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vanessa sokic architecture & design selected works 2017

Hello, my name is Vanessa and I am an enthusiastic and personable second year architecture student at the University of Waterloo. I enjoy exploring, creating, and learning through these experiences. I approach every challenge with dedication and a continuous smile. My exposure to design and my strong background in visual arts has fuelled my passion to explore the world of architecture, what it means, and how it can make a positive impact on the surrounding social and natural environment. The following is a collection of my academic architectural work, including a selection of my personal creative work.

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CONTENTS Curriculum Vitae


Earthenware Artist’s Residence


The Gene Kelly Apartment


Theatre Al Fresco


Regal Heights Library


Selected Artwork


Right: 1A Building Construction Hand-Drafted Framing of a Small House - Ink




- Adobe Creative Suite



Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Rhinoceros 3D AutoCAD Revit Maxwell Render Microsoft Office

Physical Model Making Hand Drafting Sketching Drawing Sculpture Manual and Power Tools Trained

Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point

- Laser Cutting


Excellent Academic Standing – Terms 1A and 1B

University of Waterloo September 2016

President’s Entrance Scholarship

University of Waterloo June 2016

The Regional Arts Program Award – Visual Arts

Father John Redmond CSS May 2016

Schulich Leader Scholarship Nominee

Father John Redmond CSS May 2015

‘Make a Splash’ Art Contest 1st Place Winner

City of Toronto

EDUCATION 2016 – Present

University of Waterloo School of Architecture – Cambridge, Ontario

Candidate for Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Honours, Co-op, 2nd Year Student Summer 2017

Sheridan College – Mississauga, Ontario

Completed two AutoCAD courses and one Revit course 2012 – 2016

Father John Redmond CSS – Toronto, Ontario

High School Diploma, Visual Arts Major, Advanced Placement, Honour Roll



Student Intern – Full-Time – ZAS Architects and Interiors – Toronto, Ontario

Assisted with project proposal submissions using InDesign, directed client and consultant calls, updated electronic

2016 – Present

project information files, maintained reference and catalogue library, attended ‘Lunch-and -Learns’

Drafting and Construction Apprentice – Part-Time – Corel Contracting Inc – Toronto, Ontario

Digitally draft construction plans and elevations for small residential renovations, visit sites, work on-site as apprentice

for hands-on learning (power tools, manual tools, clean-up, etc.)

Summer 2014

High School Co-op Student – Full-Time – ZAS Architects and Interiors – Toronto, Ontario

Performed a variety of administrative duties in reception, archived project files, assembled sample boards, attended

office meetings and ‘Lunch-and-Learns’

INVOLVEMENT September 2017

Orientation Leader – University of Waterloo – Cambridge, Ontario

Led activities at the Cambridge and main campuses for Orientation Week to welcome first year students to our community

September - June Co-Chair – Team of Redmond Eco Enthusiasts (T.R.E.E.) – Father John Redmond CSS 2015/6 Led the team to implement new greening initiatives, hosted a school-wide Eco Conference, achieved our first ever Eco School Certification; silver

- June September 2015/6

Executive Member – ‘Stop the Stigma’ Committee – Father John Redmond CSS

weekly after school yoga sessions scheduled from October through to June for staff and students

Worked to stop the stigma around mental illness, promoted student health and wellness, initiated and implemented

September 2015

Volunteer – The Great Camp Adventure 20k Walk, SickKids Hospital Foundation – Toronto, Ontario

Volunteered to assist participants at various activity stations, personally raised more than $1,000 for this fund-raiser

March 2015

Global Student Leader – Innovation and Inventions Summit – Paris, Toulouse, Barcelona

One of eight Advanced Placement Science students from Father John Redmond CSS chosen to join students from around the world to discover creative solutions to real world problems

LANGUAGES English – First language French – Basic


EARTHENWARE ARTIST’S RESIDENCE 1A Design Studio December 2016 Supervised By Rick Andrighetti The intent of this project was to effectively combine a studio workspace with the artist’s private residence. The way that the building components are combined is visibly representative of this purpose. Mimicking the natural location of actual clay, this clay-making workspace is incorporated into the surrounding terrain. In contrast with the heavy entity below, the upper-level living space is diagonally offset and resembles a more traditional residential house by existing above the ground plane. The entire building itself is setback from the road and disguised by the hill, allowing the artist privacy and offering the illusion of a closer proximity to nature. The site still welcomes the public via the path cutting through the landscape and the river-side walkway running along the display window of the public gallery.



level 2

public gallery


utility room

damp room

kiln room

level 1


roof experimentation with paper


original topography changed topography new topography Concession St

r> ive

dR an


ve S Grand A


massing relationships

studio circulation



hand-cut model

sectional perspective


THE GENE KELLY APARTMENT 1B Design Studio February 2017 Supervised By Donald McKay This concept of a small apartment complex is entirely made up of a set of stairs. The entire space depicted in this hand-cut model, from the couch, to the kitchen counter, to the desk, are all in line with and/ or carved from the main set of 32 risers. The height of each level dictates the amount of privacy, causing the space to go from a less private living space at the bottom, to the more private bedroom at the top. A rise of 150 mm and a run of 400 mm result in an environment where the occupants are able to travel with a convenient step from one level to the next, while still providing adequate space to rest. My inexperience with designing stairs during my first semester of University prompted me to challenge myself to create a concept solely using this adaptable building component. Even Fred Astaire can enjoy these stairs!



THEATRE AL FRESCO 1B Building Construction April 2017 Supervised By Terri Meyer Boake This outdoor theatre is located in a park just beside the St. Lawrence River in the small city of Brockville, Ontario. The theatre not only increases the city’s liveliness and activity, but also provides an outdoor platform for the entire community to enjoy. It can seat a maximum of 240 people who can enjoy a performance or simply use the space to relax. It is made up of a series of stepped levels created via mitred I-beams, and assembled steel trusses that curve over the theatre and frame the space. Echoing the theme of entertainment, this compilation of members mimics a TV antenna tower. In collaboration with Mayyasah Akour







structural axonometric









H 19

REGAL HEIGHTS LIBRARY 1B Design Studio April 2017 Supervised By Donald McKay The focal point of this project is a shelf system inspired by the pattern of sound-proofing material. The shelf system extends the height of all four levels, serving a number of different purposes throughout the building. On the south-facing park elevation, the shelves function as a shading device that double as a double-skin faรงade. Visitors can access the path between the two faรงades, creating a continuous path on both the second and third levels. This allows for access to the books on higher shelves and establishes a connection between the library and the park next to the site. In addition, the shelves serve as desks, doors, and windows. The building accommodates more than 20,000 books, an assembly hall, a computer lab, separate private and group work spaces, a front greeting area, and street-level parking.



22 Northcliffe Boulevard

Westmount Avenue

St. Clair Avenue West

section A

Toronto, Ontario

section B

double-skin wall section



level 3

level 2

A level 1



park-facing elevation


structural axonometric


winter solstice light study

summer solstice light study


SELECTED ARTWORK Graphite on Paper 9� x 17� March 2016 I was able to develop a strong background in visual art while majoring in the subject in high school. I love to experiment and explore with various media, tools, and techniques. My favourite means of creating is through drawing, in pencil or pencil crayon, and I enjoy striving to include as much detail as possible. It is not surprising that in Design Studio, I enjoy sketching and model-making the most.



The Trick of Perspective photographed acrylic on glass two of seven 8” x 10” photographs May 2016 30


Paint Skirt

pencil crayon on paper 14” x 17” May 2016

dried acrylic paint June 2014


thank you +1 416 970 9896

Vanessa Sokic Architecture and Design Portfolio 2017 [OUTDATED]  
Vanessa Sokic Architecture and Design Portfolio 2017 [OUTDATED]