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career in Finance. Today, skills in financial analysis are more valued than ever before. And there are few business schools better suited to help you gain those skills more quickly than Vanderbilt. Here, you can learn from renowned faculty who have helped Vanderbilt earn a global reputation in Finance—teachers who are not only grounded in financial theory but closely connected to the daily world of business. And, regardless of whether you have a background in Finance, you can gain the broad set of skills and connections in just nine months that will open doors to a rewarding career.

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Lubaina Balasinorwala A native of India and resident of Oman, Lubaina came to the U.S. to get an education in economics. She got what she was looking for and more by immersing herself into extracurricular activities and networking with those around her. Those efforts paid off. She will be working with KPMG and putting her people and finance skills to work.

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MS Finance Essentials  
MS Finance Essentials  

The Essentials Guide 2012-2013: Events, application deadlines, class stats, tuition, financial aid, scholarships, admissions requirements an...