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Age: I am twelve years old

Birthday: My birthday is on 31st March

I am portuguese

Where‌ I live in Enxerim with my sister ,my mother and my grand –parents I have got one canary,two dogs and five cats

My favourite … My favourite book is O Diario da Princesa. My favourite piece of clothing is a t-shirt. My favourite colour is purple My favourite sport is badminton My favourite food is “spaghetti bolognese” My favourite famous person is Demi Lovato

Nicola Maiara and Deisis

My routine I get up at seven o’clock. I put on my clothes. Then I have breakfast . I go to school.After school I go back home and I study . Then I play with my sister.I have a bath and have dinner. After dinner I go to bed.

student's project  

student's project

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