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My name is Maiara. I am twelve years old. My birthdate is on January 31st. I am Portuguese.

I live in Silves, in the Algarve. I live with my mum, my dad, my brother and my sister.

My favourite book is “Muito para andar� written by Miley Cyrus. I like comfortable clothes. My favourite colours are black and dark blue. My favourite sport is horse riding. My favourite food is hake fillets with tomato rice. My favourite famous

At 7 o'clock I get up. I get dressed, I brush my teeth and then I take the bus. Sometimes I haves classes at 8:25 and sometimes I go into the classroom at 9:10. I have classes in the morning and then I have lunch at my coffee shop. When I do not have classes I help my mother in coffee shop, but when I have afternoon classes I go to school. In the afternoon, when leave school I go to my coffee shop on foot. I stay there until my father picks me up and then I go home with him. When I get home I study, I watch television, I play with my brother and I do many more things. Then I brush my teeth and then I go to sleep.

I get up

I go to school

I brush my teeth

I go for my coffee

I catch the bus

Then come back home

students' projects  

students' projects