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Tachikaze: A Beast Of Horror Tachikaze are clan of dinodragons having a predatory type of ecology. When you call or ride a large one, it has the tendency to engulf the smaller ones as a cost. But, you need not be scared of. It has a mechanic to return to life by overcoming thermodynamics and allowing increasing amount of food. If something engulfs it, then you can counterblast and place it right back into your hand. All of its counterblast cards will be counterblast in this particular deck. As soon as this Dragon Egg returns back to its hands, it has some choices. You can place it back down to be used as the frightful booster and then fodder for other meal or put it in its hand as 10000 shields. That is a good choice for counterblast 1. At last, its final intention should be to do guarding for 10000, thereby making it one of the most appropriate vanguards for any deck which wants to stay prepared. Tachikaze have their own Rank 3 ride chain. Military Dragons are a rank 3 ride chain where the grade 0 and 1 helps searching the grade 2 as well as 3 with the grade 0 having an out if you miss the first chain. As with all rank 3s, the initiating vanguard is another disgraceful 4000 booster so in the mid of games where you miss that ride, you remain stuck with it unless and until you like to minus. In one third of cases, you can have the full chain off. When a Tachikaze is retired, it gets 1,000 Power for that turn. The principal focus of deck is retiring, so you need to run a unit which gets power from doing just that. There is one thing and that is the power boost doesn’t mean anything. Getting 1,000 Power is next to meaningless, unless and until you are playing against something just as Majesty Lord Blaster, where about 17,000 forces out more guard than 16,000. Nevertheless, you could just put a normal booster behind Gigarex and keep hitting that power for free every turn. The time its skill will make a difference is whether it is being boosted by Sonic Noa, which has about 8,000 Power, and you retire 2 Rear Guard in order to bring it up to 20,000 Power, which forces out more guard against 10,000 Power Vanguards. Nevertheless, that takes 2 retires each turn, and there is hardly any way which you can keep your resources up doing that for very long time. It is suggested to run

DinoChaos over this card, since it can net you some advantage every once in a while.

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Tachikaze a beast of horror