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Fringes for Every Face Shape Fringes have made a comeback and are highly trendy for both men and women. Many people become inspired to get a fringe after seeing a celebrity sporting a fringe style in a fashion magazine or on television. There are other ways to determine if a fringe style suits you by more than just an admiration for the look. Your face shape should come into play when selecting a fringe. Consider these tips when choosing a fringe for your hair. Oval Face Shape Women with oval face shapes can generally wear any type of fringe. They have a symmetrical face that pairs well blunt fringes, side-swept options, and parted fringes. Any beauty salon can easily pull off a simplistic fringe look for your oval face. Consider your hair length, texture, and hair type when determining which is best suited for you. Round Face Shape Salon beauty starts with the face shape and round faces can wear a wide variety of fringe types. The most flattering fringe style is considered to be feathered fringes or long, soft layered fringes which fall gently around the cheeks. Quality salons can provide great-looking fringes that easily chisel a woman’s cheekbones to help her facial structure pop. Long Face Shape Women who have a long face shape should play up their fringes to give the impression of more of an oval face shape. To do this, ask a hairdresser at your local beauty salon to give you blunt fringes that cover the forehead. Consider graduated or longer layers that can help strengthen the hairstyle of your chosen and frame the face. Square Face Shape Those with a square shape face can opt for one of several fringe styles. Consult with salons in your area about the best type of fringe for your unique facial structure. Try a side-swept fringe that will help soften the square facial lines seen in women with a square face shape. With a quality cut, the fringes can help to soften these pronounced angles. Heart Face Shape Women with heart-shaped faces should opt for fringe styles that help minimize the wide appearance of the face. To help balance out a heart shape face, consider a texturized style of fringes or a long side-swept style that will make the facial features better stand out. Consult with a beauty salon about the various options and what they recommended. Triangle Shape Face Women with a triangular-shaped face have a unique facial structure that can be accentuated with fringes. Try a wispy fringe, feathered, or texturized fringe style to conceal a wider forehead and chin. With the right fringes, a triangular shape face can appear more as an oval. Salons offer a variety of fringe styles for your selection.

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Fringes for Every Face Shape