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THE 1920s

The 1920s In an interview, Hercules Lamoureux was asked about how Maillardville was developing in the twenties. He talked about the buildings, the areas that were settled, and the parts that were still bush. Rochester Road was not built until about 1926. It was only a short distance north to Millside School. From there to Booth’s farm on Pitt River Road, there were no

houses. It was all farmland east from the middle of Maillardville, and west from Our Lady of Lourdes Church to Blue Mountain Road. There are very few houses anywhere. Alderson Road was not built, but that area had only a couple of houses. A few farmers cultivated the land around where Alderson exists today. Most of the settlements were right in the center of Maillardville. The other topic Hercules discussed was the fire-fighting method of the day. They used three or four small buildings to store the equipment after the hydrants were installed. Before hydrants, volunteers used fire buckets. They did not have a fire engine. The hoses were rolled around wheels. The alarm was the church bell. Everyone knew

that when the bell was ringing at an unusual time, there was an emergency somewhere. People would all rush out to extinguish the fire.1 In the 1920s weddings were celebrated by open invitation as everyone knew everyone else. One tradition was to impose the “chivaree” upon the newlyweds. This particular custom was to use whatever means necessary to keep the bride and groom up all night. Even though it was hard for the newlyweds, it was considered an insult if this particular tradition was not observed. In 1922, all Canadians were required by law to drive on the right hand side of the road, which was the North American standard. This change in the way people could drive had very little impact in Maillardville as automobiles were few. In 1926 the District of Coquitlam arranged for the service of the BC Provincial Police to do the policing in the community. Chief Paré joined the BCPP and remained in Coquitlam until 1929 when he was transferred to Mission.2

Colony Farm - Flooded In 1921


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