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Least Flycatchers within the Lower Mainland.7 At its peak there were two hundred and fifty Holstein cows in the dairy. The most famous of the Holsteins was Colony Grebegga Valdessa. At two years old, she produced 28,371 pounds of milk that was a world record for her age group.8


Colony Farm closed in 1983 because of economic conditions, after more than seventy years of productive life. All the equipment and herds of animals were sold. The existing government tried to sell the land, but because of the recession in the 1980s there were no buyers. Since the farm was in the Agricultural Land Reserve, it was unavailable for industrial, residential, or commercial development. When the farm was closed, 235 hectares (580 acres) remained. On the Coquitlam side of the river

the share was 101 hectares (250 acres). The Port Coquitlam side consisted of 134 hectares (330 acres). In 1993, the British Columbia Building Corporation did a land use study of Colony Farms by way of a series of public workshops, presentations by interested people and an open house that was attended by two hundred people. In February 1995, another open house was given at Wilson Centre to study and discuss a drafted land use plan resulting from the previous open house. The second open house was attended by more than three hundred people.

Riverview Hospital and Colony Farm

“Many movies and television series were filmed at Riverview. “Along Came a Spider” starring Morgan Freeman was filmed in 2001, “Romeo Must Die” starring Jet Li was filmed in 2000”

In 1984 the provincial government sold 57 hectares (141 acres) of Riverview Hospital land to Molnar Development. The land was subdivided and called Riverview Heights with about two hundred fifty single-family homes.9 In September 1986, approximately one hundred fifty local residents walked around Colony Farm trying to influence the government to leave the farm in the Agricultural Land Reserve and out of the hands of a private enterprise, which wanted to develop a golf course. The proposed golf course was denied by the Provincial Land Commission. Coquitlam city council wanted the land in agricultural protection and a 75

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