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Vancouver’s tech scene and creative culture has taken off in the last few years, particularly in downtown and along the 192nd Corridor. The City of Vancouver supports this growth through the Innovation Partnership Zone (IPZ), a collaborative effort by several public, private and non-profit organizations to address the infrastructure, workforce, funding and space needs of technology and creative firms. In addition, the City helps to build the type of place that tech firms look for when they decide where to locate. Through our Business Assistance and other programs, we support the cafés, restaurants, food trucks and breweries that creative companies and their employees want to have around them.


Clark College provides a technology-enriched learning environment that local employers and students rely on. Many people think of traditional programs like Networking Technology or Web Development but all of our programs including Industrial Maintenance and Automotive are increasingly digital. For students, the library is as much about tech support, computer labs, and online resources as it is books. Our new STEM building that will open this summer was built with the digital learner in mind and will be a great resource for the community as well as our students.


MAX AULT In 2014 the CREDC took a renewed and active approach to accomplish the first goal of the Clark County Economic Development Plan: establishing Clark County as a regional center for growth and innovation in the Information Technology sector. To this end, the CREDC has overhauled our entrepreneurship programming with the creation of Grow Clark County, which has seen major successes in highlighting our community’s fastest growing companies, connecting business owners to networks of mentors and funders, and celebrating our innovative startup community. Creation of infrastructure has also been key in our efforts to support our region becoming a hi-tech hub: collaboration with our public and private partners, including the City of Camas and City of Vancouver, to create the Innovation Partnership Zone, supporting new development and redevelopment of existing space into high-demand creative office space that supports high-speed internet and robust IT systems, in addition to leveraging the assets of our K-12 and higher education partners to build a dynamic pipeline of well-educated and highly qualified professionals in the fields computer sciences, engineering, digital media, and mobile development.

Left to Right: Max Ault, Chato Hazelbaker, Teresa Brum, Sandra Towne, Rebecca Kennedy, Dene Grigar, Kelly Love and Chandra Chase

Jan/Feb 2016 "Vancouver VISION Magazine" edition.  

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