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Sports Sport and recreation have almost always been an important part of life in Coquitlam. From the first French-Canadians who moved to Maillardville to many of today’s residents, sport is an important part of their lives. When the French Canadians arrived in 1909, they brought with them a love of hockey and skating. People skated and played hockey on frozen lakes and rivers. The foundation of a church that had burned down was flooded in winter to create a skating rink. Teams from around the area competed. The Fraser Mills Hockey Club won the Coy Cup, a provincial

senior AA championship, in 1913-1914. Boxing matches were held at Tremblay’s Hall, and people played pool in the pool hall in Maillardville. Baseball and lacrosse were important activities for local residents because it got many people outside and socializing with each other, including people outside the French community. “The Fraser Mills baseball team, the Circle F team, was a regular source of excitement not only for the locals but for fans from all around ‘Greater Vancouver’. Sundays saw absolutely packed attendance at the Fraser Mills ballpark. In fact, Mill management imported ‘ringers’ from the States to stock their team.”1

Soccer is a sport often associated with Coquitlam. As early as 1912, Coquitlam had successful teams – the Coquitlam Ranchers won the McBride Shield for men’s soccer in that year, and then again in 1915.2 The Vancouver Golf Club, on Austin Road, opened its first nine holes in 1911. Many of its first members were from outside Coquitlam as there were few golf courses back then. Many people have told stories about growing up in early Coquitlam and Fraser Mills, where you rode your bikes and swam all summer. Organized school or club sports were unusual in those days. During World War II, when

Fraser Mills Hockey Club, BC Amateur Champions 1913-1914


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