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Ultimate venue flexibility to satisfy the needs of any show: • air-conditioned arenas or space up to 300,000 sq. feet • • 860 air-conditioned stalls or trade booths • • east and west skyboxes overlooking main arena • For booking inquiries, please call 480-312-6806 16601 North Pima Road Scottsdale, Arizona 85260


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Welcome to Polo


Get in the Game! an intro to polo


Tournaments & Events 2012–2013


Polo: Not Just for Princes an interview with nic roldan


Time in the Saddle an interview with tommy biddle jr. 15 Tournament Results 2011–2012


From the Sidelines


A special thanks to: Brian Dygert EJ Jones Patricia Chapman Jennifer Bowley And the maintenance crew of WestWorld for making polo possible

above Jorge Estrada Jr. of Polo Azteca cover Andres Camacho at WestWorld 5

ARIZONA POLO USPA Certified Polo Club

publisher For years, Polo Azteca has been teaching the game of polo in a safe, fun, and friendly environment. Owned by Jorge Estrada III (2 Goal rated player), Polo Azteca welcomes riders and players of all levels and abilities to come out and enjoy the sport of polo. No riding experience is required! Ponies, equipment, and professional instruction are provided by Polo Azteca. Contact Polo Azteca today for more information on: Polo lessons Arena Polo Pony leasing Boarding Horse training All ages welcome to participate, spectators always welcome. Customized lesson packages and gift certificates available.

John Bianco Polo Academy Manager (516) 448-1261

Polo Azteca 34114 North 14th street Phoenix, AZ 85085

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Great Polo, Great Cause The Second Annual Scottsdale Polo Championships Horses & Horsepower Saturday, October 20th, 2012

Yvette Biddle, Lila Photo, Natalie Grancharov, Hector Gutierrez, Michelle Walters,

contributors Diego Florez, Felipe Ochoa, Vanessa Shapiro

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Westworld of Scottsdale Polo Field at 101 and Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd.

Three Amazing Matches 11a.m. — USA vs. Colombia (an AZ Polo Club match) 1p.m. — Harvard University vs. Work to Ride (as featured on “60 Minutes” and “ESPN”)

Published for the Arizona Polo Club by: Poise Publications Inc.

3p.m. — Bel Air Polo Club vs. The Hamptons Featuring World-Class Polo Players Nic Roldan and Tommy Biddle, Jr.

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Advance Tickets on Sale Now at Ticket proceeds support Scottsdale Healthcare Foundation, NOAH and Work to Ride

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We welcome all new and returning members, players, visitors, and spectators to the Arizona Polo Club. In recognition of 30 years of polo in the Scottsdale area, the Arizona Polo Club is launching the first annual Arizona Polo magazine to celebrate the sport of polo and its local and international communities.

The Arizona Polo Club is a member club of the United States Polo Association (USPA), and has been hosting regular match games and tournaments at the Scottsdale Horsemen’s Park at WestWorld Equestrian Center since 1982. The arena and outdoor polo season extends from November through April, and the club hosts over a dozen polo tournaments each year. The highlight of the season is the Polo Series of Scottsdale: signature tournament events including the USPA Amateur Cup, the USPA Arena Masters Cup, and the USPA Players Cup. Arizona Polo Club is proud to host tournaments supported by the USPA.

Throughout each winter season, the Arizona Polo Club is dedicated to organizing polo matches for players of every level: beginner, amateur, and professional. Our club caters to polo students and players in the Scottsdale and Phoenix Metro areas. We also welcome visiting players from the across the U.S., Canada and as far away as England, France, Colombia, and Australia. We are working to establish our junior polo league in order to introduce the sport to players at a young age and increase the participation of children and teens in polo. Spectators are invited to join us for games and events throughout the season. It’s free to watch and our members are always willing to share their passion for polo with visitors. We invite guests to bring friends and family to enjoy an afternoon of polo tailgating, in the beautiful Arizona sunshine. Better yet, we encourage you to sign up for a polo lesson and experience the true thrill of the game! For more information about polo club memberships, partnerships, and sponsorships, please visit, or feel free to contact us by phone or email: Diego Florez, DVM, Polo Manager Arizona Polo Club 8140 E. McDowell Road Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Phone: 480-201-4530 Fax: 480-990-1172 Email:

we hope to see you soon at polo!



intro to polo

GET IN THE GAME! Polo is the oldest equestrian sport in the world. The “Sport of Kings” came by its name quite honestly; Persian, Byzantine, Chinese, and Japanese military rulers and royals played polo as far back as 2,500 years ago. The first game on American soil took place in the late 1870s, and the present-day governing body of polo in North America, the United States Polo Association (or USPA), was originally founded in 1890. Today, there are hundreds of polo clubs across the United States, with players ranging from 7 to 70 years old. Whether from the sidelines or the saddle, here’s the basic information you need to get started in polo.

game basics Outdoor polo is played on a grass field measuring 300 yards long by 160 yards wide. At each end of the field, two goalposts are anchored eight yards apart. The object of the game is to score a goal, by hitting the ball between the two goalposts. Arena polo is played in an enclosed sand arena, and the rules are just slightly altered from outdoor play. The main difference is that there are three players on an arena polo team, and four players on an outdoor polo team. Games begin with a throw-in at center field, where two teams line up facing each other. Once the ball is bowled into play by one of the two mounted umpires on the field, the teams run and maneuver the ball towards their goal. After each goal, both teams return to center field and change direction. Play takes place over four, six or eight periods, or “chukkers,” that are each 7 1/2 minutes in length. Players have four minutes between each chukker to switch horses. A half-time of 10 minutes is a common tradition, allowing the players and horses to rest and re-group for the second half of the game.

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players and handicaps There are four players on a polo team and each player is designated a handicap, or goal rating, between -2 (or C) and 10. Beginner players are assigned a handicap of C, and the best players in the world earn a handicap of 10 goals. The handicap rating of a player has nothing to do with the number of goals they score in any one game. A rating committee decides the handicap of each player based on playing ability, horsemanship, team play, horses, and knowledge of the game. The handicap of a team is the sum total rating of all of its players. Player positions on the field are represented by the numbers on their polo jerseys (from one to four). The Number One player primarily assumes an offensive position on the field and is responsible for neutralizing the opposing team’s Number Four player (their primary defense). The Number Two is the mover and the shaker, a transition player who backs up the Number One player, and aggressively seeks to move the ball upfield. The Number Three player is the quarterback, who focuses on game strategy, field advantage, and moving the ball. This player is often the highest rated player on the team. Finally, player Number Four is primarily responsible for guarding the goal, and preventing the opposing team from scoring.

rules and penalties Throughout the game, the umpires blow the whistle to indicate that one or more of the players have committed a foul. A foul is an infraction of the rules of play, which are set in place by the USPA to ensure the safety of horses and riders on the field. Most dangerous fouls occur when a player crosses in front of the player with the ball. When the ball is hit, it creates an invisible line and the players respect this line as a right-of-way. Each time the ball changes direction, the “line of the ball” changes as well. Penalty shots are awarded depending on the severity of the infraction and where the foul was committed on the field.


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2012–2013 Tournaments & Events november


3–4 Polo Series of Scottsdale Opening Tournament 10–11 Mayo Aviation Polo Challenge 17–18 Thanksgiving Tournament

9–10 Coleman Classic Cup 16–17 Polo Series of Scottsdale February Polo Classic 23–24 APC Sponsor’s Polo Tournament



1–2 Orlando Garrido Memorial Tournament 8–9 Polo 4 Kids fundraiser 15–16 Polo Series of Scottsdale Holiday Tournament

16–17 USPA Arena Masters Tournament 30–31 USPA Sherman Memorial-Rusher Cup



12–13 Polo Azteca Arena Cup 19–20 Eldorado Polo Club Arena Masters National Tournament

13 Welcome Reception: The Polo Series of Scottsdale Queens Cup 14 The Polo Series of Scottsdale Queens Cup Season Finale 20–21 USPA Amateur Cup

* Dates subject to change. Consult for regular scheduling updates.

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Come play polo with us and learn the game at the Skull Valley Polo Club A member of the United States Polo Association 13125 Van Dickson Road Skull Valley


© lila photo


what advice would you give newcomers to the sport? Follow your passion! Polo is accessible to players of all abilities and income levels. I came from a normal family and started polo at a young age. You don’t need your own string of ponies; clubs across the U.S. provide instructional or lease ponies for beginner players, and a polo lesson can cost less than a round of golf! I hope to help expand access to polo training facilities, because everyone who I have introduced to the sport is addicted, including several of my friends!

who is your favorite pony? Tulsa and ‘Me’ are my favorites. They are amazingly quick and strong, and they do everything that I ask. These horses are true professionals. When we load them into the horse trailer for a game, they know it’s time for work, and they give their all. We treat the ponies like they are our children: they are very well cared for and, in return, they give us their best.

polo: not just for princes

Nic Roldan first picked up a polo mallet at the age of 3, and by 14, he was playing professionally. At the age of 30, Nic is now a top American polo player (with a handicap of 8 Goals), model, and polo ambassador. In an exclusive interview with Arizona Polo, Nic shares his insight into polo and ponies, insisting that polo is for everyone, not just the world’s royalty.

what is your favorite place to play polo? I have played polo across the U.S. and the world. My favorite place to play is at home, in Wellington, Florida. I also really enjoy polo in the Hamptons, South Africa, Australia, and of course, Argentina.

what do you love most about polo? The horses are what I love and respect most. I have been riding since I was 3 years old, and horses have always been an important part of my family. They provide the speed that makes the sport such an intense adrenaline rush.

what is the most challenging aspect of the game? Finding great horses is difficult. The best horses are in top demand and expensive; it is a competitive challenge to gather a string of quality ponies. Finding great teams and sponsors is also difficult, as is staying at the top of your game throughout the year.

where do you see the sport of polo in the future? Polo is attracting the attention of corporate sponsors and the media. We need to continue to educate the public and promote the sport, because once people understand the game, they fall in love with it. My dream is to see polo on ESPN and all of the sports networks.

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saddle PoloGear Nic Roldan Free Shoulder Saddle helmet PoloGear Elite sunglasses Oakley cologne Tom Ford shoes Cole Haan ©

Nic Roldan

nic’s picks



yvette biddle

Tommy Biddle JR.


time in the saddle

Tommy Biddle Jr. has been playing polo since childhood in Aiken, South Carolina, where he learned the game alongside his father, brother and uncle. Tommy has spent more time in the saddle than most other players, and his dedication recently earned him an Arena handicap rating of 10 Goals. Tommy shares his love for polo and ponies with his wife and two daughters, whose time in the saddle is slowly catching up to his own.

what is your favorite place to play polo? I love playing polo at the Calgary Polo Club in Alberta. There is a fantastic polo community up there, and the weather is great during the summer months. My wife and kids love Calgary polo as much as I do, which is really important.

what do you love most about polo? I love the horses, and I love going really, really fast.

what is the most challenging aspect of the game? Going really, really fast! Trying to find and maintain top quality horses is a major challenge. As a polo professional, horses are your life. Pulling together a winning string of ponies and a winning team of players is a no small feat.

where do you see the sport of polo in the future? The future of polo is at the mercy of the economy. When times are tough, Low and Medium Goal polo suffers for it. We need to look more to young people. I think Team USPA is great, but they need to get kids started even younger—so that they are well on their way by the time they are teenagers.

what advice would you give newcomers to the sport? Be as well mounted as you can afford to be. It’s very difficult to learn the game of polo AND learn to ride at the same time. Spend as much time in the saddle as you possibly can and try and be a sponge around better players—learn as much as you can from them.

who is your favorite pony? Mufasa is my favorite pony of all time. I got him as a 4 year old, and I have had him for 19 years. Recently, at the age of 23, he received Best Playing Pony honors at the U.S. Arena Open. He has played all over the U.S., as well as in England and Canada. I just retired him to pasture, and I think he is pretty happy about that.

tommy’s tips saddle PoloGear helmet Casablanca C6 jeans Levi’s shoes Merrill cologne “I’m an Aqua Velva man.”


G E C KO L E A G U E P O L O is an instructional league that assists beginner and intermediate polo students in gaining valuable game-time experience in a friendly and safe environment. After just one or two polo lessons, students are encouraged to hit the field, try out the game, and gain first-hand experience with game rules and strategy. Beginner and intermediate players experience the thrill of the game together, making for a great shared polo experience. The Gecko League is the best way to learn the game of polo! All levels and ages welcome. Junior Polo League welcomes players ages 10 and up. For more information, contact Diego Florez P: (480) 201-4530 | E: or visit

“Come join us and learn the basics of polo! Experienced players and instructors play alongside beginner players to help them understand the game. If you miss the ball or if you are still learning to ride, it’s no big deal! It’s a fun way to get into polo and meet other polo enthusiasts!” – Felipe Ochoa, Gecko League Player

Women and youth are the fastest growing population in polo, according to the USPA!


2011-2012 tournament results

Annual Opening Tournament <WINNER team colombia Dan Coleman, Andres Camacho, Diego Florez, Marlon Pimienta RUNNERS-UP

team usa John Bianco, Bill Clark, Steve Bentz, Natalie Grancharov, Bill Stalcup

Coleman Classic Cup WINNER> $d ranch Steve Bentz, Dan Coleman, Andres Camacho, Diego Florez RUNNERS-UP

scottsdale polo Bill Stalcup, Bill Clark, Ward McDaniel, Leigh Ann McDaniel, John Bianco

USPA Border Circuit Arena Masters <WINNER los caballeros Steve Bentz, Diego Florez, Andres Camacho RUNNERS-UP

scottsdale polo Bill Stalcup, Bill Clark, Ward McDaniel

USPA Amateur Cup WINNER> team scottsdale Steve Bentz, Dan Coleman, Bill Clark, Bill Stalcup RUNNERS-UP

mayo aviation Andres Camacho, Diego Florez, Geneve Kashnig, Ward McDaniel

Orlando Garrido Memorial <WINNER $d ranch Ward McDaniel, Leigh McDaniel, Bill Stalcup, Jorge Estrada III, Bill Clark





2 3



6 1 Polo players meet models and sportscars on the field at WestWorld. 2 Lovely ladies at Horses & Horsepower 2011. 3 Jorge Estrada Jr. fieldside with a polo pony and young fan.


4 Ben Serio enjoys Gecko League polo. 5 Felipe Ochoa and Stephanie Grancharov at Polo Azteca.

6 The Polo Party 2011. 7 Zak and Danny Coleman gear up for the game.


8 The Mayo Aviation team enjoys a game at WestWorld.

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9 Team USPA member Jorge Estrada III warms up a pony at Polo Azteca.

The official Annual for the 2012-2013 Season at the Arizona Polo Club  
The official Annual for the 2012-2013 Season at the Arizona Polo Club  

The official Annual for the 2012-2013 Season at the Arizona Polo Club