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sports sports such as volleyball and basketball. He coached a team of five local boys who went on to win the Canadian championship at UBC.3

own recreation commissions, and Coquitlam established theirs under Rene Gamache’s leadership.

During the 50s, 60s and 70s, the Municipality built a number of sporting venues, including ice rinks, soccer fields, baseball diamonds and swimming pools. It was not surprising that with additional facilities, excellence in sports would follow. Coquitlam has produced several provincial champions, including the 1966 Centennial Football Team, the 1972 Centennial Centaurs basketball teams, along with Canadian champions in baseball (1984 Coquitlam Little League and 2008 Coquitlam A’s Junior) and in lacrosse (Mann Cup 2001, Minto Cup 2010). The City has hosted the Highland Games and was awarded the B.C. Senior Games in 1992.

One example of the benefits of this recreation role was the Our Lady of Lourdes gymnastics team of 1954. Don Cunnings started a gymnastics team, mainly because the ceiling of the basement was not high enough for

The City has come a long way from a forested area to a place where there are 40 regular soccer fields, 5 artificial turf fields, 35 baseball diamonds, a bowling green, numerous tennis courts, a croquet/bocce court, a cricket pitch,

Coquitlam’s Canadian Little League Champions, 1984

so many of the men went overseas, some students ended up coaching themselves. In 1951 recreation classes were held in Our Lady of Lourdes Church basement, part of the provincial government’s plan to get people involved in sports and leadership, which had started in the 30s. In 1953, the Province moved in favour of municipalities establishing their


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