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The music always has exerted an important paper in the learning and the culture , being able to arrive to influence in habits and emotions . In a lot of occasions the music forms part of the tradition of a country or of a regi贸n. In numerous circumstances converts the music in true leading being able to be it also the proper interpreters or his same authors.

The Teenagers build his identity with the wardrobe, the combed, the lenguaje , like this as also with the appropriation of some objects emblem谩ticos, in this case, the musical goods, by means of which, convert in cultural subjects, in accordance with the way that have to understand the world, and to live it, to identify and Distinguish. The fact is that one of the activities that more realize the teenagers is to listen music. The music joins to individuals of points very different of the society. From a neohippie Belgian with a ring in the nose, until a breakdancer of Tokyo, with trenzas rasta and vaqueros wide. People that do not find next in the social space,Can of this way, find and interactuar, at least in brief, having something in common. The music is at the same time, style of life, social tie and spiritual strength. Orienta To the youngsters in his research of autonomy and them brinda a means of expression.

By all the seen until here, the music has a wide effect in the lives, and in our society. It is a big instrument of manipulation, and produce in the oyentes diverse consequences. Sociol贸gicamente, produces a constant resignificaci贸n of the music, and a restructuring of the social structure.

“Juanes Is one of the most famous artists than year after year leaves his footprint in the world of the music and through his works of charity”


n as soon as two Years this Colombian artist has happened to be one of the Latin artists more recognized and admired of the current panorama musical. His music,direct and simple, speech of feelings, problems, emotions,worries... Daily subjects that affect to the people and that Juanes is able to reflect of extraordinary form in one

Juanes MTV Unplugged

Is the sixth album l aunched by the cantautor Colombian Juanes, and the first album recorded íntegramente in alive. It launched the 29 of May of 2012 being recorded the 1 of February of the same year in Miami, United States. The production of the album was to charge of the cantautor dominicano Juan Luis Guerra

The first simple of the production was l2 aunched the 5 of March of 2012 and feature of a song inédita recorded during the concert called la señal. The simplesecond of the album is Me enamora, launched days before the publication of the album. Before culminar the week of launching of the album Juanes already had been Certificate with 12 disks of platinum by sales in Colombia, converting in the DVD mas sold in the history of the same country

This gender so pegajoso and for other noisy people, began to principles of the ninety in panamá. The reggaetón is a rhythm latinoamericano, influenciado by the hip hop of diverse zones where habitan latinoamericanos in United States. It is born from the parties of a DJ, where the public motivated more and more. This music generally is listened by the adolecentes or young people

Says of the popular music light. It developed in the Anglo-Saxon countries from the decade of the fifty under the influence of black musical styles, especially the rythm and blues, and of the music folk British. In the actuality and from does decades, constitutes an important phenomenon of communication of masses practically in all the world.

Is the comunión of music mixing the rítmica of the spoken with the delivery of rhymes, games of words, and the poetry, one of the elements of the music hip hop and the culture.

Electronic music is that type of music that employs for his production and interpretation of electronic instruments and electronic musical technology. Generally, can distinguish between the sound produced using means electromecánicos of that produced using electronic technology. The electronic music associated in his day exclusively with a form of occidental literate music, but from ends of the years 1960, the availability of musical technology to accessible prices allowed that the music produced by electronic means did increasingly popular

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