is a main duty of this person. The executive housekeeper is in charge of planning, directing, coordinating and participating in all housekeeping activities and work assignments, inspects housekeeping personnel daily work activities. Supervision of cleanliness and maintenance throughout the hotel. Direct responsible for comfort and cleanliness of the hotel in every aspect and makes sure that both the standards and the image which are expected by hotels.

Assistant Housekeeper This assistant is under general direction of the executive housekeeper, who is the immediate superior of housekeeping department. He assists him or her. Oversees and directs the day to day operation of the housekeeping department and assists in the forward planning of the department. Some the assistant housekeeper’s duties are: 

To be responsible to supervise the department’s staff to ensure the guests are receiving a good and courteous service. To prepare work schedules, timework and revise daily work Schedule depending on occupancy. To over sees the duty roster for every 14 level of the staff in housekeeping department.

He or she supervises that the room attendants have cleaned the rooms, and kept then attractive and well maintained for the guests. He or she checks the floor corridors and service area according to set standards in order to achieve a service of quality. Some of the duties that the supervisor has are:  To ensure the staff follows the cleaning procedures to meet the standards established by the hotel.  To check all rooms; occupied, departure and vacant rooms.  To monitor room attendants to ensure that VIP guests receive special attention and amenities.  To inspect permanent showing rooms, presidential, diplomatic and king corner suite rooms.

Housekeeping Supervisor

Overnight Supervisor His or her immediate superiors are the executive and assistant housekeeper, and under their guidance, the overnight supervisor is responsible for the smooth running of all housekeeping areas. Some of his or her duties are: 

To supervise and monitored the work of the room attendants.

To ensure any special request from guests

To maintain updated knowledge of the hotel and local services.

To ensure that the executive housekeeper is kept informed of all the activities in the department overnight.


Recreation Supervisor This is the person in charge of coordinating all leisure time activities for the guests in a hotel. Some of the activities that the recreation supervisor does are:  To ensure that all guests are able to use the gym, and the equipment in it safely and effectively.  To ensure that the guests are well informed of all the recreational activities and facilities offered.  To assist in maintaining a safe hygienic environment.  To assist in membership lifestyle appraisal program development.  To comply and submit daily and monthly revenue analyses to the executive housekeeper.  To monitor the testing and follow up of pool and chemical levels.

Recreation Officer

Some duties of the recreational officer are:  To observe activities in assigned pool areas on foot.  To warn people against use of unsafe tools in the pool areas or illegal conduct such as fighting.  To rescue distressed people from the pool.  To supervise the pool cleanliness and maintenance problems  To administer artificial respiration or provides oxygen to revive persons, he or she is qualified first aider / life saving techniques.  To cooperate in the performance of any reasonable task requested by company managers.  To carry out fire, safety and evacuation 16 procedures as required by the fire policy of the hotel.

    

 

Duties: Responsible for new room attendants’ training. Self inspect all check out rooms before reporting them vacant clean. Assits in supervising and monitoring of work of the room attendants assigned to his or her floors. Conduct carpet or sofa cleaning as per request. To ensure standards are maintained with regards to room cleanliness and room set up. To clean guestrooms and ensure guest corridors and lift landing areas are maintained to the pre set standards of the department. Reports any damage or loos in a guest room immediately after being found. Makes room status reports and complete maintainance request forms.


Responsible to keep all public areas (lobby, restaurant, paving blocks, toilet, basement) clean and well maintained. Duties: 

Make sure that the furniture’s and fixtures are in good conditions.

Using cleaning material and equipment’s properly.

Maintains equipment in proper state of repair.

Bringing down the garbage bags to the garbage room.

Vacuuming, spotting and shampooing the carpet.

Cleaning toilets in public area.

Using cleaning materials equipment’s and machines correctly.

Grooming and dusting.



To follow a routine schedule and maintain par stock of mini bar items to ensure highest standards are delivered. Duties:  Ensure proper use and care of equipment.  Control and ensure par stock is maintained for all mini bar items as well as guest supplies, amenities and cleaning chemicals.  Prepare daily consumption summary and liaise with room maids on replenishment of items in room.  Check inventory according to schedule.  Keep track of expiry dates of mini bar items  Ensure all consumptions is properly posted on the hotel PMS.



Responsible for delivering, receiving, sorting and issuing of hotel linen as well as delivers cleaning and guest supplies. The duties are:  Distributes clean linen to pantry.  Distributes soiled linen to laundry.  Delivers guest request, such as extra bed, toothbrush, razon and addiotional mineral water.  Polishes guest shoes and deliver them back to guest room before end of the shift.  Cleaning and emptying stand ashtray.  Bringing up the guest supplies to the maid stations.  Helpts the room maid to carry heavy items.


  

Ensures guest services specified by superior and guest requests are promptly met. Replenishes guest supplies. Responsible for the cleanliness of mini bar rack and refrigerator. Post any mini bar consumption. Using cleaning material and equipment properly. Ensures economical use of all cleaning and guest supplies. Meets with superior and takes on daily assigned tasks. Perfoms related duties and special projects as assigned. Make sure that uniforms is spotless at all times. Follow up action the supervisor’s instruction. Carries out all related duties as instructed by his or her supervisor.


Ensures flower arrangements and vases are in a good condition at all times. Coordinates, and ensures on preparing flower arrangements and vases for guest rooms, functions, food and beverages outlets and public areas. Liaison with executive housekeeper, assistant housekeeper on the purchasing of flowers. Coordinates with food and beverages, front office department for special guests, requests or VIP guests. Replace arrangement and vases. Responsible to collecting the flower arrangements after any banquet function. Ensures that working area and equipment always clean and health at all times according to set standards. Responsible on maintaining of flower receptancles in all areas of the hotel.

Responsible that the flowers are use as long as possible.

    


This person coordinates overall activity of the laundry to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity as required by the hotel. Duties:  Prepare, plan and action the working schedule for all laundry employees.  Assist the executive housekeeper with all training requirements.  Checks and assist in maintaining accurate and proper inventory of all linen, uniforms and chemicals to prevent loss and waste of any nature.  Liaise with other department on daily basis to ensure all guest laundry, hotel linen and uniform are dealt with and followed up.



A laundry supervisor makes sure a laundry facility is operating as smoothly as possible. Laundry supervisors are in charge of managing laundry workers. They also oversee the actions of patrons within Laundromats. Laundry supervisors may also share some of the same duties as their subordinates. According to the Occupational Information Network, responsibilities of a typical laundry worker may include the operation of washing machines to wash industrial or household articles. In general, laundry workers deal with cloth garments. Laundry supervisors are responsible for achieving a certain level of customer and personal service, as well as making sure operations run smoothly. They may also be in charge of training newly employed laundry workers and providing expert answers to the questions of workers and patrons. LAUNDRY ATTENDANT

When you bring your clothes to a dry cleaner or laundromat, laundry attendants help you. They are also in charge of providing clean sheets at institutions, such as hotels and hospitalsAccording to the Department of Labor's Occupational Information Network, laundry attendants wash or dry clean household or industrial materials. They may work with leather, suede, blankets, fine linens, draperies and rugs.


WASHER The washer-man is responsible to wash all dirty cloths. This person has to understand how to operate the washing machine and what is the chemical function for also knowing about the lable or each type of material and separate colour as required. Duties and responsibilities:       

Washing of all dirty garments, taking care that no damage of linens or garments. Using the correct amount of chemicals as listed on the wash formula· s change, set by laundry manager. Response malfunctioning of equipment. Checks daily consumption (chemicals, water and steam supplies ). Keeps the area and equipment s clean. Separates the linens according to lable. Weighing and loading the linens or garments into the machine. Any other duties assigned by laundry manager


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Housekeeping Department Magazine  

Assignment of Hotel Management and Tourism Class.

Housekeeping Department Magazine  

Assignment of Hotel Management and Tourism Class.