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Transform your Life… Activity Counseling Activity and diet are the most important factors in achieving and maintaining optimal health. One of the safest ways of becoming more active is walking. No matter what shape you are in, walking gets you moving more often and starts you on a path of healthy living.

Your Activity Counseling Sessions include:

Your path to a better YOU!

Meet and Greet with Exercise Therapist, Ryan Johnson -

Short discussion about what to expect during activity counseling and answering any questions that they may have about the program.

On your 1st Activity Counseling Visit -



Free Pedometer! – Pedometer functions will be reviewed and you will be trained how to set and monitor your daily pedometer usage and steps. Activity Counseling Assessment- An assessment will be performed assessing activity history, basic aerobic capacity, core stability, upper and lower body strength, endurance, and flexibility. Activity Log – You will be given a activity log to track your daily pedometer steps and to monitor your daily activities.

On your 2nd Activity Counseling Visit -

A Customized Physical Activity Program, in which we will discuss specific goals, pedometer use, and activity journals. Pedometer goals set – Daily goals will be suited for you and your weight loss target after you and your exercise therapist review your activity log.

Monthly Follow-Up Visits -

Update activity goals, progress with physical activities, and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

CLINIX’s Medically Assisted Weight Loss Program

Transform Your Life: Medical Weight Loss Book  
Transform Your Life: Medical Weight Loss Book  

The Transform Your Life: Medical Weight Loss Book was given to patients after a bariactric exam and upon their initial visit with a nutritio...