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zer(o) The number of part-time students and undergraduates who compete with MBA students for resources, career services or professors’ time. The emphasis at Owen is full-time graduate programs. (Zero is also the number of MBA classes with a teaching assistant as instructor.)


The average number of students in a Vanderbilt MBA course.


300 The number of tree and shrub varieties on the 330-acre Vanderbilt campus, which has been designated a national arboretum.


New York The #1 home state of students in the MBA Class of 2014.


9:1 The approximate ratio of MBA students to faculty. The Vanderbilt MBA program is small by design.


33 and counting

The number of student clubs that offer opportunities for MBAs to build their leadership skills and resumes.


All of them. The number of MBA classmates you’ll know by name.

Accessibility to faculty. One of the top 10 attributes about the Vanderbilt MBA experience, as rated by first- and second-year students in end-of-year surveys.


29 The number of international exchange programs in which Vanderbilt MBA students can participate. Study opportunities on six continents give students a global perspective that’s critical in today’s business world.


Jim Bradford Dean, Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management

Q: What’s the best part of your role as Owen’s Dean? year, we organize several events like a A: Each cycling trip or a dinner where faculty and

administrators cook for students. It’s in these conversations that you learn the small, personal details behind someone’s resume, the experiences that have shaped and motivated their careers and their lives. That’s true for students and professors. As Dean, it gives me great joy to see how the personal camaraderie that carries into the classroom allows each of us to augment our worldview that much more.

An active cyclist, world traveler, voracious reader and Vanderbilt Law alumnus, Jim left his post as CEO of a global glass manufacturer to join academia. Since becoming Dean in 2005, he has further raised the school’s profile, spearheading the popular Health Care MBA and launching a highly regarded Master of Accountancy program. 11

$ The cost to enroll in courses in Vanderbilt’s other schools.* Many Owen students take advantage of our “blanket tuition” policy to study at our sister schools on campus, including Law, Divinity and Education. *Unless you’re an opera singer or classical violist who wants to take a performance class at the prestigious Blair School of Music.


13 in

Average proportion of students in the Vanderbilt MBA program who are women. Owen’s Women’s Business Association provides great opportunities to exchange ideas, network and develop leadership skills.


The number of countries that Vanderbilt MBA students call home. Owen enjoys a highly diverse community, with classmates from all regions of the United States and around the globe.


32 minutes

The average amount of time that one of the nine librarians and staff members from the Walker Management Library spends with an MBA student each time he or she asks for assistance in finding data or researching an important topic.


Launching a craft brewery in Nairobi Just one of the not-so-typical topics that our talented research librarians have helped students investigate. They’ve also tackled best operational practices of food trucks, the heights and weights of hedge fund managers, and much more. No question is out of bounds for these individuals.

200 (plus)

The number of married couples who met while at Owen. Approximately 26 percent of students are already engaged or married when they join the program. 15


“I’ve learned so much about myself in what seems like a very short first year. The Owen experience is everything I thought it would be and much more.” Danielle Jones While serving as a financial analyst with GE Energy Services in Atlanta, Danielle managed a corporate mentoring and development program and learned that she had passion for “people development.” She’s already effecting a change in her career trajectory: her summer internship is with the HR division of Procter & Gamble. Human and Organizational Performance




Undergraduate Institutions Represented in the MBA Class of 2014

Vanderbilt University / Duke University / University of Pennsylvania / University of Illinois / U / University of Colorado / Trinity University / Furman University / Sogang University / Colleg Alabama / Emory University / Tufts University / University of California / Cornell University Clemson University / Michigan State University / University of the South / University of Geo / Zhejiang Gongshang University / Tulane University / Boston College / University of Nort in St. Louis / Keio University / University of Kansas / Brigham Young University / Yale Un / University of Michigan / Faculdade Ruy Barbosa / United States Air Force Academy / Ge University / Davidson College / Creighton University / University of Richmond / Pomona C National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra / University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill / Lawrence University / American University / Temple University / The American University of of Science and Technology / University of the Pacific / Southern Methodist University / Un Technology, GBPUAT / Spelman College / Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology / Northeastern University / University of Notre Dame / Hankuk University of Foreign Studies / Tokyo / Euromed Marseille Management School / Busan National University / Stanford Univer De Economia y Negocios / Excelsior College / Asbury College / Oklahoma State University / / Georgetown University / ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Science / Valparaiso Universi Science / Universidad de Lima / Universidad Catolica Andres Bello / The American College / Tex Devi Ahilya University / University of Pittsburgh / Babcock University / Occidental College / F University of Finance and Economics / Smith College / Nanyang Technological University / Na 18

University of Texas / University of Virginia / Texas A& M University / University of Tennessee ge of William and Mary / University of Florida / Indiana University Bloomington / University of y / Baylor University / Pepperdine University / Miami University / Florida State University / orgia / Purdue University / Wake Forest University / University of Denver / Yonsei University th Carolina / Georgia Institute of Technology / Colgate University / Washington University niversity / Seoul National University / Harvard University / George Washington University ettysburg College / University of Miami / Princeton University / North Carolina A&T State College / Pune Institute of Computer and Technology / University of Southern California / Berklee College of Music / Franklin and Marshall College / University of Notre Dame / St. f Rome / DAIICT / Foreign Trade University / University of Hull / Kwame Hkrumah University niversity of Tulsa / Middle Tennessee State University / University of Louisville / College of / Hampton University / Mansfield University of Pennsylvania / Illinois State University / / Middle East Technical University / Connecticut College / Bryn Mawr College / University of rsity / Indiana Institute of Technology / Virginia Tech / Grove City College / Escuela Superior / Ohio University / Southern Illinois University / Chiba university / Colorado State University ity / United States Naval Academy / Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied xas Tech University / Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering / National Defense Academy / Fordham University / Rochester Institute of Technology / University of Charleston / Shanghai anjing Normal University / Florida A&M University 19


1873 The year Vanderbilt University was founded with a $1 million grant from Cornelius “Commodore” Vanderbilt of New York. Vanderbilt is ranked within the top 20 schools by U.S. News & World Report and is often referred to as “a new Ivy.”


5 The number of the branches of the United States military (that’s all of them) represented by Vanderbilt MBA students and graduates. Military men and women bring proven leadership skills to the program.


“After researching many schools, I chose Owen because of its reputation, academic ranking, cooperative atmosphere and military-friendly environment. And I haven’t looked back. A lot of places claim to feel like a family, but Owen truly does.” Jason deFoor Jason is a graduate of West Point and served three tours of duty, where he commanded a troop of over 90 personnel. To complement his strong leadership skills, Jason came to Owen to pick up business knowledge and experience—both of which he put to work during his summer internship at ExxonMobil. Operations and Strategy







Class is in session. Our faculty is comprised of top scholars and business minds who stand out in their respective fields (and still make time for students in and outside of the classroom). We’ve highlighted just a couple here. You’ll meet many more when you visit.


Jennifer Escalas

Ranga Ramanujam

Simple isn’t necessarily better. That’s what Jennifer found in her latest research on the role of narratives in advertising. A nuanced story line— something that draws consumers in— makes for more effective marketing. And for Jennifer, that’s more than just a theory: she and her husband, a former Olympic swimmer, run a successful company that makes custom swimsuits for teams around the world.

Ranga thinks a lot about safety. He’s studied how organizations in sectors like health care and banking can design policies to all but eliminate disasters. But now he’s going one level deeper. To study why some rules are followed more than others, he’s gathered more than a decade of restaurant health inspection scores in Southern California. The research continues, but Ranga now may be the best person on the planet to tell you which L.A. restaurants you really want to avoid.


Organization Studies



The highest closing on record for the CBOE’s Market Volatility Index (VIX), a critical gauge to measure the “fear� sentiment among investors. The index was developed by Vanderbilt finance professor Robert Whaley and hit its peak on November 20, 2008, two months after Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy.

Chief Economist for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Vanderbilt finance professor Craig Lewis was tapped to fill this position in May 2011 by SEC chairman Mary Schapiro. His work there has included developing SEC guidance for conducting economic analysis and implementing this new guidance in its ongoing rule making, particularly those mandated in the Dodd-Frank Act.




per patient

The average surplus Vanderbilt University Medical Center experienced after establishing a dedicated trauma unit, according to an award-winning study by Owen professor Nancy Lea Hyer. Previously, the hospital lost an average $578 per patient for similar services.




The current edition of Marketing Management (a.k.a. MM), a widely used marketing textbook written by Professor Dawn Iacobucci, one of the first graduate-level texts to incorporate digital tools such as web-based quizzes, video and PowerPoint slides to enhance learning.


Witness a liver transplant. Design a vacuum cleaner for young urbanites. Launch a new car model through social media. Help stamp out global poverty. Just a few of the things that Owen students can do (and have done) as part of a highly experiential curriculum. In a recent survey, faculty reported that about two-thirds of their classes incorporated hands-on learning, including consulting projects, industry training, tours and road trips, in-depth immersions and in-class simulations. 31

Counting cow chips One of the many strange jobs that Professor Luke Froeb had to do as a young “data guy� at the U.S. Department of Justice. He eventually went on to a distinguished career at Vanderbilt, including a stint as Chief Economist at the Federal Trade Commission.


The number of years marketing professor Steve Posavac has served on the editorial board of the prestigious Journal of Consumer Psychology.



The number of research centers that Owen supports. They are the Financial Markets Research Center, the Owen Entrepreneurship Center, the Vanderbilt Center for Environmental Management Studies, and the Cal Turner Center for Moral Leadership in the Professions, as well as a new Center for Marketing Innovation, approved in 2012.



“As an international student, with the welcome and openness of my classmates and professors, I have easily blended into the Owen community.� Lan Huyen A native of Hue City, Vietnam, Lan is starting an internship as senior advisor in the Finance Department at Dell in Round Rock, Texas. And since Lan is someone who both studies hard and plays hard, her friends expect her to come back a master of line dancing and Texas barbecue. Finance and Operations







The total amount paid in fines after Vanderbilt finance professor Bill Christie helped uncover a collusion scheme among NASDAQ traders that was shortchanging investors.




The notional amount outstanding of over-the-counter derivatives, a market for which Vanderbilt finance professor Hans Stoll helped provide the analytical underpinnings through his foundational work on futures and options pricing. 36

U.S. Rep.

Jim Cooper The nationally renowned congressional budget guru who teaches a course on health care economics and policy in Vanderbilt’s MBA program.


The current number of NASDAQ Alpha Index options available. These innovative financial instruments, whose payoffs depend on how well an individual stock performs against the S&P 500, were made possible by relativeperformance indexes developed for the exchange by Vanderbilt professors Jacob Sagi and Bob Whaley.




8,304 The current number of Owen alumni. One reason to admire them: their readiness to take phone calls from and lend a hand to prospective and current students.

42 87 The number of countries in which you will find Owen alums.

The number of Vanderbilt Alumni Clubs worldwide.


123, 521 The total number of Vanderbilt alumni worldwide. And your ability to reach out to them goes far beyond Owen. Through VUConnect, our online directory, you’ll have access to information on Vanderbilt alums from all schools, including Arts and Science, Engineering, Education, Medicine, Law and Divinity.


Top(outside hono

A Vanderbilt Business education is just the beginning of our students’ path. But it prepares them well to succeed in the professional world. These are just a few alumni who have excelled. (We’d be happy to introduce you to many more.)

Fang Fang Vanderbilt MBA ’93 Living and working in mainland China, Fang Fang knew nothing of Vanderbilt University or the Owen Graduate School of Management. What he did know was that he wanted a better life—he was making 10 dollars a month in his current job—and that he wanted to “go out and see the world.” Strapped for funds, Fang Fang called the Owen Admissions Office collect. To his surprise and delight, the call was accepted. Today, Fang Fang is managing director of Investment Banking for JPMorgan Chase in Hong Kong; he is one of the strongest advocates for the school in any country.

David Ingram Vanderbilt MBA ’89 As chairman and president of Ingram Entertainment, David was looking for ways to expand his business distributing DVDs, video games and other home entertainment products. The answer? Beer. DBI Beverage Inc. now operates beer distributorships in eight different California markets. Much of David’s inspiration for expanding in an innovative direction in order to leverage his fixed costs came from his father, who taught him, “In any business, if you’re not growing, you’re dying.” 42

ors the classroom) A. J. Kazimi Vanderbilt MBA ’84

Founder and CEO of Cumberland Pharmaceuticals, Nashville’s first pharma company, A. J. avoids head-to-head battles with the major players in the industry by focusing on niche brands. In 2011, Cumberland introduced Acetadote, used in hospital emergencies to prevent or lessen potential liver damage resulting from an overdose of acetaminophen. Cumberland has navigated two products through the FDA and is now listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (ticker symbol CPIX).

Doug Parker Vanderbilt MBA ’86 Recruited straight from Vanderbilt by American Airlines in 1986, Doug was named CEO of America West Airlines a few days before September 11, 2001. In the tumultuous years that followed, he built the company into one of the best carriers in the industry, before it merged with US Airways in 2005. Now chairman and CEO, Doug and his handpicked management team have led a dramatic turnaround. Not bad for the “ultimate nice guy and team player,” as he was known by his MBA classmates.

Karen Rogers Vanderbilt BA ’78, MBA ’84 As vice president of U.S. marketing for FedEx, Karen has had more than a dozen different jobs in her 25 years with the company. In each, she has built on her reputation for marketing and managing with a win-win philosophy. Her career advice: “I always tell people to think two steps ahead. Look beyond the position to which you’re being promoted to the step beyond. Fail to do that, and a step up could turn into a professional dead end.” 43

“I just came back from a meeting with four students, and I was extremely impressed with them. It was great that they reached out to me — I truly enjoyed the interaction.”

Charles D. Leone II Founder and Partner, Madison Street Partners

As a student, Chuck didn’t always agree with the finance faculty, but he had deep respect for them. He still does now, as the founder and partner of a successful hedge fund headquartered in Denver, and feels fortunate that he had—and still has—firsthand access to them.






WE 47




There are many different B-school rankings and just as many ranking formulas. Bloomberg Businessweek. U.S. News & World Report. Financial Times. Forbes. Economist. One thing that can be said categorically is that the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management is always ranked in the top 10 percent of AACSB-accredited B-schools.



Vanderbilt’s 2012 position among U.S. programs in Human Resources, according to Financial Times. (It also says we’re 7th in the world.)


Vanderbilt MBA ranks among the top 20 private U.S. graduate business programs in U.S. News & World Report.

49 49

16 of

Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management is one of only six schools of our size (with total MBA enrollment in the 200–400 range) to make it into the top 25 (U.S. News & World Report, 2012).

Up, up and


Vanderbilt’s trajectory in the U.S. News & World Report rankings of the Best Business Schools. Currently, Vanderbilt stands at 25th. Stay tuned.


Self-aware. Adaptable. Curious. Humble. Collaborative. Persuasive. The six attributes for which Owen alums are known (and screened for in the admissions process). Not coincidentally, these six attributes are also highly desired by industry employers.


on the job 52




The percentage of students in the Class of 2012 whose internships resulted in full-time job offers.

$96,500 The median base salary for the Class of 2012 at graduation.


6 8

The number of investment banking interns in the Class of 2013 (at Goldman Sachs, SunTrust, UBS, Bank of America and Deutsche Bank).

The total number of internships at Goldman Sachs for the Class of 2013. (We like to say we have a direct line to Wall Street.) 55

½ 2

The average number of job offers received by each student in the Class of 2012 with a Human and Organizational Performance concentration. (Also in 2012, the average HR starting salary for our MBAs topped $90,000 for the first time.)



The number of companies extending multiple internship offers to the Class of 2013, including CapGemini, Deloitte and Goldman Sachs.

The number of companies extending multiple full-time job offers to the Class of 2012, including Amazon, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Hanesbrands, McKesson, Johnson & Johnson and Nissan.


Read McNamara Executive Director of Owen’s Career Management Center

Q: What prompted you to come to work for Vanderbilt University after a long career in business?

things make my job especially A: Two rewarding. The first is being around all

of our talented, energetic and extremely bright students. I like to say that, now that my children are grown, I’ve adopted 350 others. And it energizes me. Second, I still have one foot planted firmly in the business world. Much of my job involves calling on employers, nurturing Owen’s existing recruiting relationships and forging new ones. It’s an ideal job for me.

A seasoned executive, Read has held senior positions with a variety of Fortune 500 companies and has lived in five countries in Latin America and Asia. Lucky for us, he draws on this extensive experience in helping our students achieve their career goals.


what recru I take a lot of pride recruiting at Owen, as campus lead and an alumnus. We enjoy the attention and support from the CMC, and find the students well prepared for a competitive and rewarding recruiting experience. We look forward to further investment in the program and hiring future leaders of our firm. Shanton Wilcox Recruiter and Alum, Capgemini

The quality of candidates is outstanding; they are ambitious team players and prepared to take on new business challenges. When they arrive at Mattel, they make an immediate impact on the businesses that they are assigned and demonstrate commitment for the long term. Geoff Walker Recruiter and Alum, Mattel

From the friendliness and responsiveness of everyone in the career service office to the enthusiastic and well-prepared interview candidates, the entire recruiting process at Owen was a total pleasure. Ryann Cheung Recruiter, McKesson


iters are saying I always look forward to returning to Owen to help lead our MBA recruiting.  We consistently find top-level talent to build upon our long-standing partnership. Ryan Lein Recruiter and Alum, Hanesbrands

The recruiting experience at Vanderbilt is top notch. The CMC allows us to engage with students as they begin their MBA studies. We work in concert with the HOP faculty to provide a more enriching classroom experience through real world case studies. Most importantly, the caliber of the students we recruit stand among the best that come into P&G. Elizabeth Mattina Recruiter, P&G

Owen produces highly capable and well-rounded managers, and our partnership with the college is a critical component of our long term talent acquisition strategy. In true Owen fashion, the entire school community (students, professors and administrators) has invested in identifying great matches between students and Asurion. Jeremy Roberts Recruiter and Alum, Asurion


$185,000 The amount of seed money that Owen offers each year to students who want to start their own businesses through the Owen Entrepreneurship Center.

$2.7 million The total amount of scholarship dollars provided to MBA students in the Class of 2014. Sixty-three percent of all MBA students received merit-based scholarships in 2012, for an average of about $23,000 per student.


Less than

The number of years it takes to pay back the opportunity cost and investment of leaving a job to pursue a Vanderbilt MBA (Forbes, 2011). 60


20 Both Forbes and Bloomberg Businessweek rank Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management in the top 20 MBA programs for total salary after graduation.


Employers who recruit on the Vanderbilt campus. These do not include the more than 450 other companies with which the Owen Career Management Center or our students have recruiting relationships.





“Vanderbilt’s Owen School has one of the most comprehensive programs I’ve seen to help students develop leadership effectiveness. They are using some of the same tools and approaches we use at Korn/Ferry for developing C-level executives at the Fortune 500 and in top organizations outside the U.S.” Stuart Kaplan

Global Chief Operating Officer and Senior Partner, Korn/Ferry




The number of Competitive Advantage Competencies — correlated with high performance and promotion — that you’ll master while creating a personal leadership development plan.

The number of professional executive coaches who work with Vanderbilt MBA students as part of the Leadership Development Program. These coaches work directly with companies of all sizes in diverse industries and locations.


The number of Vanderbilt MBA students who chose to participate in the Leadership Development Program last year. These students get the lifelong benefit of research-grounded, industry-proven methods and processes, as well as a powerful personal story of initiative, drive and self-awareness to share with (and impress!) corporate recruiters. 68

Melinda Allen Executive Director of Owen’s Leadership Development Program

Q: What sets Owen’s Leadership Development Program apart from similar programs at other business schools?

mirrors the best programs at many of the world’s greatest A: Ours companies. For example, the leadership assessment that our students complete is used by half of the Fortune 500, and it really helps them fully understand their own unique performance capabilities, challenges and drivers. The development that they receive here at Owen is typically reserved for toplevel executives who are well into their careers. As a result, our students get a true head start that benefits them for years.

Melinda brings to her post a serious range of experience from positions at the Goizueta Business School at Emory University, the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, and the National Kidney Foundation of Georgia.


“The opportunity to work in our Leadership Development Program (and at no extra charge!) has been extremely valuable. The executive coaching has shed light on different perspectives of managerial decision-making; I will carry this advice and these frameworks with me throughout my career.” Tom Waguespack Tom is something of an overachiever—he’s co-president of the 2012 Vanderbilt Health Care Conference, VP of external affairs for Owen Student Government, a student host and peer mentor for the Career Management Center, and treasurer of the Owen Golf Club. He’s also currently interning as an advisor in financial planning and analysis for Cardinal Health in Columbus, Ohio.


Health Care, Finance, Strategy






Hottest City for Health Care That’s according to The Wall Street Journal, which wrote in 2011: “This Southern city is ahead of the pack, boasting over 250 health care firms.”



The number of top 10 metro areas within a two-hour flight of Nashville. New York. Chicago. Dallas–Fort Worth. Philadelphia. Houston. Washington, D.C. Miami. Atlanta. Boston.


1 Music Scene Nashville—Best Music Scene Rolling Stone, 2011



Boom Town Nashville Forbes, 2011


Best Value Nashville Kiplinger, 2011


“I have a big Italian family, who all live in New York. It took a lot of effort to convert my parents to country music fans—  but they love it now!” Gianna DelliCarpinni A native New Yorker, Gianna had heard great things about Nashville and quickly made herself at home here, spending time at the Stage on Broadway and training for the Country Music Half-Marathon. Now, after two great years in the South, Gianna has returned home as a consultant with CapGemini. Strategy and Human and Organizational Performance




1.6 million

The population of Metro Nashville and its 12 surrounding counties. Nashville is a vibrant city that (much like Owen) is small enough to be accessible and friendly, yet diverse and cosmopolitan, with no shortage of things to do or see.





Nashville’s cost of living compared to national average. Nashville is a safe and affordable place to spend (at least) two years of your life. (Kiplinger, 2011 Best Value Cities)

Here’s how others stack up: Chicago






New York




Bay Area






The number of golf courses in the Nashville metropolitan area. With an average high of 70.2째F and an average low of 49.4째F, golf is a year-round sport for Vanderbilt students and faculty alike.



365 The number of nights each year that you can find good music, restaurants and entertainment within an easy walk or drive from campus.



The number of great ways to learn more about the Vanderbilt MBA. phone: 800.288.OWEN or 615.322.6469 email: web:


Shana Passman Class of ’09 Member of the Vanderbilt Admissions Team

Consuela Knox Class of ’04 Member of the Vanderbilt Admissions Team

Vanderbilt is an equal opportunity, affirmative action university. 86 Vanderbilt and the Vanderbilt logo are registered trademarks and service marks of Vanderbilt University. 07/12