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Learn better SEO for your website

Google has just updated their algorithms. Here are a few things you need to do to guarantee your page 1 google ranking. 1. New content (blogs)- weekly or daily if you can. MUST be fresh content. Google can now see stuff that is copied or “spun” (replacing one word for a similar word) 2. Label all blogs with the relevant keywords- While I am working on your “keyword package” you need to be ranking any other word you want. So any blog you write must be relevant, but it doesn’t need to be about the keyword. eg: For my bridal business- I can write about things to remember while booking a reception centre. I can add a sentence about a hair and makeup touch up room and call the article “remember the hair and makeup touch up room”

3. Have lots of images- Buy stock images- Google is making large sized images more relevant but any image is good, so mix it up, buy some small images and some large from stock image sites or take the photos yourself. 4. Label all images with relevant keywords- Google want to know what the images are. 5. Video- Google loves video. Make short videos based around your keywords- use your iPhone. 6. Add a google +1 button to every page of your site and get people to like it. 7. Social media is really important now. GET SOCIAL. 8. Press releases (I offer submissions to free press release sites) talk to me about getting some paid press releases out there. *I offer a great 1 year article package if you don’t want to write your own articles/blogs. check out That works out to just over $30 per article! You can then upload them all in one day and set them to publish weekly and not have to think about it again!


Better SEO for Your Website  

Trying hard to rank your website? Learn how to do better SEO for your website.