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Palemoon- The basics of the game

This theme is based on the circus. It originates from the nation called as Dark Zone. The game made its debut in the third part of the Booster series. This is also referred to as the Invasion of the Demonic Lord. It is similar in nature to the two clans called as the Genesis and the Dark Irregulars. However the difference is that it allows the player the capability of calling much higher soul based units. In the anime, the Palemoon clan is used by Kiriya Biodou and Asaka Narumi. The cards in this set are divided into three groups. The first group is called as Booster. This is followed by Extra Boosters and Fighters. In the booster group, you have six sets. The first set called as Set three has eighteen cards. The next set is called as Set five and has four cards. Next you have set seven and nine having twenty three and six cards respectively. The next two sets are fifteen and twelve. Each of these has a pack of twenty two cards and seven cards.

In the extra booster group, you have a total of thirty five cards. This group has the original cards from the Manga collection as well as the art from the Sage of Guidance Zenon. It also includes one card from Exculpate the blaster series. The Fighters collection is the latest version and is the first English version. It has ten packs of three cards each. For experienced gamers, Palemoon will be an exciting addition. This is one of the most powerful packs in Vangard. Due to the more powerful soul calling, they can help in boosting the game play and give the gamer an additional weapon. However if you are a rookie, then this series may sound complicated to you. It is better if you go through the videos and guides posted online before you start. You need to understand which boss will help you build the deck and the limitations of each boss. You also need to understand how this series fares against the Dark Irregulars and Genesis clans. Remember like everything else, you have to know which card to play when and the amount of damage it can cause.

So go ahead and purchase this even if you are a Rookie. It will help you climb up the ranks even though it may take some practice.

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