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Music for Final Project Kasabian- Underdog Ennio Morriconi- Ecstasy of the Gold DJ Shadow- Midnight in a Perfect World Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- In like the Rose The score from The Killing( 1956) Artist statement and progress. The basic premise of our project was to depict two movie obsessed hit men on a job. Our original narrative treatment had a storyline where the two men had to kill an old lady. The old lady would have her enormous ex convict grandson over for tea further complicating the protagonists' goal. The treatment laid out various attempts where the two men try to kill the old lady. I quickly abandoned that idea and focused more on the two hit men, having them spent a lot of time in the car talking. I tried to make it more character driven. I started writing the dialog and soon I found out I was making way too many movie references and all the dialogue was some reference to a particular movie rather than focusing on the characters' motivations. I also chose for the two hit men to like different types of movies and not necessarily agreeing on each other's choices. I made the character Larry a talkative but not too bright character and Kurtis more the quiet type. Having abandoned the old lady plot, I needed to find another way to create drama. First I implemented a series of interruptions as they are talking in the car. One a homeless man the other a police car driving by to break up the action. Later I also created tension between Kurtis and their boss' right hand man and made a back story for that. That gave me the idea that the boss wanted Kurtis to kill Larry, but that Kurtis had reservations about it because of his back story. I decided to make Larry the boss' nephew to create extra drama that way. I rewrote some of the dialog more as a deliberate delay on Kurtis' part rather than the two men just sitting there waiting. Finally some of the dialog fit in nicely for the resolution of the second act. This ended up being the final version of the script.

Music for Final Project  

DJ Shadow- Midnight in a Perfect World Ennio Morriconi- Ecstasy of the Gold The score from The Killing( 1956) Artist statement and progress....