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The Right People, The Right Solutions, The Right Choice! Where Your Impression Counts!

Specializing In... Special Interest Publications Business-to-Business Publications Travel & Tourism Literature Press Finished Newspaper Inserts Mailing & Logistics Management Digests & Tabloids are our Specialty! Copyright © 2010 Vanguard Printing, LLC

Welcome to Vanguard Printing... The Right People, The Right Solutions, The Right Choice! Vanguard Printing means The Right People. Each of our team members has expertise and knowledge in the industry, adding value to the clients we serve. To help our clients succeed, we are available to consult with you to determine your needs. We recommend the right trim sizes, color placement, paper selection, and use a variety of printing methods to save you time and money. Vanguard Printing means The Right Solutions. Our state-of-the-art digital, sheet-fed, heat-set web and cold-set web printing means we can produce your publication the best way possible. Our goal is to apply the combined knowledge and experience of our team to generate innovative solutions. Vanguard Printing means The Right Choice. By choosing Vanguard, you are making the right choice.

Now it’s your turn to give us a call and learn what we can do for you. 17 Hall Woods Road • Ithaca, NY 14850 • 607.272.1212 • fax 607.272.0846

About Vanguard Printing Focused On You... In 2006, Vanguard Media, a printing company based in Hillside, New Jersey, purchased a long-established printing company in Ithaca, New York. Renamed Vanguard Printing, LLC, we are a full service web printer with 250,000 square feet of production space specializing in short-


to medium-run publications, and B-to-B catalogs. We are focused on these types of work; our equipment capabilities and trained staff have all been dedicated to this niche. Our expertise in this area benefits you as our client by providing the capabilities and support you need and the individual attention you deserve.

When you print with us Throughout the Vanguard plant, you’ll witness that Customer Service is the focus of our interactions. Our first goal is to develop an understanding of your business mission, goals, and priorities by listening to your needs and keeping flowing communication within our team. Your Vanguard Customer Service Representative becomes your proactive advocate our plant. Should any problems arise, they apply their expertise and creative problem-solving skills to find a resolution. Our goal is to become valued members of your publishing team. The Right People... Although you are assigned a primary Customer Service Representative who is responsible for your account, we meet every morning to discuss our clients work and

maintain thorough documentation; therefore there is always a fully informed back up to keep things running smoothly. Our Customer Service Representatives have an average of 15 years experience, with backgrounds that have provided understandings of the entire scope of the production process. Vanguard’s knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives are empowered to make decisions on your behalf to ensure each job is completed correctly and meets your specifications. The Right Attitude... At Vanguard Printing, we believe that if you succeed, we succeed. Our mission is to provide you the best service possible for your printing and distribution needs.

Contact Info Phone/Fax (607) 272-1212 / (607) 273-0846 General Inquiries Mark R. Ploucha, President Alex Hambleton, Senior Vice President Client Services Bill Sherman, Vice President Commercial Sales Annette Spearman, Business Development Mgr.

Focused on you...

Plant Address (for non-mail shipping and directions) Vanguard Printing, LLC 17 Hall Woods Road Ithaca, NY 14850

When you print with us, you 

become a member of our family. By Mail Vanguard Printing, LLC PO Box 4560 Ithaca, NY 14852-4560

About Vanguard Printing 

 rint & Bindery Capabilities P Apogee Portal

Digital Editions 

ho Knew Green Could Look W This Good!

Mailing and Distribution

Print & Bindery Capabilities

Print Capabilities

Bindery Capabilities

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Quarter Fold Digest Slim Jim Tabloid Calendars Digital

All aspects of your job completed under one roof.

Perfect Saddle Drilling Tipping

Apogee Portal Custom File Upload

Technology has changed the nuts and bolts of printing. Vanguard Printing can eliminate overnight proof shipments by handling your job electronically from start to finish. • Upload your files 24 hours a day to Delano •C  ollaboration tool for review, editing, and proof approval • F iles automatically processed and made available for your review •U  pon approval, we image your plates and go to press

What if I need to make changes? Utilizing Delano clients are able to make changes as often as needed—at no charge—as long as the files as have not been approved.

Digital Editions • Flip-page technology • Full search capabilities • Real-time metric available 24/7 • Interactive Marketing

• Mobile Apps • Search Engine Friendly • Subscription Management

Vanguard Printing & The Environment

Who Knew Green Could Look This Good! Vanguard Printing LLC takes great pride in being a “green” printer. We’re committed to the protection of our environment and constantly work for ways to increase our dedication.

AGFA GreenWorks Award Vanguard Printing, LLC has been selected to receive Agfa’s GreenWorks Environmental Recognition Program award.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) FSC certification shows we’re doing all we can to ensure that our world’s forests are nurtured and protected. The FSC standards represent the world’s strongest system for guiding forest management toward sustainable outcomes. There are two parts to the FSC system: 1. FSC ensures that the forest is managed to high standards covering social, environmental, and economic issues. 2. Chain of Custody certification traces the wood from those forests through all stages of processing and distribution. This is the certification we hold.

Mailing and Distribution At Vanguard Printing, we have a knowledgeable team with postal affairs expertise as well as a wide range of services designed to ensure your materials reach their destination on time at the lowest possible price. Our Capabilities Include: • In-house list processing services that convert and presort your mail files, providing you with maximum postal automation and sortation discounts available.

• Our services include Address Standardization, CASS Certification with Delivery Point Validation, and NCOA Processing.

• L ist Hygiene and Move Update compliance services to ensure the deliverability of your mailings, reducing costs and increasing address accuracy.

• Strategic mailing options include co-mailing-co-palletization & direct entry shipping.

• Deliveries made by both common commercial carriers as well as our own Vanguard trucks.

Copyright © 2010 Vanguard Printing, LLC


Where Your Impression Counts

17 Hall Woods Road • Ithaca, NY 14850 • 607.272.1212 • fax 607.272.0846 Visit us at: Copyright © 2010 Vanguard Printing, LLC.

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The Right People, The Right Solutions and The Right Choice! We are a small to medium commercial printer. Let us help you with your questio...

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