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Changing Hair Colour: 5 Hottest Hair Colour Trends for 2012 Hair colouring has remained a popular trend for both men and women of any age. If you’re thinking of changing hair colour, you’ll want to know the hottest hair colour trends for the upcoming seasons. Of course, it’s always ideal to find the best hairdresser that you know to perform a colour change, as hair colouring is not always easy to achieve at home on your own. Try the following colour trends if you plan on changing hair colour this year. Balayage Hair Colour Balayage is a modern option of obtaining the perfect highlights. This process gives results similar to traditional foil highlights. Rather than taking a section of hair into a square foil, pieces of hair are carefully selected from the head and painted with color. If you’ve selected your best hairdresser, a lightener can be applied from roots to ends with great control. Platinum Blonde Hair If you are considering changing hair colour, platinum blonde hair is still highly trendy. While keeping dyed blonde hair requires regular maintenance, it does provide a unique look that many women desire. Platinum blonde hair does not suit all skin tones, generally looking better on women with cool skin tones. Vibrant Hues If you’re into the world of fashion, you’ll know that 2012 is all about dip-dyes, pastels, and bright hues. Many celebrities, from Rihanna to Avril Lavigne, have hit the red carpet in bright dyes, streaks, and washes of pastel shades. If you prefer hints of purple, red, pinks, and blues when changing hair colour, try a vibrant hue. Ombre Hair Colour This trend has been popping up all over the red carpet and down the runways in the meccas of the fashion industry. Ombre is a French term meaning “shaded like gradient.” In this trend, the roots remain dark while the rest of the hair starts to shift towards lighter shades. Ombre hair tends to look better on dark hair. Bronde Hair Colour If you can’t decide between being a blonde and brunette – why not be both? Bronde became popular back in 2007 by supermodel Gisele Bundchen. This look continues to attract many women who are able to pull it off. This trend can be accomplished by painting selected layers of hair with various volumes of color lifting creams. These types of colours give the hair dimension and depth. When changing hair colour to bronde, be sure you have the best hairdresser available as this look is not easy to achieve.

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Changing Hair Colour: 5 Hottest Hair Colour Trends for 2012  
Changing Hair Colour: 5 Hottest Hair Colour Trends for 2012  

Know the latest hair color trends for 2012.