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Welcome To Granny Pearl’s Kitchen Made by hand from family recipes that are more than a half century old, Granny Pearl’s bite size cookies are the perfect ready-to-eat treat or gourmet gift. The award-winning packaging stands out on store shelves and captivates customers while the cookies’ delectable taste keeps them coming back for more.

Granny’s Gift Of Goodness Walking into Granny Pearl’s home, the first thing you’d notice was the sweet smell wafting from the kitchen. Over the years, Granny developed a number of blue-ribbon cookie recipes and loved to bake her special treats for family and friends. While she’d always share her cookies, Granny’s recipes were a secret she passed down to her grandson John. Closely guarding her secret recipes, John honors Granny’s giving spirit and shares the gift of goodness by making these bite size delights available to discerning customers nationwide.

Staying True To What Matters Just like Granny Pearl’s original cookies, each of these cookies is carefully handcrafted in a local bakery on St. Simons Island, GA using natural and locally-sourced ingredients like our very own Georgia pecans. Granny Pearl never used preservatives so you won’t find any in our cookies either. You can taste the difference in every bite. Customers also appreciate the eye-catching packaging. Each house package, with a different house style for each cookie flavor, is based on a classic architectural design. Your customers will love the portability and distinctive packaging design too. The featured houses are just as classic as the cookies inside. This packaging helps set Granny Pearl’s apart and makes these cookies ideal for gift giving—whether the gift is for someone else or a personal treat for themselves.

SugarDoodles Granny’s oldest family recipe, this cookie is a delicious combination of a traditional sugar cookie with the added spiciness of a snickerdoodle. The packaging, which is the recipient of the Addy award in packaging design, is a rendering of Granny Pearl’s own home and is our way of inviting you into Granny Pearl’s kitchen just like she would have done.

Chocolate Chip These are no ordinary chocolate chip cookies. Granny insisted that her chocolate chip cookies be made with the freshest milk and dark chocolate chips along with her secret touch…espresso! The packaging is designed after the Tabby House, one of the oldest buildings on St. Simons Island, GA.

Pecan Sandies A southern tradition at its finest in all respects. Made with locally-sourced Georgia pecans, we’ve packaged these delicacies in the South’s most famous home, the iconic Tara House from Gone with the Wind.

Pecan Chocolate Chip Always proud of her Southern heritage, Granny combined her famous chocolate chip cookies with Georgia pecans for a truly delectable taste. The packaging is a tribute to The Davenport House, an 1820 Federal-style historic home in Savannah, GA.

Lemon Tea Join Granny for tea with this sweet but simple treat. The lemon zest adds the perfect amount of lemon to balance the sugary goodness. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy these buttery morsels while admiring the English Tudor house, synonymous with British royalty!

Peanut Butter Granny always added extra spoonfuls of peanut butter to her cookies and these are no different. Using all-natural peanut butter, we pack a lot of flavor into these cookies窶馬ot unlike the small but mighty Charleston, SC carriage homes that the packaging represents.

Pocket Tidbits A visit to Granny wasn’t complete until you found some cookies in your pocket that Granny had secreted there when you weren’t looking. Our Pocket Tidbits are the ideal-sized sweet treat— 12 cookies to a portable pack.