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0417. signet L ring / 0506. rosa ring

1034. antonia earring

2007. circle chocker

0192. clara druzy ring

2001. maria druzy / 2018. marilia / 2010. shells necklace

0360. maria druzy ring / 0355. marilia ring

0387. elena rectangle ring / 0506. rosa ring

0324. jade slim ring / 0381. manoela ring / 2011. maria druzy necklace / 2010. shells necklace

0278. billie maxi ring black

0272. billie maxi ring green / 0571. billie maxi ring blue

0310. billie slim colours rings / 0578. billie slim green ring

1060 Bia L earring

1074. lua earring / 0489. elena oval ring 0585. signet S ring / 2008 chevron necklace

002 / collection This collection transports us to the crystalline waters and asymmetrical rocks which characterise the Brazilian coast. The water’s transparency is represented by natural moon stones, whilst solid natural agates symbolise the harshness of the coastal rocks. Sea elements, such as algaes, shell and anchors are represented in colours and in the simple design of the pieces. Rooted in a concept of sustainability, all pieces are made to last generations.

all the metal pieces are made with silver 925 and are available in solid silver or solid silver with 18k gold plated. all the stone pieces are handcarved with natural and semiprecious stones. all the styles can be made with natural moon stone, rose quartz, black agate and mother of pearl.

Model: Ellie C Photo: Lucas Fonseca Beauty: Alex Origuella Styling: JoĂŁo Maraschin

0347. elena retactangle ring / 0348. signet L ring 1002. sophia earring

London, UK


Beho 2018  
Beho 2018