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Project 1 4X2 Music Venue


Project 2 The Tree House


Project 3 Lake House



VANESSA DE SOUZA ALMEIDA Address: 318 Walnut Street, Denver, CO, United States Email: Tel: +1.720.757.3352 DOB: Jan 5. 1993

Software Experience

AutoCad 2D | Revit | SketchUp Adobe - Illustrator | Photoshop | Lightroom | InDesign Microsoft Office - Word | Excel | PowerPoint Geographic Information System (QGIS) Maxwell | Vray


2014 - 2015

2012 - 2018

2008 - 2010

UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO DENVER, Denver, CO BS, Architecture Exchange Program - Brazil Scientific Mobility Program UNIÃO METROPOLITANA DE EDUCAÇÃO E CULTURA, Bahia, Brazil BS, Architecture and Urban Planning INSTITUTO FEDERAL DA BAHIA Information Technology (IT) Certificate Program/ High School Diploma


Portuguese - Native English

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Assistant Professor for children in literacy stage Padre Paulo Elementary School, Bahia, Brazil

4X2 MUSIC VENUE Project Name: 4x2 Music Venue Project Designer: Vanessa Almeida Studio Teacher: Andre Baros Course Number/Name: Design Studio 3 Course Semester: 2015/1 This music venue was designed considering the social, cultural and natural aspects of the region, the River North neighborhood in Denver. The project is focused in bringing benefits to the community and nature by promoting the interaction between them. Thus, two bridges were placed on the site, one covered by vegetation and the other one by urban material. The bridges would be used by animals and humans to cross the river. The bridges divide the site into four areas; these help define specific activities for each season of the year. This way the community may host activities all year. The project is composed of two buildings, a public building and private building. The public building hosts concerts, while the private building provides space for administration and classrooms. RiNo is an artistic region, for this reason the exterior walls of the buildings can serve as a huge canvases for graffiti art.

Plan 1 Lobby/ Entrance 2 Storage 3 Restrooms

5 8


6 4

2 1

4 Ticketing 5 Lighting and Sound


6 Auditorium 9

10 3





7 Stage 8 Space for Performers 9 Dining 10 Restaurant 11 Adm Rooms 12 Classrooms

tREE hOUSE Project Name: Tree House Project Designer: Vanessa Almeida Studio Teacher: Cione Garcia Course Number/Name: Architectural Design Studio 1 Course Semester: 2013/2 The project is a single family home that should be maximum of 110sqm. It was designed for a couple, both of whom are lawyers, and their 8 and 13 year old boys. The residence lot is located in an urban area Northeast of Brazil. The terrain has a tree that cannot be removed for ecological reasons. Rectangular blocks were used as parameters with the intention of not letting the tree interfere in the project's construction. The minimalism used on its forms gives a clean and simple appearance to the house. The residence has a "green roof" which works as the first level garden, offering better thermal conditions due to the high temperature in the area. The house contains two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a laundry room and a broad green area around the house where the family can use to hang out.

Main Floor

Second Floor

Site Plan






lAKE hOUSE Project Name: Lake House Course Name: Arch Media Course Semester: Fall 2015 This project is a small house located close to a lake. The house was a pre-existing project designed by 2by4-Architects in the Netherlands. In this project I made some modifications: created the faรงade, placed the furniture, picked colors and everything related to decoration and interior design. Since the house was done, I created the plans, elevations, sections and the diagrams. I also created two renderings at different times of the day that show the location of the house, how it is placed in the environment and how it looks like during the day. For the exterior walls I chose the same material used on ship containers. The north and south sides of the house has a glass wall that allow its habitants to contemplate the environment, which is the main purpose of the house.

Site Plan

Floor Plan

North Section

East Section

North Elevation

East Elevation

Exploded Diagram

Facade Diagram

Vanessa almeida - Portfolio  
Vanessa almeida - Portfolio