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My name is Gui. My birthdate is on 3rd april. I am twelve years old. I am Portuguese.

• I live in Silves,Portugal with my family. • I have three pets,Boris,Pepe and Blue.

• My favourite food is Pizza. • My favourite colour is Iyellow. • My favourite famous person is James Cameron. He is a film producer. • My favourite piece of clothing is a jacket. My best friend is Vicente Barbosa.

• On Mondays I go to school at half past eight and I leave at one o’clock pm. • When I get home I do some of my homework. Then I watch Tv or play Computer games. • After dinner I do the rest of my homework. • On Tuesdays I get up at seven o’clock and I leave school at five to five pm. • On Wednesday s I leave school at half past one pm. ( our class )

At the weekend I play computer games. lunch I do my homework. โ€ขAfter In the weekend I play on my computer after lunch I do my homeworks

Agrupamento Vetical de Escolas D.R Garcia Domingues Subject English Pupil Gui Botelho Silva Costa Class 6ยบ Number 10

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