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Vanesa รlvarez Galeano 10-2 Ingles Docente: Sonia Lรณpez I.E COLOMBIA 2017

Introduction Everything was normal when I was Little although it was growing I was presented situations that changed I think and be, but not only that, it also helped me to be better and worse person and I also learned of those situations. Trips that have made me experience other types of activities to do things I had not done and to learn to be better, Situations that do not all live at such an early age, situations that suggest that not everything is what it seems, what I have experienced that has taught me to be a cold, suspicious, mature, responsible person, etc. Let's start... My name is Vanesa Álvarez Galeano and my life begins 15 years ago on the date of October 14, 2001, I was born in Medellin I have been living in Girardota since that I was born with my mother, father and eldest brother. I inherited a teddy bear that was given to my brother when he was born, since our first meeting I fell in love of that teddy bear that my first words were his name “Pepe” (it was the easiest name for a Little girl), my family to see my attachment they tried to give me more teddies to forget me of Pepe, but it was imposible, to that we can say childish love, and I have been sleeping with him since my childhood.

I have been visiting a town called San Jeronimo since that I was born, is the town where my mother was born, we visited the town on vacation, the town saw me grow, when I go I like to see the landscape, feel nature, go to swim with my cousins, tell horror stories, walk at night and with all that was growing there. I have had strange experiences there, I have seen shadows, they have played with me throwing objects at me, closing doors and that is all, and all that makes me believe in a world after this.

I was growing up and I began to notice that I suffered for the death of an important person in my life, my grandmother “Morena”, as they knew her in her town, I have been feeling that I miss she, but my question is “why”, she died when I was 3 years old, even if I was little and did not understand what was happening I cried for her absence and I wanted her by my side, she is the only person who has made me mourn her death, I still do not understand the need to be next to her if I did not even know her well and yet I have spent most of my life miss her, and I have been visiting her tomb every time I go to San Jeronimo. My halloween was very interesting my parents disguised me until the age of 10, my disguises were of doll, mouse, dancer, princess, among others, I was very happy eating sweets and burning “chispas mariposas”.

In my Christmas my parents filled me with unnecessary toys, They gave me everything I asked them, I was a girl very consented by all my relatives with the gifts, although it was not pleasant the surprise of who was giving the gifts. When I was a child, I thought about everything except study. When I was 3 years old I started to study in Comfama, I was a sociable girl but a bit rude for fight with the other girls by the dolls Although that did not stop me to have male friends and women, but I got along better with the boys, although I started talking a lot with a girl named sara and she became a friend to me. One normal day, the boys of my class in comfama were thrown on top of me to give me kisses and I was scared and the teacher scolded me and I started to hate boys.

I had the duty to start study in a school, and my parents decided that I was going to study in the Colombia School, I have been studying in the Colombia school since preschool. When I started a study I saw that Sara was in the same school as me and that we were in the same group and since that moment Sara and I became best friends. I became one of the best students of my class and thanks to that I spent my years without any problem. I started the third grade and I left Sara because we were no longer in the same group, I started to talk with new people and they became my friends. In the third grade I started to play flute and xylophone, I went to presentations, but after a while I stopped being interested and I left. My relations with my neighbors were good, I played with them until late, but I realized that they did not like to play with me and there began the famous bullying, they made fun of my curly hair and that made me hate my hair, I told my mother I did not want curly hair and she began to pay me treatments to be lazy and since that moment I have not seen my curls again.

I became friends of a girl named Natalia and Kimberly in the fifth grade. Almost all girls in my class are considered women with all that makeup and clothes showing more skin and Natalia and Kimberly were part of that group but me not but they wanted me to do it and they started to change me but I was still responsible and serious.

When I was 10 years old I practiced tango and I became one of the best, But after a year I stop practicing it. When I started the sixth grade I was kimberly's friend because she was in my class, but was Sara too. Kimberly was a rebel and crazy I did not want her to hate me then I started acting the same she, although I did not get far how Kimberly, now I understand the phrase “Become who I am not to be part of society�. My family saw kimberly as a bad friendship and they advised me, I did not listen at first, but I heard them, and it was my best choice. I was promoted to the next grade but Kimberly not, she went to Bogota to study. I did not want to be alone then I spoke to Sara again and after a while we became friends again, but now I was also friends of Susana.

In the seventh grade I change personality, I became more like Kimberly someone I did not like, I was rebellious, irresponsible, I had bad attitudes towards others, but I was react and I decided to be who I wanted to be and do not pay attention to the others because now I had people by my side who loved me for who I was and did not want me to change, these people wanted to better for me and these people were my family and my new friends.

When I was about to finish seventh grade they told me that I would have to enable the subject of mathematics and I could not be promoted to eighth grade but fortunately I pass the exam and I was promoted, this experience strengthened me to be more responsible and to fight for my goals. In the eighth grade I met kimberly again but she was more changed, I found out she was in the drugs and thanks to that they shot her, I knew she was out of danger, but I decided not to talk to her again. When I was going to turn 14 I told my mother that I would love to travel by plane and she had the surprise, that same year we would travel to San Andres islands and that was my first time on a plane, (Although I had seen the sea before) it was also a lot of fun as my mother got scared by the turbulence, I Travel with my mother's family, my grandmother (the mother of my father) and my mother's coworkers. On that trip my mother got drunk I had never seen it like this before and I became paranoid because my father was an alcoholic and he treated us very poorly at that moment,I hated my mother but after a while it happened to me. A few months after the trip I went with my mother's companions to a farm and they gave me alcohol and I taked it in revenge to my mother and my first time drinking alcohol was to my 14 years old with my mother's crazy partner. When I was in my eighth grade, my mother decided that we should move to Medellin because of family problems. When I was little, my father was very close, but all that changed when he started drinking alcohol and everyone in my house gets away of him.

I told my mother that we would continue to live in Girardota because I was close to finishing high school in the school where I had studied all the life and wanted to finish high school in that schoolMy mother accepts and I only need to finish high school for move to Medellin. I have been having pets since I was 6 though I was allergic to them, the second dog I had is the dog I have now called “regalo� my brother is not good with the names and we decided that the next name of a pet would be for me to choose it. In 2012 we adopted a cat but in 2016 she got lost without a trace.

Before I turn 15 I started to like a boy and sara my "friend" interfered and I realized that they had something to my back, he and I were not dating and he just liked me I was not asking for anything serious or marriage, and I told Sara that they could be together and she preferred to do it behind my back I really did not care much, he was just a man, but Sara was angry with me and she stopped talk me so I did the same, but we do not last that long and we continue as if none of this has happened, Sara would move to Medellin after finishing ninth grade, somehow I felt relieved. Thanks to the experience I have become a more suspicious and spiteful person but I could also differentiate friends from peers and I look for support in susana and after everything that happens susana became one of my confidantes. My adoptive family that family welcomed my mother when she worked in yarumal and my mother became very friendly to the one who is now my aunt I also have a side of that crazy family because I grew with them. The day of my birthday number 15 I spend with them in his farm, They make me feel part of that family but the truth is that I am part of that family as they are part of my family.

My family is very partying, my 15 was an excuse for them to have a party, I'm not saying I do not like to party, anyway, I'm from that family, but I already had a gift and I would be traveling on a cruise. I did not want a party for me, it's good when the party is everyone else's, but when you're the protagonist it's not much fun. Even so I did not stop my mother to celebrate a family reunion that became a party, I had a good time, although I would have preferred something smaller. I arrive December 2016 and the time to travel was arrived, it was the first time I traveled without my mother and the truth is that it was very difficult to think that I did not have her by my side, however, this trip would help me improve my attitudes, she was my best friend and I could not enjoy that experience with her. I would travel with Sara and with strangers, Sara and I decided to leave the differences aside and simply enjoy our gift of 15, those days were the best I could live, I did not have time to think about my mother or my family however I missed a little to pepe because it was difficult to sleep without him. The girls with whom I traveled were super special with me and made me feel at home, the guides that accompanied me were the best without hesitation, everyone on that trip became another family. I met several countries, I know the experience of knowing other languages, meeting people with different characters, other flavors and I loved, my dream of traveling the world just started with some places in america, the places I met outside the country were, Costa Rica, Panama, Jamaica, Cayman Island, and within the country I met Cartagena. In Jamaica I had the experience of speaking with a teacher who taught Spanish, the truth did not know that in Jamaica they spoke English, I was surprised that I spoke the language so well, my classmates and I talked with she for a while before returning, I told him that what I could say perfectly in English was "I do not speak English" she understood perfectly and laughed. I do not understand the girls who want a party of 15 years. On this trip I learned to be more responsible with my duties and to be punctual

My dreams since I was very young have always been to help people who are most in need and I hope to fulfill my dream by practicing medicine, I dream of finishing high school and going to live in Medellin to study at university. I dream of going abroad, having my own car and living with my mother alone, these are the goals I hope to accomplish in the future.

I love my life even when there are problems, but I try to enjoy every moment as if it were the last

My life in lettes  

The most important events of my life.

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