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Hannah Johnson 8:00 AM

3:30 PM

Wake up! As the first year progresses, you can start to set your own schedule. I like to schedule my first class for 9:40 AM. It allows me to keep my usual late hours, but still get to school at a decent time to maximize the day.

Done with class! Off to the library to work on deliverables for tomorrow’s Survey Design and Managerial Accounting classes.

5:00 PM

9:20 AM

Meet with Strategy team to discuss Capstone and make our R&D, production, marketing, finance, HR and TQM decisions for the day. At 8:00 PM, the instructor will advance the simulation one year and we will find out how our strategies paid off.

Arrive at school, put lunch in the refrigerator, drop extra gear in my locker.

9:40 AM

In Strategy class, we discuss Blue Ocean Strategy and the latest results from our Capstone simulated business competition.

7:00 PM

11:10 AM

8:01 PM

1:00 PM

8:30 PM

Walk home. Eat dinner and take a break.

Off to Starbucks across the street before settling down in the library.

Check Capstone results and start to email my team incessantly.

Take a break to eat lunch. My classmates are milling about, heading across the street to Panera or Mellow Mushroom or dashing off to meetings.

Finish stuff for tomorrow, scour internship postings, write cover letters, reach out to alumni via email, go to the gym, pay bills and do laundry.

2:00 PM

Hannah Johnson A longtime resident of Southern California, Hannah jokes that she came to Vanderbilt to spot a new crop of celebrities. And while she’s seen plenty of stars, Hannah also added a strong dose of marketing to her science background. She’s now putting her skills to use as a Senior Associate with KPMG Consulting in Los Angeles.

12:15 PM

New Product Development with David Owens. One of my favorite classes in B-school so far. The class takes you from brainstorming through prototyping and launching a product. We’re working with a technology company to develop an iPad peripheral. Today we learned about product costs and watched a video of a guy putting an iPad in a blender.

Put away books. Get ready for bed. Skype with family and friends in far-off time zones. Hit the sack.

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MBA Day in the Life: Hannah Johnson  
MBA Day in the Life: Hannah Johnson