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Engineered Laminate Flooring, Best Replacement for Hardwood Flooring Engineered laminate flooring is considered one of the best substitutes for hardwood. This material is just as durable and attractive as any kinds of hardwood. It is made by pressing together several pieces of plywood and placing at the top a thin piece of real wood with a wear layer that gives it a smooth and glossy finish. This makes this kind of flooring look like real hardwood because actually, the top part is a real hardwood. Putting at the top of the pressed ply wood a thin strip of real hardwood makes it resemble the real thing and even an expert cannot tell the difference unless he inspects the material closely. In the past, engineered wood was used in the flooring of the ground floor of buildings and homes because they can be placed atop any hard surfaces. Later, it was used in areas of the house where only wood planks were used. The places where you can use engineered laminate flooring would depend on its thickness. Thins one are laid on cement, concrete, or old hardwood floors while thick ones can be used just like a regular plank of wood. There are several reasons why engineered laminate flooring could be the best replacement for real hardwood. The first reason is price. This flooring material perfectly resembles hard wood but in reality, the lower layers are made of plywood which is cheap. At the top of the pressed ply wood, a strip of real hardwood covers the top surface. Hence, the price is lower than that of real hardwood. With the recent economic recession, everyone is hard up when it comes to finances. Austerity measures are always welcome. Using hardwood for the flooring of all parts of your house could cost a lot of money and so, the best and cheap substitute is used. The second reason is that engineered laminate flooring perfectly resembles the real hardwood. It lends your house a classic beauty, which other substitutes for hardwood cannot replicate. You can choose among beautiful timbers like oak, maple, cherry tree, or mahogany. Once installed in your home, no one can tell at first glance that they are waiting on engineered wood. Another reason is durability. Unlike laminate flooring that is thin, engineered laminate flooring can last just as long as hardwood. How it is made contributes greatly to how

long it would last. This kind of flooring is made of several layers of white wood and ply wood placed on top of each other and pressed. The top layer is a thin strip of real wood glued to the lower layer. Meticulously manufactured engineered laminate flooring could be as strong and as alluring as hardwood. Another reason is that using this material is cost effective. Aside from the fact that it costs less than hardwood, it is also easy and quick to install. Even if you hire someone to do the task for you, you would be spending less on labor because the whole job can be finished in just a few days. The flooring is just laid on top of a concrete or cement flooring using an adhesive that makes it stick tightly to what is underneath. When renovating old houses, the new flooring can be attached or nailed into the old planks. Nailing engineered laminate flooring is a difficult task and it will be best for you to let professionals do it for you. However, if adhesive is used, you can do it yourself and still achieve excellent results. The last reason for its popularity is the fact that it can be used in any parts of the house. It is ideal for the bedroom, living room, hallways, and kitchen. Anywhere you install it, it can keep its durability and beauty. The quality and durability of engineered laminate flooring depends on the kind of wood used at the top. Those made of high quality and durable wood such as cherry tree will last longer than one with a top surface made from walnut. The stronger the hardwood used at the top, the longer this material would last. Hence, when buying this kind of flooring, beware of cheap ones because they might be made of inferior wood and would not last long. The thickness of the flooring dictates its longevity. Thicker ones will last longer than thin ones. Using this kind of flooring helps create a sustainable environment. By using just a thin strip to make the material look like real hardwood, only a few trees need to be felled just to provide your house a wooden floor. Because of this, you will be saving the trees and contributing to the sustainability of the natural environment if you use engineered laminate flooring. In short, this kind of flooring material is considered the best home flooring solution.

Engineered laminate flooring  

Engineered laminate flooring is considered one of the best substitutes for hardwood. This material is just as durable and attractive as any...