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Several of your former staff members and

Issue 18 H Spring 2013

UPdATeS GALore … Several of your former staff members and classmates give a glimpse into their lives since the Vanderbilt days … see page 3.

tunnelvision A publication for alumni of student media at Vanderbilt University


STUdeNT MedIA LeAderS The 2013-14 Vanderbilt Student Media Leaders have been selected … page 2 Tyler Bishop Director, Inside Vandy


students tackle multimedia storytelling LooKING AheAd: hALL oF FAMe The Vanderbilt Student Media Hall of Fame was established in 2009 to honor outstanding alumni, and four classes of inductees have joined the Hall each year since then, always during Vanderbilt’s annual fall Homecoming/ Reunion weekend. This year, the Hall of Fame Selection Committee has decided to focus on the work of formalizing its guidelines and procedures, foregoing a ceremony this fall. Then, the committee plans to revisit its impressive list of nominees in consideration of a 2014 class of inductees. We still hope to see many of you on campus this fall for Homecoming/Reunion, and we look forward to future Hall of Fame ceremonies, which have served as Student Media reunions and celebrations of our amazing alumni for the past four years. Many thanks to alumni who have submitted Hall of Fame nominations, and special thanks to the alumni who have served on the selection committee. We’re grateful for your continued support. Paige Clancy (B.S., 1998), chair of the Hall of Fame selection committee


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Celebrating 46 years in 2013

Teamwork, planning and commitment evident in the newsroom every week

About a dozen student leaders fill the switched off asking questions, and both cozy Student Media meeting room every benefited,” Abeshouse said. Monday at 4:05 p.m. The former location “She was also able to write a piece based for the darkrooms of The Hustler and the off of other interviews I did, which only yearbook has long since been converted required me letting her into the studio into a brightly lit room with a large moni- and showing her where the file was so she tor, a conference table and plenty of chairs. could view it. It saved her some time, and In attendance are the editor-in-chief required little extra effort on my part.” of The Hustler, About 25 stuthe director of dents from across I n s i d e Va n d y. Student Media “It was very cool to com and the worked together see all of the work station managon the Future of ers of WRVU Nashville projculminate and all of the and Vanderbilt ect, which was Television. The published in The coverage tie together student leaderHustler, aired on as a cohesive project" ship team also VTV and posted includes the on InsideVandy. photo editor, com on April 1. social media director, art director and sec- Sources interviewed included city council tion editors for news, opinion, entertain- members, the mayor’s office, philanthropic ment and sports. groups, business owners, chefs, professionJust a few years ago, this kind of con- al sports teams, faculty, students, alumni vergence of media outlets and leadership and university administrators. positions at Vanderbilt Student Media was For sophomore Tyler Bishop, news ediunimaginable. Hustler staffers only met tor, the high point of the project was seeing with fellow Hustler staffers, and VTV staff- all the content come together the night ers met with fellow VTV staffers. There was before publication, for both print and digino cross-platform collaboration. tal media. But now, with the former Hustler-only “It was very cool to see all of the newsroom converted into a modern, multi- work culminate and all of the coverage iMac converged Student Media newsroom, tie together as a cohesive project,” Bishop it’s common to see newspaper reporters said. hanging out with television producers and “The low points were definitely the the director of the website hatching plans times when our cross-divisional communifor story coverage with photographers. cation was not at its best. It wasn’t always When the leaders gather for their “glob- clear as to what some others in student al meetings” every Monday, they discuss media were working on. However, from big stories on campus, challenges with the experience, we grew as an organizasources and ideas for future projects. One tion and were able to devise new ways to such project that grew out of a weekly improve our interactions for the future. meeting early in the spring semester was “One of the greatest parts of Vanderbilt the Future of Nashville special project. is that every student truly brings someJunior Kion Sawney, director of thing new to the table, and student media InsideVandy.com, said the leaders were is no exception. Sitting at a roundtable, talking about how to present to the student throwing out ideas, the many perspectives audience the many changes happening and contributions truly shine through and in Nashville. Students said it seemed like boost our ability to not only produce solid more Vanderbilt graduates planned to stay content, but also our ability to work as a in Nashville after graduation, and with team,” Bishop said. major construction projects transforming Senior Eric Single, editor-in-chief of The the city, the subject was intriguing to them. Hustler, agreed. “The number of voices we “We divided the topic in specific focus were able to activate for this project gave areas … arts, music, food, transportation, a lot of people a bigger leadership role neighborhoods, sports, alumni, infrastruc- in directing and seeking out stories than ture, service and film. We then reached they had on normal stories. More signifiout to the rest of the team and asked who cantly than the actual content, I think the would be interested in covering the topics,” project left our staff with a greater sense Sawney said. of confidence about working together and Working with various media groups concentrating an exceptional amount of was an easy experience for senior Rachel resources and attention on one defined Abeshouse, VTV station manager. general goal.” “For instance, I ended up working with To see the Future of Nashville project Hannah Sills, a news reporter, when I and other special projects created by stumentioned that I was conducting an inter- dents at Vanderbilt Student Media, please view at the Career Center, and she asked if visit http://www.insidevandy.com/ she could come along. We shared the time, special_projects/. H

tunnel vision


bright lights

an alumni column…

Major league Times writer visits Vandy

Student Media at Vanderbilt University

2013-14 Student Leaders

by Tyler Kepner, Class of '97

When I was editor of The Vanderbilt Hustler, in 1996, I had a story to explain our unusual name. The paper, I would say, was founded by the baseball team in 1888, and they liked to think of themselves as a bunch of hustling ballplayers. I never verified that story, which was handed down from editors past, and I never really wanted to. I’m happy with the connection, mythical or real. Baseball led Tyler Kepner me to Vanderbilt, anyway, and it recently led me back. In high school I published a baseball magazine from my home near Philadelphia. I wanted to cover baseball for a living and thus attended Vanderbilt on the Grantland Rice/Fred Russell sportswriting scholarship. Three months after my graduation, a newspaper in California hired me to cover the Angels. I’ve been following the major leagues ever since, now for the New York Times. With no major league team in Nashville, my trips back to campus have been rare. Late this April, though, an editor raised the possibility of a story on Mike Yastrzemski and Vanderbilt’s top-ranked baseball program. He didn’t have to ask twice. I knew about the team, of course. I’d met Coach Tim Corbin once before, and I’ve enjoyed meeting Vanderbilt baseball alumni while covering the majors. But I never thought the editors would let me write about the program in general. There needed to be a hook, a great baseball story that just happened to be taking place on campus. Yastrzemski’s story was it. The grandson of the Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski, Mike is a standout player and an impressive young man who has been through a lot in life, losing his father as a teenager and deftly handling the shadow of a famous last name. He turned down $300,000 from the Seattle Mariners last summer for a chance to finish his degree and play one more year at Vanderbilt. I couldn’t use a lot of the material I gathered for the story, and I was conscious not to dwell too much on the virtues of the university. In the interest of transparency, an editor inserted a line that told readers I had gone to Vanderbilt. But no other changes were required, and after the story ran – leading the Sunday sports section on May 12, and teased on A1 of the national edition – nobody questioned my ethics in having the assignment. In this forum, though, I’m happy to share some of the tidbits I held back. The first time I interviewed Mike, we spoke in the baseball offices down the left field line. When I asked why he returned for his senior year, he motioned to the window – to the field and the campus beyond. “You’re looking at it,” he said. “This place is unbelievable. It was either take a nice chunk of money, go play in the minors for a couple of years chasing a dream on some rough fields, some rough trips, or come back to this place where I know everything about it, I’m comfortable with it, the facilities are great and the staff’s unbelievable." Having a chance to go to Omaha again (for the College World Series) and try to make a lasting memory before I leave Alumni Column, continued on page 6

Victoria Barner Editor The Vanderbilt Review

Tyler Bishop Director InsideVandy

Zach Blumenfeld Director RVU Records*

Maralei Bunn Station Manager VandyRadio*

Neal Cotter Station Manager WRVU

Scott Head Station Manager Vanderbilt Television

Daniel Hogue Editor in Chief The Torch

Peter Linck Editor in Chief Slant

Stacey Oswald Editor HerCampus

Sae Park Editor in Chief Orbis

AndrÉ Rouillard Editor in Chief The Vanderbilt Hustler

Sid Sapru Editor in Chief Vanderbilt Political Review

Letter to the Editor

Nora Chaffin was Dean of Women when I was at Vanderbilt. Her goal for all co-eds was for us to be LADIES. The rules of which Judge Caryl P. Privett wrote (“Reminiscences of a Hustler alumna,” fall 2012) were of benefit to us. Times have changed. Some for the better, some not. We girls knew we could do anything boys could do. We were just smart enough not to. Mary W. Davis, Class of 1950 Columbus, GA, Feb. 6, 2013

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Issue 18 • Spring 2013

distant voices


alumni updates…

A glimpse into a few lives that helped shape student media at Vandy 1949 Jerry Niles Jordan H B.E., 1949 (Commodore yearbook, Vanderbilt Masquerader, V Square) Jordan lives in Dallas, TX, and said: I just received the 31st Annual Justinian award from the Dallas Bar Auxiliary. For details see http://www.dallasbar.org/content/jerry-n-jordanreceive-2013-justinian-award

1955 Ormonde Plater H B.A., 1955 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Plater lives in New Orleans, LA, and said: My wife Kay and I now live in Lambeth House, a retirement home in New Orleans. Ormonde Plater (2008)

travel whenever possible and will be visiting Peru and the Galapagos Islands this June. Our older daughter, Sarita, recently married and settled in Pittsburgh, is expecting her first child (and our first grandchild) later this summer. Our younger daughter, Laura, completed her MBA and has at least temporarily settled on the far side of the lake in Toronto. I was able to spend time in Nashville in 2010-2011 and appreciated the care my brother, Michael, received at Vanderbilt Hospital as he battled a serious and ultimately fatal illness. The support of old and new friends there carried me and our family through this difficult time. I look forward to reading where life has brought those whom I remember so well from our days on campus in the late 1960s.


John S. Sergent H B.A. M.D., 1963 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Sergent lives in Nashville, TN, and said: I have been on the faculty at Vanderbilt Medical School for 38 years and am currently Professor of Medicine. For the past 10 years I was the program director for the internal medicine residency program. I stepped down from that position in April 2013, but continue to be active seeing patients and teaching residents and students.

William Livingston H B.A., 1970 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Livingston lives in North Olmsted, OH, and said: I went to my 28th Final Four, even though Ohio State, the team I columnize, didn’t make it. Covered a surprising 12-0 football season by the Buckeyes for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, where I have worked for 29 years. I wish the Commodores were still opening the 2013 season in Columbus. They would have a shot. I am concluding my 42nd year as a newspaperman overall. I hope next year it will be 43. Massive layoffs are coming this summer. Preparing for life after newspapers, I have just completed the latest version of a novel about the NBA, “Flagrant Foul,” which has been three years in the writing and rewriting. I am currently trolling for an agent and publisher.


1964 Lynn Mayes H B.A., 1964 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Mayes lives in Big Canoe, GA, and said: I have recently moved to the North Georgia mountains and will be exhibiting in a one person show at the Cultural Arts Center Lynn Mayes in Carrollton, Georgia, where 40 of my paintings will be on display. The exhibition will be up for the month of October 2013. My Fine Arts degree from Vanderbilt has served me well.

1965 Larry D. Austin H B.A., 1965 (WRVU) Austin lives in Hardeman County, TN, and said: I’m working harder than ever as a semi-retired lawyer and a work all the time sheep farmer. Friends are welcome to come visit. Wear work clothes.

1968 Greg Tucker H B.A., MMgt, 1968 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Tucker lives in Readyville, TN, and said: Retired Washington DC attorney. Cattle farmer. Working on third book of local TN history. Recently appointed as official Rutherford County TN Historian. Hustler editor (1967-68) that took newspaper to twice weekly publication in tabloid format and offset printing. Staffed a multitude of national events during controversial period.

1969 Robert R. Moore H B.A., 1969 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Moore lives in Oswego, NY, and said: I am completing my 34th year as a professor in the English and Creative Writing Department at SUNY-Oswego, teaching courses in American literature, Southern literature, and drama at this college on the shores of Lake Ontario. For the past three years I have served as Director of the College Honors Program (after serving as Associate Director the previous seven years). My wife, Barbara, an NP at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Syracuse and a ceramic artist, and I


Michael O’Connell H B.A., 1975 (Versus magazine) O’Connell lives in Medford, MA, and said: Michael O’Connell directs a collaborative exhibition program with participating community members at the Somerville Museum, a local arts, history and cultural organization in Somerville, MA. Collaborators have included public school students and teachers, anthropology and visual arts classrooms from local universities,and non-profit partners including social service organizations and public health providers.

Alex Heard H B.A., 1980 (Versus magazine) Heard lives in Santa Fe, NM, and said: I’m still working as editorial director at Outside magazine, which recently won a National Magazine Award in the General Excellence category. From the American Society of Magazine Editors: “Nearly 260 publications entered the National Magazine Awards this year, submitting 1,636 entries. The judges included 330 magazine editors, art directors and photography editors as well as journalism educators. Sixty-two magazines were honored as finalists, and 18 magazines won awards.”

Douglas Thompson Bates H B.A., 1969 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Bates lives in Centerville, TN, and said: Not alot to report. Still living in Centerville, Tennessee. Thrilled at the success of the football team and especially the baseball team.


William T. Branch, Jr, MD H B.A., 1963 (Commodore yearbook) Branch lives in Atlanta, GA, and said: Bill Branch recently stepped down after 17 years as Director of General Internal Medicine at Emory. Prior to that he taught for 25 years at Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Bill continues to work full time on his research, teaching and practice as the Carter Smith Sr Professor of Medicine at Emory. He has been married to Carolyn (Jenkins) for 46 years. They have a daughter, Kate, married and living in Atlanta, with one grandchild, Carolyn, age 4 1/2.


Trudy Day

Trudy Day H B.A., 1972 (Commodore yearbook) Day lives in Nashville, TN, and said: This year I moved home to Nashville after 30 years of life in Kentucky, Iowa, and California. I currently work with the Tennessee Department of Education and Middle Tennessee principals and assistant principals to assure fidelity of their teacher observations and evaluations and coaching the administrators’ best practice in development of Middle Tennessee teachers.

1974 Guy (“Sandy”) E. Burnette H B.A., 1974 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Burnette lives in Tallahassee, FL, and said: Soon to be 40 years down the road from my Vandy days, so much has happened. I married Susan At my desk in Vass from my homeTallahassee town of Tampa shortly after graduating. 38 years later we are still together with two fine sons now 25 and 30 years old. I went to FSU law school after Vandy and became a lawyer. I was a prosecutor for several years, then started a law firm in 1981 which grew to over 125 lawyers. Went off on my own 11 years ago to get back to a smaller practice. I have offices now in Tallahassee, Tampa, Pensacola and New Orleans. I became something of a specialist in arson and fraud cases. My days writing for The Hustler served me well: I’ve written over 100 published articles on those issues, as well as a training text, several training videos (now distributed in over 140 countries worldwide), and I’m regularly consulted by media (the Washington Post last week). I teach at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and numerous training venues around the world. Been doing that for more than 35 years— teaching is my passion. Susan and I get away to a small farm in Georgia we bought a few years ago. It’s where we go to escape and relax.

Installation view, Lost Theatres of Sommerville, 2004.

Lucy Lyles Henner H B.A., 1980 (WRVU) Henner lives in Atlanta, GA, and said: After Vanderbilt, I worked for a few years, got an International MBA, and moved to Atlanta where I live with my husband and three children. Since 1994, I have been President of Markets Worldwide, a strategic marketing and communications company that helps companies build branding, sales and profitability. Clients range from start-ups positioning for IPO/acquisition to Fortune 500’s that need to introduce new product

1977 William (Bill) Walker Gwinn H B.A., 1977 (WRVU) Gwinn lives in Brentwood, TN, and said: I am doing well as Vice-President of Clinical Informatics Solutions at OptumInsight. It is part of UnitedHealth Group, the nation’s largest medical insurance company, and I help sell medical statistics for the clinical trials of new drugs. Although I elected not to have a communications career, my newscasting Bill Gwinn experience at WRVU made me a better speaker. I am making speeches at five industry conferences this year, including one in June at the 9,000-person national conference of the Drug Information Association. If you are in Boston for that conference, come say hello. Most of the time, I am much closer to Vanderbilt. I live in Brentwood, a nearby suburb to Nashville. I have been married 23 years and have one son.

1978 Daniel Michael Gray H B.A., 1978 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, WRVU, Versus magazine, InsideVandy.com) Gray lives in Falls Church, VA, and said: I am practicing law in Falls Church, VA, and also running state and national PACs. My national PAC boss had me attend the closing arguments in the trial of Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia, where I used to practice law from 1986-92. Despite the story being a big one, I only encountered reporters from Reuters, AP, and the local Philadelphia papers, and I am writing a blog article on the trial. I had never been in such a packed, tense courtroom, or seen the police so intent on obtaining a conviction. Having been a former inner city prosecutor in St. Louis, I was astonished at the amount of evidence the prosecution presented. I am surprised how rapidly the former print media culture we grew up with is disappearing. Most of the veteran reporters at the Washington Post and the news magazines here in D.C. have accepted buyouts, so most of the current reporters covering the national beat are very young, so I wonder if VU alumni are in the ranks of these young reporters and writers. I have enjoyed helping those students at VU who prize religious freedom the past two years, and hope to continue to help them, as the U.S. Constitution should be available to all students at our prestige universities.

Lucy Lyles Henner-North Georgia mountains.

lines, establish market share and boost sales. Our kids are older now, wiser than us it seems, and busy as high school junior, college freshman and first year med school students. We enjoy tennis, biking and hiking - although we don’t get out nearly as often as we’d like! Anita Jane Davis H MSN, 1980 Davis lives in Wilmington, NC, and said: Living at the beach and loving it. Working occasionally as faculty but beginning to start traveling with my husband of 35 years to see some of our 6 grandchildren and a bit of out West.

1981 Scott D. Hornaday H B.A., 1981 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Hornaday lives in Owensboro, KY, and said: Married to Kathy Lantz Hornaday and we have a 16 year old daughter. I’m president of David Hocker & Associates, Inc., a commercial real estate development company based in Owensboro, Kentucky.

1982 Jon Gersh H B.S., 1982 (WRVU) Gersh lives in Boston, MA, and said: Mild-mannered computer programmer by day, banjo-playing Jon is back to doing radio... at WUMB, the NPR music station in Boston. If you’re in Eastern Massachusetts you can hear it on 91.9fm from 9pm - midnite Eastern time Sundays, or on www.wumb.org. It’s a logical extension of the original WRVU “91 Bluegrass” show... but now my collection is vastly larger... blues, bluegrass, old-time country, C&W, western swing, honky tonk, rockabilly, etc. Fun! You can email me at jon.gersh@umb.edu... if you remember me, please do!


UPDATE your contact information at


HHHHHHHHH Self portrait of Jon Gersh.

tunnel vision


alumni updates… 1984




Erin Maloney H B.S., M.P.P., 1984 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, WRVU, Versus magazine, Commodore yearbook) Maloney lives in Ankara, Turkey.

John Mohlenkamp H B.E. B.S., 1989 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, WRVU) Mohlenkamp lives in Nashville, TN, and said: A constant disappointment to almost everyone he meets, John has grown little from his days in the tunnel except for his waistline and a bald patch that now covers most of his underused cranium. Happily married with 2 adorable children that fortunately look more like their mother, he has not been on campus for decades but has managed to live within earshot, in what psychologists would probably consider a pathetic latent desire to recapture lost youth and any sense of career direction. Staring down the barrel of late-early-middle age with few regrets and even fewer accomplishments, John remembers fondly the happy times and good people he had the good fortune to meet in his time in the VSC tunnel, or at least that’s what he tells himself instead of contemplating that this could all be the result of early onset memory loss. By the way, where did the tunnel go?

Chip Brantley H B.A., 1995 (The Vanderbilt Review) Brantley lives in Birmingham, AL, and said: I’m a journalism professor at the University of Alabama. During the 2013-2014 academic year, I’m coteaching a course with documentarian Andy Grace on Chip Brantley (photo by Caleb Chancey) the death penalty in Alabama. We’ll immerse ourselves in death-penalty case and investigate the case and its context. We’ll then use film, audio, photographs and other media to tell the story in a web-based narrative. I’m also at work on a second book of nonfiction, The Pistachio Wars. For the book, which will be published in spring 2015, I’m openly collaborating with an editor and a graphic designer. More details at chipbrantley.com. With my wife, who’s a poet, I co-founded the Desert Island Supply Co. (desertislandsupplyco.com), a creative writing center for students in the Birmingham area. We’re now in our third year and recently opened our exploration-themed headquarters in Birmingham’s Woodlawn neighborhood. Come visit!

Amy Eleanora Mauritson H B.S., 1998 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Versus magazine) Mauritson lives in Memphis, TN, and said: Currently an internal medicine physician working as a hospitalist in Memphis, Tennessee.

1985 Nancy Crosthwait Allen H B.S., 1985 (WRVU, Original Cast) Allen lives in Nashville, TN, and said: After Vanderbilt I attended the Peabody Conservatory of Music and received a

1992 David M. York H B.A., 1992 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) York lives in Brookfield, WI.

Nancy Allen

Master’s degree in Voice Performance. I married David Allen (’84) and after living in Baltimore for 4 years we moved back to Nashville where we have raised our two children. Carol just finished her freshman year at Denison University and David, Jr. is a rising junior at Ensworth High School. I now perform professionally and teach musical theater at Belmont University.

Mark Widerman H B.S., 1992 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Versus magazine, Vanderbilt Television, The Vanderbilt Review, Slightly Amusing) Widerman lives in New York City, NY, and said: I continue to write and record original music under the stage name Mark Aaron James. In December I was honored to be invited to perform a holiday concert at the White House. A recording of that show will be released as a holiday album in November. After the holidays, in January or

1986 Gregory Mayback H B.E., 1986 (Commodore yearbook) Mayback lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and said: Gregory L. Mayback, a Registered Patent Attorney and founder of Mayback & Hoffman, P.A., lecMaybeck tured at the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering. Mayback discussed Intellectual Property matters with an emphasis on their relation to technology startup companies. Robert Black H B.E., 1986 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, WRVU, Versus magazine, Commodore yearbook, The Vanderbilt Review) Black lives in Moorpark, CA, and said: I recently

Phil Lepanto H B.A., 1995 (WRVU) Lepanto lives in Washington, DC, and said: Still working hard to save WRVU from being sold! It’s been good to connect with fellow tunnel rats who simply don’t understand why VSC would squander such a great resource like a broadcasting license and 10,000 watts of broadcasting power. As hard as it has been to try and explain the issue, it’s been rewarding to raise so much money and work with lawyers to halt the sale. In my professional life, the company that I’ve built with my partners has now been acquired by a British company called Next15. We’re excited because it will allow us to continue pursuing digital communications in the political and public affair market and grow at a faster rate. I’m looking forward to hearing the Vanderbilt Student Communications has abandoned their ill-advised plan to sell the station. I would be very interested in joining some kind of alumni group to help support the station and VSC in general.


Thomas Hodges H B.A., 1986 (WRVU) Hodges said he has been the Public Affairs Officer at the US Embassy in Beijing since August 2012. His responsibilities there include social media outreach by the embassy and five consulates across China to millions of Chinese netizens, as well as liaison with Chinese TV, print media, and radio. Thomas lives in Beijing with his wife Sandy and his two children.

I’m interviewing James Franklin at halftime of Music City Bowl.

Trinity River wetlands in downtown Dallas.

amongst other landscape conditions in the city. She is also writing a column on urban design for the Dallas Morning News. Her painting website is www.erikahuddleston.com Melissa Schweikhart Bauserman H B.S., 2000 (Commodore yearbook) Bauserman lives in Chapel Hill, NC, and said: I have joined the NeonatalPerinatal Medicine Faculty at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine and Gillings School of Global Public Health as an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Nutrition.



visited two schools back in my hometown of Indianapolis to talk about being an author and about my books, Liberty Girl and Unswept Graves. At one school, I spoke to an assembly of fifth through eighth graders, including a group of visiting French exchange students. At the other, I did a series of class visits with groups of kids ranging from third grade to high school seniors. There was also a lot of interest in hearing about my next writing project, which will take my writing in a new direction. I’ll have more to say about that very soon.

Erika Huddleston H B.A., 2000 (Versus magazine) Huddleston lives in Dallas, TX, and said: Received her masters in landscape architecture and is now painting hidden creeks

Natalia Marek H B.E., 2001 (WRVU) Marek lives in Chesterfield, MO, and said: I graduated this May with my Masters in International Business from Saint Louis University.

February, I am releasing a new CD of original songs and beginning a tour throughout the US and Europe. I hope to see many of you out there. Please keep in touch via Facebook.com/markaaronjamesmusic or my website: MarkAaronJames. com.

The photo shows me with one of the middle school groups I visited recently in Indianapolis.

Gaby Merediz H B.A., 2000 (The Vanderbilt Review) Merediz lives in Wilmington, NC, and said: On May 1, 2013, Gaby opened Tmuffin, a play cafe and parenting center in Wilmington, NC. With a mission to bring parents together and encourage a connection with their children, Tmuffin offers a play space, classes, workshops, and store for parents and kids.


Mark Aaron James with the portrait of Bill Clinton in the East Hall of the White House.

Mitch Light H B.A., 1993 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Light lives in Nashville, TN, and said: I am the Executive Editor at Athlon Sports in Nashville. We publish preseason annuals in college and pro football, pro baseball and college basketball, as well as a monthly magazine with a circulation of 9 million. I am also the sideline reporter for the Vanderbilt football radio network.


Heather Ebert, Nashville.

Heather Ebert H B.A., 1997 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Commodore yearbook) Ebert lives in Nashville, TN, and said: Heather is a freelance writer based in Nashville, Tenn. Currently, her biggest event for 2013 is leading an arts-centric mission trip to Brussels, Belgium, where she and her team will paint murals inside aftercare facilities for victims of sex trafficking. Check out the project at redemptionstories.com. You can also reach her at heatherebert.com. Michael Bruno H B.A., 1997 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Vanderbilt Television) Bruno lives in Arlington, VA, and said: Our son Nicholas blessed our lives in April 2012 and he has been a true joy. While he preoccupies our time at home, Michael has changed jobs and is now the Senior Policy Editor at Aviation Week, where he covers Congress and the executive branch, including the Pentagon, FAA and NASA, and general issues of concern to the global aerospace and defense sector. In late 2012 he won his third Jesse H. Neal business journalism award as part of a special team of reporters Nicholas “Doc” Bruno, he led for six years. born April 2012.

David Schiff H B.A., 2002 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Versus magazine. Vanderbilt Television) Schiff lives in Alexandria, VA, and said: Between attending a fantastic 10 year Vandy reunion last fall with my wife, watching Lee Jenkins get inducted into the VU Media Hall of Fame and catching up with him, getting back in touch with some great old friends and professors, and finishing up my MBA while still working for the Dept of the Navy, it’s been a great past year!

David and Autumn Schiff

Jamie Landau H B.A., 2002 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Versus magazine, Commodore yearbook) Landau lives in Swanzey, NH, and said: I just completed by third year as a tenuretrack assistant professor in the Department of Communication and Philosophy at Keene State College in Keene, NH. I’m constantly reminded of my work with Vanderbilt student media since I teach courses about, publish research on, and

Issue 18 • Spring 2013


advise internships in media. Perhaps Vanderbilt Student Media can tally how many of its alumni entered academic professions related to media since its a different side of the industry that, at least when I was an undergrad, I did not think to pursue.

ing with country and christian artists and management companies. She is thrilled to have a work reason to come back to her stomping grounds and reconnect with Vandy alums in the music business! Most recently, her team has orchestrated and/or produced Google+ Hangouts with Steven Tyler; Tim McGraw; deadmau5 and Imogen Heap; John Mayer; Will.i.am with Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and Nicole Sherzinger; 98 Degrees; and more.

Jennifer Whatley Ogilvie H B.A., 2002 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Ogilvie lives in Longview, TX, and said: My husband Landon and I are busy chasing after three beautiful daughters, Madeline, Nanette and Laurel. Since they obviously need childhood pets, we also chase after Old Lady

Sam Patton H B.A., M.Ed., 2006 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, WRVU) Patton lives in Nashville, TN, and said: I am still angered by the way the VSC Board handled the lease of WRVU’s broadcast license and by the highly one-sided “coverage” of the issue by Tunnel Vision. That is all. is a former nine-to-fiver who quit her corporate engineering job back in 2007 to start her own business. Today, she is a full-time health coach in Nashville with a successful practice in Green Hills. With her blog, she’s decided to share her own entrepreneurial journey and the stories of other amazing “quitters” in order to inspire people to follow their true passion in life (and make money while doing it).

Landon and Jennifer.

Lola, a graying dachshund and Prince Baldwin, a mighty Golden Retriever. During the day (including nights and weekends), we put on our work hats and run our companies, Gator Services and Katy Saltwater Disposal Wells. If anyone is interested in relocating to the East Texas oilfields, give us a call!

2003 Emily Faye Abbott H B.A., 2003 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Commodore yearbook) Abbott lives in Knoxville, TN, and said: Emily Faye Abbott is currently an Assistant District Attorney specializing in General Sessions Court in Oak Ridge, TN. She recently bought a sweet condo and likes to entertain Abbott at least once a year. She is about to serve her third year on the Board of Directors with the Junior League of Knoxville. She is the abundantly proud single parent of a fluffy white dog, Martin; and a surly, good for nothing cat, George.

2004 Alissa R. Bilfield H B.A., 2004 (Versus magazine) Bilfield lives in Boston, MA, and said: Since Vanderbilt I went on to receive my Master Degree at the London School of Economics, with a focus in Myself and my husband, Environment and Adam Aronovitz, coDevelopment. After founder of The Cookbook Project, about to eat the doing environmenfinal product of a recent tal policy work youth education workshop for a few years, I in Bali Indonesia this past April, in conjunction with became a certified the youth center at Bumi Health Counselor, Sehat Health Clinic. and founded an international food education non-profit called The Cookbook Project (www.thecookbookproject.org). We use food culture and cooking to teach youth about the impact that their food choices have on health, community, and the environment. Since then, I have been serving as the Executive Director, while traveling the world conducting on-site and on-line leadership trainings for community educators. Darian Duckworth H B.S., 2004 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, The Vanderbilt Review) Duckworth lives in Cleveland, MS, and said: I received my Master of Divinity from Emory University in 2007 and was ordained as a United Methodist minister in 2010. After serving five years in Natchez, Mississippi, I am now the senior minister at St. Luke United Methodist Church in Cleveland, MS. I still participate in writing workshops, write for the Church Health Reader in Memphis, and keep a weekly blog at www. darianduckworth.com Laurel Staples * B.E., 2004 (Spoon magazine) Staples lives in Nashville, TN, and said: Laurel Staples launched a blog and podcast this year called “The Day I Quit” (www. thedayiquit.com) designed to be a great source of inspiration, ideas, helpful tools, and support to help people who want to quit their job, follow their passion and make more money. Laurel

2005 D’nelle Throneberry Dowis H B.A., 2005 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Commodore yearbook, The Vanderbilt Review, VSC Board member) Dowis lives in Nashville, TN, and said: D’nelle and her husband, Chris, eloped in December 2012 and are happily squished into a little apartment just outside the city. She is focused on growing her digital marketing business, Berry Interesting Productions, with plans to move into a new office in the fall.

Ryan Denzer-King H B.A., 2006 (WRVU) Denzer-King lives in Tucker, GA, and said: I just moved back to Georgia with my wife Amanda and daughter Sonora. I teach ESL and give private music lessons. Heather Miliman H B.A., 2006 (The Slant) Miliman lives in Silver Spring, MD, and said: I was promoted to Director of Communications for the advocacy branch of the American Psychological Association in September 2012. I’m also set to marry another Vanderbilt alum, James Ovelmen, on May 26, 2013.



Michael Patrick Wilt H B.A., 2007 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Wilt lives in Arlington, VA, and said: I am working as a researcher at George Mason University School of Law in the Law and Economics Center, and am pursuing an LL.M. degree in Law and Economics as well.


D’nelle & Chris Dowis at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for their honeymoon.

Caroline Collins McKenzie H B.A., 2005 (Commodore yearbook) McKenzie lives in Birmingham, AL, and said: Caroline is now the Associate Features Editor at Southern Living magazine.

Rachel Unger H B.A., 2008 (The Slant) Unger lives in New Orleans, LA, and said: I am still working at Tulane University, where I was recently promoted to Business Analyst. After work I am active sewing costumes, socializing, and being involved with the Mardi Gras Krewes of Nyx and Chewbacchus!

2009 Amelia Cousins Greenhall H B.E., 2009 (Versus magazine, The Slant) Greenhall lives in San Francisco, CA, and said: After creating illustrations and writing copy for The Slant and

Joe Bass H B.A., 2005 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Versus magazine) Bass lives in Nashville, TN, and said: After a brief stint working in local news, I now work in communications and media relations for Metro Nashville Public Schools. I deal with news outlets and reporters daily, so my VSC experiences have really paid off. I also manage social media and online engagement for the district, and created the district blogs, MNPSChildrenFirst.com and OnPublicEducation.com. My wife and I still live in Nashville and we’re expecting our first child in June. Robert Edward Caldwell, Jr. H B.S., 2005 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, WRVU, VSC Board member) Caldwell lives in St. Louis, MO, and said: I am recently married. I have a band called Black Bears which is playing at a good number of reputable places in St. Lous. (facebook.com/ blackbears.band). I continue practicing criminal law, employment law, and personal injury, but I would love to start doing entertainment related work.

2006 Neal Andrew Palmer H B.S., M.S., Ph.D., 2006 (WRVU) Palmer lives in New York, NY, and said: Neal just completed his PhD in Vanderbilt’s Community Research and Action program. He will continue working in a research capacity at GLSEN, a national non-profit addressing LGBT issues in education. Adam Bohanan H B.A., 2006 (WRVU) Bohanan lives in Brunswick, ME. Hayley Harris Picchini H B.S., 2006 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Picchini lives in Austin, TX, and said: Hayley Harris Picchini is now working for Google as a Google+ (social media) specialist for the music industry. Her work with national labels and talent has come full circle, connecting her with Nashville again while work-

Katie DePaola, CEO & Executive Coach at Whole Glow.

glow, build their passion and create the relationships they desire. She holds a BS in Human and Organizational Development and a minor in Women and Gender Studies from Vanderbilt University. In New York City, Katie sat on the Junior Board of the Step Up Women’s Network and served as a mentor to underserved teen girls. She now sits on the Steering Committee of the Tranquil Space Foundation, where she co-hosts events and workshops to teach women and teens about the benefits of yoga, mindfulness and leadership. Jessica Lee/Pack Belville H B.S., 2009 (The Vanderbilt Hustler) Belville lives in Nashville, TN, and said: I am currently pursuing my MBA with a specialization in Human & Organizational Performance at the Owen Graduate School of Management. Prior to returning to school, I worked in HR for Dollar General Corporation, and am currently interning for Nissan Americas in the Training & Organizational Development department. I married Aaron Belville, a graduate of Lipscomb University and University of TN College of Law, in March of 2013 and we call Nashville home!

2011 Mikil Taylor H B.A., 2011 (WRVU) Taylor lives in Nashville, TN, and said: I’m currently a Senior Healthcare Data Analyst at Healthcare Blue Book, supporting our analytics and data management functions. Healthcare Blue Book is a leading healthcare price transparency company. We provide a free online tool at HealthcareBlueBook.com for consumers to determine a fair price to pay for common healthcare services. Aimee Sobhani H B.A., 2011 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Orbis) Sobhani lives in Atlanta, GA, and said: I’ve just completed my second year at Emory Law and will be working at the Georgia Attorney General’s office. I’ve been able to use my media experience in law school by serving as an undergraduate class, “Media and the Law.


In Memoriam Walter J. Rein H M.Div., 1962

Amelia Cousins Greenhall (Engineering ’09) and Bryan Reeves (Engineering ’08) working together at tech startup FutureAdvisor

other publications while at Vanderbilt, I am now working for a venture-funded tech startup in San Francisco. I run the marketing department at FutureAdvisor, building an automatic portfolio management service that take the hassle and worry out of retirement investing. I love my job - it’s fast paced, and I get to use the programming and data analysis I learned as an Electrical Engineer, and the illustration and design skills from my Studio Art minor. And Vanderbilt ties run deep - I was recruited to this job by a fellow WildernessSkills instructor, Bryan Reeves (Vanderbilt ’08). Katie DePaola H B.S., 2009 (The Vanderbilt Hustler, Versus magazine, InsideVandy.com) DePaola lives in Washington, DC, and said: Katie DePaola made her first foray into the entrepreneurial scene in early 2012, with the launch of her all natural, organic spray tanning enterprise, Whole Glow. Through her beauty business, she’s raising awareness of the harmful effects of tanning and helping women enhance their outer glow in a way that’s healthy and inspired. Katie is also a Business and Life Coach, working with women to discover their inner

Walter had many achievements in a variety of professional careers. He was diagnosed with an incurable disease, MDS/ Leukemia, in February 2006. He was treated with FDA approved chemotherapy in Ashville, N.C., from July 2006 to July 2009. At this point, he began clinical trials at Duke Cancer Care in Durham, N.C. He thanked the doctors for accepting him in the trials. He said, “Thank you for accepting me in the clinical trials. I can use my body in my old age to make a contribution to medical research in an effort to find a cure for this disease.” He was in three clinical trials. The first trial started in July 2009 and lasted through March 2011. Second trial was from June 2011 through December 2011. Third trial was from February 2012 until he passed away August 2012. Hopefully, the contributions he made will assist medical research in getting a cure for the disease. He had some outstanding achievements during the 6 ½ years he endured the disease. He published 7 books, wrote and printed 4 chap books. Walter established the following: The Walter J. Rein and Janell Laman Rein Scholarship Fund at Vanderbilt Divinity School at Vanderbilt University; The Walter J. Rein and Janell Rein Scholarship Foundation at Lambuth University in Jackson, TN; The Janell and Walter Rein Endowment for Hospice at West Tennessee Healthcare in Jackson, Tenn. Walter is survived by his loving wife of 55 ½ years, 2 daughters, 5 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. Submitted by Walter’s wife, Janell Rein

tunnel vision


The Alexander Award The Charles Forrest Alexander Award in Journalism is presented annually to a student who has achieved distinction in Vanderbilt student journalistic projects. This year, the award was given to senior Eric Single, who joined the sports as soon as he arrived at Vanderbilt and went on to serve as a multimedia journalist and a newsroom leader. Single produced and co-hosted the WRVU show “Two Live VUs” and the VTV program “VU Sports Wired.” During his senior year, Single served as editor-in-chief of The Hustler. Under his leadership, The Hustler covered stories ranging from issues such as alcohol and prescription drug abuse on campus to projects such as the Music City Bowl preview issue and coverage of a Greekcentric benefit. After graduation, Single headed to Atlanta for an internship at MLB.com.

WRVU Award Monica Kim, a junior from Englewood Cliffs, N.J., received this year’s WRVU Award for Dedication to Excellence in Radio. Kim served as one of the WRVU event coordinators, and her dedication to in-studio and on-campus performances enhanced WRVU’s presence as both a radio station and a source for quality music programming. She also hosted the popular show “The Tourist,” and assisted with other duties at the station as needed. The WRVU award was endowed in 2007 by former WRVU GM Dr. Jamie Noble and is presented annually to an undergraduate Vanderbilt student who is a current WRVU DJ, a member of the executive staff, and one who has shown excellence beyond expectations for their position in their dedication to WRVU either in listenership, programming, music education of the public, engineering, or financial support

SEJC The Hustler in February received individual and institutional recognitions in the Best of the South competition, held by the Southeast Journalism Conference. Editor-in-Chief Eric Single won first place for Best Sportswriter. Art Director Kristen Webb won first place for Best Newspaper Layout Designer. Senior News Reporter Kyle Blaine won first place for Best Public Service Journalism. The Hustler won third place for Best College Newspaper.

Tennessee Associated Press Vanderbilt Television's “Points of VU” program won second place in the Tennessee Associated Press awards in the Best Public Affairs program category. The episode of “Points of VU” that was recognized had a special emphasis on the use of music in politics.


Alumni Column, continued from page 2

here, that’s really what drove me, and getting the degree people from all over the country, and it’s cool to see that is really important to me and my family. It’s something reflected on the baseball team. Pitcher Tyler Beede, a former first-round draft pick that will last forever. Once I get it, it can’t be taken away.” Yastrzemski is one of six players from Massachusetts of the Toronto Blue Jays from Auburn, Mass., turned down $2 million to enroll on the roster, a fact I did mention in the story at Vanderbilt. I also asked him about his choice. because it is relevant to the “This place is unbelievable. It was “I was deciding program’s success. Corbin either take a nice chunk of money, is from Wolfeboro, N.H., between Virginia and go play in the minors for a couple Southern Cal, more of so that’s an obvious New England connection. I asked the prestigious academic of years chasing a dream on some schools,” Beede said. “This him what else explains the rough fields, some rough trips, or was just like so far ahead trend. of those programs. For “I ask the kids, ‘Listen, come back to this place where I know if baseball was out of the me it really wasn’t a decieverything about it, I’m comfortable equation would you still sion to make, college-wise. with it, the facilities are great and This is where I knew I was consider it?’” Corbin said. “(Mike) said he was very going to go.” the staff’s unbelievable." I could relate. My comfortable, it’s got a New England feel to it, and I baseball talent reached its think it does. It’s got some Harvard in it, there’s some ceiling in high school, but I also had appealing choices Boston College in it, especially if you get in the middle – Duke and Georgetown, Michigan and Penn. For me it of it.” was Vanderbilt, and not just because of the scholarship. I’ve been to Harvard and Boston College, and on When I visited with my dad, I hung out with the Hustler this point I’ll admit I’m biased: Vanderbilt’s campus is crew on a Sunday production night in Sarratt. I felt right nicer than both. But if a New England high school stu- away like I belonged there. I wanted to start immedident sees something familiar, then that’s great. One of ately. I didn’t want to leave. the things I loved about Vanderbilt was getting to know So I found myself smiling when Yastrzemski

described the moment he knew he would choose Vanderbilt. An assistant coach had taken Yastrzemski and other recruits to Hawkins Field to see a practice. After a while, the coach told them they could leave for the bookstore to get some merchandise. “I was like, ‘I’m good -- I’m just going to stay here and watch practice, if you don’t mind,’” Yastrzemski said. “So everyone takes off and I’m standing there with Coach Corbin, and I stayed for the whole practice. I knew I wanted to be there. I wanted to get out there and start working out with them right then. “It was a surreal moment. I knew there was no shot I was going anywhere else, or even looking anywhere else. It felt right.” I did not share that anecdote in my story, because I did not want it to sound like an advertisement for my alma mater. But here, I can say that with people like Yastrzemski, the university sells itself. It’s a special place and he’s a special person, and I was honored to tell the story.

HHH Tyler Kepner (B.A., 1997) is in his fourth season as the national baseball writer for the New York Times. He previously served as the Times’ beat writer for the Mets (2000-01) and the Yankees (2002-09) after covering the Angels for the Riverside Press-Enterprise and the Mariners for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Issue 18 • Spring 2013


New divisions

offer film, music and writing opportunities

Student Media at Vanderbilt adds four divisions, growing to a 15-division organization Vanderbilt Student Communications expanded opportunities for students by creating four new media groups in February. In addition to its current media offerings, VSC will provide students with experience in creating films and documentaries, recording music, streaming radio from a high-visibility studio on campus, and writing for a community-focused newspaper. As is the case with current media divisions within VSC, such as The Hustler and Vanderbilt Television, these new groups will collaborate on multi-divisional projects. VSC now includes 15 divisions.



divisions: The Vanderbilt Hustler

campus newspaper

VandyRadio VUFinder

Vanderbilt students interested in visual storytelling through short films, features and documentaries will find new opportunities with the VUFinder division. In VUFinder, teams of students will be assembled to work on aspects of production together, creating a variety of films. VSC will begin recruiting student leaders to participate in VUFinder in the fall.

VandyRadio will give students the opportunity to produce streaming and on-demand news, sports, entertainment and opinion audio programming that reflects the Vanderbilt campus community. VandyRadio will be located in VSC’s Studio C, which can be seen through large glass walls in a high-traffic area on the first floor of the Sarratt Student Center. The new station will add an audio component to the Hustler and InsideVandy.com, in terms of content including campus news, opinion, sports and entertainment, said sophomore Maralei Bunn, the first station manager of VandyRadio. “VandyRadio will be interactive. Students can call in to express their opinions about an issue, request a song – we’ll also be playing Top 40-style music – or ask questions,” Bunn said. At longstanding student radio station WRVU, Bunn served as a DJ and as a member of the executive staff. She said her fellow students at WRVU at first were wary of the new station as a potential competitor, but when they learned she would be station manager, they felt better about its purpose and direction. VandyRadio’s programming will be different from WRVU’s programming, which primarily focuses on new, non-mainstream music. Bunn said she is planning some collaborative events with WRVU so the stations can distinguish themselves for the student body and establish a relationship for working together. “My vision for VandyRadio is to create a dynamic media environment that the entire campus will listen in on for both their information and music needs,” Bunn said.


student media website The Commodore

student yearbook WRVU

student radio VandyRadio

student radio Vanderbilt Television

student television The Vanderbilt Review

annual literary review Orbis

liberal viewpoint publication The Torch

conservative viewpoint magazine The Slant

humor publication Vanderbilt Political Review

topical magazine

RVU Records

The new RVU Records recording studio will be located in space adjacent to WRVU student radio. Construction on the studio is expected to begin this summer. RVU Records will provide students opportunities to participate in all aspects of the recording industry, including sound recording and engineering, artists and repertoire, marketing, and distribution. RVU Records will be able to record touring artists who visit the WRVU radio space as live on-air in-studio performers, along with Vanderbilt student performance groups, individuals and bands. Sophomore Zach Blumenfeld was hired to serve as the first director of RVU Records, and he said he was drawn to the position because of his love of music and his interest in fostering a vibrant music scene at Vanderbilt. At the beginning of the school year, Blumenfeld created and hosted The VU Backstage, a weekly show on WRVU that showcased “the best in Vanderbilt’s musical talent.” Blumenfeld said his fellow students seem very excited about RVU Records. “Music producers on campus have approached me about taking positions in the organization, and I received enough qualified applicants to fill all eight executive staff positions I created,” he said. “The musicians I have talked to are ecstatic that there will be a professional-grade recording studio on campus.”

The Liberator

African-American community publication Her Campus

women's issue website

The Liberator

The Liberator, a magazine serving the African American community at Vanderbilt, became a division of VSC when the VSC board of directors approved a proposal from junior Kiarra Walden. The staff of The Liberator had been posting articles online at vandyliberator.com, and this spring Walden led her staff to print the first issue of the magazine, which was distributed it in The Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center. “We have had wonderful success and much support,” Walden said. “It has been an excellent time this school year working with the staff and fellow African American Vanderbilt students. We have received so many positive comments and emails in regards to the first publication and the online articles. It’s been a successful year.” H


documentary film team RVU Records

recording studio HHH

More information on VSC can be found online at vandymedia.org.

Issue 18 • Spring 2013

tunnel vision the alumni newsletter for student media at vanderbilt university


student photography showcase‌

Chris Honiball

Bosley Jarrett


Chris Honiball

Franklin, TN Permit No. 357

PRSRT STD U.S. Postage

Murphy Byrne

Kevin Barnett