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The Brazilian Waxing Process Brazilian waxes were first introduced in 1987 in New York by seven Brazilian sisters. This popular form of hair removal is still highly in demand today, as seen in nearly every beauty salon and spa all over the world. Brazilian waxing differs from traditional bikini waxing as the hair is removed in the front, back, and in between. Learn more about the Brazilian waxing process and how it is done. 1. The beauty technician will first bring you into a private treatment room with a door where you will be left to remove your pants and underwear. She will then ask you to lie on a table and cover up with a clean paper or sheet. 2. Brazilian waxes only require Âź-inch of hair for the wax to adhere to. Therefore, the beauty technician may decide to trim the pubic hair to the proper length for waxing. In general, hair that is one-quarter inch in length is idea if its fine or one-half inch if the hair is course. If the hair is too short, you may be sent home with a wax. 3.

The beauty technician will then apply a liberal amount of talcum powder to the skin to prevent the hot wax from sticking. She will then dip a wax wood stick into a pot of warm wax and spread it across the hair. A cloth strip will be put firmly onto the warm wax to allow the wax and hair to adhere to one another. Once the wax cools, she will quickly pull the cloth strip from the skin in the direction opposite of hair growth to ensure that the hairs are pulled from the roots. 4. Waxing is generally started in the front and the process moves towards the back. The skin is held taut as the cloth is pulled away. Once the Brazilian wax is complete, the beauty technician will tweeze any excess hairs. If she created a landing strip in the front, she may take the time to trim it or even create designs in the hair. Some women may even opt to dye the hair in this area. 5. She will typically finish the waxing process by spreading a generous amount of soothing cream onto the waxed areas to give some relief to the burning. Exfoliate the area later if you develop ingrown hairs or mild redness. You can also use a cleanser with alpha hydroxyl acid to cleanse the area after the waxing process. Brazilian waxes are one of the most popular treatments found at a beauty salon. This hair removal solution is ideal for the summer months when many women wear tiny bikinis and shorts. If you want super-smooth skin without the hassles of razor burn, a Brazilian wax may be the right hair removal solution for you.

Brazilian Waxing

The Brazilian Waxing Process  

What is involved in the Brazillian waxing process. Learn more about it in this report.