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Of 400+ Immaculate Farm Toys Etc. John Deere, IH, Allis, Minneapolis Moline, Cockshutt, Oliver etc. Saturday March 9, 2013---Sale time: 10:00 A.M. Location: Demco Community Center, or 714 Main St. Boyden, IA. –turn off Hwy 18 onto Main St. then go approx. 2 Blks North—Boyden is approx. 8.5 miles West of Sheldon, IA. Auction signs will be posted! Lunch by Bizzy Beez

8:00AM viewing day of sale

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Auctioneers note: Due to family health problems, Brian will be offering an excellent line of toys! Do not miss this auction!! This is just a partial list of what will be offered at this sale. There will be viewing available at 8:00 A.M. day of auction. The majority of these toys 1/16th and are new in box. Lodging available in Sheldon IA, Rock Valley IA and Sioux Center, IA. Call for more details if needed. John Deere: JD 2550 FWA w/Loader: JD 2755 FWA w/loader: JD 4255 w/cab: JD4430 w/cab-2 caps: JD 4440 w/cab: JD 4440 w/cab-duals: JD 4450 w/cab, MFWD: JD 4450 w/cab-duals: JD 4455 FWA w/cab: JD 5010 Industrial yellow: JD 5020 short stripe: JD 5020 long stripe: JD 3020 nf, add on ROPS-mint no box: JD 3020 nf, add on ROPSw/JD loader, 2 levers- mint no box: JD disc w/cyl: JD 2 bottom plow w/spoke rims: JD unstyled A on rubber (Canadian show): JD A high crop-2cyl, club: JD B unstyled-IA FFA: JD C on steel-2 cyl, club: JD D spoked fly wheel-2 cyl, club: JD D solid flywheel, Canadian Show: JD G high crop-2 cyl, club: JD GP-potato 2 cyl, club: JD GP wide tread, 2 cylclub: (2) JD H nf/wf, 2 cyl, club: Lindeman crawler w/chisel plow: Lindeman crawler w/plow: JD 40 & 70 2 piece set: JD 40 crawler w/blade-Plow City: JD 60 w/corn picker sheller: JD 60 high seat, 2 cyl, club: JD 60 wf, IA FFA w/umbrella: JD 70 nf, IA FFA w/umbrella: JD 80 Coll. Edition: JD 330 & 430 Dubuque 2 pc set: JD 330 2 cyl club: JD 420 crawler-Plow City: JD 420 high crop-2 cyl, club: JD 430 Ind. Crawler, Truck & Const. Show: JD 430 high crop, lp, 2 cyl, club: JD 440 crawler, Truck & Const. Show-Ind. Yellow: JD 520T 2 cyl club: JD 620 Industrial 2 cyl. Club: JD 620 Orchard 2 cyl. Club: JD 720 nf, Toy Tractor Times: JD 720 high crop 2 cyl. Club: JD 830 Rice 2 cyl, club: JD 1010 crawler w/blade-Plow City: JD 1010 crawler w/ripper-Plow City: JD 1010 Ind. Crawler w/blade--Coll Edition: JD 2010 crawler w/blade-Plow City: JD 2010 Industrial Crawler w/blade/ripper: JD 2010 tractor/disc-50th Anniv.: JD 3010 ROPS-Safety Council: JD 3020 plow tractor & 4 btm plow: JD 3020 nf, Colfax FFA: JD 4010 nf, ROPS-Plow City show: JD 4010 wf ROPS-Toy Farmer: JD 4010 wf, Hiniker cab-40th Edition: JD 4010 wf, w/46A loader-Elvis Presley: JD 4020 restoration set: JD 4020 restoration set-Dusty: JD 4020 wf, IA FFA: JD 4040 cab, Toy Tractor Times: JD 4230 cab, Toy Farmer: JD 4320 FWA cab, Coll. Edition: JD 4450 cab, Syracuse Edition: JD 4520 cab-Toy Farmer: JD 4620 cab, duals, IA State Fair: JD 4620 cab, duals, FWA: JD 5020 duals, Museum: JD 6030 duals/cab, Coll. Edition: JD 4455 FWA w/duals: JD 4010 w/JD 46A loader: Custom JD Toys: JD 1010 old custom JD crawler, green: JD 3010 nf, ROPS/3 pt: JD 4000 wf, 3 pt: JD 4010 wf, w/JD 48 loader: JD 4010 duals/Hiniker cab: JD 4010 duals and ROPS: JD 4010 standard and clamshell fenders: JD 4020 nf glass cab: JD 4020 wf w/JD 48 loader: JD 4020 nf ROPS: JD 4020 wf, duals: JD 4020 wf, w/640 JD loader: JD 4240 cab/duals: JD 4430 wf, w/640 JD loader: JD 4440 cab/640 JD loader: JD 4440 cab w/knobby front tire duals: JD 4440 cab w/deep dish duals: JD 4450 cab/640 loader: JD 4520 cab-duals: JD 4520 Red Westendorf loader: JD 4520 duals w/640 loader: JD 4620 ROPS , 640 JD loader: JD 4620 ROPS w/duals/JD 640 loader: JD 4630 w/cab: JD 5020 duals: JD 5020 ROPs: JD 4240 custom w/JD custom 4 bottom plow: JD custom 630 w/picker: JD Precision: JD B unstyled on rubber, JD 70 nf, diesel, JD 720 nf, loader/blade, JD 3010 nf, JD 4020 nf, diesel, JD 494A –corn planter, barge wagon, hay wagon, 214T baler: JD 2510 w/#50 mower: JD 420 w/KVL disc: JD 4020-standard: JD 620 lp: JD Prestige: JD 4010: lots of misc.: International: IH 1586: IH 1586 w/loader: JD 1466 cab, duals, mint-no box: JD 1066 Rops, mint-no box: IH 756 w/Miller loader: IH 756 w/duals-ROPS: Super C –Lafayette Show, nf: Cubs #1-7 complete set: F20 nf, red, Coll. Edition: H nf, wagon set: ID9 Farm Show Progress: MTA Toy Farmer: T14 crawler: T340 red crawler: TD14 crawler w/blade: TD340 Crawler Toy Truck Show-yellow: W30 red on rubber w/metal canopy: WD9-Museum: 130-230-2 pc set-50th Anniv.: 200 wf, Lafayette Show: 230 Toy Tractor Times: 300 Toy Farmer: 340 Ind. Yellow: 350 NF Special Edition: 450 High crop: 450 Electrol: 560 standard-Lafayette Show: 660 STD Toy Farmer: 660 Industrial: 706 & 806 sets-40th Anniv: 706-duals wf, Lafayette show: 706-wf, Toy Tractor Times: 706 nf, heater house: 756 wf, IA FFA: 756 –Hiniker cab: 806 duals WMSTR, Rollag MN: 856-Hiniker cab: 856-nf, Summer Show, #50 of 150: 1206 nf duals: 1206 wf, IA FFA: 1256 duals, cab, Summer Show: 1468 V8 –Lafayette Show: 21256 Industrial: Customs: MTA nf, metal rims: 706 nf, Duals -3 pt, -very nice: 826 duals: Hydro 100 black stripe/red Westendorf loader: 1066 cab, duals: 1456 cab, tanks, duals -3 pt: 1456 Golden demo –blk Westendorf Loader: 1466 black stripe/duals: IH Precision: IH F20 nf, on rubber: IH F20 wf, gray on steel: IH MD nf w/loader: IH 400 nf: IH 460 nf,: IH 560 nf: Case: 200 Great American Toy Show: 500-Toy Farmer: 800-Toy Farmer: 970 plow tractor w/plow: 1170 Black Knight Tractor: 1170 Golden Knight Toy Farmer: -Case Custom: 1030 standard: Precision: Case IH 5488 precision: Case 1175: Case 830-shelf: Allis Chalmers: 7080 Black Belly –cab/duals: 8010 Allis: 8010 Duetz: D19-diesel-Toy Farmer: D19-w/loader-Pork Expo: D21 Special Edition: H3-orange/blade: HD3yellow/blade: K w/blade/diesel: K-gas: Allis Custom: 190XT –ROPS/duals: Oliver: HG-green: OC3-yellow: OC12-umbrella: OC12-blade: Super 44-Toy Tractor Times: 550-yellow: 1555-wf, ROPS –Museum: 1655 FWA ROPS-Collector Edition: 1950T-Hiniker cab-FWA: Oliver custom: 1855 ROPS-duals/tanks: 1950T-cab, duals, FWA: Caterpillar: D2-American Cat Machinery club: Minneapolis Moline: G750 FWA, duals, ROPS –Toy Farmer: G750 FWA –ROPS, Firestone tires: G-955-wf: U-nf on steel w/metal canopy: UDLX-cab: UTU-South Dakota Centennial: UTS –North Dakota Centennial: 2 star-blade: 2 star-bucket: 2270-red/white: Moline custom--G1355 ROPS-duals/tanks: Cockshutt: E4-Coop Club: 560 nf, 40th Anniv.: 580 Marion County Show: 1555 nf Canada Show: 1555 wf, ROPS-shelf model: 1655 ROPS Duals/Sugar Valley Show: 1655 nf-shelf model: CockShutt Custom: 1555 nf, ROPS duals: Ford: 901-Fox Fire: 901-Toy Farmer: 8260-Toy Farmer: Massey: MH33-Toy Farmer: MH55 Toy Farmer: MF55 w/loader-World Pork Expo: MF98-GM Diesel: MF #65: Trucks: Case IH, AC, JD, MF dealership pickups: JD dealership pickup-Jerry Miller Impl: 1/32 JD parts semi: 1940 Ford Pepsi truck: misc. 1/64 Sprint cars and racing trucks: 1st gear trucks: racing semis: misc. items: Pedal Tractors: Intl. H pedal tractor: JD 720 pedal tractor w/umbrella—sharp: Memorabilia: There will be a large assortment of memorabilia including JD dishes set, canister set, planter lids etc, JD truck banks: . -Also approx. 100 pieces of Literature including manuals, sales literature etc. Terms: cash/good cashable check. Credit Cards also accepted. Not responsible for accidents or theft of items purchased. Any announcements made day of auction will supersede any advertisements.

Auctioneers: Don Krommendyk-712-470-3203 ~~ Mark Zomer-712-470-2526

~ Darrell Vande Vegte-712-726-3428

Brian Omanson  
Brian Omanson  

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