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Advancing the business community.


January / February 2011


Clark County

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January/February 2011 • Advancing the Business Community. •

Do What You Can By Don Russo, Public Affairs Committee Chair

Getting it Done By Kelly Parker, GVCC President & CEO


Membership Return on Investment



Know Your Legislators Shared Business Priorities


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Happy New Year! By Jeff Woodside, GVCC Board Chair

• Ribbon Cuttings

Thanks to the many members who donated funds to the GVCC Chamber Cares Giving Campaign, which culminated Fri., December 3 at the Ambassadors Holiday Giving Breakfast sponsored by US Digital and photo sponsor Umpqua Bank! Thank you also to inspirational speaker Rob Ingram. Bravo to the Evergreen High School Select Mixed Ensemble for its standing ovation performance of traditional holiday music. Finally, many thanks to Eric Sawyer, BBSI Preferred Payroll, our 50/50 Raffle winner who generously donated his proceeds back to the Giving Fund. Finally, thank you to Jacquie Brown, Miss Washington 2010 (the great niece of Ambassador Byron Jacobus) for attending the breakfast and her work mentoring youth across the state. Please remember the Chamber’s more than 60 nonprofit (501C3) organizations in your corporate giving programs!


Kim Capeloto, VP, Riverview Community Bank, Jacquie Brown, Miss Washington 2010; Byron Jacobus, GVCC Ambassador Water and Air Works (Miss Washington’s great uncle)

Ambassador of the Year Will Sappenfield and Darcy Altizer

Photo Sponsor Umpqua Bank Presenting Sponsor David Madore of US Digital & GVCC CEO Kelly Parker GVCC Ambassadors and Paparazzi Tonight Photos

Kim Capeloto & Kelly Parker

Evergreen High School Select Mixed Ensemble

Thank you to Riverview Community Bank for the largest donation to our member 501c3 nonprofits


From the

Jeff Woodside Nutter Corporation Chair, Board of Directors Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

Happy New Year!


n this season of resolutions, I would encourage you to renew your commitment to the success of your business by taking steps now to make the most out of your GVCC investment. Just like a gym membership, you only get out of the GVCC what you put into it. We provide the network and the opportunity – it’s up to members to take it to the next level. We have just completed our 2011 calendar of events and I’m thrilled to let you know that 2011 is shaping up to be one of the best ever in terms of networking, community involvement, business leads and member services. Please take a look at the events list on page 21 and plan your networking year. In addition to networking, we recently launched our leads referral system so you will know when your business is being referred and exactly who is interested in your company. In 2010, from our online membership directory alone, our members received more than 500,000 referrals. Staff and the front desk will now be able to track referrals as well and report them directly to you. In December Chamber staff sent several surveys to members in order to better serve you. In summary, you are extremely pleased with our events and networking opportunities. You asked us to limit our email announcements to one per week, which we have already implemented. Member feedback also suggests that we should consider alternatives for our ChamberNews magazine, including mailing printed copies to members quarterly. We are researching pricing for that option and other communications and social media options that will add value to your membership. Finally, here’s to a prosperous New Year for you and your business!


From the

Don Russo Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt Immediate Past Board Chair, Public Affairs Committee Chair Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

Do What You Can

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt


n December 17 we hosted our Southwest Washington legislative delegation and other officials at the annual Legislative Outlook Breakfast co-hosted by the GVCC, Identity Clark County and the Columbia River Economic Development Council. Most but not all of our legislative delegation chose to attend. Thank you to MacKay and Sposito for sponsoring the event. This year our 2011 Joint Legislative Agenda (See page 10 for the full document) is, not surprisingly, focused on economic recovery. With unemployment here in Clark County over 2% higher than anywhere else in the state, our members and the business community readily acknowledge that economic development efforts must be the No. 1 priority as we climb out of the Great Recession towards a new but very different future. This key area of emphasis in our agenda is embodied in the following statement: “While state and local revenues have been devastated…. Southwest Washington’s leading business organizations believe that there is a sound argument to refocus and invest in economic development and job creation in our region.” We believe that our local legislators understand and embrace this position. For example, Rep. Tim Probst has committed to increasing access to capital for small business. Sen. Craig Pridemore, noting the years the Columbia River Crossing project has been in the planning stages and the number of jobs a new Crossing will lead to, simply stated, “Build the Bridge now.” Rep. Ed Orcutt has sought to reduce issuance of new regulations as a means to assist economic growth, particularly with regard to new construction and continues on page 9


January/February 2011 • Advancing the Business Community. •


From the

Kelly Parker President & CEO Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

Getting it Done


e operate in lean times; every dollar counts. We are vigilant when it comes to our home finances and our business finances. But I ask the question, “How are we using our resources out in the community? Are we spending our dollars for the best possible ROI?” In 2002, the Seattle Times ran a story about border hopping and the sales tax leakage into Oregon. Years later, we’re still battling the drain on our economy and watching money – and jobs – slip away. Only now, there’s so much more at stake. Clark County remains saddled with the state’s highest unemployment rate. Scott Bailey, a Washington State regional economist in Vancouver, reported in October that Clark County lost 8,200 jobs – 6.1 percent of its total – since the recession began. The 2002 research estimated $49 million per year in state and local sales tax revenue leaking to Oregon. In 2009 the Columbia River Economic Development Council estimated leakage of $75 million and $915 million per year in lost sales. The CREDC calculates that every $1 million saved equals 6 new jobs. The enormity of these numbers means it is more important than ever to emphasize the importance of keeping our dollars right here in Clark County creating new opportunities and building our economy back into the regional powerhouse it can – and will be. That’s why we recently launched the “Do You Get It” campaign along with our Southwest Washington Business Leaders partners and city and county partners. The campaign emphasizes JOBS and infrastructure via a series of posters created for our local communities and is supported by business leaders, our local mayors and Clark County government partners.

continues on page 9

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The Real Value of Joining a Chamber of Commerce

he Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce is a privately funded non-profit organization dedicated to serving you, our 1,100 member businesses. The Chamber serves as a catalyst for economic growth by providing relevant business resources for members and facilitating strategic connections across business, education, and government. As the recognized voice of regional commerce locally for 120 years, The Chamber leverages its influence to advocate a pro-business agenda locally, as well as at state and federal levels while serving as a government watchdog to keep members informed of policy changes that will impact their businesses. By working in partnership with local stakeholders, The Chamber aligns the development efforts of the community to drive progress and promote economic vitality for the entire Southwest Washington region.

Table 1. How Effectively Business Strategies Communicate Specific Traits about a Company The percentages in Table 1 show just howStrategies effective of aCommunicate business strategySpecific being active in aabout chamber really is. For Table 1. How Effectively Business Traits a Company

example, consumers say that being active the local is 29% more effective that company The percentages in Table 1 show just how in effective of chamber a business strategy being activeforincommunicating a chamber really is.aFor uses goodconsumers practices than it is for making general statement about themore company. example, say that being activea in the local chamber is 29% effective for communicating that a company uses good practices than it is for making a general statement about the company.

Business Business Strategies Strategies



Greater Vancouver ChamberThe of Commerce Real Value of Joining a The Real Value of Joining a Membership Return on Investment Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce

Consumers Consumers Business Decision-Makers Business Decision-Makers

% Increase in %Favorability Increase in Favorability

% Increase in %Awareness Increase in Awareness

% Increase in %Reputation Increase in Reputation

44% 44% 37% 37%

51% 51% 51% 51%

57% 57% 58% 58%

Showing people about your company Showing people about your company that you are involved in Showing

• Member rate event entry savings: $200/year

the community Showing that you are involved in the community Showing that you care about customers Showing that you care about customers Showing that you have a good

• Complimentary ribbon cutting service: $500


Equally effective Equally effective

Community involvement Community involvement 12% more effective 12% more effective 24% more effective 24% more effective 15% more effective 15% more effective 36% more effective 36% more effective Equally effective Equally effective

% Increase in Future in % Increase Patronage Future Patronage 63% 63% 59% 59%

traits. The is graph shows that seven of ten consumers believe that conveys being actively involved each in theofchamber is ancompany effective This table a snapshot of just howout effectively chamber membership to consumers the specific strategy forgraph enhancing business’ and for demonstrating it uses good business practices. traits. The showsathat seven reputation out of ten consumers believe thatthat being actively involved in the chamber is an effective strategy for enhancing a business’ reputation and for demonstrating that it uses good business practices.

• Instant access to the Chamber of Commerce Brand: Priceless

Top Referral categories: - Restaurants - Banks & Credit Unions - Hotels & Other Accommodations - Insurance - Accountants

Equally effective Equally effective

Cares about customers Cares about customers 13% more effective 13% more effective 20% more effective 20% more effective 13% more effective 13% more effective 28% more effective 28% more effective Equally effective Equally effective

Table 3. What a Chamber Membership Shows Customers This table a snapshot of just how effectively chamber Table 3. isWhat a Chamber Membership Shows membership Customersconveys to consumers each of the specific company

• Free listing in the GVCC online business directory: $500/year

26% more effective 26% more effective 10% more effective 10% more effective 14% more effective 14% more effective Equally effective Equally effective

Reputable Reputable

benefits emerge. Forthat example, the tableare indicates know that a small business is a member ofgreat the This table indicates if consumers aware that thatifaconsumers small business is involved with its local chamber chamber of commerce, the business enjoys a 44%that increase in its consumer favorability rating. is a member of the benefits emerge. For example, the table indicates if consumers know that a small business chamber of commerce, the business enjoys a 44% increase in its consumer favorability rating.

Networking & Referrals: • Hundreds of direct GVCC-to consumer referrals for your business by phone, email and web: $2,000+/year

Web referrals: The GVCC’s online directory and member referral system generated more than 500,000 referrals in 2010.

Uses good business Uses good practices business practices 29% more effective 29% more effective Equally effective Equally effective 19% more effective 19% more effective Equally effective Equally effective

Table 2. The Impacts of Chamber Membership on Small Businesses This table that if of consumers aware that a on small business is involved with its local chamber great Table 2. indicates The Impacts Chamberare Membership Small Businesses

Following are just a few of the benefits members receive for their membership investment which far outweigh your annual dues.

Being active in the local chamber of commerce Being active in the local chamber of commerce Sponsoring events around the community events around the Sponsoring community Encouraging employees to volunteer Encouraging employees to volunteer Giving out scholarships to local students Giving out scholarships to local students Encouraging employees to donate to a charity Encouraging employees to donate to a charity

Specific Company Traits Specific Company Traits

59% 59% 63% 63% 64% 64% 69% 69%

reputation Showing that you have a good reputation Showing that you use good

70% 70%

business practices Showing that you use good business practices

Source: The Real Value of Joining a Local Chamber of Commerce conducted by the Schapiro Group, Atlanta Georgia Source: The Real Value of Joining a Local Chamber of Commerce conducted by the Schapiro Group, Atlanta Georgia

- Mortgage Companies, Brokers - Property Development, Management, Leasing - Attorneys - Real Estate Sales - Manufacturers

January/February 2011 • Advancing the Business Community. •

Members-Only Professional Services: • PR, Branding & Media training and consultation: $85 per hour • Press Release submission service for small business members: $400 annually continues on page 7

Investment Cont... continued from page 6

• • •

Free educational seminars: $180 per year Legislative & advocacy access & expertise – Priceless Free business tools and staff marketing assistance: Priceless

Complimentary Members-Only Products & Special Discounts • Subscription - $240 per year value • Vancouver Business Journal Subscription - $59 per year value • Bulk Mailing Permit with Ribbon Cuttings -- $300 • Membership mailing list with Ribbon Cuttings and certain sponsorships: $500 • Prescription Discount – Up to 75% savings • Office Depot Discounts – Up to 60% savings

• • • •

Certificates of Origin for member exporters -- $65 per stamp discount Health Care Program for small to medium-size members – Varies, up to $20,000 per year L&I Refund Program: 35-75 percent annual refund for member retailers & manufacturers on Workers’ Comp insurance premiums ChamberNews Magazine subscription – $25/year

Public Affairs Efforts on Behalf of Members: Priceless • Member exposure at GVCC hosted and community Public Affairs event • Regional Branding Initiative • Taking your business concerns directly to the Governor Chris Gregoire the Washington State Legislature and local City and County government officials & leadership. n

Banking on Your Terms

Kristy Weaver, Sr. V.P. SW Washington Team Leader Vancouver

Working Capital



Remote Deposit It only makes sense that the business partners you deal with day in and day out, like Pacific Continental banker Kristy Weaver, are fluent in the language of your business. At Pacific Continental, our bankers not only speak small business with the agility of a CFO, they’re experts in delivering the financial services you need, when you need them… on your terms.


$PAC-006_Weaver_Van_Chamber.indd 1





12/9/08 3:04:19 PM January/February 2011 • Advancing the Business Community. • 7

Vancouver Chamber Newsletter ~ 7.5 X 5 ~ 4C ~ January Insertion ~ Kristy Weaver



Get Involved, Stay Informed, Be an Active Citizen. Contact Your Representatives to the Washington State Legislature The 2011 legislative session convenes on January 10, 2011. 15th Legislative District

Senator n Sen. Jim Honeyford (R)

Representative, Pos. 1 n Rep. Bruce Chandler (R)

Representative, Pos. 2 n Rep. David Taylor (R)

Legislative Office: 107 Irving R. Newhouse Bldg. P.O. Box 40415 Olympia, WA 98504-0415 Phone: 360 786 7684 E-mail:

Legislative Office: 427B Legislative Bldg. P.O. Box 40600 Olympia, WA 98504-0600 Phone: 360 786 7960 E-mail:

Legislative Office: 438 John L. O’Brien Bldg. P.O. Box 40600 Olympia, WA 98504-0600 Phone: 360 786 7874 E-mail:

Senator n Sen. Don Benton (R)

Representative, Pos. 1 n Rep. Tim Probst (D)

Representative, Pos. 2 n Rep. Paul Harris (R)

Legislative Office: 109B Irving R. Newhouse Bldg. P.O. Box 40417 Olympia, WA 98504-0417 Phone: 360 786 7632 E-mail:

Legislative Office: 325 John L. O’Brien Bldg. P.O. Box 40600 Olympia, WA 98504-0600 Phone: 360 786 7994 E-mail:

Newly Elected E-mail:

Senator n Sen. Joseph Zarelli (R)

Representative, Pos. 1 n Rep. Ann Rivers (R)

Representative, Pos. 2 n Rep. Ed Orcutt (R)

Legislative Office: 204 Irving R. Newhouse Bldg. P.O. Box 40418 Olympia, WA 98504-0418 Phone: 360 786 7634 E-mail:

Newly Elected E-mail:

Legislative Office: 415 John L. O’Brien Bldg. P.O. Box 40600 Olympia, WA 98504-0600 Phone: 360 786 7812 E-mail:

Senator n Sen. Craig Pridemore (D)

Representative, Pos. 1 n Rep. Jim Jacks (D)

Representative, Pos. 2 n Rep. Jim Moeller (D)

Legislative Office: 212 John A. Cherberg Bldg. P.O. Box 40449 Olympia, WA 98504-0449 Phone: 360 786 7696 E-mail:

Legislative Office: 322 John L. O’Brien Bldg. P.O. Box 40600 Olympia, WA 98504-0600 Phone: 360 786 7924 E-mail:

Legislative Office: 436A Legislative Bldg. P.O. Box 40600 Olympia, WA 98504-0600 Phone: 360 786 7872 E-mail: n

17th Legislative District

18th Legislative District

49th Legislative District


January/February 2011 • Advancing the Business Community. •

From CEO Cont...

This means serving your business needs and helping you achieve your business goals.

This is also why we are again hosting our hugely successful Southwest Washington Shop Local Business Showcase sponsored by Alaska Airlines, On Line Support and The Columbian. Nearly 500 participants attended the free marketplace-style show last year, which will be held again on February 22, 2011 at the Red Lion Hotel in Vancouver. Last year’s event featured 50 local vendors.

I look forward to seeing you and learning more about how your business is doing in 2011 and how the Chamber can help. n

continued from page 5

Please mark your calendars, register your show booth, put a “Do We Get It?” poster in your shop window and feel heartened that your business support network is working hard on your behalf. Not only do we get it, but together, we will get it done. It may feel like trudging from time to time, but trudging means “walking with purpose” and we know our purpose here at the Chamber: Provide business leadership that results in economic vitality for businesses, their employees and our community.

     

         

           


• • •

       

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From PAC-Chair Cont... continued from page 4

Stormwater regulations. This legislative session cannot be about party politics, but rather about getting our citizens back to work and our local businesses, small and large, fully engaged and once again hiring employees. Please review the agenda and stay in touch with us and your legislative representatives in 2011. Working together we can and will make a huge impact in our efforts to take the collective voice of Clark County businesses to Olympia. Contact GVCC Communications Director Gina Williams with any specific questions or concerns regarding GVCC public affairs at or 360-567-1056. Thank you for your support! n

January/February 2011 • Advancing the Business Community. •




SHARED BUSINESS PRIORITIES for the 2011 Washington State Legislative Session


he citizens and business community of southwest Washington find themselves in unprecedented times. Continued recovery from the Great Recession will require leadership at all levels of the community including our legislative delegation. It is becoming clear that the southwest Washington economy has been more heavily impacted by the recession than anywhere else in the state and that our recovery will take longer. While state and local revenues have been devastated, requiring massive and continuing cuts to meet statutory budget requirements, southwest Washington’s leading business organizations believe that there is a sound argument to refocus and invest in economic development and job creation in our region. Unemployment remains over 2% higher than anywhere else in the state with over 30,000 of our neighbors out of work. Over 1,000 unemployed workers exhaust their unemployment benefits each month. That number will approach 2,000 a month as federal extended benefits expire in April 2011. This increase in unsupported unemployment will increase the demand on community nonprofit and charitable services.

the region’s economic recovery. An important investment is funding of the library renovation at WSU Vancouver. • Regulatory Relief: Simplicity of dealing with government is a key to business success. - We support local government initiatives to reduce needless regulatory burdens and urge the state to address regulations that force local action. - We support the request of the Higher Education Board to allow that body to approve advanced degrees at Washington’s branch campuses. • Safety Net: Recognizing the fiscal crises facing the state budget, we nevertheless support efforts to protect, to the extent possible, the social service safety mechanism that affects local not-for-profit sector organizations. TRANSPORTATION We support the creation of a 2011multi-modal transportation investment package for the

• Innovation in Job Creation: Our economic strategy is being revised and will include entrepreneurial development as a source for indigenous job creation. Enabling these strategies through state assistance is needed. - Maintain or increase the state investment in local economic development in SW Washington to ensure the maintenance of effort focused on job creation. - Pilot an entrepreneurial development program that focuses on the creation of a virtual business accelerator, development of a community venture capital fund and other forms of entrepreneurial finance, and enhanced business advisory services. • Infrastructure Investment: Investing in the transportation and physical infrastructure is necessary to grow a vibrant economy. Capital investment is extremely important to


The business community of Clark County has provided a united voice and southwest Washington Legislators have been receptive and supportive. Southwest Washington has enjoyed successes because of the teamwork this region demonstrates in both the public and private sectors. We thank you for your continued support. n

Start ups! Innovators! Fastest Growing businesses!

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT The business organizations of southwest Washington recommend a four-point strategy that focuses on economic development and job creation, capital stimulus, regulatory changes and maintenance of the social safety net for those most impacted by the recession:

future that includes state highways, bridges, rail, city and county projects and improvements to transit, including, if necessary, a public referendum on such a package. Specific projects include: • Support the proposed Columbia River Crossing (I-5 Bridge) project and advocate for its funding. • Maintain the funding and schedule for southwest Washington transportation projects. • Fund the West Vancouver Access Project that will create permanent private-sector jobs.

It is time to answer the

Sav e t h e Dat e Awards Presentation & Finalist Showcase

Thursday April 21, 2011 5:00pm - 8:00pm produced by

1251 Officers Row Vancouver, WA 98661 360.695.2442 |

January/February 2011 • Advancing the Business Community. •

CA L L FOR E N T R I E S to be recognized in the 2011 Business Growth Awards

deadline for entries is Friday March 18, 2011 It is again time to celebrate local business success. Nominate an outstanding company for the regions sixth annual Business Growth Awards. The past years’ economic challenges have presented opportunities for many companies who have grown through innovation, geographic expansion or through online sales. If you know a company, nominate them today! Criteria and entry form for each category can be found at Event sponsors


Business Leadership - 2011 Legislative Session



Ginger Metcalf, Executive Director





Kelly Parker, President/CEO

• Jeff Woodside, Chair Nutter Corporation • Tim Schauer, Chair-Elect MacKay and Sposito, Inc. • Kristy Weaver, Vice Chair Pacific Continental Bank • Winston Asi, Secretary-Treasurer Columbia Machine, Inc. • Don Russo, Immediate Past Chair Schwabe, Williamson and Wyatt • Jonathan Avery Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center • John Deeder Evergreen Public Schools • Tamara J. Fuller NAI Norris, Beggs & Simpson • Jeff Harvey Burgerville – The Holland Corporation • David Horowitz David Horowitz, CPA • Elie Kassab Prestige Development • Daniel Kirkwood Kirkwood & Kirkwood, Inc. • Paul McLinn Calderon Family Dentistry • Alex McMillan Alx Fitness • Wayne Nelson Clark Public Utilities District • Eric Olmsted On Line Support, Inc. • William Pritchard Pritchard Orthodontics • Rhona Sen Hoss WSU-Vancouver • Keith Wallace Frumenti, Lander & Wallace, CPA’s

• Edward Lynch, Chairman Emeritus • Scott Horenstein, Chair The Scott Horenstein Law Firm PLLC • Lisa Lowe, Vice-Chair Schwabe, Williamson and Wyatt • Pat Sheaffer, Secretary Riverview Community Bank • Keith Wallace, Treasurer Frumenti, Lander and Wallace • Bob Byrd Pacific Die Casting Corporation • Scott Campbell The Columbian • Kim Capeloto Riverview Community Bank • Brad Carlson Evergreen Memorial Gardens • Paul Christensen Realvest Corporation • Mark Feichtinger Stoel Rives LLP • Ron Frederiksen RSV Building Solutions • Eric Fuller Eric Fuller and Associates • David Groth FirstService PGP Valuation, Inc. • Elie Kassab Prestige Development • Steve Kenny Columbia Credit Union • Lance Killian Killian Pacific, LLC • Tom Mears The Holland, Inc. • Mary Meyers Threshold, Inc. • Scott Milam Milam-Imse Consulting • Tami Nesburg Regents Bank • Jerry Nutter Nutter Corporation • Matt Olson Robertson and Olson Construction • Roger Qualman NAI Norris, Beggs & Simpson

Bart Phillips, President

• Barbara Bushell, Chair Columbia Tech Center • Eric Fuller, Vice-Chair, Eric Fuller and Associates • John McDonagh, Secretary Vancouver Business Journal • Jim Short, Treasurer, WaferTech • Jeff Ahner, Frito-Lay, Inc. • Michelle Baker, Kaiser Permanente • Colleen Boccia, Columbia Credit Union • Jerry Boehm, First Independent • Sid Boles, Moss Adams • Carol Curtis, Clark Public Utilities District • John Deeder, Evergreen School District • Dr. Hal Dengerink, WSU – Vancouver • Paul Dennis, City of Camas • Helen Devery, JD White Division of Berger/ ABAM Engineers, Inc. • Bill Dudley, Landerholm, Memovich,Lansverk & Whitesides • Bob Durgan, Andersen Construction • Mark Fleischauer, JH Kelly LLC • Ron Frederiksen, RSV Building Solutions • Lisa Goecke, Perkins and Co. • Rick Goode, Columbia Machine • Trent Green, Strategic Planning & Business Dev. • Jeffrey Hamm, C-TRAN • Steve Horenstein, Miller Nash • Robert Knight, Clark College • Mark Lampton, Port of Camas/Washougal Board of Commissioners • Lisa Lowe, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt • John Marck, Sharp Microelectronics • Kelly McDonald, Clark County Title Co. • Tim McMahan, Stoel Rives • Tom Mielke, Clark County Commission • Lisa Nisenfeld, Southwest Washington Workforce Development Council • Dennis Pavlina, The Gold Medal Group • Jean Rahn, SWMC Foundation • Kathleen Sego, Innovation Asset Group • Greg Seifert, Biggs Insurance Services • Jeanne Stewart, Vancouver City Council • Brian Wells, Team Construction • Darren Wertz, City of Ridgefield Council • Brian Wolfe, Port of Vancouver Board of Commissioners

January/February 2011 • Advancing the Business Community. •



2011 Economic Forecast Event

Charting A New Course Economic Forecast Breakfast: Real Estate. Innovation and Jobs. Health Care in an era of reform.

How can we best chart the course for the rest of 2011 and beyond?

Keynote Speaker: Tess Vigeland

Special thanks to the sponsors of the 2011 Economic Forecast:

Host of American Public Media’s Marketplace and presented by Oregon Public Broadcasting

Friday, January 21, 2011 n n n n

7:00 a.m. – Registration 7:30 a.m. – Breakfast served 7:45 a.m. – Tess Vigeland, host of Marketplace Money, keynote speaker 9-10:00 a.m. – Economic Forecast panelist session of your choice

MacKay & Sposito, Inc.

LOCATION: Hilton Vancouver Washington Convention Center COST: $50 a seat; $450 for table of 10; $30 a seat seniors 55+/students TO REGISTER: Online at or call Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce at 360-694-2588.


he Columbian’s annual Economic Forecast breakfast, presented by First Independent Bank, provides indepth economic and business information tailored specifically for the business community in Clark County. This year’s event, on Friday, January 21, will help businesses look ahead with confidence. Special keynote speaker Tess Vigeland, host of Marketplace Money on NPR radio and presented by Oregon Public Broadcasting, will talk about business and the economy with her unique consumer focus. A graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., Vigeland is a longtime public radio veteran, both as a reporter and host, and is a familiar voice to Marketplace and Marketplace Money listeners. She served as host of Marketplace Morning Report for three-and-a-half years, and as substitute host on Marketplace.


Watch on Sunday, The Columbian for a special January 23, 2011 des in-depth clu in section that of articles by each ts. lis ne pa the

Prior to joining the team at Marketplace, Vigeland reported and anchored for Oregon Public Broadcasting radio and television in Portland and at WBUR radio in Boston. She has covered numerous national and international stories, including the Northern Ireland peace talks in Belfast, the New England mob trials, and the separate scandals around former U.S. Senator Bob Packwood and figure skater Tonya Harding. The panels will tackle three major topics that businesses and local leaders struggle with as they drive to rebuild Clark County’s economy. The panelists include a few familiar faces as well as some new experts to help us find fresh insights so we can chart the course for 2011 and beyond. The Economic Forecast began as a special business feature presented by The Columbian in the mid-1980s. In 1995, a breakfast was added to give panelists a public forum to present their views prior to the Sunday publication of a

January/February 2011 • Advancing the Business Community. •

special section in The Columbian with in-depth information on these topics. This is the largest presentation of economic information in the greater Portland Metro area, attracting between 400 and 500 regional attendees.

The successful student program, presented with the sponsorship of MacKay & Sposito, Inc., continues to attract high school and college students. The first fifty students and their advisers are offered free seats to the event by calling the GVCC office at 360-694-2588.

Panel Presentations

This year, for the first time, the panels will tackle three major questions that businesses and local leaders face as they strive to rebuild Clark County’s economy. Familiar faces and new experts to the panels share their insights to help chart the best course for 2011 and beyond. You’ll have the opportunity to attend one of the following panels.

1 2 3


When will real estate prices stabilize, and what does this mean for property owners and construction workers who depend on this industry for their jobs? What decisions are commercial businesses making, and what do they mean for downtown areas and shopping centers? What are the challenges for bankers in financing real estate projects? Panelists include experts in the banking and real estate fields.

Ron Wysaske

President and Chief Operating Officer, Riverview Community Bank

Eric Fuller

President and Designated Broker, Eric Fuller & Associates, Inc.

Dick Riley Owner and President, Riley & Marks, Inc.

Pam Lindloff Associate Vice President, NAI Norris Beggs & Simpson


What can we do to nurture business growth and innovation in our community. What can public groups do to make Clark County more business friendly? What role should government play in these economic times? Panelists include economic development experts and representatives of the business community.

Bart Phillips President, Columbia River Economic Development Council

Paul Dennis

Mayor of Camas and Owner, Cascade Planning Group

Deena Pierott Founder, Urban Entrepreneurs Network and Mosaic Blueprint

Scott Bailey Regional labor Economist, Washington Employment Security Department


What do business owners and individuals need to know to protect their pocketbooks and stay healthy in an era of reform and ever-rising health care rates? Panelists include hospital officials who will talk about the factors that drive up their rates, an insurance executive who will answer questions about changing laws, and a business consultant who will talk about changing business operations and the pitfalls companies should try to avoid.

Peter Adler

Senior Vice President of Strategy, Innovation and Development, PeaceHealth

Dr. Melinda Muller

Clinical Vice President for Primary Care, Legacy Medical Group

Jared Short President, Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon

Kristie Smith

Director of Branch Operations, Barrett Business Services, Inc.

January/February 2011 • Advancing the Business Community. •


Chamber Cash Referral Program Help Your Chamber Grow & Put Money in Your Pocket! The Chamber Cash Referral Program is a great opportunity to help grow your chamber and your business! We value your membership and appreciate your help to grow the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce. With this program you provide referrals and, if they become a member of the GVCC, you can earn Chamber Cash that can be used towards advertising and event participation. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: Provide us with the name of a business owner who you feel would benefit from Chamber membership. Fill out the form below and fax it to the GVCC Office at (360) 693-8279. We will contact the referred business and upon the receipt of payment of the first year’s membership dues and a completed Membership Agreement, YOU will have the choice of the following: SELECT ONE:

□ $50 FAST PASS □ 1 Month Web Advertising (Up to a $200 value) □ $50 credit towards advertising in the Chamber News Magazine IT’S THAT EASY! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to help your Chamber grow and put more money back in your pocket!

When consumers know that a small business is a chamber member, they are 44% more likely to think favorably of it and 63% more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future. When consumers know that a restaurant franchise is a chamber member, they are 40% more likely to eat at the restaurant in the next few months.

Terms and Conditions Chamber Cash is non-transferable Study done by Shapiro group $50 Chamber Cash is for new memberships only There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make Chamber members in good standing are eligible for the Chamber Cash program The referral must become a member within 1 month of the referral date A referral form must be at the GVCC office indicating YOU as the person referring the new business If a referral form for a prospective member is submitted more than once, the GVCC will honor the first referring party Return completed form to the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce 1101 Broadway, Suite 100, Vancouver , WA 98660 or Fax to (360) 693-8279


Your Information:

Referred Company Information:

Name ___________________________________

Contact Person _______________________________

Company ________________________________

Title _______________________________________

Telephone _______________________________

Company ___________________________________

E-Mail __________________________________

Address ____________________________________

Comments _______________________________

Telephone __________________________________


E-Mail _____________________________________

January/February 2011 • Advancing the Business Community. •



Evergreen Home Loans 204 SE Park Plaza Drive, Suite 105 Vancouver, WA 98684

Ribbon Cuttings NW Association for Blind Athletes

Associates for Psychiatric and Mental Health, LLC 14508 NE 20th Ave., Suite 305 Vancouver, WA 98686

500 W. 8th St., Vancouver, WA 98660

Don Houston Edward Jones 6623 East Mill Plain, Vancouver, WA 98661


19610 SE 1st St. • Camas, WA 98607

you have the

Power to Save That new TV is really nice, but it uses a lot more energy than your old set. So if you’re not watching it, turn it off. Remember, you have the power to save.

Neighbors Markets

1707 Main St., Vancouver, WA 98660 January/February 2011 • Advancing the Business Community. •




Member News Members on the Move

■ Congrats & Best Wishes to GVCC Ambassador Tom Phillips who is retiring from Sterlings Savings Bank. Tom will remain a member of the GVCC and will continue to Tom Phillips serve as a GVCC Ambassador! Tom worked as Cascade Park branch manager for 9 1/2 years. ■ Congratulations to GVCC Board Member Rhona Sen-Hoss on her new position with WSUVancouver. Sen-Hoss previously worked for The Columbian Newspaper. She is now Rhona Sen-Hoss WSU’s Assistant Director of Development & Alumni Relations. ■ Riverview Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ GSM: RVSB) recently announced the appointment of Bess R. Wills, General Manager/Co-Owner of Gresham Ford, to the Board of Directors for Bess R. Wills Riverview Community Bank and Riverview Bancorp, Inc. “Bess is one of the leading, if not the most recognized businessperson in Gresham and East Multnomah County,” said Pat Sheaffer, Chairman and CEO of Riverview Bancorp. ■ Patricia Spicer, Customer Service Agent with Davidson Insurance, has earned the designation of Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR). Spicer successfully completed five courses Patricia Spicer covering all areas of insurance risks and exposures, followed by extensive examinations. A licensed insurance agent, she has more than 30 years of insurance agency experience. ■ Bryan Cole, Rob Nielsen, and Megan Strand have been appointed to the Parks Foundation Board of Directors. Cole, Vice President of Landscape Architecture for MacKay Sposito, Inc., brings more than 19 years of experience and expertise in park


and recreation design including the development of neighborhood, community, and regional parks, trails, and environmental restoration projects to the foundation board. Nielsen, Western Regional vice president for Waste Connections, Inc., earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maine and studied environmental engineering as a graduate school student. Strand, a marketing/communication professional with a focus on causerelated marketing and project management, brings experience in both the public and nonprofit sector to the foundation.

Nick Hastings

Chris Horne

Karl Maritt

Carolyn Sork

■ MacKay & Sposito, Inc. (M&S) announced the addition of Nick Hastings, Chris Horne, Karl Maritt and Carolyn Sork to its Construction Management team based out of its headquarters in Vancouver, WA “Nick, Chris, Karl and Carolyn bring a wide breadth of construction management knowledge to our expanding Construction Management and Inspection Team,” said Tim Schauer, President of M&S. “We are looking forward to utilizing their experience and expertise to further service our clients.”

Making Headlines ■ A $10,000 donation from Waste Connections, Inc. provided the Parks Foundation of Clark County a much-needed boost toward achieving its end-of-year campaign fundraising goal.

“We’re pleased to support the foundation in its efforts to ensure a healthy community with access to recreation for all Clark County citizens,” said Rob Nielsen, western region vice president for Waste Connections. In addition to the contribution from Waste Connections, Parks Foundation Board of Directors, leading by example

January/February 2011 • Advancing the Business Community. •

and hoping to inspire donors to open their checkbooks in support of parks and recreation this holiday season, will donate an additional $25 for each individual contribution, no matter the size, the foundation receives through its end-of-year campaign. ■ RSV Building Solutions, a Vancouverbased construction company that specializes in restaurant remodeling and construction, recently completed a 1,400-squarefoot store for Dominos Pizza in Vancouver. The project, which was completed Oct. 1, 2010, is the first Dominos in the Vancouver /Portland area that has integrated the new national store brand concept into its interior and exterior design.

DS&W ChamberNews 07:DS&W ChamberNews 10 continues on page 17 [ LEGAL EXPERTISE ]


WHEN IT COMES TO LEGAL ADVICE, LOOK FOR THE BEST YOU CAN FIND. You don’t have to look far. With roots in Vancouver dating back to the 1960s, Duggan, Schlotfeldt & Welch has assembled the best and the brightest attorneys in our practice areas to create success for you. Our active and aggressive business litigation practice has an outstanding reputation. Several of our attorneys are skilled, experienced arbitrators and mediators, offering a cost- and time-saving alternative to litigation. We encourage the use of these alternative dispute resolution techniques and are ready to work with you in tailoring our services to best meet your needs. Take our advice. Call Duggan, Schlotfeldt & Welch when you’re seeking exceptional legal results.

Duggan Schlotfeldt &Welch PLLC Attorneys at Law

Exceptional legal advice for business and individuals in Washington and Oregon

360-699-1201 �


“We were thrilled to be selected as the contractor to build the first store in the area that showcases Dominos’ new brand concept,” said Ron Frederiksen, president of RSV Building Solutions. Business is looking up for Coffee News publisher Steve Lawrence. The Vancouver entrepreneur recently announced that he is expanding with the hiring of two employees, Tom Berg of Vancouver and Dawn Kendall of Battle Ground. “With the distribution growing I have found it necessary to bring some people aboard to help with the delivery. They have taken on the responsibility of distribution to territories within Vancouver and Clark County.” Kendall, a wife and mother of two, is delivering in Battle Ground and Hazel Dell. Berg, husband and father, is delivering to the areas of East Vancouver and Orchards. Go to http://coffeenewsvan. com/ for more information about Coffee News.

■ SoHo Marketing Guru presents “Networking 4 Newbies,” Friday, January 7, 2011, 9:30 a.m. , SoHo Marketing Institute, 953 Officers Row, Vancouver, WA, 98661. Registration is not required but recommended as seating is limited; call 360-882-1298 to reserve a space. The event is free, but due to space limitations, reservations are strongly recommended. More info: ■ Don Houston of the financial services firm Edward Jones wants to help local CPA’s meet their professional education requirements. Don is hosting a continuing education seminar for these professionals on Uni-K, One Solution, Multiple Opportunities: The Uni-K Phenomenon at his office at 6623 E. Mill Plain Blvd. Vancouver 98661 on Tuesday, January 25, 2011. Located next door to Safeway on Andreson and Mill Plain Blvd. in Vancouver. Lunch will be provided.

Please RSVP to Amber at (360) 695-1147 by January 18, 2011. ■ Clark College and the Director of the Clark College Jazz Festival, Richard Inouye, would like to invite everyone to three full days of exciting vocal and big band jazz at the 49th Annual Clark College Jazz Festival! This celebrated tradition will take place Thursday through Saturday, January 27 through 29, 2011 in Gaiser Hall on the Clark College campus. Sixty vocal and instrumental jazz ensembles from Washington and Oregon are scheduled to perform in this year’s competition with awards presented to the top three jazz ensembles in each class, A through AAAA. The sweepstakes trophy and the honor to be featured at next year’s festival will be presented to one outstanding band chosen from the entire festival. Additionally, awards will be presented to outstanding vocal and instrumental soloists. For additional details, go to: special/jazz_festival/

You are invited to

State of the County ~ 2011 ■ West Coast Self Storage Group and its project partner Catalyst Storage Investors announced the opening of West Coast Self Storage of East Vancouver, a new self storage facility located on 164th Ave just off Mill Plain between 5th and 6th Streets. “This project combines a very attractive design as well as a functional structure to meet an important need in this Vancouver neighborhood,” said Jim McNamee, President of West Coast Self Storage Group. Designed by Magellan Architects, the building encompasses 45,000 net rentable square feet demised into 463 units. A commercial delivery acceptance program is available for business customers as well. More details can be found at

Presented by Board of Clark County Commissioners Tom Mielke, Marc Boldt, Steve Stuart

Thursday, February 17, 2011 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Skyview High School, 1300 NW 139th St., Vancouver

Need help to attend? Contact the Clark County ADA Office. Voice (360) 397-2000; Relay 711 or (800) 833-6388; E-mail

January/February 2011 • Advancing the Business Community. •



continued from page 16

Member Events


Member News Cont...



New Members


elcome to the following new Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce members. We thank you for your investment. You help make our Chamber one of the largest and most active business associations in the region. Please go to our online directory at for Web site, contact and business category information about these companies and organizations. Please help us in our mission to build a strong and stable local economy – do business with Chamber members. ■ Leonard Martinez

AnExit Bail Bonds, LLC

1507 Broadway St . Vancouver, WA 98663 • 360-696-0300

Erin Musgrove

Chaotic Chocolate

1920 Whitetail Lane Woodland, WA 98674 • 360-314-7062

Kim Hash

The Children’s Center

415 W 11th St. Vancouver, WA 98660 • 360-699-2244

Chad Ryan


8100 NE St Johns Rd., Suite A101 Vancouver, WA 98665 • 360-213-1437

Pamela & John

Marc Pitcher

Sherrie Davis

916 SE 164th Ave., Suite 100 Vancouver, WA 98683 • 360-253-7300

10800 SE 17th Circle, Unit D50 Vancouver, WA 98664 • 360-991-2619

America’s Premier Mortgage David Commeree

Steve Barnett

11815 NE 113th St., Suite 104 Vancouver, WA 98662 • 360-254-9225

PO Box 64 La Center, WA 98629 • 360-450-3873

DLC Architecture

Becky Rogers

12100 SW Garden Place Portland, OR 97223 • 503-620-2800

5408 NE 88th St D406 Vancouver, WA 98665 • 360-573-9100

IKON Office Solutions

Mary Pat Hines

3200 SE 192nd Ave. Vancouver, WA 98683 • 360-944-4521

6816 NE Highway 99 Vancouver, WA 98665 • 608-432-5464

Les Schwab Tire Center

Sean Hafezi

Glesto Solutions Tech

10011 NE 118th Ave. Vancouver, WA 98682 • 360-896-6081

Martha Nacke

New Day Community Dental Clinic

MD Billing Services, LLC

11500 A3 NE 76th St., No. 30 Vancouver, WA 98662 • 360-254-3663

Shelley Guinn

1201 SE Tech Center Dr., Suite 150 Vancouver, WA 98683 • 360-895-7107

Billy Henry

NW Association for Blind Athletes

Wayne Kurtz

Eric Brende

7190 SW Sandberg St. Portland, OR 97223 • 503-624-2090

Primerica - Kurtz

4665 U Street Washougal, WA 98671 • 503-407-2834

Eddie Allen

Synotac Web Design

123 NW 2nd Ave., Suite 205 Portland, OR 97209 • 503-517-2116

John Snowden

West Coast Self Storage of Vancouver

501 SE 164th Ave. Vancouver, WA 98684 • 360-256-6988


Pura Vida

Merrill Gardens at Orchards Village

Perlo Construction

Tyler Mildren

Amfit, Inc.

Scott Nye

Barbara Garner

2802 NE 173rd Ct. Vancouver, WA 98682 • 360-254-8175


Daniel Philpott

Evergreen Wine Cellar, LLC 2608 E Evergreen Blvd. Vancouver, WA 98661

Satori Healing Center

500 W 8th St. Vancouver, WA 98660 • 360-448-7254

Oregon Live, LLC

620 SW 5th Ave. Suite 300 Portland, OR 97204 • 503-972-1034

Virginia Munger

The Pampered Chef

9606 NW 20th Ave. Vancouver, WA 98665 • 360-992-1187

Nikki vanVlymen

Prestige Discovery Nursing & Rehabilitation

5220 NE Hazel Dell Ave. Vancouver, WA 98663 • 360-693-1474

January/February 2011 • Advancing the Business Community. •

Do you like Going to the Cleaners?

Now you don’t have to! Pressed4Time provides • FREE pick-up and delivery for all your Dry Cleaning and Shoe Repair needs. • Guaranteed quality. • Competitive pricing. Save Time. Save Money. Call Mark or Barb to Arrange Services 360-546-5672

Peterson & Associates PS, CPAs Pressed4Time Realvest Corporation Riverview Community Bank Schiller & Company PC Schlecht Construction, Inc. Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt Signs & More Silver Star Cabinets, Inc. Skamania Lodge SmithRoot, Inc. Southwest Washington Medical Center Southwest Washington Medical Center Foundation Talbot Remodeling Tim Brown Co. TJ & Associates Tully’s Coffee - 164th Unitus Community Credit Union The Vancouver Clinic, Inc. Vancouver Education Association Vancouver Roofing & Sheet Metal Vancouver Symphony Orchestra The Vintage at Vancouver Waddell & Reed Westfield Vancouver WestStar Financial Group, LLC Zero Down Time, Inc.

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Here’s how you sign up to get your free e-newsletter:


1800GOTJUNK? A1 UStoreIt Adair Homes Inc. The Al Angelo Company Alpine Auto Body, Inc. - Orchards American Cancer Society Applewood NW Bistro and Catering ARCpoint Drug, Alcohol & DNA Testing Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Washington C.O.R.E. Business Services Chicago Title Insurance Company Columbia Machine, Inc. Community Home Health & Hospice Corwin Beverage Company Duggan Schlotfeldt & Welch PLLC Evergreen Memorial Gardens Cemetery and Funeral Chapel Evergreen Staples Funeral Chapel Financial Connections, LLC Free Clinic of SW Washington GIDI Promotions HamiltonMylan Funeral Home, Inc. Holland Inc/Burgerville Homewatch Caregivers Human Services Council IGI Resources IT Computer Guys JLA Public Involvement Specialists Keller Williams Realty Keller Williams Realty – Dave Dumas Kemira Chemicals, Inc. Key Bank Lakeside Industries Lile International/North American Manley Architects, PC Mitchell Bower Jr, Business Consulting Molly Maid Moss Adams Nonprofit Network NW Injury Law Center - Donald Jacobs NW Natural Olive Garden Olive Garden – Mill Plain Orkin, Inc. Outback Steakhouse Oxford Suites Hotel Pacific Lifestyle Homes, Inc. Paula Johnson Consulting PBS Engineering + Environmental Peninsula Glass


hank you to all of our renewing members for continuing your Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce membership! We are proud to serve our members through our mission of providing positive business leadership, growing jobs and strengthening the local economy. â–



Renewing Members

1. Go to 2. Fill in your name, company, zip code and email address. 3. Click the box next to Business Today. (or any of our 3 e-newsletters) 4. Click ‘subscribe’ button. 5. Your e-newsletter will arrive at your inbox the next business day. To subscribe to The Columbian call 360-694-2312.

January/February 2011 • Advancing the Business Community. •


What is Retro and how can it save my business? Retrospective Rating (Retro) is an optional financial incentive program offered by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) to help qualifying employers reduce their industrial insurance costs. Employers can enroll on their own or in group plans sponsored by trade associations and/or professional organizations. Joining Retro through the GVCC can lower your risk while improving your refunds.

Local & Successful!

The Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce has one of the most successful member Retro programs in the state for retail/ service industry members. Our local program administrator Scott Croucher works with members to control rates and improve safety. Call us today and start saving! Retail and Professional service group Retro members have received refunds for the past four years. See how the Chambers program can help reduce your rates and return a portion of premiums to your business.


March 22, 2011, 5-7 pm

The new Vancouver Community Library

901 C Street ∙ Vancouver, WA 98660

Join us at “No Business After Hours” for a special sneak preview inside the Vancouver Community Library. Hosted by the Fort Vancouver Regional Library Foundation and catered by Beaches Restaurant. To register, call (360) 694-2588 or visit and click events.

$20 members, $25 non-members, $30 at-the-door


January/February 2011 • Advancing the Business Community. •

Note: We only have one Business After Hours event sponsorship available (November) for 2011! Several sponsorships are open for weekly Leads & Needs! Schedule your sponsorship today – for Business After Hours, Ribbon Cuttings and Leads & Needs, call Susie Bauder, 360-567-1093 or Lori Buntin, 360-567-1081 or for sponsorships & marketing opportunities, call Barbara Waite, 360-567-1071. ■ JANUARY Leads & Needs Maximize Your Membership & Member Orientation Next Level Networking Leads & Needs The Columbian’s Economic Forecast Breakfast Business after Hours sponsored by US Bank Business Essentials Workshop

Wednesday, January 5 Thursday, January 6 Wednesday, January 12 Wednesday, January 19 Friday, January 21 Tuesday, January 25 Wednesday, January 26

FEBRUARY Leads & Needs State of the County Port of Vancouver USA Port RePort Next Level Networking Snowbird Raffle Drawing Leads & Needs Shop Local Business Showcase & BAH at the Red Lion

Wednesday, February 2 Thursday, February 17 Thursday, February 24 Wednesday, February 9 Monday, February 14 Wednesday, February 16 Tuesday, February 22

MARCH Leads & Needs Next Level Networking Leads & Needs No Business After Hours sponsored by Fort Vancouver Regional Library Foundation

Wednesday, March 2 Wednesday, March 9 Wednesday, March 16 Tuesday, March 22

APRIL Leads & Needs Maximize Your Membership and Member Orientation New Member Meet and Greet Next Level Networking Leads & Needs Business after Hours sponsored by Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt

Wednesday, April 6 Friday, April 8 TBD Wednesday, April 16 Wednesday, April 20 Tuesday, April 26

MAY Leads & Needs Next Level Networking Leads & Needs Business After Hours sponsored by Pacific Lifestyle Homes

Wednesday, May 4 Wednesday, May 11 Wednesday, May 18 Tuesday, May 24



JUNE Leads & Needs Next Level Networking Leads & Needs GVCC Golf Tournament – Lewis River Golf Course Business after Hours sponsored by Corwin Beverage

Wednesday, June 1 Wednesday, June 8 Wednesday, June 15 Thursday, June 16 Tuesday, June 28

JULY Leads & Needs Maximize Your Membership and Member Orientation Next Level Networking Leads & Needs Business After Hours sponsored by West Coast Bank

Wednesday, July 6 Friday, July 8 Wednesday, July 13 Wednesday, July 20 Tuesday, July 26

Make reservations by contacting the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

3103 NW Lower River Rd. Vancouver, WA 98660 web: phone: 360.693.3611

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January/February 2011 • Advancing the Business Community. •




he Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Events – All GVCC events are subject to change. Please check our online calendar at for the most current information and automatic event reminders!


Plan Your 2011 Networking Calendar!

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      

 

  

  


     

 22

January/February 2011 • Advancing the Business Community. •

   

Networking Calendar Cont... continued from page 21

AUGUST Leads & Needs Next Level Networking Ladies on the Links - Tri-Mt. Golf Course Leads & Needs Business after Hours sponsored by Vancouver Business Journal

Wednesday, August 3 Wednesday, August 10 Tuesday, August 16 Wednesday, August 17 Tuesday, August 23

SEPTEMBER Leads & Needs Next Level Networking Black Tie & Blue Jeans Leads & Needs Business after Hours sponsored by iQ Credit Union New Member Meet and Greet

OCTOBER Leads & Needs Maximize Your Membership and Member Orientation Next Level Networking Leads & Needs No Business After Hours sponsored by Big Al’s NOVEMBER Leads & Needs Next Level Networking Leads & Needs Business After Hours – Sponsorship Available

DECEMBER Leads & Needs Ambassador Holiday Breakfast Next Level Networking Legislative Outlook Breakfast Business After Hours sponsored by Five Star Auto Body Leads & Needs

Wednesday, September 7 Wednesday, September 14 Wednesday, September 15 Wednesday, September 21 Tuesday, September 27 Wednesday, September Wednesday, October 5 Friday, October 7 Wednesday, October 12 Wednesday, October 19 Tuesday, October 25 Wednesday, November 2 Wednesday, November 9 Wednesday, November 16 Tuesday, November 15 Wednesday, December 7 Friday, December 2 Wednesday, December 14 Friday, December 9 Tuesday, December 13 Wednesday, December 21


Chair: Jeff Woodside, Nutter Corporation Chair Elect: Tim Schauer, MacKay & Sposito, Inc. Vice Chair: Kristy Weaver, Pacific Continental Bank Secretary – Treasurer: Winston Asai, Columbia Machine Immediate Past Chair: Don Russo, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt

Board of Directors

Jonathan Avery, Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center John Deeder, Evergreen Public Schools Tamara J. Fuller, NAI Norris, Beggs & Simpson Jeff Harvey, Burgerville Dave Horowitz, David A. Horowitz, CPA Elie Kassab, Prestige Development Daniel Kirkwood, Kirkwood & Kirkwood Alex McMillan, Alex McMillan Wellness & Business Consulting Wayne Nelson, Clark Public Utilities Eric Olmsted, On Line Support, Inc. William Pritchard, Pritchard Orthodontics Rhona Sen Hoss, WSU-Vancouver Keith Wallace, Frumenti, Lander & Wallace, CPAs

Standing Committees

• Administrative: Jeff Woodside, Nutter Corporation • Finance: Winston Asai, Columbia Machine • Public Affairs: Don Russo, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt • Membership Services: Keith Wallace, Frumenti, Lander & Wallace, CPAs • Member Mentors: Jim West, Successful Commercial Property Workshops

Affiliate organizations Community Choices Leadership Clark County

Chamber Staff

Kelly Parker President/CEO • 360-567-1050

Darcy Altizer Membership Services Director • 360-567-1051 Gina Williams Communications Director • 360-567-1056 Susie Bauder Programs and Events • 360-567-1093

Private Meeting Spaces Breakfast * Lunch * Dinner

Take a Vacation without leaving town!




Portland International Airport * Pre-Security * 503-335-8385

Lori Buntin Programs and Events Director • 360-567-1081 Teresa Lawwill Administrative Director • 360-567-1090

Katch McFarland Data Management • 360-567-1052   Paul Montague Membership • 360-567-1058   Barbara Waite Director of Business Development • 360-567-1071


Destination: Beaches PDX

Vancouver Chamber

The Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

Graphic Production: Gary Hollingshead Imagineering-Graphics • 360-254-1825   Printing: Southwest Office Supply • 503-241-1921

January/February 2011 • Advancing the Business Community. •


2 unrestricted tickets good anywhere Alaska Airlines flies, including Hawaii.

$20 per ticket

Buy 5 get the 6th one free

FOR TICKETS: (360) 694-2588 • All proceeds go to the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce • You DO NOT have to be present to win • Drawing will be held on February 14, 2011

Advancing the business community.

Do Business With Chamber Members Periodical US Postage Paid Vancouver, WA

1101 Broadway, Suite 100 Vancouver, WA 98660 USA

January-February 2011  

Port RePort coming your way.

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