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Synonymous with cool elegance and impeccable good taste, Grace Kelly remains a style icon of the twentieth century. in her classic films of the 1950s, she was portrayed as the embodiment of female perfection, and thousands of women, both in the united States and Europe, emulated her classic, yet accessible, style. From the Parisian catwalks to the pages of Vogue, the ‘Grace Kelly Look’ was the look of the times. The actress found further fame when she married Prince Rainier iii of Monaco in 1956, cementing her influence on the world of fashion.

H. Kristina Haugland is Associate Curator of Costume and Textiles at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Her previous publications include Grace Kelly: Icon of Style to Royal Bride (2006).

Samantha Erin Safer received her masters from the Royal College of Art. She contributed to Lucile Ltd (V&A 2009) and co-authored My Favourite Dress (2009). Also available from V&A Publishing: The Golden Age of Couture Claire Wilcox, ed. How to Dress for Success Edith Head with Joe Hyams

Grace Kelly occupies a unique position in the history of film and fashion, epitomizing both the glamour of Hollywood and the allure of European royalty. At the height of her film career in the mid-1950s, many women emulated the classic simplicity of the ‘Grace Kelly Look’, with millions tuning in to watch the actress’s ‘fairy-tale’ wedding to Prince Rainier iii of Monaco. in her new role, Princess Grace enlisted the grand couture houses of France to create a sumptuous wardrobe, which reflects the great stylistic changes of the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, while remaining true to her original elegant style.


Jenny Lister is a Curator of Textiles and Fashion at the V&A. She co-curated the V&A exhibition 60s Fashion and co-edited the accompanying book Swinging Sixties (V&A 2006).

This book is the first to explore exclusively Grace Kelly’s personal style and how she carefully cultivated her public image through dress. The three sections, looking at Grace Kelly as an actress, bride and princess, introduce the reader to her unrivalled wardrobe, from her spectacular film costumes, meticulously tailored suits and American casual wear, to her glamorous ball gowns designed by European couturiers such as Givenchy, Balenciaga, and dior. A fascinating range of illustrations, including film stills, dress details and formal portraits, accompany H. Kristina Haugland’s authoritative and engaging text as it charts Grace Kelly’s unique influence on twentiethcentury fashion.

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Grace Kelly Style  

Sample pages from Grace Kelly Style, by H Kristina Haughland with Jenny Lister and Samantha Erin Safer. ISBN 9781851775996. Published in pap...