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The Chamber’s 16th Annual Golf Tournament




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Staff, Board, Tiers, and Advertisers


A Message from the CEO

8 - 9

Public Affairs Committee in Olympia


February in Review


The GVCC’s Mentor Team &

Chairman’s Message


Hire, Screen, Train Employees & More


Upcoming Events in March/April


PTAC Government Contracting & SBAP


The GVCC’s Annual Golf Tournament


Ribbon Cutting Gallery


Membership Committee & March Madness

Membership Drive


Event Calendar

PG 16-19: It’s time to register as a player or a sponsor for the Chamber’s June Golf Tournament, presented by Columbia Bank! This is Southwest Washington’s best business golf tournament and this year’s theme is License to Drive in honor of our 16th year!

PG 8: The GVCC’s Public Affairs Committee goes to Olympia.

PG 12: Learn more about the HR counseling available to members.


The golf team of Columbia Bank: Michelle Freeman, Larry Kingsella, Amy Davis, and Tyson Campbell. Columbia Bank has been the golf tournament sponsor since it’s inception. This year we celebrate 16 years with the theme: License to Drive. Lewis River Golf Course will have Tee Sponsors reminiscent of a road trip through Route 66. The Columbia Bank Tee will have a “Full Service Garage!” Photos by Kate Singh of Aevum Images.


PG: 20 The Ribbon Cutting Photo Gallery from Jan/Feb Events! Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Vancouver VISION Magazine











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CEO/PRESIDENT: John McDonagh CHAIRMAN: Eric Sawyer


BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIR: Eric Sawyer, BBSI Preferred Payroll CHAIR ELECT: Amy O’Hara, When the Shoe Fits VICE CHAIR: Kevin Getch, Webfor TREASURER: Lisa Goecke, Perkins & Co. PAST CHAIR: Ben Hoskins, 1-800-GOT-JUNK

Winston Asai, Columbia Machine Ben Bagherpour, SEH America LeAnne Bremer, Miller Nash Graham & Dunn Carol Bua, City of Vancouver Jody Campbell, The Columbian Bryce Helgerson, Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center Nelson Holmberg, Port of Ridgefield Robert Knight, Clark College Julianna Marler, Port of Vancouver USA Eric Olmsted, On Line Support, Inc. Tim Schauer, MacKay Sposito Kristy Weaver, Columbia Bank Dr. Steve Webb, Vancouver School District Jim West, Zenith Properties NW

STAFF John McDonagh, President/CEO 360-567-1050

Supporting our community through local lending and charitable contributions since 1923.

Matt Hoffstetter, Membership Services Director 360-567-1058 Amy Tanska, Membership Recruitment Director 360-567-1089 Barb Holbrook, Office Manager & Ambassador Coordinator 360-567-1093 Sharon Batten, Finance 360-567-1080

Chandra Chase, Programs and Communications Director 360-567-1056 Teresa Lawwill, Community Partnerships Director 360-567-1090 Ashlyn Salzman, Events Manager 360-567-1052 Jeannet Santiago, SBAP & PTAC Business Counselor 360-567-1051   Paul Montague, Business Services Counselor 360-567-1081




Columbia Bank SEH America, Inc. Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center Riverview Community Bank Port of Vancouver PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center Banfield Pet Hospital HAPO Credit Union ilani Resort and Casino The Vancouver Clinic

Columbia Machine, Inc. iQ Credit Union Holland/Burgerville Kaiser Permanente Comcast Business Class BNSF Railway Columbia Credit Union On Line Support The Columbian Vancouver Energy

Regence BlueCross BlueShield Mackenzie Chick-fil-A Chevron USA

PARTNERS & ADVERTISERS ADCO Commercial Printing & Graphics Aevum Images Beaches Restaurant & Bar Clark Public Utilities

Columbia Litho Martel Wealth Advisors Inc. Northwest Personal Training On Line Support Inc

Riverview Community Bank Simply Thyme Catering The Columbian The Vancouver Business Journal

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atio and Dee Congratul n. pictured, Judie Stanto Campbell, n Long and Dr. Caroly


nt to the

and Jody


Hundreds of unique women-owned businesses and information on women executives and managers are listed in this robust directory. This year the Women in Business Directory will be an e-publication allowing for easy digital and online access to the hundreds of listings and feature stories.



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Your public utility, providing reliable, affordable electric service in Clark County since 1938.

Visit the new Clark Public Utilities website at and see how we can help you reduce energy waste in your home and business.


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from the GVCC ceo

Focus Areas for 2018

Career Connected Learning, Retro Program, and City’s Structural Deficit

The Chamber has been the voice of business over the past two years in the City’s structural deficit conversations, steering the solution away from the re-instatement of the B&O Tax

John McDonagh Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce CEO/President

Career Connected Learning is Vital to Developing a Future STEM Workforce Opportunities to showcase your industry to students to help build awareness of careers pathways in STEM fields.

Please Fill Out Career Connected Learning Interest Form to get started!

2018 has started right where 2017 left off. More and more businesses are choosing to become Chamber members and to build their business through the many connections and programs offered by the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce. It’s important with so much going on to stop and take stock about what is out there and how YOU can put it to work for you and your business. One of the most exciting areas in which your Chamber is now working for you is in the Career Connected Learning arena. Your Chamber is working with our education partners at the SW Washington STEM Network, the Educational Service District (112) along with the school districts in Clark County to help coordinate the education needs and the business interests. We now have in place a database where you can register as a business interested in helping our students see and understand what jobs are available and what course work will best prepare them. On our website you can view the Career Connected Learning page and complete an interest form which will be used by our education partners to connect you in exactly the way you want. Help us prepare our workforce for tomorrow by completing the Career Connected Learning interest form today at Our L&I Workers Compensation Retrospective Rating programs for Manufacturing, Retail & Professional Services, and Medical Services Industries continue to enjoy strong participation and the groups continue to outperform other similar groups across the state. If you want to learn how you can drive down your L&I Workers Compensation premium rate and be in position to potentially qualify for a refund of that premium, contact either Amy Tanska at 360.567.1089 or Scott Croucher at 360.750.7822

On the Advocacy front, your Chamber has been active in tracking the Vancouver Strong Executive Sponsor’s Council. This is the community group charged with recommending to the City Council what revenue alternatives there may be to help with the Structural Deficit the city is dealing with coming out of the Great Recession. Top of their list is finding alternatives identified in the Public Safety Task Force a couple of years ago which would implement both a square foot tax on retail, commercial and industrial buildings as well as a multifamily residential per unit tax. Both the Board of Directors and the Public Affairs committee are actively following these discussions closely. We want to assure you that whatever alternatives are recommended to Council the broadest group in the community is participating in finding the solutions, so that the burden doesn’t fall mainly on businesses. Workforce and career connected learning, workers compensation premium reductions and refunds as well as local tax reform discussions. Your Chamber is at the heart of it all making sure we are continually Moving Business


John McDonagh handing funds back to Far West Steel, who is part of our high performing Retro Group for Manufacturers. Group admin: Scott Croucher.

Tammy’s Ad

Two Different Experiences Focused on Just one Thing..... You!




Vancouver WA, 1919 SE Columbia River Drive * 360-699-1592 Portland OR, PDX Airport, Pre-Security * 503-335-8385


Special thank you to Simply Thyme Catering for being the GVCC’s Workshop Series lunch sponsor!

They provided excellent lunches for our fall and spring series - always on time, delicious, and professional.

Vancouver WA, 100 Columbia Street * 360-750-7256

Interested in hosting a Business After Hours or sponsoring a Leads and Needs breakfast event?

WANT TO PROFIT FROM HVAC ENERGY SAVINGS? BRING US IN. Upgrading to energy-efficient systems can save you money. Energy Trust of Oregon has the expertise and a network of specially trained contractors to get the job done—and our cash incentives help make it affordable.


SAVE ENERGY. BRING US IN. Visit or call 1.866.605.1676. Serving customers of NW Natural in Oregon and Washington. Inquire about remaining dates available in 2018 by contacting the GVCC’s Events Manager, Ashlyn Salzman by email

Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Vancouver VISION Magazine


Public Affairs committee

Chamber’s Public Affairs Committee Spends Time in Olympia

Two teams covered the grounds of the Capitol to talk about Business in SW Washington Advocating on behalf of business has been key for the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce since its founding in 1890. Over the years, your Chamber has strived to maintain good working relationships with all of our elected officials at the city, county, state and federal levels. When issues important to the business community arise, we work to inform our representatives of our membership’s position, and where appropriate, help shape legislation. The Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce’s Public Affairs Committee (PAC) is comprised of Chamber Board members, other Chamber members, and selected community leaders. The PAC meets monthly to review and discuss public issues that make a difference to our member businesses and the community at large. Your PAC is poised to speak up on behalf of the business community when it matters. The Chamber’s Board of Directors relies on the Public Affairs Committee to research and make recommendations for Board actions on potential legislative and regulatory affairs impacting our members. Regardless of the topic be it transportation, taxation, community infrastructure or permitting, your PAC studies the topic and then engages in discussions with various stakeholders so as to make informed decisions. In turn, the PAC’s decisions are then presented to the

Don Russo

PAC Co-Chairman Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt

Board of Directors as recommendations for action. In recent years, the Chamber’s Public Affairs Committee has weighed in on statewide referendums, statewide transportation funding packages, local business taxation matters, school bond measures supporting our local schools, and a whole host of other areas of interest to the business community. One of the current issues your Chamber’s PAC is supporting is the Port of Ridgefield’s Dark Fiber initiative. The lack of broadband infrastructure in smaller cities and rural areas has become a significant roadblock to attracting new businesses and family wage jobs to Clark County. The use of public financing for this project, paid back over time, will allow service providers to avoid the significant capital expenditures that would otherwise make such a project unfeasible for years to come. “We are grateful for the Chamber’s support of our broadband initiative to remove a ‘force fit’ rural designation from current state law to extend the port’s ability to build basic business infrastructure in the Discovery Corridor,” said Port of Ridgefield Vice President, Innovation Nelson Holmberg. “Having the voice of business behind us helps flatten the hill we have to climb.”

Other issues being monitored by the PAC include legislative bills supporting Career Connected Learning, allowing certain high school students to obtain academic credit for internships while picking up crucial skills which may lead to jobs following graduation. The PAC is also closely monitoring the bills proposing a tax on the use of carbon-based fuels. A carbon tax in particular could have devastating consequences for some of our largest employers. As each calendar year draws to a close, your Chamber annually partners with Columbia River Economic Development Council and Identity Clark County to generate our Joint Legislative Agenda. This document is an example of all three organizations speaking in one business voice. This Agenda is delivered to our state legislative delegation at our annual Legislative Outlook Breakfast in December, making our priorities known and setting expectations for legislative support in the upcoming session in Olympia. As 2018 surges forward, your Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce and PAC are at the forefront, listening to your concerns and speaking out on your behalf. Do you have current business topics that you’d like the PAC to explore? Email us at yourchamber@

Nina Carlson PAC Co-Chairwoman, NW Natural

GVCC team, between meetings

Vi cki Kraft

GVCC in Olympia A special Thank You to the GVCC members of our Public Affairs Committee who joined us in Olympia. The Chamber works with members to advocate for businesses in Southwest Washington. If you have

Vi cki Kraft & Paul Harris

ReScreen, and Funded

an issue that you think

cruit, inquire about sharing Train, with the PAC GrantCommittee.

we can help with, please

Ann Rivers

Bran don Vic k

sharon wylie

Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Vancouver VISION Magazine


Februar y

in Review

The GVCC serves over 1,100 members with support from 10 staff, 19 Board Members, 23 Ambassadors, six mentors, and the Pubilc Affairs, Finance, and Membership Committees. Members range from Clark County’s largest employers to one-person operations. Each month the Chamber operates two SW WA Leads and Needs events, one Business After Hours, and a meeting of each committee: Board, Finance, Public Affairs, and Membership.

Every Tuesday the GVCC Staff meets in our weekly staff meeting to coordinate efforts to better serve our members. We share and collaborate on upcoming workshops, training events, and programming; as well as the June Golf Tournament, which is in full promotional swing.

The GVCC operates over 100 events per year, from ribbon cuttings to signature large-scale events. The GVCC’s Event Manager, Ashlyn Salzman is reviewing teacups here for the Chamber’s first Women in Leadership Lecture Series that took place on February 27th.

The City of Vancouver and the Chamber have a collaborative relationship. City representatives sit on our Board of Directors and Public Affairs Committee. The Chamber operates the Small Business Assistance Program via a City grant. The Chamber partners with the City for Small Business Month and at other events.

The GVCC’s Public Affairs Committee meets monthly. In January we traveled to Olympia and thoroughly covered the grounds with two teams. Through February we’ve had routine phone calls with our elected officials in Olympia - every other Friday. We are also watching the Vancouver Strong conversation.

The GVCC’s 23 person Ambassador team has been on-the-ground all month long at Ribbon Cutting events and Southwest Washington Leads and Needs events. Thank you Ambassadors for always making GVCC events a welcoming place!

February Highlights In February, the GVCC had several Ribbon Cutting events. These events are free and open to GVCC members! This is a fun and welcoming way to site-visit fellow GVCC members and start building relationships. March Ribbon Cutting Dates:

3.5.18 Gyro Shack 3.7.18 iFix iPhone Repair & Desert Canyan Mortage 3.22.18 WFG National Title 3.28.18 HAPO Community Credit Union. Platinum Level Event! 3.30.18 The Uptown Apartments


Vancouver VISION Magazine Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

The GVCC had a 24-hour sell out of our first Women in Leadership Lecture (WILL) series event on February 27th. This series is presented by MacKay Sposito. All four events in 2018 will be hosted by Lee Rafferty and emceed by Lisa Schauer of PointNorth. Upcoming WILL Dates: 4.24.18 at Windy Hills Winery 7.24.18 location TBA 10.23.18 location TBA

Chairman of the Board

Looking into the Chamber’s Mentoring Team Unique one-on-one connections

Eric Sawyer BBSI Area Manager 2017-2018 GVCC Chairman of the Board

GVCC Mentors are assigned to fellow Chamber members for three-month cycles. They are asked to meet three times, either for coffee, site visits, or (with comp entry) to GVCC workshops and/ or events. Member feedback: “First I wanted to thank you for helping me get connected with Amy. We had a great meeting and she was extremely helpful.” David Ligatich, Owner/Operator of Biscuits Cafe Mentor feedback: I think through the first year of the [mentoring] program we've learned that we can learn from each other - and that mentees appreciate an organized program that both builds friendship, is candid and results in goals and products produced. -Amy Lodholz, Evergreen Habitat for Humanity, Development Director.

Imagine a Little League field. Aroma of freshly cut green grass. Chatter of the players on the diamond, “hey batter batter”….actually nobody says that anymore, scratch that. Imagine however little “Billy” coming to the plate, stressed out about his parents in the stands, teammates in the dugout, cute girl streaming his at-bat live on Instagram. This is a little different than when I was a kid, but somehow I can still relate. While the outside forces of life might bend a normal Little Leauger’s brain into a knot, Billy has a coach that has helped him prepare for this moment. A coach that has taught him how to hold the bat, load his hands properly and stride with the pitch, to see the pitch with laser like focus, and swing with great confidence and force. Billy is ready. More than ready. Billy takes a great big hack, and while the world (or at least four 6th graders watching live on Instagram) watches……….. You have some amazing coaches at your fingertips as well. Some amazing coaches who believe in you, and your vision as a business owner, an entrepreneur, a job creator, a difference maker. These coaches are called GVCC Business Mentors. Through a great program that the GVCC

has established, you can meet up with your mentor/coach, and talk business. You can talk about what they’ve done, what you’re doing, the pitfalls to avoid, ways that the GVCC can assist and help. Often times being a business owner can be a lonely place, we get it. That’s why we’re dedicated to being a source of information, support, and sometimes just a fan cheering you on. We don’t pretend to know your business better than you do, but we do know business. And we DO want to help. Reach out when you have a second to the GVCC and find out about getting a mentor for yourself. ………Little Billy’s bat collides with the baseball with a crack (or annoying metallic “ping”) and the ball is launched on a high trajectory landing in Mr. Jones rose bushes far beyond the fence, an epic blast. He was a great student of the game and in the end could overcome the outside forces of life. And the girl, let’s just say that they are now pals on Twitter-Face-Gram or whatever the kids are using these days. Gosh I sound like an old man. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mentors Making Headlines Dr. Gloria Arroyo-Grubbs of Tri-Star Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center

GVCC Mentor and 2017 Start-up to Watch award recipient, Dr. Gloria Arroyo-Grubbs has been named the Washington State Deputy Director for Women for the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). Last month, she was invited to speak in Southern California at the South West Coalition Against Trafficking (SWCAT) by GVCC nonprofit member Dr. Gloria presented a Latina perspective of human & sex trafficking in the US, specifically young Latina’s from South America, Puerto Rico, Mexico and internationally.

Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Vancouver VISION Magazine


Programming highlight

Recruit, Screen, Train, and Grant Funded Programs to Support Your Workforce Take Advantage of the Chamber’s Dedicated Business Services Counselor

Paul Montague Business Services Counselor

Your guide to our community’s workforce resources Paul Montague is uniquely qualified for the Chamber’s Business Solutions Counselor due to his knowledge of Southwest Washington’s business climate. He’s earned this perspective from his past roles as the Executive Director of Identity Clark County and the Battle Ground Chamber, and as the former Sales Director of the GVCC when this organization had its strongest membership numbers. The Business Solutions Counselor role was made possible by the Business Solutions Consortium, which is a collaboration between the GVCC and WorkSource Services, funded by a grant from Workforce SW Washington. The goal is to connect local businesses with services provided by all these partners in the areas of: talent recruitment, on-the-Job Training (OJT), hiring events, preemployment assessment testing and facilitation, labor market information, access to tax credits and downsizing services.



orkSource’s Business Services Consortium

provides a comprehensive suite of employ-

ment related services to help Chamber members get their jobs posted, screen candidates, train

new employees, retrain existing employees, and

programs to help avoid downsizing when times are tough. All of these services are funded by Federal

programs and grants, and are consequently free to business owners.

Recruitment and Screening Services Anyone who has gone through the process of hiring new employees knows how challenging and sometimes costly that process can be. Crafting job postings that attract the right candidates is an art; too narrow a posting won’t get you enough candidates and too broad a posting results in a stack of resumes and candidates who are unsuitable for your position. WorkSource’s Business Services Team members have years of experience helping businesses with their hiring needs, and know how to craft a finely tuned job posting to get you the right candidates for your position. WorkSource can also help you with your candidate screening needs. There is nothing worse than hiring someone you think is going to be a great new employee, only to find that they aren’t the right fit for the job or for your company. WorkSource has the experience to help you through the interviewing process, and to help you screen candidates with the use of a number of software tools designed to help you assess your candidates’ fit for your job and your firm.

On the Job Training (OJT) Program In times of really tight labor markets, it is a challenge to find candidates who not only have the right attitudes and aptitudes for employment at your firm, but candidates who also possess a good mix of education and experience. As industries and businesses have become increasingly specialized, finding candidates with the specialized training you need has become more critical to your business success. Thousands of jobs are open to applicants, but often go unfilled for the lack of candidates with proper training for those jobs. WorkSource’s On the Job Training (OJT) program is a grant program that will help employers by underwriting a portion of the training costs associated with hiring new employees with the right attitudes and aptitudes, but who need additional training and education to

Vancouver VISION Magazine Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

be able to successfully handle the jobs of today. If you have a situation where you have a potential new-hire with the right mix of attitude and aptitude, but needs training to bring them up to speed, call WorkSource to see if you would qualify for an On the Job Training grant.

Incumbent Worker Training When existing workers (not new hires) lack needed training, businesses experience skills gaps. A company’s ability to retain workers and grow their business can be compromised when workers’ skills grow stale. WorkSource’s Incumbent Worker Training grants can help. The program provides grants for continuing education and training of current full-time employees at Southwest Washington companies. incumbent worker training (IWT) under the Workforce Innovations and Opportunities Act (WIOA) provides both workers and employers with the opportunity to build and maintain a quality workforce, and increase both participants’ and companies’ competitiveness. It is a type of work-based training and upskilling designed to ensure that employees of a company can acquire the skills necessary to stay on the job and advance within the company, or to acquire the skills necessary for employers to avoid layoffs. With a focus on helping Southwest Washington’s businesses, these grants can reimburse companies for up to 100 percent for pre-approved training costs. Companies are able to choose their training provider based on the skills needed.

Shared Work Program If you are facing a temporary decline in business, the Shared Work Program offers you an alternative to laying off workers. Instead of laying workers off, you can reduce the work hours of your permanent employees, and they can collect partial unemployment benefits to replace a portion of their lost wages. This translates into immediate payroll savings for you, and prevents the loss of your skilled employees. Thousands of employers have used the program to: • Reduce payroll costs. • Retain their skilled employees. • Have flexibility during uneven workload periods. • Be able to react quickly when demand returns.

The Chamber and WorkSource can help: 1. Get your jobs posted 2. Screen candidates 3. Train new employees 4. Retrain existing employees 5. Link you to programs to help avoid downsizing

Work Opportunity Tax Credit The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a tax incentive for employers to hire certain hard-toplace job seekers. The goal is to help these individuals become economically self-sufficient and to reward employers who give them a chance. Note: The WOTC program has been approved through Dec. 31, 2019. Employers or their representatives must submit applications through our online filing system within 28 days of the job start date. Worker eligibility The following general categories of workers qualify for the tax credit. See the Eligibility at about-employees/WOTC/eligibility for more information. • Public assistance recipients, if they meet the eligibility requirements for SNAP (food stamps), TANF or long-term TANF. • Several categories of military veterans. • Ex-felons hired within a year after their date of conviction, work release, or release from prison or jail. • People with disabilities participating in state or federal vocational-rehabilitation programs who’ve had an “individual written plan” for employment in the two years before being hired. • Anyone who received Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for any month in the 60 days before being hired. • Long-term unemployed individuals hired on or after Jan. 1, 2016 (must have been unemployed at least 27 consecutive weeks).

Upcoming March/April Events

Events can be found on the calendar at Top: The Spring Workshop Series will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the GVCC in March. All eight sessions will be on Google, presented by Comcast. We’ve recruited the best instructors from WSU Vancouver, to the VBJ’s “Best in Business” Digital Marketing firms. RSVP at All-Access pass is sold out. Bottom: Free GVCC Ribbon Cuttings with the Ambassador Team! Upcoming dates: March 1st - Pacifica Senior Living @ 3pm, March 7th iFix iPhone Repair @ 9am and Desert Canyon Mortgage @ 4:30pm. March 15th - Say Ciao! @ 5pm, March 20th - Reed Creative @ 3pm.

Top: The 2018 Iris Awards at Clark College on March 8th. Doors open at 5:30pm at Gaiser Student Center. Four women will be recognized including GVCC Board Member Julianna Marler of the Port of Vancouver USA and member Julie Bocanegra of Columbia Credit Union. Bottom: Southwest Washington Leads and Needs, held every first and third Wednesday at Beaches Restaurant @ 7:15am. This is Clark County’s premier place for morning networking, crowds often hit 100 attendees and every one has his/her chance at the microphone.

Top: Jeni Gall of Move Physical Therapy will be the March Ready, Set, Go! Wellness Workshop presenter in the conference room of Mackenize, the series sponsor, located on the second floor of the Hudson Building. Workshop attendees enjoy lunch by Chick-fil-A’s healthy ptions menu. Topic: Free Your Feet to Improve Productivity and Health. Bottom: The GVCC heads to My Auto Repair & Tire Center for the April Business After Hours event. This team went all out at their last event featuring inflatable games, live music, and fantastic food!

Top: The team at HAPO Community Credit Union is thrilled to welcome the community at their Platinum level Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting event on March 28th at noon. This event is going to be stellar - if you attend one ribbon cutting a year, this should be it! Bottom: Angie Cherry of Body Bliss Yoga will be the April speaker at the Chamber’s monthly Ready, Set, Go! Wellness Workshop series, presented by Mackenize. Topic: Yoga and the Workplace - Techniques to Promote Energy and Reduce Stress.

Government Contract Opportunities, $8.6 Million Dollar in WA State Dispersed WA-PTAC Vancouver office currently has 257 active clients. The Procurement Technical Assistance Center continues to serve clients in Clark, Skamania and Cowlitz counties to Find, Bid and Win government contracts. In our last WA PTAC survey, our active clients reported 105 awarded contracts valuing, $8,687,064.14 for Washington State. This service is at no cost to the business community. For more information, please contact Jeannet Santiago at to find out if your business is right for government contracting. There is an informational page at under the Business Resource Center tab.

March 1st 2018 @ 8am - GVCC Conf. Room A Workshop: Prepare for the AllianceNW event This workshop will help you prepare for the March 15th Alliance Northwest Government Contracting Training & Outreach Event. If you’re serious about government contracting, you should attend. This event features: keynote speakers, 100+ booth tradeshow, quality training sessions for government contractors, One-on-one meetings with government agency representatives and prime contractors.

For more information on statewide events and info go to

Changes Set for 2018 Small Business Assistance Program Clients, New Training Partner The Small Business Assistance Program (SBAP) of the GVCC has been fortunate to receive grant funding from the Community Development Block Grants fund through the City of Vancouver since 2015. As of December 2017 our SBAP program has served over 75 qualified clients. The businesses have come from various industries such as, construction, retail, professional services, food services, health, arts, fashion, and media. Each year over one-third of participants, with the support of the GVCC SBAP program, have qualified for IDA grants for startup funds totaling up to $4000.00. Program participants have reported between 20% -300% increase in revenue. The program has helped over 30 entrepreneurs take their ideas for businesses to a launch and supported over 50 businesses take their business to the next level. In 2 extreme cases, the program has been effective in helping businesses on the verge of closing remain open. The Chamber’s SBAP provided guidance, resources, marketing plan and business structure support. Today those 2 businesses are still up and running and thriving. Another of

our success stories has to do with a client with the idea to open a coffee shop in the City of Vancouver. The support of the SBAP program along with the resources of the Chamber and the City, made it possible for the client to open the coffee shop within 6 months of enrolling in the program. Our SBAP goal is to help entrepreneurs prepare, start and launch a business when they are ready and have the means/knowledge of being a business owner. Some who come in seeking the support of the SBAP program take longer to launch their business. Lack of funds, and/or time are significant barriers but by learning and understanding what it means to be a business owner, knowledge they gain in the program, saves them time and money in the long run. Starting 2018, brings a new format to SBAP. Clients now will get the benefit of a 10-week course that will provide essential foundational business training for new, aspiring and early stage businesses within Vancouver city limits. GVCC has partnered with the Kauffman Foundation and will be using their FastTrac curriculum. The

Kauffman Foundation has trained more than 300,000 entrepreneurs since 1993. The FastTrac curriculum brings quality, engaging educational content to entrepreneurs . The combination of classroom and online interactive activities will guide participants as they refine their business concepts, set financial goals, learn how to manage business functions, and identify market opportunities. Learning side by side with other entrepreneurs is a key element of the FastTrac program. At the completion of the program participants will have created wellplanned and researched business, marketing and financial plans. They will also understand the steps needed (licensing, taxes, etc.) to launch their business, know what resources are available to them, and have established a local network of business owners. This new format allows our staff to serve more entrepreneurs and the opportunity for participants to learn from each other.

Jeannet Santiago Small Business Assistance Program Counselor

Meet the Columbia Bank Team for the GVCC’s June 7th Annual Golf Tournament!



amy Michelle

Is Your Team in Sync?

Every year the GVCC’s Annual Golf Tournament sells out for player spots in early April. Now is the time to reserve your team of four or put your individual or twosome down and we’ll combine players to create your team. Here is a glimpse of the businesses/organizations that already have teams: Port of Vancouver USA, Columbia Bank, SEH America, HAPO Community Credit Union, Riverview Community Bank, Legacy Salmon Creek , Banfield Pet Hospital, ilani Resort & Casino, PeaceHealth, BBSI, Columbia Machine, The Vancouver Clinic, and Regence BCSBS.

The 2018 16th Annual Golf Tournament Theme is License to Drive! This Tournament is the Chamber’s longest running signature event The GVCC just got our License to Drive, and we’re taking a ROAD TRIP along 18 holes at the annual Golf Tournament at Lewis River. We’re keeping our theme old school with this one – back to the era of diners, driveins, and done-up cars. Golfers will enjoy Route 66 inspired tee displays, which are a great opportunity for sponsors to show off their creativity and find fun ways to engage this group of business professionals! Think outside the box to make the most of your day on the course – and don’t forget to collect business cards so you can follow up when the tournament is done!

Gear up and get your kicks on Route 66…Lewis River style!

Need Ideas? Take a Look at Our Route 66 Pit Stop Inspiration List Email Teresa Lawwill for Sponsorship Availability

Jack Rabbit Trading Post Here it is! Everyone knows that on a road trip, snacks for the crew are just as important as fuel for the car. Visit the Trading Post along the route for some rabbit food (trail mix) inspired by the historic Jack Rabbit Trading Post in Joseph City, Arizona. Flo’s V8 Diner That’s right, inspired by the famous Flo’s V8 Café and located on Route 66 in Disneyland’s California Adventure Park, Flo’s has everything you need to take on the open road. Give your visitors souvenir dice to hang from their golf cart with your logo on them as a real throwback to the good old days, or give them some of “Flo’s Punch” in a capri-sun pouch to take on the green.

Drive In Movie Remind golfers of a night at the drivein! Set up a popcorn machine so you can butter up your visitors and turn them into business partners.

Pit Stop Place beverages in large dispensers and label them with the fluids your car needs to keep on the road! Label some (spiked) lemonade with “Prestone,” or some sweet tea with “Motor Oil” to help your visitors stay hydrated and in theme.

Fueling Station Keeping it simple as that – this is the tee to stop at for fuel, otherwise known as the keg on the course! This is all the lubrication your engine needs to shift into gear and keep par with the other drivers.

License Photo You just got your license to drive and, well, no one can escape having their license photo taken when they turn sweet 16! Luckily, this time you get to take your picture with the backup of your foursome teammates.

Speed Zone Ahead Hold a Speed Hole Contest at your hole by timing the teams from tee off to hole out, on a par 3. The fastest time of the day will win your prize, and the team is announced at the conclusion of the tournament. Watch out for cops on this speed zone!

Under Construction Cause some “unexpected delays” for the golfers by setting up some road construction! Create a challenging course for the golfers to putt through in a race against their teammates. Winner takes all!


The Golfers Visiting Your Tee Should Have an Experience! ROUTE 66 FULL SERVICE GARAGE Columbia Bank can’t wait to see you at Tee #1 for the sweetest, 16th year-in-a-row! They’ve been the tournament presenting sponsor since the first tournament and they’ll host a full service garage to honor the License to Drive theme. The Columbia Bank Route 66 garage will be open for business, as they pass out their famous cigars. Golfers can get topped off, and learn about a Financial Tune-up. PREVIEW


The Chamber’s top five tips for a successful tee sponsorship at the June Golf Tournament: Tip #1 – GO ALL OUT WITHOUT BLOWING YOUR BUDGET • Send an email blast out to family and friends and borrow as many decorations and gear as possible for the theme of your tee display! Tip #2 – CREATE A WELCOMING ENVIRONMENT • Once golfers approach, you’ll want to engage them in an ice-breaking game. Not only will they have fun, but this will also serve as a segue into a conversation about your business, and how you can become partners! Tip #3 – WHEN IN DOUBT, GIVE THEM SNACKS! • You don’t have to break the bank

with catered food, but golfers are always looking for grab-and-go snacks on the course. Nuts, protein bars, sweet treats, and even water are a few fan favorites! Tip #4 – THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX • The best, most memorable tee displays are unique. Columbia Bank is known for their cigars, others for fantastic costumes and decorations in theme with the tournament. Make your own mark by incorporating your brand! Tip # 5 – SAY THANK YOU! • The best return on your investment as a tee sponsor is to do a raffle drawing where you collect names or business cards. Don’t just follow up with the winner. Email every single golfer that you interacted with and thank them for coming by!

Chunney Pop was last year’s “Best Tee” and their back with a ChunneyPop shop along your trip down Route 66. Enjoy inspired flavors from New Mexico while you bask in the sunshine, partake in themed games and cool treats while on your vacation highway. PREVIEW

FUZZY DICE Pull on up to Tee #8 and throw the dice for a good cause. Every roll is a winner! Clark County’s favorite moving company looks forward to seeing you drive on the 8th hole. Just show your License to Drive to Ben and the gang and you will be on your way. PREVIEW


Keep your eyes peeled for the Opti Staffing Beverage Cart. They have all kinds of fun things in store for you along with quenching that thirst you get out on the course putt putting along. Don’t forget to use those drink tickets to snag a beverage on your way.


GET YOUR BALLS A ROLLING’ HEAD OUT ON THE HIGHWAY Thanks to Opsal Dawson (Golf Ball Sponsor) you have balls to drive! These great CPA’s have calculated that someone is going to win with one of their balls and they hope it is you! Photos by Kate Singh

Ribbon Cuttings

Are you nearing an anniversary? Expanded, or opened a second location? These are perfect reasons to have the GVCC “red coat” Ambassador team on location for a ceremonial ribbon cutting event. Contact Barb Holbrook for more info at bholbrook@ or (360) 567-1093.

Top left: Jan 9th - NW Personal Training’s 18 Year Anniversary Bottom left: Feb 9th - Rally Pizza 8070 E Mill Plain Blvd National Pizza Day! Bottom middle: Jan 11th - Body Bliss Yoga Studio’s Grand Opening

Above: Jan 29th - Battle Ground Sweet Shoppe’s Grand Opening Above right: Feb 7th Center Stage Clothier’s Grand Opening Right: Jan 25th - Grease Monkey’s Grand Opening Bottom right: Jan 17th - RJL Business Service’s 5th Year Anniversary

Rob Cloke & Sherri McMillan celebrating 18 years in business!

TOP: Jan 5th - Kiddie Academy of Vancouver’s Grand Opening of 1920 SE 167th Avenue Location. Jan 17th - Hopworks Urban Brewery’s First Anniversary.

A&D Business Services Vancouver, WA 98660

Grand Canyon University oldham

AM Capital Source, LLC Battle Ground, WA 98604

Grandline Graphics, Inc. 5305 NE 121st Ave. Ste. 211 Vancouver, WA 98682

ANTWORKS PEST CONTROL 6160 NE Hwy 99, Ste 203 Vancouver, WA 98665 Arthur Breur, Composer Hayden Island, OR 97217 b.divine clothing boutique 904 Main Street Vancouver, WA 98660 Christie BrownSilva, Independent Scentsy Consultant 8604 NE 150th CT Vancouver, WA 98682 Christina St.John Studios 114 NE 147th St Vancouver, WA 98685 City of Ridgefield 230 Pioneer Street Ridgefield, WA 98642 The Gyro Shack 7902 NE 6th Avenue, Ste 106 Vancouver, WA 98665 Elizabeth Christy Law Firm 1014 Franklin Street Vancouver, WA 98660 FireSpike, LLC Portland, OR 97217

ABOVE: Dec 28th - NW Escape Experience’s Grand Opening. Jan 3rd - Precision Personal Training’s Grand Opening. Jan 30th Aerotek’s Grand Opening

GGMatthews, LLC dba/Principal Property Brokers 1321 NW 53rd Street Vancouver, WA 98663

HQ Stone Products, LLC 7002 NE 88th St. Vancouver, WA 98665 Invest West Management, LLC 12503 SE Mill Plain Blvd Ste 260 Vancouver, WA 98664 Joe’s Crab Shack 101 SE Columbia Way Vancouver, WA 98661 Krispy Kreme 8517 NE Andresen Road Vancouver, WA 98665 Personnel Source, Inc. 11818 SE Mill Plain Blvd, Ste 303 Vancouver, WA 98684

new gvcc members Vancouver, WA 98660 Ukrainian Federal Credit Union Vancouver Branch 11208 NE Fourth Plain Blvd Vancouver, WA 98662 Vantage Point Business Solutions 8152 SW Hall Blvd #111 Beaverton, OR 97008 Vesta Hospitality, LLC 900 Washington Street, Ste. 760 Vancouver, WA 98660 Villages Clark County PO Box 65883 Vancouver, WA 98665 WE Plan It 1798 SE Columbia River Dr Vancouver, WA 98661

Pinnacle Natural Health Clinic Westface College Planning 2115 SE 192nd Ave, Ste 108 1498 SE Tech Center Place Camas, WA 98607 Vancouver, WA 98683 Rosycakes 701 Grand Blvd. Vancouver, WA 98661 Stem Floral Design 1798 SE Columbia River Dr Vancouver, WA 98661 Support for Early Learning & Families 13504 NE 84th St, Suite 103-137 Vancouver, WA 98682 The Annex at Union Chapel 806 Main St

WFG National Title Company of Clark County *Downtown 500 E. Broadway, Ste 110 Vancouver, WA 98660 *Mall Office 5101 NE 82nd Avenue, Ste 102 Vancouver, WA 98662 *Salmon Creek 2105 NE 129th Street, Ste107 Vancouver, WA 98686

2018 Membership Drive Committee Roster:

The Chamber’s Membership Committee Working to

Kevin Getch, WebFor

Increase New Member Engage-

Bob Hitchcock, Vancouver Pointe Senior Village

ment, Recruit Amy Tanska

Ben Hoskins, 1-800-Got-Junk

Nolan Jameson, iFix iPhone Repair

Deanna McLelland, Primary Residential Mortgage

Judy Musa, Fort Vancouver Regional Library Foundation

Jennifer Qian, Ichor Studios

Jason Reid, Reid Business Solutions

Jim West, Zenith Properties NW

New Members

Membership Recruitment Director email: atanska@

Amy Tanska recently became the Chamber’s Membership Committee Chairwoman. She has worked to establish the 2018 goals and create a new March Madness Membership Drive.

March Madness Membership Drive! Watch the Drama Play out on Facebook Starting on Monday, March 5th Matt Anderson

Jerry Todd, Learning Avenues

E l i t e

Teresa Bonawitz, Traveling Vineyard

Kristeen Millet, SportClips

A Message from Amy Tanksa

2018 has started out strong with the addition of new committee members and an action plan to keep new members engaged. The Committee’s 2018 primary focus is to use a variety of outreach methods to maintain a higher level of involvement with new members, including phone calls, emails, group meet & greets, and one-on-one meetings. The goal? Engage our new members early and often. The Chamber has so many benefits, resources, events, and opportunities, that sometimes it can feel overwhelming to new members. The Chamber’s membership committee will share information and work to contact and connect with new and existing members. Member recruitment efforts will focus on our new March Madness Membership drive competition. We’ve created a unique membership drive playing off the fun of the collegiate basketball tournament. We’ll focus on the “players” who face-off to turn in the most leads. We hope this will pump up competition and make for a lively Chamber facebook feed in March. Members can help their favorite plays by helping them directly. If you’re interested in becoming a committee member, please contact me.

Zoia Raimer

Jason Reid, Reid Business Services


Erik Morton, State Farm

Pauline Mulcahy, Your Party & Event Center

West & East Coast Coaches


eric sawyer

Commentators & Ref

Don Russo & Nelson Holmberg

Steph The ref sweet spot skirts


Vancouver’s New Waterfront Marina








40’-60’ Slips Available | Water, Power, Sewer to each slip | Ample Parking 360.977.2015 |


VISION 1101 Broadway, Suite 100 - Vancouver, WA 98660 USA

Periodical US Postage Paid Vancouver, WA




9:30am FREE Join the GVCC Ambassadors at this Grand Opening of their new location at 7902 NE 6th Ave Suite 106. 3/6/18 GVCC EVENT The Chamber’s Google Workshop Series @ GVCC

Lunch @ 11:30, Noon Workshop $15/workshop Dr. Dene Grigar instructs: Top Free Google Tools for Businesses. Series presented by Comcast. 3/7/18 GVCC EVENT SW Washington Leads and Needs


Doors @ 7:15 $5/Member The best morning networking in Clark County! Sponsored by Reid Business Services. 3/7/18 GVCC EVENT Ribbon Cutting


9am FREE Ribbon Cutting directly after Leads & Needs for iFix iPhone Repair.

3/7/18 GVCC EVENT Website Work Session @ THE GVCC 10AM - FREE Sit down with GVCC staff and learn how to fully enhance your online presence. 3/7/18 GVCC EVENT Ribbon Cutting @ DESERT CANYON MORTGAGE

4:30pm FREE Help us celebrate the Grand Opening of Desert Canyon Mortgage at 1220 Main Street! 3/8/18 GVCC EVENT The Chamber’s Google Workshop Series @ GVCC

Lunch @ 11:30, Noon Workshop $15/workshop Kevin Getch of Webor instructs: Intro to Google Web Search. Series presented by Comcast. 3/8/18 GVCC PARTNER EVENT The Iris Awards @ CLARK COLLEGE

Doors at 5:30pm $35/person The Iris Awards honor the lasting and farreaching contributions of women in Southwest Washington and beyond.

3/13/18 GVCC EVENT The Chamber’s Google Workshop Series @ GVCC

Lunch @ 11:30, Noon Workshop $15/workshop Magan Reed of the Port of Vancouver USA instructs: Google Analytic. Series presented by Comcast. 3/15/18 GVCC EVENT The Chamber’s Google Workshop Series @ GVCC

Lunch @ 11:30, Noon Workshop $15/workshop Kevin Getch of Webor instructs: The Future of Google Web Search. Presented by Comcast. 3/15/18 GVCC EVENT Ribbon Cutting


5pm FREE The one year anniversary of this amazing business! 2501 SE Columbia Way Suite 270. 3/20/18 MEMBER EVENT Workshop: New Tax Law Changes @ WAREHOUSE ‘23

8:00-9:30am, breakfast included Join US Bank Private Wealth Management for an informative workshop and panel discussion regarding the new tax law changes set for 2018. 3/20/18 GVCC EVENT The Chamber’s Google Workshop Series @ GVCC

Lunch @ 11:30, Noon Workshop $15/workshop Kristeen Millett of Sprout Digital instructs: Google Maps, Visibility and Interaction. Series presented by Comcast. 3/21/18 GVCC EVENT SW Washington Leads and Needs


Doors @ 7:15 $5/Member The best morning networking in Clark County! 3/21/18 PARTNER EVENT Super Powered Networking Training @ THE GVCC

9:30am - 11:30am This DIY Marketing Center workshop will show you how to create a consistent stream of referrals and techniques

to following up that turn into results. GVCC free access code: strategy 3/22/18 GVCC EVENT Ready, Set, Go! Wellness Workshop @ MACKENZIE Noon - 1pm $15 includes lunch Jeni Gall of Move Physical Therapy will highlight one quick way to improve productivity, posture, and creativity with one change. New location and sponsor: Mackenzie, 2nd floor. 3/22/18 GVCC EVENT The Chamber’s Google Workshop Series @ GVCC

Lunch @ 11:30, Noon Workshop $15/workshop Alan Hwang of ACH Marketing instructs: User Experience + Google = More Business. Series presented by Comcast. 3/22/18 GVCC EVENT Ribbon Cutting


3pm FREE Join the party and help this team celebrate their grand opening of their new location at 101 E 6th street suite 125.

3/27/18 GVCC EVENT The Chamber’s Google Workshop Series @ GVCC

Lunch @ 11:30, Noon Workshop $15/workshop Scott Hendison of Search Commander will instruct: Breaking Down Google’s Ranking Factors. Series presented by Comcast. 3/28/18 GVCC EVENT Ribbon Cutting


Noon FREE It’s party time! The crew at HAPO is going to go all-out for the Grand Opening of their first location in Clark County. If you only attend one ribbon cutting event a year, it better be this one! 13909 SE Mill Plain Blvd. 3/29/18 GVCC EVENT The Chamber’s Google Workshop Series @ GVCC

Lunch @ 11:30, Noon Workshop $15/workshop Monique Rice of Effective Web Solutions will instruct: Understanding Google AdWords. Series presented by Comcast.

2018 March April Vancouver VISION Magazine  
2018 March April Vancouver VISION Magazine  

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