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By: Vanessa Mendoza, Arleta, Newsletter and Articles for the month of August

What is MNT? MNT is maternal and neonatal tetanus; it kills a baby every nine minutes in about 28 countries. Could you imagine being a parent and watching your helpless newborn baby die? Not only does MNT kill newborn babies it kills mothers too. This disease causes painful seizures and extreme sensitivity to light and touch. That is why the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has been working with Kiwanis and other organizations to help save these innocent lives. The immunization for this disease cost 60 cents and once the baby’s mother has the vaccine the immunization to this disease is automatically passed on to the baby. Currently, Kiwanis and UNICEF are working on the Eliminate project. The Eliminate project was created to help eliminate this disease by fundraising money to get the materials, transportation, and staff required to these countries in desperate need. To do so, UNICEF needs the participation of all the Kiwanis family. For more information on how your Key Club can help today visit the link bellow:

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