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Master of Business Administration




The percentage of classmates you will know by name.

On the cover: Read the story of Alneada Biggers, Vanderbilt JD/MBA (Human and Organizational Performance), Class of 2016, at

Note: By the time you read this brochure, some of the titles for our students and alumni may be out of date. There’s a good reason for that: Vanderbilt graduates are highly valued and tend to move up quickly in the business world.

The MBA that is focused on you.

Your goals. Your aspirations. Your future. The Vanderbilt MBA is a full-time program designed for early career professionals who wish to catapult their current careers or switch career paths entirely. As with most other top MBA programs, the Vanderbilt MBA features a core foundation of general management courses and offers several choices of specializations and concentrations. This is where the similarity ends.

We seek out a different type of student.

We are looking for students who are curious, self-aware, adaptable and driven. We want those who thrive in a team environment and know that strong relationships are a critical component of business success. We welcome leaders who are willing to step outside of their comfort zones, dig deeper and work harder to develop the analytical and effective teamwork skills that will lead to lifelong career success.


Program length. . . . . . . . . 21 months, full-time

Personal Scale. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Accelerated Curriculum. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 The Leadership Experience . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Immersion Opportunities. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 International Opportunities. . . . . . . . . . 10 Career Management and Support. . . 14 Career Paths . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Finance. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Marketing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Consulting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Human and Organizational Performance. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Operations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Health Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Entrepreneurship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Our Community Global Perspective . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Diversity and Inclusion. . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Faculty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Alumni Network. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Family and Friends. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Student Life. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Vanderbilt and Nashville. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48

Designed for . . . . . . . . . . . .

Days in the Life Imogen Roberts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Ariel Gros-Werter. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Harsh Sundani. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42

We provide a different type of education.

Vanderbilt provides a close-knit, collaborative community and the encouragement and empowerment to pursue your dreams. We consider our school a leadership laboratory in which one can learn, experiment, practice, adapt and transform.

Here are just a few of the things that make us different. n An accelerated “mod” system, ensuring that Vanderbilt students

get course work in their primary concentration before interviewing for summer internships

n Highly regarded, accessible faculty who serve as great mentors,

advisors and friends

n Career coaches who help prepare and support our students as they

identify and pursue the positions and companies that are right for them

n An incomparable leadership development program accessing the same

diagnostic tools and executive coaching used by the Fortune 500

n Nashville—A gem of a city that is a lively, safe and affordable place

to live and study for two years

Early career professionals who desire the knowledge, credentials, skills and connections to fuel a faster—or altogether different—career trajectory


IT’S TRUE. WE’RE SMALL. (WE LIKE IT THAT WAY.) Small classes? A close-knit, collaborative community? Faculty who know you by name but also happen to do ground-breaking research? Yes. Yes. And yes. But personal scale is far more than that. It defines who we are and what we do. It’s the fact that we can offer programs that larger schools simply can’t—a leadership development program customized to you; the opportunity for you to help shape your day-today MBA experience; small-scale immersions and independent studies that allow you to take a deep dive into a career or an industry that interests you; ample opportunities to take—or create—leadership roles within our community.



More than anything, it’s about our heart. It’s about the Owen family and the fact that once you join our family, it’s for life. For two years and beyond, our focus is on you. Your aspirations. Your goals. Your career transformation. Your success. Don’t get us wrong. We are laser-focused on the same things as other top business schools: attracting great students; providing an exceptional business education; helping students land great internships and dream jobs; working to get the recognition we deserve in rankings. It’s just that we take it personally and do it in an environment that is competitive but not cutthroat. Personal scale. The best way to understand our community is to come for a visit and experience it for yourself. 03



WE DO IT TO GIVE YOU AN At Vanderbilt, you’ll be immersed right away in a strong core of courses in business fundamentals. And because we follow a unique modular course format—four seven-week mods, which intensify and accelerate the learning experience—you gain a solid foundation of essential knowledge in your primary concentration in a shorter period of time than with a traditional semester system. Our alumni and second-year MBA students say this approach to curriculum gives them an advantage when they interview for allimportant summer internships midway through their first year. That doesn’t happen by chance. We designed it that way. In addition, you will choose at least one Concentration or Specialization that will provide the intellectual capital for the career path you choose. You may further customize your program with an “Emphasis” of courses in one or more other areas of interest. We also offer joint degrees with other prestigious professional and graduate schools at Vanderbilt, including the schools of Law, Medicine, Music, Nursing, Engineering and Divinity.



n Business in the World Economy n Intro to Financial Accounting

n Intro to Managerial Accounting n

Leading Teams and Organizations Management Communication n Managerial Economics n Managerial Finance n Managerial Statistics n Marketing Management n Operations Management n Strategic Management n

Year Two: Required Course n Ethics in Business


12 credit hours of electives in a single discipline n Accounting n Finance n General Management n Health Care n Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) n Marketing n Operations n Strategy


The cost to take additional credit hours at Owen or other schools within Vanderbilt University. This is a great way to learn a new language or exercise your interests in law, engineering or theology. (Or any other subject you can think of.)

Degree requirements and course information are subject to change. Visit to view the most recent Course Catalog containing academic policies, degree requirements and individual course descriptions for each of our degree programs.

Year One: Core Courses


8 credit hours of electives beyond the Concentration (to total 20 credit hours) n Brand Management n Corporate Finance n Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) n Investment Management


8 credit hours of approved courses n Entrepreneurship n International Studies n Real Estate

11:15 AM Room 218



THE LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE At Vanderbilt, leadership is not an add-on or an afterthought; it is well integrated into the business school experience and is one area in which students are expected and encouraged to take ownership of their development. You’ll find that our curriculum and its team-based course work and extracurricular opportunities lend themselves to “leadership by doing” and that these are reinforced by an acclaimed Leadership Development Program. Together, these three elements work to establish Owen’s Leadership Experience and form a concrete foundation for a lifetime of career growth.



Team-based Course Work

At Owen, we develop students who have the skills to be productive with others. That’s teamwork Owen style. In today’s business world, it is also the critical foundation for effective leadership. From the first day of Orientation until you walk across the stage at Commencement, you will complete much of your course work in small groups or teams. To ensure that you are successful, you will have significant help navigating this team-based world. Leading Teams and Organizations, a required course scheduled for the first mod, is designed to help you size up any work environment and equip you with a toolkit—and a laboratory in which to practice with those tools—that will carry you through the entire MBA program and beyond.


Leadership Development Program

A pillar of Owen’s Leadership Experience is our Leadership Development Program (LDP)—a distinctive program that integrates the services of seasoned executive coaches with tools such as Hogan Leadership and KornFerry Voices 360˚ assessments—diagnostic instruments typically reserved for high-level executives at Fortune 500 companies. The Vanderbilt LDP team offers three approaches from which to choose, giving you the power to take ownership of your personal development and the flexibility to shape an experience that best aligns with your learning style and developmental goals. Regardless of the approach you choose, you will uncover your strengths and target areas for improvement, learn how to give and accept feedback and develop insights, skills and behaviors that will last a lifetime.


Extracurricular Opportunities

At Owen, we believe that leadership is a contact sport—something that you have to get in and start doing. As a result, we provide ample opportunities for students to build their “leadership muscles.” Manage a conference. Serve as an officer of one of the more than 30 clubs that exist on campus. Run for an elected position on the student body leadership team. Serve as an advisor to one of the school’s functional departments. Form a team to enter a case competition. And if the opportunity that excites you doesn’t exist, we will give you the encouragement and support to create it!

My classes in Leading Teams and Organizations range between 32 and 36 students. If you go to another top business school, you are given the same content in a class of 90. Because of our scale, I’m able to know my students a lot better than my colleagues at peer schools. I can actually give guided, relevant feedback based on the fact that I know that student. Tim Vogus Associate Professor of Management 06

Don’t just learn business.

Learn to lead.

Watch the Leadership Experience Video



Immerse Yourself.


And take a deep dive into areas that interest you. We think the best way to master business administration is to practice it. So we thoroughly integrate hands-on learning with real-world application in your two years at Owen. You’ll have many opportunities to solve problems and develop strategies for “client” companies. Plan a conference. Consult for a local startup or an aspiring entrepreneur in an emerging market. Create a working plan for a well-known consumer product. Experience health care in scrubs, side-by-side with doctors and nurses in the operating room. Manage an investment fund. Participate in a short, focused immersion experience or career trek. Impress a future employer during a paid summer internship. Work on a business plan and present it to venture capitalists to start your own business.


Immersion is learning by doing. It’s not around theory and it’s not around case. It’s not around what has been. It’s around what is and what will be. And that is the most powerful way to learn. Michael Burcham Senior lecturer and serial entrepreneur Founder of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center


It’s one thing to study international business.

Here you can Bergen, Norway

These are some of the various cities and countries in which Vanderbilt MBA students have had international immersion experiences in recent years. New opportunities arise every year.

Dublin, Ireland

Vanderbilt University Pignon, Haiti

Guatemala City, Guatemala

San Jose, Costa Rica

Bogota, Colombia

São Paulo, Brazil

Santiago, Chile


Focused electives

As with other top business schools, a global perspective is integrated into the course work in an organic and relevant manner. But if you want more, opportunities abound within Owen and other schools across Vanderbilt’s campus. Students can enjoy Managing the Global Enterprise or International Financial Markets and Instruments, just two of the electives offered within our business school. Or they can search out other upper-level electives that Vanderbilt offers, such as foreign languages, art history, law, political science or Latin American studies (a particular focus at Vanderbilt University).


International Seminar

“Doing Business in…” is a seven-week for-credit seminar that culminates in a week-long immersion trip over spring break. Prior to the trip, student teams study business practices and issues within the country they will visit. The in-country experience includes visits and meetings with executives of local and multi-national firms and the completion of a project while “on the ground.” Destinations vary from year to year but have included Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, Italy, Ireland and Israel.



Project Pyramid

Project Pyramid is an innovative initiative that unites students and faculty from several Vanderbilt professional schools— business, education, law, divinity and medicine—as they seek to alleviate poverty around the world through socially minded and community-focused projects. Students may find themselves in Guatemala, working to establish a housing microfinance program for a low-income community. Or they may choose to work with a small company in Madurai, India to help build a finance management information framework. Each year brings new opportunities and locales; past trips have included Kathmandu (Nepal), Pignon (Haiti), Santiago (Chile), Nairobi (Kenya) and Johannesburg (South Africa).

Today’s business world demands a global mind-set. That doesn’t just mean knowing about geography and currency differences. Business executives—no matter what market or sector—must understand the cultural frameworks wherever they do business. That’s why Vanderbilt offers a variety of ways to gain global sensitivity and business acumen.

experience it. Cergy-Pontoise, France Paris, France Prague, Czech Republic Oestrich-Winkel, Germany

Beijing, China

Vallendar, Germany Karlsruhe, Germany

Tokyo, Japan

Florence, Italy

Kathmandu, Nepal

Istanbul, Turkey Shanghai, China Tel Aviv, Israel

Hong Kong, China

Stung Treng, Cambodia

Gaborone, Botswana

Madurai, India

Nairobi, Kenya

Singapore, Singapore

Cape Town, South Africa


Johannesburg, South Africa

International exchange programs

Owen has formal exchange programs with several select universities around the world, including Fudan, National University of Singapore, Melbourne Business School, the University of Karlsruhe, ESSEC (École Supérieure des Sciences Économiques et Commerciales) and FIA (Fundação Instituto de Administração). Students may apply to go on exchange during the second year of their MBA program. While in the host country, students generally take a full course load.

Melbourne, Australia


Maymester and summer study abroad

Rather than spend a full semester abroad, many students choose a shorter Maymester or summer study program. Students may choose from several options, including “Successful Leadership in Europe” (European Business School); “The Changing Environment for International Business in Europe” (Otto Beisheim School of Management) and “Doing Business in China” (Peking University). All programs are taught in English (sometimes with optional intensive language courses) and some can be completed prior to beginning an internship in June.



Organization-initiated trips

Owen has more than 30 student clubs and organizations, many of which are focused on celebrating the cultures and countries represented within the diverse student body. Each year, the Global Business Association organizes a fun and informative trip, calling on faculty members with country-specific expertise to serve as guides and companions. In addition, the Owen Student Government Association (OSGA) has created an optional pre-orientation trip to Costa Rica for incoming students, as a fun way to start the MBA journey and to have an inventive shared experience with classmates.

6:30 am

Wake up and struggle out of bed. I like to read Twitter and Instagram in bed before actually getting up. It softens the blow of the early start. Also, I often wake up to several messages from my friends in London, so I like to reply before the day takes over.

9:30 am

By the end of class it’s time for my second cup of tea. Being British, my penchant for tea is a constant source of amusement to my classmates, and they definitely know my Starbucks order now!

8:00 am

I only have one 8:00 am class this mod, which is a relief after having them every day last mod. It’s Marketing Models with Dawn Iacobucci. She is hilarious and always has cartoons to illustrate the preconceptions about Marketing. There are definitely worse ways to start the day!


11:20 am

My team is the first up to present our final project in the Operations Strategy class. We are presenting Under Armour and are all dressed in sportswear. We start the presentation with a team chant to set the scene and a team member shows off his muscles in his extremely tight Under Armour vest! This turns out to be one of the most fun presentations I’ve made at Owen.

One Day in the Life:

Imogen Roberts Vanderbilt MBA (Marketing, Strategy) | 2016

Imogen is a physics undergrad who calls London home. Prior to coming to Vanderbilt for her MBA, she worked as a buyer for Urban Outfitters Europe and then transitioned to sales and operations for an emergency engineering company. A member of the Class of 2016 and newly elected head of Owen’s Women in Business Association, Imogen will be interning with Deloitte this summer in Atlanta, a nice step toward her desired career as a consultant.

6:00 pm

1:00 pm

I try to get out of the library in time to do a hot yoga or boxing class. When workloads are high, this is sometimes not possible, but I usually manage it.

There are always meetings or Lunch n’ Learns to attend. Today, I have a meeting with the Executive Women’s Thinktank, and my sub-group is presenting their findings. We have been researching the resources for women at Vanderbilt and have been meeting with undergraduate women’s groups, as well as key faculty and executive women in administration. It has been a fantastic opportunity to connect with incredible women on campus and has opened my eyes to all the resources we have here at Vanderbilt.

2:00 pm

I am doing an independent study with a second-year student for a local company—Ovation Events—and we meet for a few hours a couple of times a week. We worked with Ovation to create a marketing strategy to target key new clients and are now implementing a trial of the strategy. It is fun to get out of the Owen bubble and apply what I have learned to a real-world business problem. Working with a local company allows me to make a difference, as well as build my network, in Nashville. 13

8:00 pm

It’s a Monday so usually I’m having a quiet night, but there is always someone ready to have a glass of wine and go dancing any night of the week!



FOR TWO YEARS... Owen’s Career Management Center is adept at doing just what its name promises: providing you with the tools and know-how you need to build and manage your career. Fondly dubbed the “CMC,” our team will connect you to the top recruiters and alumni for the types of jobs, industries or geographic locations you seek. They’ll also empower you to make the most of those connections, with coaching preparation and other resources to help you “ace” your interviews.

AND FOR LIFE. Once you graduate, you will still have access to Owen’s career services. If there are unexpected disruptions in your industry or employment—or you simply want to seek out new opportunities for professional growth—you can rely on the CMC for career coaching, networking opportunities and job leads.

Rachael Tunick Rachael started her career in the human capital practice of Deloitte’s Chicago office. She knew she wanted brand management experience at a large consumer goods company to prepare her for a leadership position in general management and strategy. As a career switcher, Rachael tells us that she met with her CMC coach “early and often” and got an excellent, objective perspective. Rachael’s summer internship will be as a Marketing Strategist with 3M in Minneapolis.

Vanderbilt MBA (Marketing, Strategy, Finance) | 2016




Vanderbilt MBA Employment by the Numbers

Vanderbilt’s placement in The Economist’s 2015 Global Ranking of Business Schools’ Career Management Centers based on the ability to open new career opportunities. (Ahead of Stanford, Wharton, Kellogg and Stern…just to name a few.)


In any given year, 99 to 100 percent of students seeking summer internships receive an offer.


In general, more than half of our students return from summer internships with full-time offers in hand.


On average, more than 90 percent of students have accepted job offers within three months after graduation.


In recent years, base salaries for graduates are in the six-figure range with 70 to 80 percent of students receiving signing bonuses.


The top five industries that hire our students are Consulting, Consumer Brands, Financial Services, Health Care and Technology.

Owen’s CMC assistance and services include: n

Coaching to help clarify career interests, skills and values


Help with devising a career strategy and job search plan


Résumé and cover letter reviews


Preparation and practice for interviews


Workshops on job search skills and networking


Help in connecting with companies and jobs that are of interest


Serving as a sounding board when making decisions on offers and options


Career Treks such as Wall Street Week and for those interested in Consulting, Tech or Marketing


Recruiter Information sessions and on-campus recruiting events


Off-campus recruiting events in key markets

n Facilitating peer coaching with

a second-year student


Online job recruiting site— job listings, registrations for information sessions and events


Guidelines and support for international students seeking internships and post-graduate jobs in the United States 15

Want more information? Visit to view the most recent Vanderbilt MBA Employment Report.


Choose the path

that’s right for FINANCE CONSULTING The seven most common career paths for Vanderbilt MBAs


Prior to Vanderbilt, I worked as a team leader for South West Trains, a British railway company. I was managing people and processes in operations and customer services. My career vision is to lead by taking on responsibility within an organization, motivating others and building effective teams. Olumuyiwa (Olu) Adegbesan Vanderbilt MBA (HOP, Operations, Strategy) | 2015 Pathways Operations Manager, Amazon



In any given year, about 40 percent of Vanderbilt MBA students are “career enhancers”—individuals seeking to dramatically accelerate a current career trajectory. Another 35 to 40 percent are “career switchers”—those who want to change industries or disciplines and need the knowledge, career connections and support for a successful transition. Other students fall into an “aspiring entrepreneur” category and view our MBA program as an opportunity to identify and hone their management and entrepreneurial skills. Regardless of your career goals, Vanderbilt offers an excellent academic foundation, experiential opportunities and personalized career guidance and support to help you get there.



Vanderbilt MBA





Please take note of our finance faculty.

They’ve made a notable impact on business. At Vanderbilt, you will be studying finance with faculty members who are not just world-class; they are world-renowned. One uncovered a collusion scheme among Nasdaq brokers and changed how the major exchanges do business. One created the VIX, the widely used “Fear Index” that measures market volatility. Another has served as the Chief Economist for the Securities and Exchange Commission. Yet another is a leading expert on hedge funds. Well, you get the picture. You can study with any (and all) of them here. Along with Wall Street, recruiters from “corporate America” have noticed that Vanderbilt has one of the top finance departments in the world. As a result our finance students have a strong track record of earning top jobs and salaries in corporate finance programs, investment banking and private wealth management.

Choose Your Focus

Finance Concentration • Corporate Finance Specialization • Investment Management Specialization • Real Estate Emphasis

What Employers Look For

Intellectual capability • Analytical mind-set • Professional presence • Ability to balance multiple priorities • Basic understanding of accounting and finance principles • Ability to work in a team environment • Valuation and financial modeling • Ability to perform well under pressure

What You’ll Study

Investments • Corporate Valuation • Equities Markets • Bond Markets • Derivatives Markets • International Finance • Private Equity/Venture Capital • Active Portfolio Analysis  • Corporate Restructuring • Risk Management • Mergers and Acquisitions

Résumé-Building Activities

Owen Finance Club • Wall Street Week • Training the Street • Financial Markets Research Center • Case Competitions • Max Adler Student Investment Fund • Real Estate Club • TVA Investment Challenge • Asset Management Club

Sample Hiring Companies

American Airlines • Bank of America Merrill Lynch • AT&T • Bridgestone Americas • Cardinal Health • Citi • Credit Suisse • Delta Airlines • Emerson • ExxonMobil • Goldman Sachs • Jefferies • JP Morgan • KeyBank • Limited Brands • Mattel • Nissan • Nomura • SunTrust • Wells Fargo

Degree requirements and course information are subject to change. Visit to view the most recent Course Catalog containing academic policies, degree requirements and individual course descriptions for each of our degree programs.


Notable Alumni

Adena Friedman (‘93), President, Nasdaq OMX Paul Jacobson (‘97), Chief Financial Officer, Delta Airlines Madhu Kannan (‘00), Group Head, Business Development, Tata Sons Eric Noll (‘90), President and CEO, Convergex Doug Parker (‘86), President and CEO, American Airlines John Underwood (‘98), Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Chuck Vice (‘90), President and COO, Intercontinental Exchange To view more alumni and to see their career progression and most current titles, visit the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School LinkedIn University page. You may view and sort alumni by graduation year, degree program, function, company or location.

Professor Bill Christie

Students know Bill Christie as “the great professor who teaches Managerial Finance and Bond Markets.” He also happens to be the man whose research uncovered the “odd eighths” trading phenomena that enabled him and his co-author to conclude that Nasdaq market makers were implicitly colluding to maintain artificially high trading profits at the expense of investors. The result? The sweeping reform of the Nasdaq market, the introduction of the SEC Order Handling Rules and a $1.027 billion settlement against the defendants.

Professor Bob Whaley

Bob Whaley is at the forefront of financial innovation. He is known as the “father of the VIX”—the CBOE’s Market Volatility Index commonly referred to by the Wall Street Journal and other business media as the “Fear Index.” He developed the Nasdaq Market Volatility Index (VXN), the BuyWrite Monthly Index (BXM) and codeveloped the Nasdaq OMX Alpha Indexes. Between teaching, writing textbooks and directing Vanderbilt’s Financial Markets Research Center, he finds time to host students, faculty and financial luminaries at “Whaley’s Tavern,” a beer-on-tap establishment built into the lower level of his home.

Professor Craig Lewis

With research interests in corporate financial policy and asset pricing, Craig Lewis can be found teaching Corporate Finance as part of the MBA Core. He did take a bit of “time off” recently. In 2011, he was tapped by the Chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to serve as that organization’s Chief Economist and Director of the Division of Economics and Risk Analysis (DERA). His efforts during his three-year tenure served to bolster the role of economic analysis in the financial regulatory process, particularly with implementation of the landmark DoddFrank financial reform law.

Professor Bill Christie

Professor Nick Professor Bollen Bob Whaley


Professor Craig Lewis



THINK HIGHLY Alex VanVliet After graduating from the University of Missouri with a degree in Finance and Economics, Alex worked four years as a technology analyst and consultant for Deloitte. He realized that his long-term interests were in marketing and brand management and not consulting and he chose the Vanderbilt MBA to help get him there. After two years of enjoying the Owen community, serving as a leader of the Vanderbilt Marketing Association and completing a summer internship with Target in Minneapolis, Alex achieved his goal: working in brand management for Frito-Lay.

Vanderbilt MBA (Brand Management) | 2015


OF OURS. It’s a tribute to the caliber of students we attract to Vanderbilt (and to the faculty who teach them) that companies like 3M, Mattel and Microsoft look to Vanderbilt to fill positions in brand or product management, service and digital marketing. And it’s no wonder: Vanderbilt marketing MBA graduates leave here not only with a thorough knowledge of the discipline, but also with the skills in leadership, strategic thinking, communication, creativity and teamwork that companies prize.

Choose Your Focus

Marketing Concentration • Brand Management Specialization

What Employers Look For

Ability to influence • Strategic thinking • Cross-functional team experience • Ability to manipulate and analyze data • Tolerance of ambiguity • Creativity and problemsolving skills • Project management skills • Presentation skills • Passion for marketing and the consumer

Résumé-Building Activities Vanderbilt Marketing Association • Brandweek • Case Competitions • Owen Marketing Trek

Sample Hiring Companies

3M • Amazon • American Airlines • Campbell Soup Company • Dr. Pepper Snapple Group • E&J Gallo • FedEx • Fisher-Price • Frito-Lay • Genentech • Hanesbrand • Humana • Mars Petcare • Mattel • Target • Nestlé Purina

What You’ll Study

Consumer Insights for Marketing Decision-Making • Consumer Analysis • Marketing Communications: Advertising and Social Media • Marketing Strategy • Pricing Strategies • Qualitative Analysis • Marketing Models • Selling Strategy: Promotion, Persuasion and Public Relations • Brand Management

Degree requirements and course information are subject to change. Visit to view the most recent Course Catalog containing academic policies, degree requirements and individual course descriptions for each of our degree programs.

Notable Alumni

Bryan Deaner (‘93), Director, Global Brand Strategy, Intel Lisa Foley (’08), Director, Brand Marketing, Crate & Barrel Kim Newton (’96), VP, North America Strategy and Planning, Hallmark Cards Maria Renz (‘96), VP, Technical Advisor to the CEO, Amazon Geoff Walker (‘94), Executive VP, Fisher-Price Global Brands (Mattel) To view more alumni and to see their career progression and most current titles, visit the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School LinkedIn University page. You may view and sort alumni by graduation year, degree program, function, company or location.

Learn more about Alex and other amazing Vanderbilt MBA students. Visit



Problem solvers

welcome. As long as businesses face challenges (in other words, as long as there are businesses), consulting organizations will fill a critical market need. At Vanderbilt, our flexible curriculum offers a great framework to build a consulting career—and land a job with one of the elite companies that recruit here.

Students who pursue this path frequently choose more than one Concentration and pair Strategy with a subject area such as Accounting, Finance, Operations, Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) or Marketing. This gives them the wide-ranging knowledge to solve clients’ functional problems and lead strategic change. Students can further build client-facing skills through career seminars, case practice sessions with alumni, projects with companies and networking with industry leaders.

Choose Your Focus

Strategy Concentration (recommended in combination with one or more additional Concentrations)

What Employers Look For

Three or more years of work experience prior to MBA • Analytical mind-set • Logical thinking and sound business judgment • Demonstrated drive for results and achievement • Professional presence • Strong presentation and listening skills • Ability to work in and lead teams

What You’ll Study

Game Theory and Business Strategy • Corporate Strategy • Strategic Alignment of Human Capital • Innovation Strategy • Strategic Management of Technology • Operations Strategy • Leading Change • Marketing Strategy • Strategy and Operations Consulting

Résumé-Building Activities

Owen Consulting Club (OCC) • Consulting Career Trek • OCC Symposium • Case Prep Workshops • Case Interview Speakers

Sample Hiring Companies

The Advisory Board • Arryve Consulting • Bain & Company • Boston Consulting Group • C3 Consulting  • Capgemini Consulting • Deloitte Consulting • Dixon Hughes Goodman  • ECG Management Consultants • Infosys • Kaiser Permanente • KPMG Management Consulting • Kurt Salmon  • The North Highland Company • PwC Consulting

I studied Mechanical Engineering as an undergrad and joined my roommate in building a startup nonprofit in Kenya after graduation. In pursuing an MBA, I wanted to attain the hard skills like finance, accounting, econ, marketing and operations and learn about a wide range of career paths as I pivoted out of the non-profit world.

Notable Alumni

Richard Burns (‘91), Senior Advisor, McKinsey & Co. Fletcher Lance ( ‘95), Managing Director and National Health Care Lead, The North Highland Company Tom Lawson (‘79), Principal (retired), Deloitte Consulting Markus Lorenz (‘02), Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group David Rossi (‘92), Managing Director, North American Natural Resources Lead, Accenture

Nick Gordon Vanderbilt MBA (Strategy) | 2015 Consultant, Boston Consulting Group

Learn more about Nick and other amazing Vanderbilt MBA students. Visit

Degree requirements and course information are subject to change. Visit to view the most recent Course Catalog containing academic policies, degree requirements and individual course descriptions for each of our degree programs.

To view more alumni and to see their career progression and most current titles, visit the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School LinkedIn University page. You may view and sort alumni by graduation year, degree program, function, company or location.




HOW HOP CAN MAKE YOU Vanderbilt offers one of the country’s most highly regarded MBA programs in Human and Organizational Performance. As a result, MBA students on this career path are quickly recruited by some of America’s savviest and best-known corporations and consulting firms. We offer a greater number and variety of courses than most business schools. And unlike typical HR programs, ours prepares you to take a seat at the “C-team table” and to help a company implement business strategies.


Choose Your Focus

HOP Concentration • HOP Specialization

What Employers Look For


Strong presentation, communication and interpersonal skills • Analytical skills • Professional presence • Understanding of change management and organizations  • Mentoring or coaching experience • Connecting talent with business strategy • Ability to work cross-functionally and relate to all aspects of business

What You’ll Study



The historic job placement percentage for Vanderbilt MBAs on the HOP career track (with salaries matching those of other MBA tracks!)

Strategic Alignment of Human Capital • Leading Change • Organization Learning and Effectiveness • Compensation Decision-Making • Talent Management • Labor and Employee Relations • Negotiation • Innovation Strategy • Ethics • Debates and Controversies in Business, Management and Society

Résumé-Building Activities

Human and Organizational Performance Association • Human Capital Case Competition • Consulting Career Trek • HOP Symposium

Sample Hiring Companies

Bank of America Merrill Lynch • Chevron • Citi • Dell • Deloitte Consulting • General Electric • Hewlett-Packard (HP) • International Paper • Johnson & Johnson • McKesson  • Microsoft • Procter & Gamble • Sprint Nextel • Yum! Brands

Meg Branson Meg Branson is on a mission. After graduating with a degree in Journalism from UNC Chapel Hill, the Raleigh native spent the next seven years with the Chapel HillCarrboro Chamber of Commerce. She started at the front desk; by the time she left the organization, she was a senior vice president. At Vanderbilt, she is making HOP her pathway toward her goal of becoming a chief diversity officer and to “getting more women and minorities into the C-suite.” Her internship with GE in an HR Leadership Development Program is a great start.

Vanderbilt MBA (Human and Organizational Performance) | 2016

Nancy Abbott (‘91), Global Human Resource Leader, GE Capital, Real Estate Mike Dallas (‘96), SVP, Human Resources, Hewlett Packard Ben Elrod (‘02), Managing Director, Human Resources, Corrections Corporation of America Belinda Grant-Anderson (‘90), VP, Workforce Development and Diversity, AT&T Cornelia Leslie (’08), Director, Strategic Improvement, LifePoint Hospitals Aaron Sobel (‘99), VP, Human Resources, Diamond Offshore To view more alumni and to see their career progression and most current titles, visit the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School LinkedIn University page. You may view and sort alumni by graduation year, degree program, function, company or location.

Learn more about Meg and other amazing Vanderbilt MBA students. Visit

Degree requirements and course information are subject to change. Visit to view the most recent Course Catalog containing academic policies, degree requirements and individual course descriptions for each of our degree programs.

Notable Alumni



Learn from some

Professor Nancy Lea Hyer

Experiencing an “Ops course” taught by Nancy Hyer is something most Vanderbilt MBA students—regardless of concentration—aspire to do. “Entertaining” and “energetic” are just two of the words students use to praise her teaching. More often than not, though, the words that describe her courses are “effective and enlightening.” It’s no wonder: Nancy’s approach is rooted in “the real world.” She has worked for Hewlett-Packard and consulted for and led executive seminars for a number of organizations including Cigna Insurance, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Genesco, Black & Decker and the U.S. Army.


brilliant operators.

1 place

Our Operations faculty have won international recognition, especially for advancing knowledge in areas such as organizational learning curves, time-based competition, category captainship, managing operations under bankruptcy risk, manufacturing cells and operations strategy.


Not only that: Many have provided consulting services to clients that include some of the world’s best-known companies. So if you’re interested in the design and management of processes, supply chains and logistics within the health care, manufacturing or technology industries, or are interested in consulting, you’ll find yourself surrounded by some of the best.

Choose Your Focus Operations Concentration

What Employers Look For

Ability to work in diverse teams • Quick thinking • Desire to measure or quantify outcomes • Ability to manipulate and analyze data • Creativity and problemsolving skills • Project management and presentation skills • Understanding of supply chain theory and production environments • Focus on the customer experience

What You’ll Study

Supply Chain Management • Service Operations • Operations Strategy • Health Care Operations • Strategy and Operations Consulting • Strategic Management of Technology • Spreadsheets for Business Analytics • Managing and Improving Processes

Résumé-Building Activities Operations Management Club • Operations Career Symposium • Club Field Trips • Case Competitions

Sample Hiring Companies

Amazon • Apple • Arryve • Asurion • AT&T • Capgemini • Chevron • Cognizant • Deloitte • Emerson  • Infosys • Johnson & Johnson • McKesson • The North Highland Company • Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Over the past 10 years, five Vanderbilt MBA teams have taken first place in national and international Operations Management competitions.

Notable Alumni

Matthew David (’05), Global Director of Operation, Powertrain Components, Illinois Tool David Farr (’80), Chairman and CEO, Emerson Josué Gomes da Silva (’89), Chairman and CEO, Coteminas Heiki Miki (’96), Executive Officer, Shinagawa Refractories Joseph Saoud (’95), President, Cummins Filtration Richard Wargo (’91), COO, Commercial Banking, Citizens Financial Group To view more alumni and to see their career progression and most current titles, visit the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School LinkedIn University page. You may view and sort alumni by graduation year, degree program, function, company or location.

As an engineer, I was unaware of many of the business-related functions and the wealth of opportunities in the business world. I felt that going to business school would help expand my knowledge in these areas and introduce me to career paths that I didn’t even know existed. Kristen Stieger Vanderbilt MBA (Operations, Strategy) | 2015 Downstream & Chemicals Graduate Development Program | Chevron Corporate Degree requirements and course information are subject to change. Visit to view the most recent Course Catalog containing academic policies, degree requirements and individual course descriptions for each of our degree programs.



Nobody else does

health care


business like this. Combine Vanderbilt’s top-ranked business school with its world-class medical center and put them in a city named by The Wall Street Journal as one of the “hottest places for health care.” What you get is a health care management curriculum that delivers innovation in ways that no other MBA program can. You can immerse yourself in the delivery of health care (like standing next to a surgeon in the operation room). You can network with health care executives (relationships that often lead to jobs). You can learn from one of the U.S. Congress’s foremost experts on health care policy. And you can solve real challenges for local health care companies through exclusive residencies. Because you’ll learn the field from the inside out, you’ll be uniquely prepared for the future of health care. And prepared to shape it.

400,000 The number of jobs Nashville-based health care companies create globally, along with more than $70 billion in revenue. Choose Your Focus

Résumé-Building Activities

Health Care Concentration (recommended Health Care Immersion • Vanderbilt Health in combination with one or more additional Care Conference • Vanderbilt Health Care Concentrations) Improvement Club • Vanderbilt Health Care Club • Case Competitions

What Employers Look For

Passion for the industry • Leadership abilities • Demonstrated analytical and communication skills • Strong functional skills in marketing, finance and/or operations • Ability to work in a team environment

What You’ll Study

Health Care Clinical Immersion • Health Care Economics and Policy • Health Care Delivery Organizations • Health Care Entrepreneurship • Health Care Marketing • Health Care Operations • Health Care Technology • Health Care Innovation  and Evaluation • Health Care Law and Regulation • Health Care Quality Improvement • Health Care Finance and Accounting • Modeling and Analysis of Health Care Data • The Practice of Transplant Administration 

Sample Hiring Companies

The Advisory Board • Amgen • Bayer • Cardinal Health • Capgemini • Cigna  • Community Health Systems • DaVita  • Deloitte Consulting • Dixon Hughes Goodman • Genentech • HCA • Humana • Johnson & Johnson • Kaiser Permanente  • Kurt Salmon • McKesson • Pfizer • Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Degree requirements and course information are subject to change. Visit to view the most recent Course Catalog containing academic policies, degree requirements and individual course descriptions for each of our degree programs.

Notable Alumni

Matt Cantonis (‘11), Director, Ortho/Spine and Neuroscience Clinical Care Lines, Scripps Hayley Hovius (‘08), President, Nashville Health Care Council A.J. Kazimi (‘94), Chairman and CEO, Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Cindy Kent (‘99), President and GM, Drug Delivery Systems Division, 3M Marisa Rowell (‘08), Director, Consumer Engagement, Guidance Centers, Humana Jim Sohr (’90), Founder, Aim Healthcare Services (sold to UnitedHealth Group in 2009) To view more alumni and to see their career progression and most current titles, visit the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School LinkedIn University page. You may view and sort alumni by graduation year, degree program, function, company or location.


ENTREPRENEURSHIP Most schools take would-be entrepreneurs only as far as developing a business plan. At Vanderbilt, you can start a business. And while you’ll gain the knowledge to support such startups, that’s just the beginning. We connect you with all kinds of resources—local entrepreneurs and organizations including the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, the Nashville Capital Network and Jumpstart Foundry—that assist truly dedicated entrepreneurs in securing funding for ventures.



Chris Gerding | Leiya Hasan Chris and Leiya began working on the idea for Boomalang after they were paired up in a class on entrepreneurship. Boomalang matches language learners of similar interests and backgrounds, like age, profession or hobbies, in different countries. The app then facilitates the logistics of setting up video chats that are designed to enhance language skills and protect user privacy. “It’s similar to having an international pen pal, only now in the Internet age, with a focus on speaking,” said Leiya, who previously worked for an education technology startup in Dallas. “Think of it like meets Skype, coupled with a gamified language-learning app like Duolingo.” Once Chris and Leiya developed the core of their idea, they turned to Nashville’s growing startup network by participating in Jumpstart Foundry, as well as tapping into the marketing, technology, finance and legal expertise of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

Vanderbilt MBA (Entrepreneurship) | 2015 | Vanderbilt MBA (Marketing) | 2015



The amount of money awarded to date to fund student business ideas and startups. The money comes from a grant established in 2011 by health care entrepreneur Jim Sohr and his wife Leah. (And good news for aspiring entrepreneurs: there is more to come!)


Choose Your Focus

Entrepreneurship Emphasis

Required Characteristics

Adaptability • Persistence • Work ethic • Passion • Open-mindedness • Constant flow of ideas • Ability to delegate and manage time effectively  • Willingness to seek help • Ability to manage high-risk situations • Confidence  • Ability to promote and present oneself and product or service • Focus on results • Ability to monetize an idea

What You’ll Study


Innovation Strategy • Health Care Innovation • Accounting and Finance for Entrepreneurs • Writing a Business Plan • Launching the Venture • Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Résumé-Building Activities

Vanderbilt Entrepreneurship Association • Firestarter Sessions • Sohr Award Competition • Mentoring and workshops at Nashville Entrepreneur Center • Owen Technology Club • Case Competitions

Notable Alumni

Megan Allen (’12), Founder, Georgie Beauty Henry Guy (‘98), CEO, Modern Holdings Gigi Lazenby (‘73), Founder and CEO, Bretagne Rich May (’87), Investing Partner, M Street Entertainment Scott Sohr (‘90), creator of 13 companies in four industries Brent Turner (’99), Chief Operating Officer, To view more alumni and to see their career progression and most current titles, visit the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School LinkedIn University page. You may view and sort alumni by graduation year, degree program, function, company or location.

Degree requirements and course information are subject to change. Visit to view the most recent Course Catalog containing academic policies, degree requirements and individual course descriptions for each of our degree programs.



Some people might look at Ariel Gros-Werter and conclude that she is not “your typical MBA candidate.” With a degree in anthropology and political science, she has worked in her family-owned manufacturing company as well as for a synagogue. And she’s an occasional contributor to the Huffington Post. The truth is that she is very much like many students who pursue this degree; she knew that to further her career, she’d need more education and the support that would help her realign her career path. A New York native, Ariel chose Vanderbilt because of the “caliber of students and its friendly and collaborative environment.” Her summer internship is with 3M as a Marketing Strategist.

One Day in the Life:

Ariel Gros-Werter Vanderbilt MBA (Marketing) | 2016

8:15 am

Wake up. Check the weather. (Looks good.) I’ll skip the bus and walk the mile to school.

9:20 am

Today, Dean Johnson is providing coffee and muffins in the lobby. I peruse the options before choosing a muffin, then ask the dean, “What’s new?” “I’m excited for next year’s incoming class; they’re a great group so far.” After a few minutes discussing my summer internship and his summer plans, I head to my locker and then run to my Operations Strategy class.

11:20 am

In Brand Management, we’re discussing the benefits and risks of a light beer brand extension for a regional lager company in the face of a changing consumer preference trend. Too bad there are no samples (like those that were brought in when discussing a case about a chocolate manufacturer).

1:00 pm

2:00 pm

My Marketing Strategy group meets to discuss our decisions for StratSim, a virtual game in which we run our own car company in competition with our classmates. Increase marketing or promotions, raise the price, update a car, sell stock to raise capital for development of a new car? Bingo. But how big and what criteria do we want for our electric vehicle? Is this really what business is like? Wow!

3:00 pm

Got a case write-up to do before heading to yoga class at the Vandy gym.

6:30 pm

I call my brother as I walk home and tell him all about the Whole Foods case we discussed in my operations class on Monday. Their goal of scaling up to 1,000 stores would produce a plethora of complications from product sourcing to location selection to quality management; my entire class agreed the goal was too ambitious.

Lunchtime. A friend is eating at a table in the Owen courtyard, basking 7:00 pm in the sun. Too nice a day not to join Dinner and homework before packing to head to New and discuss our vacation plans! York City for the weekend.



To achieve a global perspective,

we build a global In any given year, about 20 to 25 percent of the Vanderbilt MBA student body is comprised of students who come to us from a variety of countries outside the United States. Their diverse perspectives and in-depth knowledge of the business cultures and practices of their home countries are invaluable additions to our MBA community, broadening and enhancing the viewpoints of all students and faculty. Intelligent. Highly motivated. Ambitious and adaptable. These students bring a world of talent to the Owen experience.

JULIEN BOUSQUET Vanderbilt MBA | 2015 Mattel



Vanderbilt MBA | 2015 Goldman Sachs




Vanderbilt MBA | 2013 T. Rowe Price


Learn more about these and other amazing Vanderbilt MBA students. Visit

community. The close community culture—not only with students but also with staff and faculty—really helps international students establish a new network. Andres Riera, Vanderbilt MBA (Operations) | 2016








Vanderbilt MBA | 2015 Citi

Vanderbilt MBA | 2015 EY


Vanderbilt MBA | 2015 International Paper

men • women • agnostic • b DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION jehovah’s witness • mormon sihk • none of the above • bl curly or straight • gray • athleti foodies • quiet types • part lesbian • bisexual • transgen single • with children • expec east coast • anywhere in betw near-sighted • far-sighted • 20 pink • purple • african america native • asian indian • chinese samoan • tuamanian • vietn canada • chile • china • colomb germany ghana • If you are looking for a•school where everyone• looksguatamala or thinks like you, is not the place. At Owen, you will enjoy working with and learning ofthis iran • italy • japan • republic from people who offer a variety of perspectives in a community that values all types of diversity. Our affiliations with organizations such nigeria • pakistan • panama as the Forté Foundation, Management Leadership for Tomorrow, National Black MBA Association, Society of Hispanic MBAs saudi arabia • National singapore • sout and Graduate Horizons are just a few of the ways we reach out to ensure turkey united arab emirates • a diverse group of•students. vietnam • u.s. virgin islands • cat people • military service



Consuela Knox Vanderbilt MBA | 2004 Diversity Recruiting Manager


buddhist • christian • islamic • quaker • secular humanist “Here is a place where you will be londe • brunette • redhead challenged to achieve your potential; ic •find intellectual • movie goers support as you shape your future; ty animals • gay • straight discover lifelong friends and mentors; derand• open questioning • married doors to new possibilities.” cting • divorced • west coast ween • freckles • no freckles 0-20 • black • white • yellow an • american indian • alaskan • filipino • japanese • korean namese • from: the bahamas bia • ecuador • dubai • france • hong kong • india • republic c of korea • lithuania • mexico • poland • russian federation th africa • sri lanka • thailand united kingdom • united states points beyond • dog people emen and women • veterans





All great business schools have great professors. But ours will know you by name.

Vanderbilt’s business faculty have a worldwide reputation for their research and scholarship. They’re renowned as classroom teachers. But what students often say they appreciate most about our faculty are the relationships that are built. When you have questions or need guidance, faculty doors are open. They are mentors. Champions of student initiatives. Advisors to invaluable real-world projects and independent studies. People who genuinely listen to your ideas.

Professor Bart Victor, Faculty Director for Project Pyramid and the Turner Family Center for Social Ventures, works closely with Owen and other Vanderbilt students in collective efforts to help alleviate global poverty.

Professor Mumim Kurtulus enjoys working with students both inside and outside the classroom. You may find him teaching a class in Operations Management, acting as faculty advisor and cheerleader for student club activities and case competition teams, or joining Closing Bell festivities on Thursday evenings.

Professor Jenny Escalas teaches Marketing Communications, which includes Advertising and Social Media, and Marketing Research. As co-owner of Agon, maker of high-quality, customdyed swimwear, she successfully practices what she preaches.

To meet additional Owen faculty, visit and navigate to “Faculty and Research.” 38

Professor Luke Froeb, an author and expert in antitrust, teaches Managerial Economics, a Core course. A favorite among students, he is known for “cold-calling� in class, which brings out the best (or worst) in students. He also likes to lead ambitious bike rides through Nashville backroads.

Professor David Owens teaches Innovation and New Product Development. He is former CEO of Griffin Technology and consults with companies such as LEGO, NASA and Nissan USA. His most recent book, Creative People Must Be Stopped, details ways that companies inhibit innovation without really trying.

Professor Mark Cohen, a leading expert on environmental and criminal justice policies, led a research team that advised the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on ways to improve the safety culture of the offshore drilling industry.

Accessibility to Faculty

One of the things that students consistently tell us they love the most about Owen. (How many top B-schools can say that?) Professor Mark Cohen




, 8 973 coaches and friends on your side.

We can’t claim our network of high-achieving alumni is bigger than those of many top business schools. Instead, we believe they’re something much better than big. They’re active members of the Vanderbilt Business community who will be personal, and personable, parts of your experience here. (Why? Because they benefitted from alumni engagement while they were students at Owen.) Our alums routinely go out of their way to help you. They regularly coach MBA students in preparing for crucial interviews during the program’s first year. They make introductions. Serve as mentors (and friends). And when students have questions, they’re ready with answers and advice that are just a phone call or email away.

Erika Bogar King Erika King travels frequently in her role as SVP of Human Resources for Avanade, a technology professional services firm that is a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture. You’ll often find Erica here on campus, serving as current chair for the Owen Alumni Board, sharing her wisdom as a guest speaker or recruiting Owen students.

Vanderbilt MBA | 1999




With his master’s degree in engineering, Harsh has traveled the world leading new product and process improvement teams within the semiconductor industry. He originally thought he would build a career by mastering purely technical roles. Later, he set his eyes on positions in senior management and realized that he would need the business acumen afforded by a top MBA program. A newlywed—his wife Meesha Kaw just graduated from law school and moved to Nashville to be with him full-time—Harsh will be doing his internship at Eaton Corporation in their Global Leadership Development Program.

One Day in the Life:

Harsh Sundani Vanderbilt MBA (Operations, Strategy, HOP) | 2016

6:30 am

Wake up and get ready for the gym.

8:00 am

Make breakfast and catch up on news.

9:00 am

Meet my Independent Study team to work on our project—developing a business plan to help launch a Nashville-based tech startup called Spotwise.

10:30 am

1:00 pm

First meeting of the Operations Management Club’s new leadership team! Discussing plans for our threequarter term with Robert, Thomas, Mayur and Lauren.

6:00 pm

Dinner with James and Chase, the founders of Spotwise. They’ve ordered beer and pizza for everyone working tonight. Ahh…the perks of working at a startup!

Answer emails and finish details on my summer internship (where I will work on developing energyefficient LED light bulbs). Exciting!

8:00 pm

11:20 am

Catch up on emails and make my “to-do” list for tomorrow. Read cases for classes tomorrow. I’m excited to discuss the Intel case in the Operations Strategy class.

Business in the World Economy class. This is my favorite class this mod, as it guides us through the causes and impact of the various financial crises in the last 100 years…things I have wanted to learn about for a long time.

Arrive home and spend some quality time with Meesha.

10:00 pm

11:30 pm To bed!



WE WELCOME YOU TO OUR FAMILY. (And that goes double for your family.) You’re not the only one who will find a supportive environment at Vanderbilt. Through the Owen Partners Association (OPA), we help connect spouses, fiancés and fiancées, partners, boyfriends, girlfriends and families to the life of our community. All partners are invited to be part of social events and Owen clubs. And along with a network, we provide resources for job opportunities, child care, local schools and more.



On average, the percentage of Vanderbilt MBA students that are married or engaged.

Dining out. Brewery tours. Ski trips. Pumpkin patch rides. Library and story time. Museum visits. Potlucks. Just hanging out and talking. These are just a few activities members of OPA (and their kids) enjoy.

Although you may not be from Nashville or have extended family here, Owen becomes your family. Paris Bilodeau Underwriter, The Hartford Insurance Company Wife of AJ Wullschleger (Class of 2016) Co-president, Owen Partners Association 44





It’s fascinating how many students, in looking back on their decision to come to Vanderbilt, say the same thing. They noticed something different from almost the moment they arrived on campus. A feeling they didn’t find when visiting other schools. A feeling they belong here, in the fullest sense the word. You’ll feel it in the way people—students, faculty, staff— support and cheer for one another. You’ll find it in the social gatherings and service projects. In the way that colleagues tend to become long-time friends. Once you belong to the community, you belong for life.

Just a few of the events and activities you’ll experience Closing Bell • Marketing Madness • Trivia Night • Capitalist Ball • Owen Follies • Global Food Fest • Talent Show • Owen Olympics • Football Tailgates • Distinguished Speakers • National Black MBA Conference • National Society of Hispanic MBAs Conference

Closing Bell is a Thursday-night tradition that unites students, faculty, staff, significant others, children and pets and offers a way to wind down and have fun after a productive week. (At Owen, “ABC” stands for “Always Be at Closing Bell.”)

Student clubs and organizations Professional Asset Management Club Consulting Club Distinguished Speaker Series Energy Club Technology Club Entrepreneurship Association Finance Club Health Care Improvement Club Health Care Club Human and Organizational Performance Association Marketing Association Max Adler Student Investment Fund Operations Management Club Real Estate Club TVA Investment Challenge

Affinity Armed Forces Club Black Students Association Christian Business Association Global Business Association Greater China Business Club Japan Business Club Jewish Business Association Latin Business Association Owen Alliance (formerly GayStraight Alliance) Owen Partners Association Texas Club Women’s Business Association

Governance Owen Student Government Association (OSGA) Honor Council Service and Outreach 100% Owen Net Impact Project Pyramid Athletic Golf Club Intramural Club Sports Club Special Interest Cork & Barrel Club Culinary Society


Three support teams that Owen students love! Academic Programs and Student Life In addition to helping students get the classes they want and need, the Academic Programs and Student Life team serves as information central, advisers, cheerleaders, counselors and sounding boards. Walker Management Library The Walker Management Library serves as the go-to place for information. The four “information consultants� (a.k.a. librarians) offer more than 70 workshops and training sessions to help students become more effective researchers. Information Technology Services This team is ever-present and always on call, ensuring that the technology needed for a great academic experience is in place and works as it should. They are easy to find: their Help Desk is right off the first-floor lobby of Management Hall.




When you’re a part of Owen, you’re fully a part of one of the world’s leading research universities. You can take classes from other schools and departments across Vanderbilt University, if you choose. Take part in multidisciplinary efforts like Project Pyramid, which Owen students launched to combat global poverty, with colleagues from Vanderbilt’s Divinity, Law, Medicine and Education schools. And, of course, you’ll have full access to everything the campus has to offer (it’s a lot)—from Southeastern Conference athletics to intramural sports to big-time concerts to the fine arts. All on one of America’s most naturally beautiful campuses in the middle of a lively, cosmopolitan city.

More than


The number of tree and shrub varieties that exist on Vanderbilt’s 330-acre campus. Located a mile and a half southwest of downtown Nashville, the campus was designated a national arboretum in 1988.


1873 The year that Cornelius (the Commodore) Vanderbilt—an American railroad and shipping magnate—gave $1 million to endow and build our university. It was his first major gift of philanthropy.




Nashville’s cost of living compared to the national average. Nashville is a safe and affordable place to spend two years. AAACRA Cost of Living, 3rd Q 2014

9 of 10

The number of top metro areas within the United States that are within a two-hour nonstop flight from Nashville.

69˚ 49˚ F


Average high and low temperatures during the year in Nashville. U.S. Climate Data



Nashville is eclectic and diverse. It is a bustling billion-dollar economy that offers equal parts urban sophistication and down-home, welcome-to-the-BBQ friendliness. What else? A low cost of living and high quality of life. Great live music every night and of every genre. A variety of restaurants from Ethiopian to Peruvian to soul food to “meat-and-three.” Pro football. NHL hockey. Big-time SEC sports. Beautiful parks and hundreds of miles of trails and greenways. Discover why the New York Times, Forbes and CNNMoney rank Nashville high among places to live and do business.

We’re a different type of business school. We’re competitive, not cutthroat. We dig deeper. Work harder. (And like it that way.) We know that winning doesn’t mean leaving others behind.

Master of Business Administration

Vanderbilt is proud to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management 401 21st Avenue South Nashville, TN 37203-2422

Telephone: 615.322.6469 Fax: 615.343.1175 Email: Web: Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, U.S. Central Time

©2015-16 Vanderbilt and the Vanderbilt logo are registered trademarks and service marks of Vanderbilt University. REV. 6/15 Vanderbilt University is committed to principles of equal opportunity and affirmative action. Visit for Vanderbilt University’s complete EEO and affirmative action statement.

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