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VOLUNTARYnorth east lincs Chief Officer’s MESSAGE action

VANEL is proud to continue investing in its staff training programme and to keep supporting its people to progress with personal and professional development. At CERT’s recent learning awards event we were pleased to see several staff celebrating their recent learning achievements…our congratulations go to the following staff for achieving leadership and management certificates and awards: Charlotte, Emma, Hayley, Jenny, Kerry, Kirstie, Penny and Vicky and extra special congratulations to Vicky for the achievement of CERT’s Dedication to Learning Award and to Hayley for achieving CERT’s Commitment to Learning Award. We have dedicated Friday afternoon’s to ongoing staff development for the coming year and we

will be inviting member organisations and partners to join us at different times to enhance our understanding of each other’s work programmes… Paula Grant - VANEL Chief Officer

Young people from the Vulnerable Young People’s Project, in Heneage Road, Grimsby, took part in the bronze element of the national Real Ideas Organisation Social Enterprise Qualification pilot scheme, by running a Freeman Street market stall selling recycled bicycles and parts. By taking part in the pilot, the young people will develop higher employability skills and aspirations which better equip them to participate in the world of work, which is the ultimate aim of the scheme. They were

supported by VANEL development worker, Jez O’Kane, and one of the project’s key workers, Danny Fyne. Jez had contacted the group who were already recycling cycles and, via weekly meetings at the project, developed the event with the young people. The one day event was highly successful with the young people selling nine bicycles and various parts during the day, making a very good profit. The money will then be fed back into their project. All who participated engaged well with the public and gained experience of the world of employment. The stall was kindly donated for the day by Steve Gotts, the market manager, who had very productive ideas for the stall.

Hayley Hamilton (R) & Vicky Hardy (L) with their awards for special achievements

Bicycle Recycle!

around ar ound & ABOUT website has been launched by the Care Trust Plus and its partners North East Lincolnshire Council and VANEL providing local people with a universal information and advice point. Visit to see what services are available for YOU! NEW CERT COURSES this spring. Everything from management to retail. Please call Jill on 01469 572313 ext 32 for more information.

...youth volunteering project comes to an end

We are sad to announce that the national volunteering scheme for 16 - 25 year olds has now come to an end. The project began in 2008 for a three year period and there were great hopes that it would continue but funding cuts has meant the closure of the project. Jenny Hodson, manager of vinvolved North East Lincolnshire, is continuing to develop training and opportunities at VANEL but no longer under the vinvolved umbrella.


this april

For April, we are underpinning the recent Fundraising Plus article that discusses the following funding data bases to remind people of what resources are out there. Groups and Organisations are strongly

EGGS-iting reminder of

places to find funds for YOUR organisation...

recommended to make their own checks with regard to eligibility and the parameters of the funder. The publication of the information above does not guarantee that groups will be successful and is for guidance only. - free of charge - 24 hour subscription rate for groups that is

currently £10 - funding newsletter by subscription loan - funding for third sector - national agency to support fundraisers - Dedicated website with ideas, supported by IoF


harbour place

Harbour Place Day Centre is pleased to let everyone know that we are expanding our commitment to supporting the vulnerable, homeless and those facing homelessness in the North East Lincolnshire area.On 4th April 2011, Harbour Place launched its Street Outreach Worker pilot project, which will deliver floating support to adults who maybe unaware, reluctant or unable to maintain contact with local services. These will include (but

are not limited to) street homeless, ex-offenders, street drinkers, sex workers and the vulnerably housed. To identify people who may need support we are calling on organisations to contact Tony Cadwallader directly on 07927967642 or through Harbour Place 01472 344118.

cancer research - Grimsby & any means

Grimsby duo Jason Hare and Adam Stewart are embarking upon an expedition around England this May 16, relying upon people’s goodwill to get them from A to B, all in aid of Cancer Research UK. The good people of Grimsby can help by visiting or alternatively, people can either lend a hand to

help the Grimsby pair around the country’s coastline by any means or mode; so why not offer a bed for the night, a snack, a lift in the car, some money for a meal, a backie on a bike, some fare for the bus, or even a piggy back? Jason and Adam hope to be back in Grimsby by June 9. For more information, call VANEL for a contact number.

age UK handyVAN service

If you are 60+ years (with savings of less than £20000, excluding the value of your home) and live in North East Lincolnshire, you can benefit from a free service to help keep your home safe and secure. Managed by the charity AgeUK, the HandyVan service will fit for FREE: Door and window locks, door chains and viewers, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Perhaps you have some light bulbs, too high for you to replace or a bit of loose carpet, which

needs fixing? HandyVan will also do work to help avoid trips or falls, again without charge. HandyVan is a handyperson service you can trust. All the fitters are fully qualified and police vetted. They will carry out a free home check and agree with you the work to be done. It’s easy to book a visit. Call: 0845 026 1055 or alternatively, email:

VANEL 14 Town Hall Street Grimsby DN31 1HN - Tel: 01472 231123 -

VANEL April 2013 Newsletter  

The newsletter for April 2013 by VANEL

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