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In 1990, a new Mental Health Act was introduced by the provincial government. This new act legislated the downsizing of Riverview Hospital to a five hundred and fifty-bed three-part care facility. The whole change was completed by 2000.12 With the closure of West Lawn in 1983, Crease Clinic (Veterans Unit) in 1992, East Lawn (Female Chronic Unit) in 2005, North Lawn (Tuberculosis Unit) in 2007, considerable downsizing was achieved. Only Centre Lawn (Acute Psychopathic Unit) remains open. Many movies and television series were filmed at Riverview. “Along Came a Spider” starring Morgan Freeman was filmed in 2001, “Romeo Must Die” starring Jet Li was filmed in 2000, “Smallville”, a television series starring Tom Welling as Clark Kent was filmed in 2001 and another television series “Dark Angel” starring Jessica Alba as Max Guevera was filmed in 2000. In 2005, a city hall task force on hospital land use rejected the idea of further housing on hospital land. The hospital lands and buildings would be protected and remain as a mental

health facility. In April 2009, Riverview was added to the Canadian Register of Historic Places.13 On September 12, 2010, Riverview celebrated its 17th annual Treefest. The theme for 2010 was heritage. Heritage is not just the museum, buildings, and artifacts. It is also reflected in the outdoor spaces, both natural and developed, and forms a complete combination of buildings, function, trees and landscape. More than 1900 trees exist on Riverview property. The popular tree tours were the highlight of the day. The museum was opened to visitors.14 The purpose of the Treefest is to raise awareness about Riverview, which is being phased out. The Riverview Horticultural Centre Society wants people in the Tri-City area to be aware of what a jewel exists in our midst. It was mistaken for a resort at one time by some tourists who had lost their way.15 The closure of Riverview had been planned for 1973. The threat is now more immediate with the last few patients expected to be transferred elsewhere by June 2012. In 1990, the Burke Mountain Naturalists made a walkabout of Colony Farm to increase the public’s awareness of the ecological haven that the farm provides for animals, birds, and endangered species. The farm is

a popular spot for birdwatchers. On March 14, 1997 the Forensic Institute was opened at Colony Farm. It replaced the hospital built in 1948 to provide lodging for mentally ill war veterans. The older hospital building was demolished.16 On May 3, 2010 the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure invited the public to an open house at The Outlet in Port Coquitlam. The purpose of the open house was to provide feedback on the proposed habitat and drainage changes at Wilson Farm, an area within Colony Farm Regional Park. The proposed work is part of the Port Mann Improvement project designed to restore tidal flow, improve water quality and fish assessment, and provide enhanced habitat for fish and birds in Wilson Farm. Construction is scheduled to begin July,2010 and be completed by September, 2011. The area will be monitored for five years to track the effectiveness of the habitat changes, to understand how habitat is functioning and provide better management of the area for fish, birds and other wildlife. The Port Mann Improvement project consists of widening the bridge, reducing congestion and travel time, improving safety and access, and enabling transit buses to cross the Port Mann Bridge for the first time in over twenty years.17

Riverview Hospital and Colony Farm

preserve for wildlife.10 Another plan was to move the Pacific National Exhibition to the Colony Farm site, but transportation issues made that a plan unworkable.11


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