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We are honored and grateful that you have entrusted the Vanessa Pollock Team to find your new home. Every member of our team has a mission to CARE about you and your family, SERVE you to the highest level of professionalism, and GIVE back to this community we love, as well as to the charity of your choice. We have put this magazine together for your convenience, and hope the information enclosed will simplify the process for you and your family. In the pages that follow you will find a step-by-step outline of the buying process. But rest assured, we will be in constant contact with you every step of the way. We are here to answer all of your questions and we promise to provide you with exceptional service, customized to your unique wants and needs. When you look back in the coming years, we want you to think, “The VP team always had my back and was looking out for MY best interests.” Thank you again for this opportunity to serve you. We’re here for you! VANESSA & THE TEAM








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Your home purchase is all about YOU. And

is here to make sure that you get into homes

in order to give you the greatest experience

when YOU want to. Our Closing coordinator

possible, you need a team of specialists who

is here to make sure that everything from

can help you achieve YOUR goals. The VP

contract-to-close is handled quickly, efficiently

team will take care of you every step of the

and with great communication. This is far too

way - your agent will get to know your specific

much for ONE agent to do with the level of

needs and be able to get you into the homes

excellence that you deserve, which is why it is

that are right for you, as well as negotiate your

so smart that you have hired our TEAM.

contract accordingly. Our showing assistant

BUYER’S CHECKLIST Get pre-approved

Conduct home inspection

Take an area tour

Get repair estimate(s) through Closing Coordinator

Search for and find your dream home

Finalize inspection negotiations with attorney

Make an offer through your agent

Purchase Homeowners Insurance

Hire an attorney

Finalize loan

Offer accepted/enter attorney review

Get mortgage commitment to closing coordinator

Complete attorney review

Set up utilities - VP Team will provide list for easy connect

Submit first escrow check

Schedule closing walk through with your agent

Schedule inspection - Completed within 7-10 days after Attorney Review File


Mortgage application








• Initial interview - we assess your needs • Get loan pre-qualification • Start with listing alert emails

• Keep notes on impressions • Remember your top 3 wants • Get paperwork to lender so your loan application is ready to go when you find YOUR home

Call Justin to discuss your financing strategy! Justin Messing Senior Loan Officer Cell 973-865-3252 Office 201-520-1784 Fax 844-813-2014 /justinmessing


VIDEO RESOURCES For a step-by-step guide through the buying process



We all know that feeling of buying a home. Elation, excitement, anticipation! And then you get into this market where it seems that the beautiful home you just looked at online is either gone in days, or if you are lucky enough to see it and want to put in an offer, you get the big news = there are multiple offers!! What?? Where are the days of negotiating a price between buyer and seller, the backand-forth, the resolution? Unfortunately, in this active real estate market, those days are gone! Instead, what we are seeing more times than not, is that as soon as a home hits the market, the buyers come out in droves, and so do the offers!

Intimidating? Yes. Impossible? No. As a Buyer Specialist, I have had the honor(!) of being in numerous multiple bid situations over my many years in real estate. Have I gotten the house for my clients? Yes! All the time? No! But I do know that it is not an impossibility to get a house, and if you follow my steps and suggestions below, your chances will improve: 1. Make sure your preapproval is up-to-date. No offer will be considered without one. 2. In this market, where prices are going considerably higher than the asking price, consider looking at properties below your price range, by as much as $75-100k lower, in order to give you the “wiggle” room to raise your offer, should you be competing with other buyers. 3. In this competitive market, it is harder for you to get a home if you have a sales con-


• • • • • • • • •

Client contact form complete Initial offer amount Good faith deposit Down payment amount Closing date Other conditions Copy of pre-approval Buyers’ letter to the seller Choose attorney (See VP Choices) • Signed Lead-Paint Disclosure • Signed “Sellers” Disclosure

tingency on another property. If you need to sell another home/condo/coop/etc in order to buy your next property, try to at least be “Under Contract” on that home before putting in an offer on your next property. Remember, if your first deal falls through, then your purchase here will also fall through. This does not make you a strong contender when competing against other buyers with no sales contingency. If you insist on still trying for a home, then be ready to increase your bid – A LOT!! Also be ready to provide documentation about the other sale, so that the Sellers feel confident that it will go through (get your contract, your buyer’s pre-approval, a letter from your Board or agent and any other documents ready to share.) 4. The more money you can put down, the better! Sellers love cash in a deal! If you bring a high offer the sellers don’t need to worry about whether or not the house will appraise. An all-cash offer is the ultimate



• Showings can continue • Starts within 3 days of fully executed contract but can take as long as necessary until all parties satisfied • During AR, either Seller or Buyer can cancel without penalty (seller may entertain other offers) • Schedule home inspection • Secure lender and start financing process

• Showings stop • Additional offers accepted for backup only • Apply for mortgage

best, and will put you ahead of the pack! While that’s not everyone’s reality, do try to have at least 20% to put down, if you are competing with other buyers. (Although I have seen buyers with only 10% down win before!) 5. Tell the Sellers that you will have your home inspection within 5 days of completing Attorney Review on the house, and state in the contract that you will only request repairs or credits for major mechanical, environmental, and structural issues.. This still covers you on all the big stuff, but tells the sellers that you won’t give them a laundry list of home inspection items to fix. (Also, to sweeten the deal, you could put a cap amount on what you will ask the sellers to fix. ie: you will “be responsible for anything needing repair up to $5,000.” etc) 6. OK, this is the big one. Many buyers are waiving the appraisal contingency in their mortgage. This means that if the house

does not appraise for the amount you have offered the Seller, then it will be your responsibility to come up with the needed cash to “bridge the gap”. Huh? Let’s look at this example: List price: $500,000 Your accepted Offer: $550,000 Appraisal comes in for: $525,000. By waiving the appraisal, you are telling the sellers that you will come up with the $25,000 needed to bridge the difference between what the bank has said the value is (and will issue a loan based off of) and your offer price. You will still pay $550,000. but need more cash in order to do so. Because buyers have been bidding so much higher than the asking price, a few houses haven’t been appraising. This has become a strong negotiating tool, but should only be used if you are comfortable with it and you actually have more cash to put into the deal!! Most importantly, you need to speak to your real estate attorney about this before you offer it in your contract.

7. Try to have a flexible closing date–one that lines up with what the seller wants. The thing here is–don’t panic! All buyers in our market are experiencing the same thing (and most of them don’t have these tips!). Hang in there, don’t get discouraged, and make sure you have a strong agent in your corner (like me and my team!) that knows the market and understands the process of multiple bids. Good luck!!! Love, Sheri Greenman Buyer Specialist for the VP Team



• Between 1-10 days after AR concludes, unless otherwise stipulated in contract • VP Team representative attends with you Inspections: • Main/General - incl. termite, radon, structural, mechanical, etc. (3-4 hrs) • Supplemental based on inspector’s request - may incl. roof, termite repair, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc. • Oil tank sweep




• Review and negotiate with attorney • Obtain contractor estimates for repairs Closing Coordinator to handle • Submit repair or credit requests to sellers * Closing Coordinator and attorney manages this process with you


• Due within 10 days after AR concludes, unless otherwise stipulated in contract - Closing Coordinator will help us stay on time


• Confirm with Closing Coordinator


• Set up appointment through lender • Your Agent or Closing Coordinator will handle.


Congratulations! You are under contract and it is time for your home inspection! A few things you should know about a home inspection: you should schedule between three and four hours with your inspector. Treat this time like an “educational day” to get to know the inner workings of the home you are buying. Try to come well caffeinated, and with a full belly. It’s best to be without kids, but do bring a tape measure and an open mind – ready to absorb a lot of information. CARE. SERVE. GIVE.


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Components: • Obtain homeowners insurance • Inspection contingencies satisfied • Certificate of Occupancy or Continued Use (varies by town) • Finalize all lender requirements • Buyers’ letter to the seller





• REMEMBER: Set up utilities (gas & electric, water, garbage, TV, phone, internet) for your closing date • Submit change of address to USPS and current services • Confirm move with your moving company • Review closing costs with your attorney • Lender: Loan underwritten clear to close!

• Closing walk-through takes place the day of closing with your agent • Home warranty optional • Buyers must attend in person or provide Power of Attorney to your attorney • Receive keys, any documents/ manuals, etc. • After closing: Legal Recording by attorney • Bring check to closing for down payment and closing costs confirm amount with attorney • “Closing for a Cause” donation is made on your behalf



• CELEBRATE and move in! • Ask your VP Team for recommendations for anything you need! • Stay in touch!


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The inspector will look for issues within the home that are defective, not up to code, or of a hazardous nature. He will also highlight any potential issues, in addition to pointing out appliances that may be near the end of their lifespan. The inspectors are “generalists” who know “a little about a lot of things.” Once you as-

certain what inspection items need further investigation, your agent will help obtain estimates for repairs from “specialist” contractors. Remember, stick by your inspector’s side the whole time, and take lots of notes. Once the inspection concludes, you and your agent will have a “huddle up” with

the inspector to determine what the most significant concerns are. Once you receive your written inspection report, it should be forwarded to your attorney and the attorney will issue a letter with your request for further investigation and/or repairs. Please do not hesitate to ask your agent any questions along the way!


• $1500 Attorney Fees • 0-1% Mortgage Lender Fees (Plus Application & Underwriting Fee)

• Tax Escrow = 1 Quarterly Payment • $1500-$3000 Home Owners Insurance • $2500 Title Fees

(Title agency recommended: Acres Land & Title)

• $450 Appraisal • $750 Survey • $150 Recording Fees • $50 Credit Report • $75 Flood Fee Please note that this closing cost list is an approximation and your final closing costs are determined by your lender and attorney - they vary buyer to buyer, based on your loan fees, tax amounts, etc. This is purely a guide and are not exact amounts.


LAWYERS Budin, Greenman & Greenman Arnold Budin 908-688-6444 Susan Taylor 908-277-2727 Lisa Breen 973-626-1545 TITLE COMPANY Acres Land Title Agency Peter Uzzilino 973-376-4643 MORTGAGE LENDER Eagle Home Mortgage Justin Messing 973-865-3252 HOMEOWNER’S INSURANCE Schumaker’s Honey Carreira 973-237-1000 INSPECTORS Brian Arrington 908-236-9697

Walter Sueldo 973-592-8577 PLUMBER Phil Masucci 973-763-8420 Korn Plumbing Gary Korn 973-731-4565 Corragio Brothers 973-762-1075 Instant Plumbing & Heating Basco 973-964-6833

ASBESTOS REMOVAL D&S Restoration Inc. 973-345-8020 LOCKSMITH Harder Locksmith 973-762-4650 LANDSCAPER MUI THE “ORIENTAL GARDNER” 973-762-4699 The Garden Tender Juliette Doris 973-454-2233 CHIMNEY Thoren Restoration Kirt Thoren 908-399-9069

CLOTHES/SHOES DRY CLEANER Gleason cleaners 7 W Parker Ave, Maplewood 973-762-1400

SLATE Peter Traub 908-464-9655

Deidre LeBarre 917-553-8061

Bryant Floor Services 973-762-1220

Olger Fallas 973-762-6700

Graham Floor Service 973-420-1853

Brinton Brosius 908-208-4013

ARCHITECT Clawson Architects 973-313-2724 Gary Rosard 973-218-6656

Homeowners Hub

Ridge Tire & Auto Repair South Orange 973-762-0705

Athena West Orange 973-736-1570

John Batone 732-322-7466

Rivers Edge Woodworks 973-337-2288

PET GROOMER Puppy Love 973-761-0330 CAR REPAIR SHOP Brinton Auto Body Westfield 908-233-1721

ROOFER R&G Roofers 973-324-9461

FLOOR REFINISHER HVAC Jacob Van Ysseldyk Vinne Ambrosio 973-533-0456 908-797-9173

CUSTOM WORK Bathing Beauties 800-761-3978

Main Street Movers 973-732-3700

Della Volpe 973-477-0121

CONTRACTOR George Maelez 908-397-4881

STRUCTURAL CONTRACTOR Crown Pest Services Jim Kriney 908-242-3111 HANDYMAN George Maelez 908-397-4881

Harrington Moving & Storage 973-313-2246

TAILOR Gleason cleaners 7 W Parker Ave, Maplewood 973-762-1400


Ebert Home Inspections 973-239-6880


PAINTER Alex & Zorieda 973-820-8924 Wilber’s Painting 973-762-6333

TANK SWEEP/REMOVAL Sunrise Environmental Service 973-287-7887 Mike Waters Tank Removal Steve Foreman 973-747-6285

ELECTRICIAN Byrne Electric 973-748-1677 Ryland Electric 908-219-7907 John F. Nittolo & Son Electrical Contractors, Inc. 973-886-8893

Pillar to Post Michael Alameida 201-679-4848


Dan Maus 908-447-4195

MOLD REMEDIATION A. Molly Mold 877-776-6559 TERMITE/PEST Terminite 908-353-6938 Crown Pest Jim Criney 908-242-3111 WINDOW CLEANERS Cleaning America 800-528-2321 MOVERS May Pan Moving & Trucking 973-227-1398

SHOE REPAIR True Fit Shoe Repair 95 Main St #2, Millburn 973-376-1579 CHILDREN CHILDCARE CULTURAL CARE AU PAIR 800-333-6056 Facebook Group: Maplewood Moms SITTERFIED TUTORS Eagles Tutoring Center 973-310-3205 Achieve Foundation Tutors

PIANO LESSONS SO I HEARD HOUSE OF MUSIC Millburn 973-232-5111 The June Studio Vanessa Parvin South Orange 973.327.4671 SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS LITTLE ALL STARS Township of Maplewood Department of Recreation & Cultural Affairs


DANCE STUDIO Lydia Johnson Dance School Maplewood 973-763-6971 THEATRE Class Act Performing Arts Studio South Orange 973-789-0191


HAIR Fringe Salon Maplewood 973-762-7222 Erminia Mulholland East Hanover 908-358-9291 Bloom Salon Morristown 973-292-3377 NAILS Sophie Nails South Orange 973-761-9800 Kim’s Nails Maplewood 973-763-9949 BEAUTY A’MOY 908-688-6888 Indulgence Day Spa South Orange 973-821-5609

EXERCISE Align Wellness Studio Millburn 973-376-4166 CKO Kickboxing Maplewood 973-996-8779

St. Barnabas Medical Center Livingston 973-322-5000

Abril Concina 175 Maplewood Ave, Maplewood 973-327-2023 VET FAMILY FRIENDLY South Orange Animal Hospital Reservoir Restaurant South Orange 106 W.Orange Ave, South Orange 973-762-8211 973-762-9795 The South Mountain YMCA Maplewood Madison Animal Hospital SPECIAL OCCASION DINNER 973-762-4145 Madison Lorena’s 973-377-1515 168 Maplewood Avenue, DFit Maplewood Montclair RESTAURANTS 973-763-4460 973-337-5088 BRUNCH VERJUS Baker Street Yoga The Corner 1790 Springfield Ave, Maplewood Baker Street, Maplewood 115 Grove St, Montclair 973-378-8990 973-783-2400 MASSAGE CATERER Welcome Back Massage COFFEE Richard Krug Nomi Greenman The Able Baker South Orange 201-306-5042 187 Maplewood Ave, Maplewood 732-533-9223 973-313-1133 PERSONAL TRAINER Abril Cocina Allison Kalsched Starbucks 646-337-4723 11 Sloan St, South Orange LIQUOR STORE 973-762-1249 The Wine Barrel Harrison Mercado 1886 Springfield Avenue, 908-405-3395 Dunkin Donuts Maplewood 908-516-5040 2 S. Orange Ave, South Orange 973-275-0400 973-762-6122 The Village Wine Shop DOCTORS BAKERY 163 Maplewood Ave, Maplewood The Able Baker 973-763-3778 DOCTOR 187 Maplewood Ave, Maplewood Dr. Sophia Shapiro 973-313-1133 Amanti Vino 973-763-8950 30 Church St, Montclair Palmer’s Sweetery 973-509-9463 DENTIST 1 Highland Pl Maplewood Dr. Justin Fried 973-378-2027 DINER 973-763-0808 Parkwood Diner The Little Daisy Bake Shop 1958 Springfield Ave, Maplewood ORTHODONTIST (Nut Free) 973-313-3990 Dr. Caplan Montclair 973-376-6611 973-707-2157 Maple Leaf Diner 165 Maplewodd Ave, Maplewood Dr. Zeifman LUNCH 973-763-8833 973-408-9183 Arturos 180 Maplewood Ave, Maplewood Maplewood Diner PEDIATRICIAN 973-378-5800 Springfield Avenue Dr. Larry Gruenwald 973-378-7990 CASUAL DINNER DELI Turtle & The Wolf Town Hall Deli Dr. Voremberg 622 Valley Rd, Montclair 74 First St, South Orange 973-218-0707 973-783-9800 973-762-4900 HOSPITAL Overlook Medical Center Summit 908-522-2000

Coda Kitchen & Bar 177 Maplewood Ave, Maplewood 973-327-2247







TRADE: Jackson Heights, Queens for Maplewood GET THERE: NJ Transit to Penn Station: 28mins LIVE THERE: NYC’s cultural and ethnic diversity isn’t always easy to find elsewhere, but it’s well entrenched in this burb, with a 40 percent nonwhite population and active gay and artistic communities. The quaint streets look like they haven’t changed much since the early 20th century, but Maplewood offers more than retro charm, such as a few gourmet hot spots, like the popular Freeman’s Fish Market (155 Maplewood Ave between Durand Rd and Inwood Pl, 973-763-9363).


















Maplewood was originally developed as a weekend town for Newark residents

St James Gate Pub: the only place to drink a pint AND be okay with the kids

and still maintains something of a country-home aesthetic. The small downtown

tagging along. Sit by the fireplace and be sure to order the skinny fries.

is quaint, and the residences are predominantly twenties clapboard or brick

CODA: the best bar in town and great food too. Either for date night or family dinner

Colonials, although there are also a handful of condo developments.

– its a great night out. Village Trattoria: Enjoy a delicious slice of “bruschetta” pizza, or an entire pie along

This wonderful town is a diverse and family-friendly community. The township

with some yummy pasta! Locals enjoy it’s family friendly casual dining atmosphere.

has a downtown area known as “the village,” with a movie theater, several upscale

Abril Cocina: Gourmet Mexican cuisine

and mid-scale restaurants, a small supermarket, independent café, a toy store and an independent bookstore. With so much to offer, it was no surprise to locals


that Maplewood won New Jersey Monthly magazine’s Downtown Showdown in

Kings: The smallest store in the chain, but conveniently located right downtown.

2015, with the editor’s noting the community’s “myriad boutiques, art galleries and

Freeman’s Fish Market: Fresh fish daily in the Village

notable restaurants”.

Whole Foods Market: Technically in Union, this big store is right on the border of Maplewood, Millburn and Union Twp.

Maplewood counts among its residents a large number of theater professionals

Trader Joes: Near by on Millburn Ave, Millburn

working in Broadway and off-Broadway productions, owing to the town’s

Target: Minutes away on Springfield Ave, Union

convenient rail access and relatively short commute via train into Manhattan. In 2010, 32 of these actors and technicians formed their own repertory theater


company and named it Midtown Direct Rep, after the New Jersey Transit line on

NO. 165: Boutique & gift shop

which they all commuted.

Perch Home: Modern and shabby home goods, gifts, jewerly, ceramics (Featured in Oprah)


Alchemy Hour: Young and cool clothing and furniture with a surfer meets

Tuscan: Also known as College Hill, the names of the streets are named after

Brooklyn feel


Maplewood Barber: Old school barber Salvage Style: Vintage and antique mid-century pieces for the home

College Hill: All the university streets between Prospect St and Springfield Ave. FAVORITE SPOTS Hilton: South of Springfield Ave, these are mostly starter and cottage-type homes.

Movie Theater Community Pool

Clinton: an eclectic mix of homes and culture, all coming together in a cohesive

South Mountain Reservation

sense of community. COMMUTING Wyoming: From Ridgewood Rd. to Wyoming Ave. Unique homes close to town. (Morristown Line)

Upper Wyoming: Above Wyoming Ave, these are magnificent homes going up the hill, many backing the South Mtn. reservation. FAVORITE RESTAURANTS Arturo’s: The best meatballs in town, this popular restaurant uses local produce CARE. SERVE. GIVE.


and Italian wheat in their delicious homemade bread. Mt. Fuji Sushi: Authentic Japanese Cuisine


When asked what they like best about living in South Orange, residents almost


invariably cite three attributes: the rich and varied architecture, the demographic

Stony’s: The best fish tacos around! Enjoy outdoor seating on the back patio where

diversity, and the easy commute to Manhattan. The latter two have a lot to do with the

you can catch a night of live music.

fact that New York City is the point of origin for a high percentage of South Orange’s

Village Diner: Fantastic place for brunch.


Coldstone Creamery: Walk to town and enjoy some ice cream. Giovanni’s: Fancy Italian done by Italians.

South Orange is often linked to Maplewood, the equally diverse neighbor with which

Toro Loco: Great Mexican food and even better margaritas.

it shares a school district and some common history. The midtown-direct train line,

Haru Sushi: Super fresh and a great lunch menu.

instituted here in 1996, decreased the commute into the city from 50 minutes to 30,

Above Restaurant: Upscale Mediterranean restaurant and bar with inside and terrace

and popularity of the two towns boomed. South Orange has a hip, college-town


feel as it is home to Seton Hall University and “a collection of shops that cover a little bit of everything,” according to NJ Monthly. Its performing arts center–created in


conjunction with SHU–is a triumph and has been increasing its influence every year.

Ashley Marketplace: Upscale specialty market chock full of goodies and fresh food.

Stop n Shop: Great selection and lots of deals.

With a diverse selection of homes, life in South Orange combines the best of

Whole Foods Market: Technically in Union, but right on the border of Maplewood &

metropolitan sophistication and small town charm.

Millburn. Wonderful in every way! Trader Joes: Near by on Millburn Ave, Millburn


Target: Minutes away on Springfield Ave, Union

Historic Montrose: The oldest part of town, with elegant, large scale homes on large landscaped lots. Many mature trees and Victorian gaslights.

FAVORITE SHOPS A LA MODE: Unique Kitchenware

Tuxedo Park: On the south side of South Orange Ave, you will find plenty of diversity

Sparkhouse Toys: Wonderful local toy store.

and children of all ages, living in an enclave of beautiful homes. There is almost no through traffic from the surrounding areas, making it peaceful and quiet most the


time. The homes are gorgeous and well-kept.

SOPAC: Movies and Live Theater Community Pool

Wyoming: Between Ridgewood Rd and Wyoming Ave, you will find large homes on

South Mountain Reservation

rolling hills - with large backyards and plenty of land. COMMUTING Upper Wyoming: This area is located from Wyoming Ave to Crest Drive, where you

will find large, elegant family homes. (Morristown Line)

Newstead: The farthest section of South Orange - with the newest homes - this area backs up to the reservation. In addition to being an excellent choice for urban sophisticates, this neighborhood is also a very good choice for highly educated executives and families with school-aged children.


MAPLEWOOD / SOUTH ORANGE SCHOOLS MAPLEWOOD / SOUTH ORANGE SCHOOLS SOMSD The School District of South Orange and Maplewood serves more than 6,800 students in nine schools, including six elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. The community and its schools are racially and economically diverse with more than 90 percent of Columbia High School graduates planning to attend college each year. The district’s vision is to be the top-performing diverse suburban school district in the nation. Its mission is to provide an excellent education for each and every student by providing them with rigorous academic opportunities to reach their personal college and career aspirations, including providing supports for struggling students to succeed. The district will provide an equitable education that breaks the links between demographics and academic achievement. The district will educate its students to be responsible and productive members of society at large: caring, collaborative and ethical people; critical thinkers and problem solvers; effective writers and speakers; and lifelong learners. Office of Registration 525 Academy Street, Maplewood, NJ 07040 973-762-5600, X1830 Email:





My three kids graduated from CHS. Not only is it academically rigorous (my husband and I have ivy degrees, so we feel we can assess this pretty well) but it is also a place where all sorts of kids thrive: artists, filmmakers, robotics teams, journalists, math geeks, dancers, jazz musicians, athletes and on and on: all are the cool kids here. There is socioeconomic and racial diversity, and so these kids learn how to work with everyone. It has been instrumental in the success of our kids and their friends. It is an extraordinary place. – Parent Submission, www.

With a brand new science wing for the students and teachers to enjoy and a new Principal, I have great hope for the future of MMS. My daughter loves this school and the friends she has made there. She adores her teachers who are smart, experienced, enthusiastic and passionate about their work. Every day the students are encouraged to visit their teachers after school if they have a problem with the work covered or homework set. In addition, the after-school clubs run by these teachers range from the amazing MMS play into as varied categories as fencing, adventurers club and more. MMS is a charming, but old, building so some of the corridors seem a little tired, but shouldn’t reflect on the learning that goes on inside. In this diverse community the test scores mirror that economic and social diversity and do not necessarily demonstrate the overall capabilities of the school. – Parent Submission,

SOUTH ORANGE MIDDLE SCHOOL South Orange Middle School is where our kids matured and were able to nurture great freindships in a warm and caring environment. The principal Mr. Smith is very caring and his efforts to know every child’s name reflects his going above and beyond to help solve any issues that arise. The staff is dedicated and caring as well and the teachers are selected for their ability to engage and incite learning in these challenging pre teen years. There have been just 2 or three teachers here we did not care for, but this does not diminish the wonderful instructors who have guided our kids. If you ask me they should get rid of Home Ec and replace it (and the instructor) with Environmental Studies. WE are very happy at SOMS and could not have asked for a better experience. – Parent Submission,




Tuscan is a wonderful school filled with caring, dedicated teachers. The atmosphere is one of respect and a thirst for learning. The ROAR (Respect Others Act Responsibly) program instills the best of the human spirit. The parent community is involved and supportive. A great place to learn and grow. – Parent Submission,

Marshall is a fantastic school with a highly involved parent community. Because the school is only K-2, it is a very nurturing environment for young children. The new principal, Ms. Samuels, seems very competent and responsive. My child has been very happy with the school, and she seems to be thriving there. We love going to events at the school and getting together with other Marshall families. – Parent Submission,

Great teachers, very visible principal and culturally diverse! My daughter is having a good experience there. – Parent Submission,



We bought our house in this district thinking we would upgrade to a “better” elementary when we had kids. We ended up staying in our house, sending our daughter to Clinton and I am so glad we did. Graduating this week, she has been at Clinton all 6 years of elementary school. The community at Clinton can’t be beat. Admin, teachers and parents are engaged in the emotional and academic growth of all children. My daughter is a good student, well behaved and performs well academically. I was worried she would get lost in the public school system since she is quiet and neither extreme. However, she has lots of support and encouragement to expand into involvement in student government, a love of art, music and theater and getting accepted into a competitive summer science program at a local college. – Parent Submission,

The Seth Boyden Demonstration School was established to meet the needs of a diverse student population reflecting the integrated communities of South Orange and Maplewood. Dedicated to a multiple intelligence approach to learning, (Howard Gardner’s theory of different learning styles), the faculty strive to find learning modes that work best for each individual child and to build on their strengths. The school serves as a district-wide resource for staff development. The school attracts similarly-minded families who appreciate the diversity. Seth Boyden has an excellent art and music program. And the fifth graders put on a spring musical each year. The PTA is very strong and active. – Parent Submission,

My daughter went to this school last year for first grade and my son has been there for both Kindergarten/1st grade and really can’t say enough on how loving and compassionate these teachers have been to our children. They instill such great values for the love of learning to each and every single child. – Parent Submission,




Just 18 miles west of New York City, the Township of West Orange is a flourishing

Pleasant Valley Way / Mount Pleasant Ave: Primarily made up of small (studio to

suburban sanctuary that is the center of Essex County. With a dynamic, global

two bedroom) to medium sized (three or four bedroom) single-family homes and

population of almost 50,000 residents, West Orange is known for its rich history

apartment complexes/high-rise apartments, most of the residential real estate

as well as its cosmopolitan appeal. The area spreads over two ridges and two

in this area is occupied by a mixture of owners and renters. Many of the resi-

valleys of the Watchung Mountains, and happens to be the former home to leg-

dences in the neighborhood were built between 1940 and 1969, and a number

endary inventor Thomas Edison. Rolling terrain and close-knit neighborhoods

of them were built between 1970 and 1999. For many reasons, this neighborhood

offer a diverse and varied selection of housing options, from million dollar man-

may be considered a retiree’s dream neighborhood. It’s peaceful and quiet, has

sions, colonials, split levels and capes, to condominium complexes, townhouses

above average safety from crime compared to other neighborhoods in New Jer-

and newly constructed neighborhood enclaves. West Orange presents an as-

sey, while also offering a diverse range of housing options.

sorted housing stock for all budgets. Prospect Ave / Eagle Rock Ave: Homes in this area are primarily made up of meNEIGHBORHOODS

dium sized (three or four bedroom) to small (studio to two bedroom) single-fam-

Saint Cloud: The houses here are primarily made up of medium sized (three or

ily homes and townhomes. Most of the residential real estate is owner occupied.

four bedroom) to large (four, five or more bedroom) single-family homes and

Many of the residences in the Prospect Ave / Eagle Rock Ave neighborhood

small apartment buildings. Conveniently, there is a jitney to the South Orange

were built between 1940 and 1969, with a number of residences being built be-

train station. The area is also home to the South Mountain/Richard J. Codey

tween 1970 and 1999.

Arena, the Turtle Back Zoo Complex, and a Park N Ride garage with an express bus to the city. The majority of the residential real estate in the area is owner oc-


cupied, and most of these properties were built between 1940 and 1969, with a

Highlawn Pavilion

number of residences that were built before 1940. Real estate here is exceeding-

Star Tavern

ly well maintained, and tends to uphold its value over time. It is a quiet tradition-

The Manor

al neighborhood with tree-lined streets, where the neighbors really know each

McLoone’s Boathouse

other, don’t move often, and have lived for quite some time

Essex House

Pleasantdale: This area consists of mostly post war split level and Cape Cod


style houses with pockets of Victorian and pre-war colonial homes as well.

Whole Foods

Pleasantdale has a walkable business district that includes local restaurants, of-

Shop Rite

fice buildings, houses of worship, and shopping centers. Typically the houses are medium sized (three or four bedroom) to large (four, five or more bedroom) sin-


gle-family homes and townhomes that were built between 1940 and 1969, with

Essex Green Shopping Center

some residences that were built between 1970 and 1999. The housing market is very tight in this highly sought out area.

FAVORITE SPOTS: Thomas Edison National Historical Park

Gregory: This area has become a hot spot for those who like the charm and his-

Turtle Back Zoo

tory of Maplewood and South Orange but want more house for their money. The

Essex County Treetop Adventure Course

tree-lined streets are primarily made up of Colonial homes on standard sized

Richard J. Codey Arena

lots. Many streets are just a few blocks from the Mountain train station in South

Essex County Safari MiniGolf

Orange and the entire neighborhood is serviced by the West Orange Shuttle

South Mountain Reservation

Bus service that takes commuters to both the Mountain and South Orange train

Eagle Rock Reservation

stations. Families moving to the area will appreciate that the number one rated

5 Golf Courses

elementary school, Gregory, is in this neighborhood, as well as the Golda Och

Oskar Schindler Performing Arts Center

Academy. COMMUTING Llewelyn Park: With its own front gates and security, this unique neighborhood

is a 420-acre reserve of suburban charm. Established in the 1850s by wealthy (Morristown Line)

importer Llewelyn S. Haskell, it is believed to be one of the nation’s first planned residential communities. This is the area where Thomas Edison bought “GlenCARE. SERVE. GIVE.


mont” – his sprawling 15 acre Queen Anne style mansion. This area is home to a number of stately turn-of-the century homes, with many of them resting on well over 2 acres of property. This is a beautifully picturesque neighborhood with a tight knit community.

WEST ORANGE SCHOOLS WEST ORANGE PUBLIC SCHOOLS The West Orange Public School District has been educating students since 1895 when the historic Washington Elementary School opened its doors. Today, the district boasts eleven extraordinary schools. The seven traditional neighborhood elementary schools include a very sought after full day kindergarten. Each elementary school feeds an innovative central sixth middle school. Students are offered 7th and 8th grade in two middle schools complete with all the latest technology. The state-of-the-art high school campus rivals a small university campus and prepares students for the variety of 21st century opportunities, choices and expectations both socially and academically. The 7,000 plus student body speaks more than 48 languages in the home and provides a mix of cultures, socio-economic and religious groups that creates a harmonious microcosm of a global community contained within the borders of West Orange. The diversity is a tremendous strength and contributes greatly to the success of each and every student.

MOUNT PLEASANT ELEMENTARY This is an amazing school. The teachers are wonderful. The principle puts his heart and soul into the kids and the school. Unfortunately he’s retiring this year but I’m sure whoever replaces him will be great too. Whether you have a special needs child or a in advanced placement - you can’t go wrong. This is a caring place. Yes, parent involvement is somewhat limited but the teachers will always make time for you and there are a few times during the school year where parents are invited to do something in the classroom with the kids. At this level, the kids are learning - it’s okay for parents to back off a little anyway. – Parent Submission,

Registration Department West Orange Public Schools 179 Eagle Rock Ave. West Orange, NJ 07052 Phone: 973-669-5400 x. 20505


LIBERTY MIDDLE SCHOOL I can’t imagine a more wonderful place to come to work everyday. Our physical plant is absolutely state of the art but the heart of our school is our principal, Bob Klemt. If Bob is our heart , then my colleagues are the brains of this operation while students surely are the soul. Liberty Middle School - Home of the Pride. I couldn’t have said it any better myself. – Teacher Submission, My kids have had amazing teachers every year that care so much about each and every student! My kids are thriving academically. The community and parent involvement along with an outstanding principal make this school a wonderful place! – Parent Submission,

WASHINGTON ELEMENTARY Washington has provided a wonderful caring space for my children to learn and grow. – Parent Submission, www. Roosevelt Middle School was named as a School to Watch! In my opinion, Roosevelt is one of, if not the best, schools. The Principal, Mr. Frank Corrado, helped restore my faith in public education. He sets the amazing tone of excellence -both academic and extra-curricular. Every staff member I have met is amazing. They are willing to go above and beyond their job responsibilities in offering extra help and assistance to the students. When problems arise, Roosevelt works like a well oiled machine with all the relevant departments working together to address any issues. As a result, Roosevelt has a warm bully-free environment with truly amazing students! – Parent Submission,


We moved here from New York and both my girls had an awesome educational experience here. Many enrichment opportunities were offered to them, art, music and gifted and talented programs. Both of them scored top of the district in standardized tests (teachers proudly shared this info) and they went on to many great achievements. In addition both developed strong community bonds and great friends - as did I. Hazel is a wonderful school and we have many wonderful memories of our time there. – Parent Submission, www.

My son is in Miss Porter’s special needs pre-k classroom, and I have never seen teachers with more dedication to the progression of their students than I have here. It is truly amazing how the teachers and therapists put all effort in recognizing individual needs, and creating programs to meet the needs of each student. Teachers communicate daily with me, which paints a clear picture of my child’s day! I have absolutely no complaints, and feel really grateful to have my son in such good hands. – Parent Submission,





Communication and efforts to make your child an excellent student and above expectations here at Edison. My daughter is in her 1st term here and I have an overwhelming response from her teachers in the blue teams on improving any unacceptable grade. My daughters science grade went from a C to an A.. What more can I ask for. Wonderful Mr Fitzpatrick and staff. – Parent Submission,

We love Redwood School! My daughter graduated from there and missed every single teacher she’s ever had from K-5!!! My son is still enjoying Redwood School and I can’t thank the wonderful teachers we have had every year!!! Teachers are thoughtful, caring, and tailor the needs of each student. Excellent PTA group and a happy atmosphere! My son looks forward to going to Redwood everyday! – Parent Submission,


ST. CLOUD ELEMENTARY This is an excellent school. My son won national awards for academics and was accepted early at the top-ranked military academy and that doesn’t happen attending a school that doesn’t deliver. Caring and acclaimed teachers, an enthusiastic and involved administration, amazing variety of extra curricular and sports programs and a very diverse and outstanding student population help make West Orange High School the great place it is. I recommend this high school without any reservations...GO MOUNTAINEERS!! This is a very dedicated school to their students learning and growth.The principal and assistant principal go above and beyond finding solutions in helping children grow. The teachers and elective teachers are amazing in their motivation skills to the kids and the amount of love and guidance they show. – Parent Submission,



Millburn Township’s area covers the beautiful hamlet of Short Hills, South Mountain


and the Millburn downtown centre, as well as the historic Short Hills Park and Wy-

La Pergola

oming districts. The township is surrounded by several picturesque municipalities

Millburn Delicatessen

including Madison, Chatham, Summit, Springfield, Maplewood - South Orange,


West Orange, Florham Park and Livingston. Millburn is approximately 21 miles

La Strada

from New York City and is serviced by the NJ Transit on the Morris and Essex Line.

MoonShine Modern Supper Club Cara Mia

Much of the town’s current character reflects its original development in the lat-


er 1870’s. Wishing to create an idyllic community. The majority landowner, Stuart

Cheesecake Factory

Hartshorn, vetted each property purchase and building plans to ensure suitability

Joe’s American Bar & Grill

of incoming new residents.

Boxcar Bar & Grill

The main downtown area is centered largely on Millburn Ave which runs from west


to east through Millburn’s town centre. Many restaurants, coffee shops, retail and

Whole Foods

professional businesses are located either on this road or nearby. In Millburn you

Trader Joe’s

will find diverse cuisine options, such as Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Italian

Shop Rite

and American. For entertainment, there is a Clearview cinema complex downtown while the township is also home to the Paper Mill Playhouse, a regional theatre


with a production schedule more like one seen on Broadway than in Essex County.

Essex Green Shopping Center Bungalow Boutique

At the heart of Millburn’s town center is Taylor Park, with its own lake and historic


stone bridges. And just a stone’s throw away is the massive South Mountain Reser-


vation, a protected nature area with hiking trails, dog-park and a historic landmark.


Millburn’s town center, as well as the Short Hills Mall, caters for the locals with chic


boutique clothing and shoe shops, and high end restaurants. Millburn has a small

South Orange Symphony Orchestra

town feel with a sophisticated edge.

Codey Arena The Mall at Short Hills Paper Mill Playhouse Greenwood Gardens Fairy Hiking Trail in Reservation



COMMUTING (2 stations) (Morristown Line)


GUIDING INSTRUCTIONAL PRINCIPLES • We will develop responsive classrooms where all

VISION STATEMENT We envision the Millburn Township Schools providing an environment that builds the foundation for lifelong learning and responsible citizenship

children can learn to their highest potential. • We will focus on results, with meaningful assessment of students’ growth and progress. • We will aim for mastery and focus on teaching

MISSION STATEMENT • We are dedicated to academic excellence, inspiring creativity, and realization of one’s full potential through a wide range of educational opportunities for all students. • Our schools foster the development of self-worth within a safe and secure environment. • Our schools are places where all are treated with mutual respect and empathy. Students are encouraged to act responsibly and contribute in their own way as valued members of the community.

students to use their minds well. • We will strive to develop depth of understanding vs. quantity or superficial coverage. • We will focus on the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors that will provide the foundation for life-long learning. • We will engage students as active learners. • We will create relationships based on trust, decency, and fairness.



Great school system with an abundance of challenging course offerings. Faculty is very intelligent and accessible and overall student body is composed of motivated individuals. Extra-curricular offerings are also plentiful. I highly recommend this institution. – Parent submission,

Deerfield Elementary is one of the best elementary schools in New Jersey. Not only do we have a compassionate, devoted and kind principal...but the faculty is top in it’s profession. The curriculum is excellent and everyone goes above and beyond to provide an excellent learning experience for our children. – Parent submission,

My child is just about to complete their first year at Glenwood, in K, and the experience could not have been better. Involved, detailed, immersive, family inclusion and a tremendous community. I could not have asked for, nor expected, anything more.. simply a terrific experience. – Parent submission,




Millburn Middle School is phenomenal. Its teachers set a great example and try the best that they can to make us the great people of the future they believe we were born to be. It’s an amazing school and Community and everyone is extremely nice. You would be blessed to attend this school. – Parent submission,

A lovely learning environment, great facilities, good leadership, and fantastic teachers; every kid is pushed hard to do better. The teachers and even parents in this community take great pains to help strive kids perform better; a very active and energized pto; all in all i am in love with this school. – Parent submission,

WYOMING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL We recently transferred from NYC public schools (Grades 1 and 3) and noticed a substantial difference in the academic focus. The teachers made the transition for our children smooth and the smaller class sizes have had a positive impact on the learning environment. I agree with another reviewer that the teachers have a real vested interest in the children. - Parent submission,



A mere 20 miles outside of New York City, Montclair is often referred to as the Up-


per West Side or Park Slope of New Jersey. Nestled on the side of the Watchung

Whole Foods

Mountains, this town is known for its historic architecture and districts, where the


homes are predominately colonial, victorian and tudor in style. This vibrant town is very family friendly, yet still maintains a hip, city vibe. The downtown area is


centered on Bloomfield Avenue where you can find a number of antique, jewelry,

Watchung Booksellers

clothing, shoe, toy and other charming shops.

Anthropologie Moxie

One of the most appealing features of Montclair is it’s eclectic and delicious range


of cafes and restaurants. Some of the many cuisines available include Greek,

Dirt and Noise

French, Ethiopian, Cuban, Caribbean, Japanese, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Thai, and

The Pie Store

Indian. There are also a number of pizzerias and coffee shops if you’re in the mood for something quick.

FAVORITE SPOTS Montclair Film Festival

Montclair is also home to the historic Wellmont Theatre, the Montclair Operetta

Wellmont Theater

Theatre, local movie theatres, art galleries and the internationally recognized

Montclair Art Museum

Montclair Art Museum.

Iris Gardens Edgemont Park

With it’s three main walkable areas: Downtown, Midtown, and Upper Montclair, this

Ice Skating - Floyd Hall at MSU

is a town that gives off a “local” feel, while simultaneously offering shops, services

Movie Theatres

and restaurants with the quality and convenience comparable to what you would

Doin’ Dishes

find in New York City.

Little Gym Kidville



La Colombe

Turtle + the Wolf (Montclair-Boonton Line)

Upstairs Montclair Bread Company Uncle Momo The Tiny Elephant Fricassee CARE. SERVE. GIVE.


Halcyon Brasserie

MONTCLAIR SCHOOLS MONTCLAIR PUBLIC SCHOOLS’ MISSION The Montclair Public School District is dedicated to creating a culture of learning and continuous improvement that provides every child with a high quality, rich and rigorous education, through a magnet system of integrated schools in which every school represents a strong, diverse and vibrant community of learners. Montclair Public Schools’ Vision The Montclair Public Schools will cultivate and support our students to become high academic achievers, curious and creative thinkers, and socially adept young people who are prepared for college and careers of the 21st century. We believe: • Challenging all students by providing academic rigor is essential to student success. • All children, regardless of circumstances, can achieve at high levels. • Academic achievement gaps can and will be eliminated. • Effective principals and teachers are key to improving growth in student achievement. In addition, the Board of Education and Central Services must promote an environment of continuous improvement and innovation that results in a high performing district that is 100% focused on student achievement and success. • Supportive and engaged parents, guardians and members of our diverse community must be welcomed as active participants in the education of our students.




My children have attended Bradford since kindergarten, and my oldest will be finishing up this year! We have had a truly wonderful experience at the school, with many great teachers, a terrific principal, and an engaged and friendly community of families. When my kids have needed extra support of whatever kind - academic, behavioral, etc. - they have quickly received it in a supportive manner. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have our kids at Bradford. – Parent submission, www.

A dynamic and talented staff of teachers and administrators, including a stellar principal, make this school a genuine joy for my two kids. The student body is diverse in all senses, and everyone from the staff to the parents to the kids themselves embrace that diversity. CHB, as we all affectionately call it, is a fantastic learning community. – Parent submission,

Have sent two of my children to Edgemont, the only public Montessori School in the State, and have not been disappointed. All teachers are Montessori trained. The new principal, Cheryl Hopper, is responsive, energetic, positive, and interested in involving the local teacher’s college in the mix and has the connections to do it. The parents run an excellent after school enrichment program that will introduce your child to topics that are fantastic: art of the medieval ages, dance, musical theatre, yoga, art, rocketry, fencing and the list goes on.... Beautiful Edgemont Park offers its grounds for regular use, including the brand new, all-children’s playground. One known as the best kept secret in town, not so sure it’ll stay that way, especially with Hopper at the helm. – Parent submission,







Glenfield is a very good school! I have two children in school here and have been very satisfied. The instrument teacher is excellent as are the choir and acting teacher. The house system allows teachers to really know the strengths and weaknesses of the students, as the teachers remain with the students all three years. I have been pleased with the academic standard. The principal is very responsive and has held the students to excellent standards. – Parent submission,

Hillside School is an amazing experience for almost any child. Whether the child excels in academics, performing arts or athletics, there is an advanced or in-depth class offering. The children can try new classes each cycle (3 each year) and are exposed to things most elementary school aged children don’t experience. Examples are, chemistry (3rd graders!) - a truly fun class that introduces the children to chemistry using a hands on approach. This introduction has gotten my daughter excited and interested in chemistry. She has also enjoyed taking dance as her gym class (you can choose from many, such as, gymnastics, rock climbing, phys ed, etc.) Each of the aesthic classes work this, choose chorus, drums, keyboards, and many others. The kids also love the movement of going from class to class. It gives them a fresh start 8 times daily. No more doldrums! - Parent submission,

My child, now in 7th grade loves going to Mt. Hebron. There are many technology and robotics electives and clubs to choose from. There are also many non-tech electives to choose from such as art, design, theater, band, writing, and more. The after school choices are great. Most importantly, the core courses of LA, Math, Sci, and SS are doing a great job of preparing my child for HS. I’ve been particularly happy with the Language Arts teacher, Ms. Murphy in House 1. She keeps the kids reading and writing. My child really knows how to write great papers now! Fantastic! The new principal, Jill Sack is doing a good job implementing the “STEAM” and other initiatives. Kudos to Mr. Taylor for all his hard work developing the robotics program. - Parent submission,




Last year was our first year in Montclair and we couldn’t have had a better experience at Nishuane. It is a wam, accepting environment, well run by the administration, and our first grade teacher was wonderful, both academically and personally. I am very excited to have two kids there next fall! - Parent submission,

Teachers are deeply dedicated and have been a significant positive influence on my daughter. In addition, the participation by so many parents has added an additional facet to my child’s education. This is a great school. - Parent submission, www.

Renaissance is a fantastic place! I am so glad that my family is part of the Renaissance family! - Parent submission,


Named for the glen which Toney’s Brook runs through near the borough’s center


and the ridge on which it is situated, Glen Ridge was settled by Europeans starting

Glen Ridge residents visit Montclair for grocery shopping

in the 17th century. With its small town feel and large metropolitan area, many city transplants find this to be a wonderful place to raise a family. The houses are


well maintained and architecturally distinctive – some even designed by famous

Glen Ridge residents visit Montclair for shopping

architects Stanford White, John Russell Pope, and Frank Lloyd Wright – including many century-old Queen Annes, Tudors and Colonials.

FAVORITE SPOTS Glen Ridge Nail Salon

Glen Ridge is almost entirely residential, which makes this town feel like one big

Glen Ridge Auto

neighborhood. It does not have a major shopping district, but is just a short drive

Glen Ridge Pharmacy

from the well-known restaurants and unique shops of Montclair and Bloomfield.

Mat-Kat Pilates

Glen Ridge has a nice quantity of starter homes in the south end of town. It also has

Bhakti Barn

great appeal for people who want outstanding schools that are regularly ranked

Elegante Dry Cleaners

among the top in the state. Among Glen Ridge’s other features: maple-tree-lined

Bottle King

street after street, lit by the town’s 600-plus trademark vintage gas lamps; and the biggest collection of pre–World War II houses in the entire state.

COMMUTING (Montclair-Boonton Line)

FAVORITE RESTAURANTS Just Sandwiches Fitzgerald’s 1928 Restaurant Smashburger


GLEN RIDGE SCHOOLS GLEN RIDGE PUBLIC SCHOOLS Building on the best of existing state standards, the Common Core State Standards provide clear and consistent learning goals to help prepare students for college, career, and life. The standards clearly demonstrate what students are expected to learn at each grade level, so that every parent and teacher can understand and support their learning. The standards are: 1. Research and evidence based 2. Clear, understandable, and consistent 3. Aligned with college and career expectations 4. Based on rigorous content and the application of knowledge through higher-order thinking skills 5. Built upon the strengths and lessons of current state standards 6. Informed by other top-performing countries to prepare all students for success in our global economy and society



This is our 2nd year at Glen Ridge High School. I am blown away with how great it is. The teaching staff is exceptional: caring, professional and most importantly engaging with the students. Glen Ridge is an affluent, educated community with high standards. It is my opinion that GRHS meets these standards. – Parent submission,

We have two children enrolled at RAS. Both of their teachers are very strong, providing sound instruction and structure in the classroom. Both teachers are extremely positive role models, and have been a source of inspiration to our children all year long. The administration is friendly and open to parent communication. The principal and assistant principal are very popular with the students. The school has strong any-bullying policies and programs, and is a very friendly tolerant place. – Parent submission,

According to the best available evidence, the mastery of each standard is essential for success in college, career, and life in today’s global economy.






Linden Avenue School

This is a wonderful school with some really amazing teachers. My daughter has had a very positive experience at Linden. The lower grades really encourage parental involvement. We will miss Linden when my daughter goes to the middle school next year. – Parent submission,

The teachers at this school are warm and friendly and the principal is very accessible. My child has struggled with fitting in socially and the school has been very involved in planning ways for him to better connect with other children in his classroom. There is always something fun planned - ‘World Well Being Week’ or visiting authors or flower planting. My only complaint about the extracurriculars is that they start 30 minutes after school gets out - which makes scheduling a bit more complicated than it needs to be. – Parent submission, www.


ABC Nursery School for Wee Folk 386 White Oak Ridge Road Short Hills, NJ 07078 Director: Jacquelyn McKew 973.379.2542 Baird Community Preschool 5 Mead Street South Orange, NJ 07079 Director: Dru Barkalow 973.378.7754 ext 2226 Beth El Preschool 222 Irvington Avenue South Orange, NJ 07079 973.763.0111 Director: Sandy Sachs www. preschool.shtml Bilingual Buds 587 Springfield Avenue Summit, NJ 07901 Directors: Sharon Huang and Carina Bellmann 908.598.8088 The Children’s Academy 37 Church Mall Springfield, NJ 07081 Director: Debra Smith 973.379.3524 Christ Church Nursery School 66 Highland Avenue Short Hills, NJ 07078 Director: Barbara Pepe 973.379.6549 ext 11 Clockwork Learning Center (formerly Suburban Hills Preschool) 627 Mount Pleasant Avenue West Orange, NJ 07052 Director: Missy Dangler 973.736.9444 The Early School of Temple B’nai Abraham 300 East Northfield Road Livingston, New Jersey 07039 Director: Debbie A. Ziering 973.994.7016 Totri 465 Valley Street South Orange, NJ 07079 973-761-4309

Early Childhood Center at Temple Emanu-El 264 West Northfield Road Livingston, NJ 07039 Director: Ellen Levitt 973.992.6174 Leon & Toby Cooperman JCC Ross Family Campus 760 Northfield Avenue West Orange 07052 Director: Jo Sohinki 973.530.3511 EarlyChildhoodWO@ Kinder-Gan Preschool Maplewood Jewish Center/Beth Ephraim Synagogue 120 Parker Avenue Maplewood, NJ 07040 Director: Frumie Bogomilsky 973.763.7455 Little Stages 60 Taylor Place South Orange, NJ 07079 Director: Guerlyne Millington 973.243.0725

Montclair Community PreK Montessori School of Millburn/ Short Hills 5 Bleeker Street Millburn, NJ 07041 Director: Sarah Colucci/Brenda Meehan Administrator 973.379.4710 Morrow Memorial Preschool 600 Ridgewood Road Maplewood, NJ 07040 Director: Barbara Illingworth 973.763.7676 ext. 19 Neighborhood House Nursery School 12 Taylor Street Millburn, NJ 07041 Ex Director: Jennifer Langham 973.376.0739 Open Door Nursery School 432 Wyoming Avenue Millburn, NJ 07041 973.376.9303

South Orange/Maplewood Public School’s: Early Launch to Literacy Initiative (ELLI) Marshall and South Mountain Elementary Schools

Our Lady of Sorrows Nursery 162 Academy Street South Orange, NJ 07079 Director: Bonnie Hughes 973.763.4040

Mickey Fried at Oheb Shalom 170 Scotland Road South Orange, NJ 07079 Director: Iris Ehrlich 973.762.7069 nurserydir@ohebshalom.

Our Lady of Sorrows Preschool 172 Academy Street South Orange, NJ 07079 Principal: Sr. Judith Blair, S.C.C. 973.762.5169

Middleton Early Learning Center Millburn Co-op 951 Ridgewood Road, Millburn NJ 07041 Directors: Eileen Gefell & Adrienne Topping 973-379-2778

Parkside Montessori Pilgrim Playhouse Cooperative Nursery School 88 Franklin Avenue West Orange, NJ 07052 Director: Anat Stetner 973.736.9451

Prospect Cooperative Nursery School 646 Prospect Street Maplewood, NJ 07040 Director: Betsy Geiger 973.763.8955 Saint Rose of Lima Academy 52 Short Hills Avenue Short Hills, NJ 07078 973-379-3973 Saint Stephen’s Preschool 116 Main Street Millburn, NJ 07041 Director: Sheelagh Clarke 973.376.3534 South Mountain YMCA 10 Parker Avenue Maplewood, NJ 07040 973.762.0860 Director: Dawn Druhot South Orange Country Day School 461 Vose Avenue South Orange, NJ 07079 Director: Annemarie Maini 973.762.6451 Temple Sharey Tefilo Israel Iris Family Center for Early Childhood Education 432 Scotland Road South Orange, NJ 07079 Director: Carol Paster 973.763.4600 Village Babies Development Center, LLC 401 Valley Street South Orange, NJ 07079 973.378.5906 Weekday Nursery School 111 Irvington Avenue South Orange, NJ 07079 Director: Liz Lehrer 973.762.7879


ABOUT THE POLLOCK PROPERTIES GROUP “For the first time in my life, I understand how important

“My husband and I just

a good real estate agent is, and Vanessa Pollock does it

closed yesterday on our

ALL! She’s the real deal, folks: smart, super-organized,

home in Maplewood. We are

compassionate and always available. She’s like a rock

moving from Brooklyn after

star in the real estate world. Like Madonna, but taller.

the birth of our son, 6 weeks

And with darker hair. And less Kabbalah.”

ago. Life has changed a lot

- Norbert Leo Butz

for us in the last 2 months. I was signing mortgage doc-

“Vanessa Pollock helped us buy our first home 10 years

uments from my hospital

ago – in fact she just sent us an anniversary email to

bed! The process went so

congratulate us on the anniversary! Her professional-

quickly and so well even

ism and kindness helped made our transition from New

though everything hinged on us selling our Brooklyn

York so much easier for us. She is incredibly knowl-

apt. Denise was always in touch, & checking in. Work-

edgable, honest, and patient, and is really there for

ing with her was so enjoyable. She was well informed,

you throughout the process. If you need a realtor who

honest, & always cheerful. I can’t wait to move into our

knows the area and will be there with you from the start

house & become part of the Maplewood community.

to the end, she and her team are the perfect choice.”

I’m sure you already know how great Denise is, but we

- Rita Orell

wanted you to know we think so too! “ - Lisa & John

“Sheri Greenman was a consumate professional in every stage of the process! Her follow up was appro-

“My husband and I purchased our first home with the

priate but not pushy, she understood our preferences

invaluable help of Vanessa’s team. We worked with

and needs (at times better than we did ourselves). She

Sheri Greenman as our buyer’s agent and she was a

showed us a variety (which we wanted to see) but also

dream-come-true! We were moving from Queens, so

kept us focused. We would unequivocally recommend

Sheri’s total understanding of the area and the process

her and use her again!”

of home buying in general made the entire experience

- West Orange Homeowner

so much smoother and more fun than we could have imagined.”

“I cannot think of another agent I would recommend

- Frank Galgano

more highly than Vanessa Pollock and her amazing team. They consider every aspect of the service they

“I recommend Vanessa Pollock and her team to every-

are providing, and go above and beyond to ensure you

one I encounter who is looking to make the move out

feel comfortable during that process. Vanessa honors

of NYC. She is thoughtful, compassionate and intuitive.

her motto of “Care. Serve. Give.” with attention to detail,

She listens. We thank her daily as we continue to enjoy

personable advice, and follow-up correspondence.

the house that she found us. The house we didn’t real-

They are the very definition of Dream Team.”

ly think we were looking for until we arrived and found

- Nicole Van Giesen

ourselves HOME. But the quality that sets her apart is her involvement in the community she represents. She

“Vanessa and her team are the Gold Standard in Essex

and her team, through their sponsorship of art, music

County. From the moment we started working with

and food festivals and scholarship drives for example,

them, we felt like a part of the family. We were assist-

have helped to build an environment that we are proud

ed through every step of this complicated process with

to be a part of.”

grace, expertise, and humor. Truly a great experience!”

- Christiane Noll

- Chuck Rea CARE. SERVE. GIVE.


“Carrie, I wish to express immense gratitude for your help and patience in helping us purchase the home and answer this apartment-dwelling/city boy’s questions as we moved towards becoming homeowners in the state of NJ. Your patient and calm energy as well as your generosity in providing answers and insights to questions I had were greatly appreciated. Thank you very very much. “ - Farid and George “We found our home in Maplewood with Vanessa’s team of experts. They were patient with us until we found the house that best suited our needs. Vanessa and her team are highly knowledgeable about Maplewood and South Orange because they live here and raise their families here, too. They know the ins and outs of the schools, local businesses and give back to the community. They will partner with you if you and your family are moving out of NYC to make the transition as smooth as possible. When the time comes for us to sell and move (which won’t be for a while because her team helped us find the perfect house) we’ll be calling Vanessa.” - Diane DeCroce


Examples of a few charities we have donated to over the years:

When you buy your home essa: Dear Van

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with us, you won’t get a closing gift. Instead. we ask that you chose the charity of your choice and we donate to that charity on your behalf. Start thinking about what charity you are most passionate about - your home purchase will make a difference!







need. Since inception, the initiative has raised over

established in 2015 with the Achieve Foundation





$40,000, effecting over 500 students. Twice a year

in order to raise money for the SOMA schools

Vanessa and the team produce benefit concerts,

district to improve music resources and expand

starring Vanessa’s Broadway actor husband Charlie

access to music education, district-wide. It also

Pollock in order to raise the needed money. We

supports instruments and music training for select,

look forward to seeing you at the next concert!

exceptionally talented music students with financial

CARE. SERVE. GIVE. We care about you and this community. We are experts who provide the best service in the real estate industry. We give back to the charity of our clients’ choice, as well as to the community we serve.








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Pollock Properties Group Home Buyer Guide  

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