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Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010


Dr. Bob Sklovsky

Pharm.D., N.D., P.C. Naturopathic Physician, General and Family Practice

“Dr. Bob,” the original doctor, heard on KPDQ for over 25 years Help in the treatment of: ADD/ADHD, Allergies, Asthma Arthritis and Chronic Pain Candida (Yeast) Problems Chemical Sensitivities, Chronic Colds/Flu Fatigue/Tiredness, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, High Cholesterol Low Thyroid, Natural Hormone Replacement, PMS and Hot Flashes, Skin Problems, ... and MORE Dr. Bob is the only person presently known in the U.S.A. holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy and a Doctorate in both Clinical Pharmacy and Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.) 2

The Natural Medicine Family Doctor™

Rebuilding and Restoring Health Through Naturopathic Medicine ®

(37th in a series) A testimonial from Janet Pellatz of Milwaukie “I came to see Dr. Bob mostly because my immune system was not good. I was sick all the time: colds, flu, viral infections, you name it. Our daughter Emily, had been to see Dr. Bob, and she was doing so much better with her allergies and her resistance to colds and flu, I thought, OK, it’s time for me to start feeling better. I wanted to build up my immune system too, so I wouldn’t be sick all of the time. “Dr. Bob evaluated me, found out that I had EBV (Epstein Barr Virus, otherwise known as the “Chronic Fatigue Virus”) and helped me build up my immune system. Since I’ve seen Dr. Bob, I have not been sick, I have not had a cold or a flu. What more could you ask for? “And Emily won an award for perfect attendance after seeing Dr. Bob.”

Hear Dr. Bob Monday, Mon. May 3rd at 2 p.m. on ‘Northwest Showcase’ on KPDQ-FM 93.9

Allergy treatment done without shots (injections) 6910 SE Lake Road • Milwaukie • Near I-205

503-654-3938 •

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010

Southwest Washington Catholic Schools Archdiocese of Seattle

St. Rose

a school where excellence and compassion unite to nourish your child and support your family.


a school where students are educated to serve our community with critical intelligence, moral integrity, and spiritual depth. Catholic schools of Southwest Washington, where students are educated from preschool through high school.

Our Lady of Lourdes School St. Rose School 4701 N.W. Franklin Street 720 26th Avenue Longview, WA 98632 Vancouver, WA 98663 (360)577-6760 (360)696-2301

St. Joseph School Pacific Crest Academy 6500 Highland Drive 324 N.E. Oak Street Vancouver, WA 98661 Camas, WA 98607 (360)696-2586 (360)834-9913

Our Lady of Lourdes I-205

St. Joseph

Seton Catholic High School Pacific Crest

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic High School 811 N.E. 112th Ave. #200 Vancouver, WA 98684 (360)258-1932

K-12 CatholiC SChoolS for SouthweSt waShington

Come to the


Hula Hoop Waterpaint Games Kids Dash Sidewalk Chalk Healthy Snacks Face Painting

Contact us at: or 360.773.7604

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010


contents May ’10 FEATURE ARTICLES


Women's Health: Feeling Stressed? Tips for busy moms to reduce stress


Food Safety: Myths vs. Reality Separating food facts from fiction


Wendy's Wonderful Kids Local foster kids in need

14 Wendy's Wonderful Kids IN EVERY ISSUE


Editor’s Notes


Local Business Spotlight Pacific Midwifery


Your Money’s Worth Local organization empowers teens with knowledge


Dear Dana How can a husband help an ailing wife who refuses to get checked for diabetes?


Calendar of Events & Activities


Food Safety: Myth vs. Reality

Women's Health: Feeling Stressed?



Dear Dana: Grieving the loss of a loved one


Local Business Spotlight: Pacific Midwifery



Local News Briefs Preventing Sexual Abuse Graduation Parties from Kindergarten to College

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010

Dance Classes For All Ages!


TC- 428790


00275-Vancouver-W, WA


March-April 2009

at DanceWorks Dance Center



2/28 Salmon Creek Indoor Sports #127634

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Kid’s festival


May 22, 12 to 3pm

wh full sp



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110 NW 139th Street, Vancouver, WA 98685 Lil’ Kickers Youth Soccer



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Indoor Sports Aren a


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18 months-14 Years Old

3 Styles Of Summer Camps: SPORTS ARENA IS THE PERFECT SOCCER CAMPS PLACE FOR YOUR NEXT PARTY! NEair 137 Aveenvironment •6511 All enclosed conditioned MULTI-SPORT CAMPS • Great party host WA 98682 WORKING-PARENTS CAMPS Vancouver Ages 3-12

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Salmon Creek Indoor Sports Arena

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Christian Day School 3/3/09

5:17:19 PM

Safe, loving & nurturing environment Child centered class structure and developmentally appropriate curriculum Long-term, qualified and caring WA state STARS certified staff who value, love and respect each child Conveniently located near I-5 and I-205 Licensed for ages 1 1/2 years through 12 years old Offering preschool and daycare Open Monday through Friday 6:00a.m. to 6:00p.m. Large indoor and outdoor playground and full gym As a Christian Day School we endeavor to demonstrate God’s love to every child and their families by word and deed. We are committed to provide the highest quality care and education, as well as offer some of the lowest rates in town.

Call Janea (Director) at 573-9541 for more information or a tour of our facility. Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010


Onthe theCover: Cover: On

Editor’s Notes “That’s silly that you have a mommy,” my daughters tell me. “You’re a grown-up!” Then they giggle, as if my having a mother is grounds for taunting. In their simplistic view of the world, mothers exist to care for babies and children who can’t do so for themselves. What they’ll gradually learn as their independence grows is that mothers’ roles may evolve over time, but their influence never dies. My oldest daughter now walks to school on her own and does her chores without help. Of course, this makes me no less a mother. My own mother has evolved from chauffeuring me to high school sporting events and social activities to cooking for my family when we visit, and lending a listening ear when I need to vent life’s frustrations. I recently watched an episode of the drug addiction documentary television show, Intervention, where a mother of an addict tearfully recounted leaving her husband and children when they were young to pursue higher education and a demanding career. If she could turn back time, she’d do things differently. She’d nurture her children first, while finding a way to maintain her professional passion. She’d evolve. For those of us with children still at home, that time is now. It can be difficult for mothers to take care of ourselves in the process of managing a home, a marriage or relationship, volunteer work, a social life, a career. But I have a hunch that the newest generation of mothers has a keen sense of the value of self-fulfillment (read: selfpreservation). Society has, for the most part, accepted that women are individuals, separate from their family roles. That said, it’s more important than ever for us to keep our families in focus. With all the opportunities afforded women today, it’s tempting to seek approval from peers and colleagues before that of our spouses or children. Every mother must find a way to fill her own cup without draining those of her family. Every mother must be willing to evolve.

Nikki Klock, Editor

Our cover models are

Happy makingMother's recycling Day! a family affair

Vancouver mother and (Check out the Green daughter. Living article on pg 12.) Photo by Niccole Wollam at

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Proud Member of 6

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010

Whimsical Fun for Girls Are you trying to plan the perfect party for your little girl? Capture the Magic of Childhood with Hand Made TuTu’s: TuTu Parties: Prices start at $18.00


For more information or to book your party contact:

Esther Hamilton • (360) 619-8890

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010


Feature Article: Women's Health: Feeling Stressed?


Feeling Stressed? By Jan Udlock

Michelle slams the car door and barks at her kids to get into the house. As she enters the front door, her shoulders slump when she hears, “Are you going to bake those cookies for my meeting tonight? Mom?” Why can’t I handle this? she asks herself. As a mom, you have various obligations. You answer questions, find lost items, make phone calls, clean up spills, make meals, attend school meetings, and the list goes on and on. As you drive down your street, you look in the window of a house and wonder if that family lives in idyllic peace. Is your family the only one who loses homework, keys, bills, and prescriptions? “Actually many of us get so focused on our child’s needs that we may not be aware of our stress until the symptoms are quite intense,” says therapist Miranda Palmer, LMFT.

How do you know?

Look for unrealistic expectations you put on yourself. Do not take on a new goal without evaluating if you truly want it.

Stress shows itself in a variety of ways. With a myriad of responsibilities, a mom gets in a cycle of “doing” for her family and as she does more, her ability to perform wavers. This actually increases the sense of panic and the need to do more and do better. “Moms can easily get wrapped up in a cycle of doing, stressing more, panicking, doing more, and stressing more,” says Palmer. 

Emotional and Physical Signs Some of the emotional signs of stress include feeling edgy, decreased patience with kids, self, spouse, and being more critical of yourself and others. Some physical evidence of stress include but are not limited to headaches, backaches, tightness in the neck, trouble sleeping, and fatigue.

Choose to Change You could probably list various ways to reduce stress, but doing them is another story. Change is hard. Yet, making the choice to change some habits can ease your stress and also model healthy choices for your children.  Even though changing your thinking is not easy, it is vital to reducing stress in your life. “Our stress can be a result of an underlying misconception we have that people and projects and accomplishments have the ability to be perfect,” says Joan C. Webb, author of The Relief of Imperfection: For Women Who Try Too Hard to Make It Just Right. When you can begin to catch your “perfect thinking,” then you can ease up on your negative thoughts.

Journaling Writing in a journal is helpful in reducing stress. At the end of the day or in a quiet moment, write down your thoughts and evaluate them as to what is true and realistic. Look for unrealistic expectations you put on yourself. Do not take on a new goal without evaluating if you truly want it. It may be a great goal for another friend but if it does not fit your life, do not  make it yours.

Stop the Comparison Game Young women have been learning from older women throughout history. You learn an effective parenting strategy from a girlfriend. You can learn a fabulous new chicken recipe as well as the name of a fun book for your reluctant reader. However, when you start trying to “do life” as someone else whom you admire, you increase your stress level. “Trying too hard to do it all ‘just right’ and being ‘the best’ mother can backfire big time,” says Webb. continued on page 18


Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010

Kickboxing & Fitness

Are You a Mom?

A fierce program to get you fit All Fitness Levels Welcome 2 Convenient Locations

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Maternity/Newborn Photography

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Located in Salmon Creek Area • 1404 NE 134th St. Suite 170 Vancouver, WA 98685 • (360) 573-1381 •

Helping you maintain your health so you don’t miss the important moments.


ith over 55 years of service, The Women’s Clinic of Vancouver has established a strong reputable team of seasoned physicians and staff who exemplify the vision of providing quality and compassionate health care services. The physicians are members of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and are trained surgeons. PREGNANCY • PRENATAL/POSTNATAL • INFERTILITY GYN. CANCER SURGERY • CANCER SCREENING ADOLESCENT GYNECOLOGY• MENOPAUSE ISSUES LASER SURGERY• IN OFFICE STERILIZATION PROCEDURES

P.S. Cynthia G. McNally, MD Jennifer C. O’Connor, DO Deborah L. Saner, MD

Bruce J. Andison, MD Christopher P. Bice, MD David K. Bishop, MD James P. Carleo, MD

360.944.6933 or 360.256.4060 Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010


Feature Article: Food Safety: Myth vs. Reality

By Afton Nelson “Is this OK to eat?” My husband said, holding up a plastic storage container filled with days-old leftovers. “If it smells good and it looks good, it’s probably fine.” I said. I’m a conscientious housekeeper, focusing on putting healthy meals on the dinner table and am frugal with our food budget, and this was how I always used to respond my husband’s leftover queries. I just didn’t like throwing food out. As it turns out however, smelling and visually inspecting food is not the best way to determine food’s safety. The Mayo Clinic advises eating leftovers within 4 days, and CBS’s The Early Show medical correspondent, Dr. Emily Senay says, “when in doubt, throw it out.”


If they sell it in the store, it’s safe to eat.

REALITY Food safety begins the moment you buy your

groceries. Don’t buy produce that is damaged or has broken skin. Do not buy cracked eggs. Do not buy meat or other foods that are past the “sell by” date. Check food temperature. The deli case and the cooler should have thermometers easily visible for you to check that warm foods are 140 degrees F or warmer and cold foods are 40 degrees F or colder. Put your frozen or refrigerated foods into the cart just before you check out, and get them into the fridge or freezer promptly once you’re home. Food recalls are another food safety issue to keep in mind when shopping. Susan Jeffries, Research and Development manager at Betty Lou’s Inc., a natural foods manufacturer in McMinnville, Ore., says food recalls can cause a lot of fear among consumers. At the same time they often prompt action from manufacturers to redouble their safety procedures. “Keep in mind that food companies don’t want to sell unsafe product. Some are negligent but most are not, and even the best companies can be affected by a recall.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, food borne illnesses affect 76 million people a year, and about 5,000 people will die annually from food borne related illnesses caused by bacteria like E. coli, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Listeria. While most people will experience flu-like symptoms when they suffer from a food borne illness (diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting and dehydration), babies, pregnant women, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems are more likely to suffer complications from a food borne illness. From choosing food at the grocery store, getting it home, storing, preparing and reheating it, here are some tips to keep you and your family safe from food borne illnesses.


Using the same utensils, cutting boards, and plates for foods eaten at the same meal is safe as long as they start out clean.

REALITY “You never want to put produce or

anything else on a cutting board or surface that hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned after coming into contact with raw meat,” says Jeffries. Raw meat, fish and poultry contain bacteria that can cross-contaminate other foods if not kept separate. Use separate utensils, cutting boards, and serving plates for meats and produce. Cooked meat should be put on a clean platter, not the same one that held the meat before it was cooked. Jeffries says it’s important to sanitize all work surfaces. “Sanitizing is important so that germs don’t spread, but many people don’t realize that surfaces cleaned with certain cleaners like Clorox or Lysol wipes need to be rinsed with water after being sanitized.”

It’s easy to keep up to date on current food recalls by visiting the FDA’s website at recalls/default.htm, or at


Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010

continued on page 12


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National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010


Feature Article: Food Safety: Myth vs. Reality (Continued) continued from page 10


If you let food sit out for more than 2 hours, you can make it safe by heating it really hot.

REALITY Some bacteria produce toxins that are not

destroyed by high temperatures. “Cooking doesn’t wipe the slate clean for a product that wasn’t handled in sanitary conditions before cooking it,” Jeffries says. Jeffries goes on to say that “once a food is cooked, it needs to be kept hot. The rule is, keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.” Don’t keep any food out longer for two hours if it’s meant to be kept hot or cold. Remember: 140 degrees F or warmer for hot foods and 40 degrees F or cooler for cold foods.


Plastic containers are great for reheating leftovers.

REALITY Make sure plastic containers you use for storing and heating food are specifically intended for food use. The number in the “recycling triangle” on the bottom of your plastic container will help you determine its safety. The safer choices to use with food will have a 1, 2, 4 and 5 in the triangle. Avoid storing food or heating in any container with a number 7 as this plastic contains BPA (Bisphenol A). Do not heat food in take-out polystyrene containers (recycle triangle number 6). These containers are designed for food transfer only, not reheating. Don’t reuse plastic containers such as yogurt or margarine tubs for food storage. Finally, if any of your plastic containers have scratches or are heavily worn, they should probably be recycled. Glass or ceramic containers are best for food storage and reheating and can be easily found at thrift stores. A bowl covered with a plate will work just as well. Make these safe food practices into habits and you can help your family and friends stay healthy and free of food borne illnesses.

Afton Nelson lives in Portland, is the mother of 3 boys, and no longer determines the safety of her leftovers by smell.

Pacific Midwifery Service, LLC • (360) 885-7926 2101 NE 139th St. Suite

255 • Vancouver, WA 98686 •

Touching One Life At A Time Annual Exams Including Paps Infertility • PMS • Menopause

We are now offering WATERBIRTH at Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital. 12

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010


Small Steps for a Healthy Family

It’s never too early to prevent diabetes

If you had gestational diabetes when you were pregnant, you and your child have a lifelong risk for getting diabetes. Thankfully, there are small steps you can take to reduce you and your family’s risk for diabetes. Family 101: Small Steps for a Healthy Family program provides you the tools to improve your health and raise an active, healthy family. Small Steps for a Healthy Family classes Second Tuesday of each month • 10 - 11:30 am Classes are held at Southwest Washington Medical Center

Register today: Family 101: Small Steps for a Health Family is a program of You 101: How to Improve You program, Small Steps for a Healthy Family is supported by a grant from the Southwest Washington Medical Center Foundation.

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010


Feature Article: Wendy's Wonderful Kids: Extraordinary Children Waiting to be Adopted

Wendy's Wonderful Kids:

Extraordinary Children Waiting to be Adopted By Kendra Morris-Jacobson, MA Lyden, age 14, awaits a family who loves the outdoors as much as he does.

Christopher asks every couple of weeks, “Have you found a family for me yet?” We tell him that it is like he is a top draft pick and that it is not okay to just let any team draft him . . . it has to be the best fit. We ask him, “If you were an awesome player would you be satisfied to go to just any old team?” “Nope,” he replies. Due to no fault of his own, Christopher came into foster care at age 7 from a household fraught with violence. Separated from younger siblings being adopted into another home, he is optimistic that a new family will discover what a cool kid he is, and will consider making him a permanent part of their lives. Christopher, a Wendy’s Wonderful Kid, is a foster child waiting to be adopted. An Innovative Program Wendy’s Wonderful Kids (WWK), a signature program of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, seeks to find adoptive homes for our nation’s longer waiting foster children. Founder of Wendy’s restaurant chain Dave Thomas, adopted himself as a child, created his namesake foundation as way to give back to the community. A portion of proceeds from Wendy’s restaurants, along with other grants and

partnerships, funds specialized recruiters nationwide. WWK recruiters work with kids like Christopher to help prepare them emotionally for adoption, while simultaneously searching for receptive adoptive families. Most Wendy’s Wonderful Kids have difficult histories, and may have experienced neglect, trauma or abuse. Often these children are older, belong to a sibling group, or have extra needs such as developmental disabilities that make it more challenging to find them adoptive “People should know that I like long sleeve shirts, cheeseburgers, and chocolate chip mint ice cream. I want a family that is nice to me, a mom or a dad that is kind, kids I can play with and a puppy.” -Wendy’s Wonderful Kid, Christopher, age 9

homes. On average, most of these kids will wait 5 years for an adoptive placement—a virtual lifetime for a child. Around the United States at any one time, there are approximately 120,000 foster children waiting for adoptive homes (U.S. Department of Health and

Human Services 2009). Here in Oregon and Washington there are hundreds in each of our respective states. A Shared Solution Housed locally at Boys & Girls Aid in Portland, and at the Children’s Home Society in Tacoma, the WWK program partners with the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Washington Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) to locate adoptive families for local waiting children. Foster care adoption costs in both states are minimal, or sometimes even free due to supports like adoption assistance. Married couples, single parents, or committed partners, regardless of lifestyle, sexual orientation or home ownership, are all welcome as prospective adoptive families. Interested families can adopt directly through Oregon DHS or through Washington DSHS, or through participating private agencies who offer foster care adoption services. As neighbors, both states encounter foster care adoption cases that cross state lines. For instance, 14-year-old Lyden had a birth family whose original struggles with domestic violence and substance abuse caught the attention of continued on page 16


Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Need You! Do Something Wonderful…Adopt a Wendy’s Wonderful Kid. Boys & Girls Aid and Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, a signature program of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, are partnering together to find homes for Oregon’s waiting children. Please call Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiter Kimberly Hayes at 503-542-2330 or visit or

Sierra, age 9 “I like fairies, stars and hearts. I also love horses.”

Victor, age 12 “If I were a super

James, Levi & Hannah, ages 5, 4 and 2.

hero, my name would be V-man.”

“My greatest hope is that these children can stay together as siblings.” – DHS caseworker

Jeremiah, age 5

Mason, age 2

“When this child

“In my work with medically fragile kids, Mason is one of the most wonderful children I have ever met.”

smiles with all of his dimples it's a showstopper! ”

– Foster Parent/Nurse

– DHS caseworker

Photos courtesy of Oregon Heart Gallery

Robbie, age 11 “I like fishing or chess – especially when I win! And I want to visit the Mayan ruins someday.”

Boys & Girls Aid Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010


Feature Article: Wendy's Wonderful Kids: Extraordinary Children Waiting to be Adopted (Continued) continued from page 14

Washington DSHS. Eventually, when travels brought the family to Portland, Lyden entered Oregon foster care and ultimately became a Wendy’s Wonderful Kid. Like Christopher, Lyden waits patiently for an adoptive family.


A Hopeful Opportunity

Learn how to Adopt through the Foster Care System and Meet Your Local Waiting Children:

Since coming into foster care, Christopher’s smile has grown as wide as his collection of Pokemon cards. He loves puzzles and basketball. Christopher imagines himself giving other children with similar traumatic backgrounds his best advice for how to be happy, and how to keep themselves safe. Lyden, on the other hand, is an avid outdoorsman. He dreams of becoming a crab fisherman on the Bering Sea, preferably with an adoptive mom who embraces fishing as passionately as he does. Like most Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, these boys are resilient, engaging and sincere; and sadly, in some ways, wise beyond their years. This May is Mother’s Day, and National Foster Care Month. It is clearly a fitting and meaningful time to explore foster care adoption; and to learn more about local waiting children, like Christopher and Lyden. Perhaps a Wendy’s Wonderful Kid could even be waiting for you. Kendra Morris-Jacobson, MA, Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter, has worked in foster care adoption at Boys & Girls Aid for 15 years. Boys & Girls Aid, who celebrates their 125th anniversary this year, facilitates foster care adoption services in the Metro Portland and Vancouver areas. Contact 503-542-2330 or to learn more about local foster care adoption and the many waiting Wendy’s Wonderful Kids.

360.830.MILK (6455) Melissa Cole, IBCLC, RLC Board-Certified Lactation Consultant

• In-depth breastfeeding education, counseling and support • Nurturing home or office visits • Personalized, clinical care

Babies are born to breastfeed... ...Luna Lactation can help!


Each year, 1 in 5 available waiting foster children turns 18 without an adoptive family, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

The Dave Thomas Foundation: Wendy’s Wonderful Kids: Washington Department of Social and Health Services: Oregon Department of Human Services:  Children’s Home Society, Tacoma: Boys & Girls Aid, Portland: Northwest Adoption Exchange: Oregon Heart Gallery: Idaho Wednesday’s Child: www.

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Funny Kids’ Quotes Contest


Kids say the darnedest things, in the darnedest of situations. We’re looking for funny comments from local kids to showcase in our September issue. Visit to send us your kid’s quotes. If we publish yours, you’ll receive a pair of Regal Cinema movie tickets! Contest ends August 10th, 2010.

Vancouver fa mily magazine


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Create your legacy.

Good health for the whole family To create a lasting legacy, nothing could be more important than keeping your family, and yourself, healthy. At Legacy Health, we know that the foundation for a healthy life for you and your family is a great relationship with your primary care doctor. That’s why we have four primary care practices in Clark County, close to your work or home. Expert providers work side-by-side with you and your family on prevention and treatment. If you need specialized medical care, we’re closely connected to the complete services at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center and The Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel. Giving you the best chance to create a legacy of health.

OUR LEGACY IS YOURS. To find a doctor call 360-487-3500 or see and click on “Hospitals and Clinics.” These clinics are welcoming new patients:


Legacy Medical Group–Salmon Creek Family Medicine Legacy Medical Group–Battle Ground Legacy Medical Group–Fisher’s Landing Legacy Medical Group–Salmon Creek Internal Medicine

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010


Feature Story: Women's Health: Feeling Stressed? (Continued) continued from page 8

Relaxation Techniques Throughout the day, check your breathing rate and purposely slow it down. Breathe in through your nose to a count of five and out through your mouth to a count of five. There are a variety of new relaxation iPhone apps to help you learn to relax. Visit your local library and check out audio tapes or CDs on relaxation techniques. Call a close friend and ask them to just listen. Normally a good friend knows you and your quirks. She will know if you are stressing because you are trying too hard or running too fast. Ask her to be brutally honest with you and point out when she thinks you are showing signs of stress.

First Time Mom “Get connected to a community of other moms who understand what you are going through,” suggests Palmer. She encourages working moms and stay-at-home moms both to find fellow mothers with similar living situations. Staying home for the first time in your life with a baby is a major milestone. Webb recalls, “Personally as a young mom, I wish I would have given myself permission to ask for help when I needed it.” Working moms with a new baby need to learn new strategies to balance and enjoy life.

Old Standbys Exercise, more sleep, and just taking a five minute break are all helpful to put your life in a better perspective. Read a book. Burn a candle, and eat a piece of dark chocolate. Make it a small piece if you could find yourself stressing about the weight gain.

Food Choices Diet can have an effect on emotional well being. “Caffeine, daily alcohol, refined sugars and junk food do not help stress,” says Palmer. “As moms are able to learn to identify what stresses them out, and what is happening in their bodies, they are able to start responding to the stress in a way that feels like the mom, wife, or friend that they want to be,” says Palmer. Experiment with different ways to relax that will help you to enjoy life more. Being more stressed than she’d like to admit, Jan Udlock is a Portland mom of 5 and a freelance writer.

East Vancouver Chiropractic Massage & Rehabilitation Therapy

Metropolitan Performing Arts Academy was founded in 2009 as a non-profit 501 (C) 3 arts education school to provide a quality, well-rounded education in the arts for the community of Vancouver, Washington and the surrounding Portland Metro area. Our academy of performing arts offers classes in musical theatre, acting, dance, public speaking, instrumentation, art and music.

Advanced Chiropractic Treatment & Rehabilitation • Auto Accidents • Ear Infections Bedwetting • Slip and Fall • Wellness Checkups • Scoliosis • Low Back Pain • Whiplash • Neck Pain

Classes will be held at Alki Middle School 1800 NW Bliss Road Vancouver, WA 98685 Metropolitan/Oregon Performing Arts Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, age, disability, or other criteria protected by law.

Massage • Orthotics • Nutrition • Wellness Same Day Appointments • Open Saturdays We Welcome Insurance 13025 NE 4th Plain Road • Vancouver, WA

360.718.8240 Visit our Website at: 18

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010

The right doctor for a woman’s life. _________

Pregnant or not, here we are. When it comes to healthcare, every woman has different needs. That’s why Southwest Medical Group offers a wide range of providers offering specialized women’s care. Many Southwest Medical Group doctors practice Family Medicine with Obstetrics, which means you can get gynecology exams and obstetrical services as a part of your comprehensive patient care. You can find one of these providers in your neighborhood at: Battle Ground Call 360.666.3900 for an appointment. Fisher’s Landing (Family Physicians Group) Call 360.735.8100 for an appointment. Westside/Main St. (Family Medicine of SW) Call 360.514.7550 for an appointment. If you already have a family medicine doctor but need OB/GYN services, you should check out Southwest Medical Group OB/GYN Associates. We offer prenatal and postnatal care, diagnosis and treatment for gynecological issues, minimally invasive surgery and preventative healthcare. And, through our midwifery services we offer a holistic approach to maternity and delivery services including water birth support. Call us at 360.514.1060.

vISIt Our WeBSIte tO leArN MOre Or SeArCh fOr A dOCtOr:

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010


 


 



 



 



 



 



 



 




 

 



 



 



 


  

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010

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Join us for Summer Reading! Sign up June 1 – August 15 @ your local library Summer Reading is for kids and teens from birth - 19 years. Available at all Fort Vancouver Regional Library District libraries and bookmobiles.

Summer Reading Activities Hosted By

Additional Support Provided By For more information, visit or call your local library or 360-695-1566.

Back by popular demand...

WeÕre offering something differentÑprivate party space! Rent our amazing facility and our space is yours alone for your celebration.

ItÕs Your Party... Celebrate it Your Way!

Book your party now for the best availability.

Conveniently located just off 1-205 & SR 500 / (360) 818-4071

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010


In Every Issue: Local Business Spotlight - Pacific Midwifery

Pacific Midwifery

2101 NE 139th Street, Suite 255 Vancouver, WA 98686 • (360) 885-7926

By Melissa Lindberg

In October 2000, Kathleen HenschFleming and Michelle Felix, both nurse midwives, left their nurse midwife positions at a local private medical office and opened Pacific Midwifery Service (PMS).

PMS provides a variety of services focusing on the total overall health of their female patients, including annual exams and Paps, family planning and infertility counseling, waterbirth, VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), maternity care and preconception counseling, menopause management, PMS and PMDD.

“We started Pacific Midwifery Service from a combined passion to offer midwifery services to clients

The relationship that a midwife builds with her patients, involves the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of pregnancy and other health issues. “The word ‘midwife’ means ‘with woman.’ That explains it for me. I can’t do things for you or to you, but with you we can rock the world!” says Hensch-Fleming.

The midwives of Pacific Midwifery who desired this special touch,” says Hensch-Fleming. “In October 2000 we saw our first patient at PMS. We delivered our first baby on March 9, 2001 at Southwest Washington Medical Center. In our first year of business we delivered 42 babies and did Annuals, Paps and family planning for 212 women,” says Hensch-Fleming. Felix has since left the practice to be closer to her parents in New Mexico, where she continues to work as a certified nurse midwife. Once an independent practice, today Pacific Midwifery is located at the Legacy Salmon Creek hospital campus on the second floor of the medical office building. While medical visits are done in the office, all baby deliveries are done at Legacy Salmon Creek hospital. “Our office is located at the 139th street location. Because we are ‘real’ midwives, we value our time with the laboring women and devote our energy to her by being present with her throughout the active labor process. This is impossible to guarantee if you are trying to deliver at two hospitals as we can’t be at two places at once. We had to choose one hospital and Legacy was supportive and excited about our desire to have waterbirth, in hospital, as one of our available options,” say Hensch-Fleming.

Hensch-Fleming has extensive credentials: RN, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP), Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM), and Certified Menopause Clinician. However, her passion for educating her patients would be one of the most impressive. She emphasizes the ongoing education and empowerment of her patients whether the medical visit includes an annual Pap smear or the birth of a baby. Her practice is built upon the belief that women can be actively involved in their own healthcare. With a mission statement that identifies educating, interacting and involving their patients in a lifelong journey of healthy living. “If I spend my days, and the majority of my nights, teaching and sharing information and explaining to you and your family, then we are ‘together’ in all aspects of care,” says Hensch-Fleming. Melissa Lindberg is a freelance writer, educator, speaker and writing coach. She lives in Battle Ground with her husband and three sons. She is available at

In the ten years since it first opened, Hensch-Fleming has added three additional midwives to the practice and PMS has flourished. In 2009, they saw approximately 1,900 patients and delivered 362 babies. “Last year [2009] we saw about fifty percent of our women for maternity care and delivery and fifty percent for gynecological exams, including family planning and IUD insertions,” says Hensch-Fleming.

Pacific Midwifery is built upon the belief that women can be actively involved in their own healthcare. 22

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010

kid-powered toys

The best toys, books and games for the best kids in Clark County! Now with two stores to serve you. And, as always, free gift wrapping.

Downtown Vancouver: 575 W. 8th St. 360-699-9200 Eastside: 136th and Mill Plain 360-823-0123

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010


In Every Issue: Your Money’s Worth

Your Money’s Worth


Read each month as Battle Ground mother, Davi Nabors, coaches us on the art of penny pinching.

Priceless Information

too costly to ignore. By Davi Nabors

Sex, drugs, alcohol, pornography­—swarms of temptations buzz incessantly around our kids, creating clouds of confusion and misdirection. All it takes is a walk through the mall, a glance at a TV screen, a flip though a magazine or a peek behind a middle school portable to realize the ‘80s and ‘90s were a cake walk compared to what teens face today. Once I came to that conclusion, I felt even more ill-equipped as a parent to prepare my boys for the choices ahead of them. I was planning to sit them down and have an old fashioned talk about the birds and the bees, but that would be as useless as taking a water pistol to a forest fire. What I really needed was current information and a strategy for reaching the hearts of my children. One year ago, I was introduced to a local, non-profit organization called Aware, Inc. Part of their mission is “to empower teens by equipping them with the knowledge and strategies for healthy choices regarding sexual activity.” So inspired by their mission and their dynamic approach to this awkward subject, I mustered the courage to step out of my comfort zone and become a volunteer speaker. Connecting with local students at middle and high schools has been a tremendously rewarding and eye-opening experience. Through my visits, I’ve learned two critical lessons: 1. Kids are hungry for the cold, hard (honest) facts, and 2. Kids really value what their parents have to say. Vast research also supports the fact that parents continue to have a significant influence on whether or not their children become sexually active or use drugs and alcohol. Aware wants parents to have a fighting chance to be that positive influence; therefore, it also offers Real World Training for Parents. This free program encourages and equips moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and other adults with significant influence to talk with their kids about sex and the issues that surround it; relationships, drugs, alcohol, and the Internet. The workshops are offered in three levels (three separate workshops), each one building on the next. Level One: Watch Their Steps is the introductory workshop that covers sexually transmitted infections, sexual progression, teen influences, drugs and alcohol, healthy relationships, tips for talking to your teens and starting conversations, resources, books and websites. Level Two: Guide Their Steps takes Level One to a deeper 24

level with the biochemistry of sex, cultural messages, new drugs, cell phones, cutting, the Internet and online safety. Level Three: Parent Illusions addresses the dangers of pornography by covering brain chemistry; relationships; tools of pornographers; and pornography’s effects on men, women and society. All three levels of Real World Training for Parents can be presented in the comfort of your own home, or at a church, school, community center, moms’ group, or other related venue. Each participant receives a free parent workbook to take home and share (in part) with their children. If you are interested in hosting a workshop, contact Brenda Stuart, Director of Parents, at 360-699-2384 or email What started as a quest to fill my personal Mommy Toolbox became an opportunity far beyond my wildest expectations. While my kids are fast approaching the age of enlightenment, I’m more aware of the challenges they will face and more equipped to arm them with the tools they will need to confront the real world. In addition, I have a better understanding of the fears and perspectives of today’s youth, and I’m honored to be part of a team that instills confidence and wisdom in those kids and their parents. For more information about Aware, visit www.awareprogram. net.

Vast research also supports the fact that parents continue to have a significant influence on whether or not their children become sexually active or use drugs and alcohol.

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010

Vancouver’s very own child-friendly cafe! Lara Blair

Proudly serving Caffe Umbria Espresso and Cafe Femenino Specialty Teas • Panini • Pizza Gelato • Pastries


Imaginative play


area for pre-walke

Nearly 1500 sq. feet of imaginative, clean play areas for pre-walkers through age 5 ($3.95 for ages 1-5; free area for pre-walkers up to age 1) Free WIFI

Let your little ones exp clean, safe environmelore in a nt.

New Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am-7pm Fri-Sat: 9am-7pm • Sun: 9am-3pm The Cafe is available for after-hour events: Birthday Parties • Book Club Meetings Baby Showers • Business Meetings Storytime, Puppet Shows, Movie Nights Check our website for these weekly events! 3000 SE 164th Avenue, Suite 107 Vancouver, Wa 98683 • (360) 896-4446




en w Sci ing enc Mae Lab y6 Teaching for Understanding th

Gardner School Upcoming Events

May: Come and explore The Gardner School during our Open Doors on May 12th and 13th. Call for tour times.


The Gardner School • 16413 NE 50th Ave. • Vancouver, WA 98686 • Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010


In Every Issue: Dear Dana


Dear Dana is a regular, interactive feature in Vancouver Family Magazine. Each month, mediator Dana Greyson tackles tough questions with insightful advice and suggestions.

Dear Dana, My lovely wife and mother of our children takes great care of everyone . . . except herself. Her last physical was over 10 years ago. I’m not even sure that anything is wrong, although lately she’s been uncharacteristically tired and cranky, and it seems like she’s been squinting, rubbing her eyes, and has to go to the bathroom a lot. Her brother, father, and uncle are all diabetic, and yet she refuses to get tested for it. I’ve read early detection can make a big difference in fending off future issues. She just says she’s healthy and the whole thing is just a drug company scam, a diabolical plot to cut into her chocolate consumption. How can I make her get tested?—Helpful Hubby and Desperate Dad Dear HHDD, Yes, the American Diabetes Association notes, “Recent studies indicate that the early detection of diabetes symptoms and treatment can decrease the chance of developing the complications of diabetes.” And yes, diabetes is a sneaky disease, with symptoms that can go unnoticed, and misdiagnosed if not specifically tested. However, you’ve got some bigger fish to fry if she hasn’t had a checkup in 10 years. There are lots of reasons to go in for an annual maintenance check: Pap test, mammogram, blood tests, cholesterol screening, a urine sample for a whole host of things, vision screening, etc. Despite your concern, few of us like to be “made” to do anything; when it does happen, winning the war often comes at the cost of losing the battle. In part, your pushing may be driving your wife’s resistance.

other health issues to address? How does she feel, what are her observations about diabetes impact on her brother, her father, and her uncle’s lives? Listen, without dismissing her fears. Acknowledge they are real, as for her, they are. Rather than tell her how to solve those problems, ask how she would like you to support her. Keep her in charge. If this is still an issue that is now so sensitive from your prior pushing, or perhaps because she has some deep personal concerns of her own, she may need to hear it from someone other than you. Who does she respect and listen to when it comes to difficult, heartfelt issues (warning: do not task your children with this!)? Is that someone you can share your concerns with, and ask their help in broaching the subject with her? Do they have some advice for you on how better to approach your wife? You might find she simply may not yet be ready to go in for a checkup. Or even if she is, not ready to act on it yet. Be patient, and loving, observant and helpful. She will be ready when she’s ready. Yet, if she will not take early action, the very best you can do is be there for her in the way she wants you to be, when she is ready. Email your questions for Dana to dana.greyson@gmail. com. Visit her websites at and

Instead, let’s start from the heart; begin from a place of love. She may simply be overworked, and need some relief, though it’s still a good idea for her to get an annual checkup. Let’s assume your concerns are valid (see sidebar). Choose your time carefully; make it a time free of distractions. Help her understand how much you love her. Give her specific examples of the ways she adds joy and meaning to your and your family’s lives. Share with her what you’ve observed recently, and your fears. As you are more willing to be vulnerable, you may find her in a more receptive place to hear your concerns. Lovingly, ask her what’s driving her fears, concerns or delays about going to the doctor. Is she afraid to find out if she is diabetic, moving in that direction or has some 26

Become educated on diabetes symptoms

The American Diabetes Association lists the following symptoms: frequent urination, unusual thirst, extreme hunger, unusual weight loss, extreme fatigue and irritability, frequent infections, blurred vision, cuts/bruises that are slow to heal, tingling or numbness in the hands or feet, and recurring skin, gum, or bladder infections. The American Diabetes Association website offers an online diabetes risk test at diabetes-risk-test.

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010

Dentistry • Hospital Dentistry


Birthdays * Bar/Bat Mitzvahs * Holiday Parties

Fun Center

(Gourmet Balloon HeadGear - Since 1990

Programs offered for ages two to adult. • Sunday Open Gym • Friday Open Gym • Sleepovers • Karate • Field Trips

• Birthday Parties • Preschool Learning Center • Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap • Sat Parent’s Night Out • Summer Camps

Make Your Party a FUN, Colorful, Festive Celebration!

The Balloon Wizard



& Up!

“Nobody Can Be Uncheered with a Balloon” Winnie the Pooh

Call Roger Ullenberg: 360-735-7186 Vancouver, WA Web

National Senior Health & Fitness Day Wednesday, May 26

Free and Open to Everyone

4 Weeks - $20

New enrollment only. Expires May February 28, 2009 31, 2010

Health Fair, Fitness Assessments and Nutrition Information No Joining Fee on new Wellness Memberships

5313 NE 94th Ave. • (360) 944-4444 • (503) 283-0440 2 blocks from Westfield Shopping Center by JCPenny Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010


Events are subject to change. Please contact organization directly to confirm.

1 Saturday

All Weather Walkers May Day Spring Walk at Firstenburg Community Center, 700 NE 136th Ave., Vancouver. Walk through residential neighborhoods,

ore local even ts.

parks and an urban forest. Start anytime between 1 pm and 5 pm, finish by 8 pm. Route is 5k or 10 k (3 or 6 miles) and is easy/ moderate. Event is free and open to the public, register on day of event. 1 pm Free Movie Nights at Café Sip ‘n’ Play, 3000 SE 164th Ave., Vancouver – The Swan Princess. 5 pm

4 Tuesday Café Learn and Play. Storytelling every Tuesday at Café Sip ‘n’ Play, 3000 SE 164th Ave., Vancouver. Songs and ABC’s for ages 5 and under. Free. 360-896-4446. www.cafesipnplay. com. 10 am

at Cascade Park Community Library, 600 NE 136th Ave., Vancouver. First Wednesday - Book Discussion, Second Wednesday – Games, Third Wednesday – Art, Fourth Wednesday - Tween Choice. 5 pm

6 Thursday Puppet Show with Penny the Puppeteer at Café Sip ‘n’ Play, 3000 SE 164th Ave., Vancouver. Free with paid admission into play area ($3.95). 10 am

7 Friday Family storytime for all ages at Vancouver Community Library, 1007 E Mill Plain, Vancouver. 10:30 am

Kazoodles Toys East Side Stories and Songs for Preschoolers. Free every Tuesday at 13503 SE Mill Plain Blvd. #B-3, Vancouver. 10:30 am

Free Movie Nights at Café Sip ‘n’ Play, 3000 SE 164th Ave., Vancouver – The Sword in the Stone. 5 pm

Family storytime every Tuesday at Vancouver Mall Community Library, 8700 NE Vancouver Mall Dr. Ste 285, Vancouver. 7 pm

Target Free First Friday at Portland Children’s Museum, 4015 SW Canyon Road, Portland. Admission free for everyone. 5-8 pm

5 Wednesday Kazoodles Toys Stories and Songs for Preschoolers. Free every Wednesday at 575 W 8th St, near Esther Short Park. 360699-9200, www.kazoodlestoys. com. 10:30 am Family storytime at Washougal Community Library, 1661 C St., Washougal. 10:30 am InBeTweens activities for ages 8-12 every Wednesday

8 Saturday Mother’s Day Plant and Garden Fair and Community Health and Safety Fair in downtown Camas at 4th Ave. between Adams and Everett – Dallas, Cedar & Birch between 3rd & 5th. Explore unique garden art, wind chimes, planters, garden furniture, iron works, and more. Free Kids Zone, presented this year by the Washougal High School Interact Club

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010

and sponsored by Lowes. For more information, visit, www. 9 am-4 pm

Kids Craft Club at Starting Grounds Church, 203 S. Parkway, Battle Ground. Free crafts will be split into two age groups: preschool and grade school. Donation-based coffee shop open for the grown-ups. Drop-ins welcome. Visit www. for more information. 10 am-12 pm Family story time at Cascade Park Community Library. (See May 1) 11 am

Second Saturdays at the Water Resources Education Center, 4600 SE Columbia Way, Vancouver. Butterflies! Butterflies! Butterflies! Learn the life cycle of butterflies, their habitats, likes and dislikes. Children will learn about the best plants in a garden to attract butterflies, where they live and what they like to eat. Butterfly make-and-take activities - plus, butterfly-related gift to make for mom’s on their special day. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 1-3 pm Free Movie Nights at Café Sip ‘n’ Play, 3000 SE 164th Ave., Vancouver – The Sword in the Stone. 5 pm Take25 Family Fun and Safety Day at east side WalMart Super Center, 430 SE 192nd Ave., Vancouver. Free finger printing, safety education, and more. 10 am-3 pm

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 

Family story time at Cascade Park Community Library, 700 NE 136th Ave., Vancouver. 11 am

Have a community event that you want to share? Calendar event Check out submissions can be sent to calendar@vancouverfamilymagazine. our website com, or call us at (360) 882-7762. Submissions are due on the 5th of the month prior to publication. for even m

 

Oregon Safe Kids Day at the Oregon Zoo. Learn simple safety measures to reduce risks. Sponsored by the Portland Metro Safe Kids Coalition. For further information, visit www.oregonzoo. org or call 503-226-1561. 9 am-3 pm   Speech and language development education class for parents, grandparents and caregivers of children in kindergarten through fifth grade. Free at Cascade Park Public Library, 600 NE 136th Ave., Vancouver. Obtain a wealth of knowledge from a certified Speech Langauge Pathologist and get your questions answered. Limited to 25 participants. RSVP by calling 503-512-9355, emailing jenn@ or visiting 10:30-11:30 am


 

Kids’ Workshop at Home Depot, 8601 NE Andresen Rd., Vancouver. Free, monthly handson, “how-to” craft workshops designed for kids ages 5-12. 9 am-12 pm


of events

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May ‘10


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Calendar of Events & Activities

At Language Academy, Inc. students will realize their full potential through integrative exploration of the Core Knowledge Sequence and its application within a global perspective. Learners will receive a renaissance education of cultural literacy while developing language proficiency in an authentic Spanish immersion program. While embracing the generational achievements of humanity, students will attain academic excellence and fundamental leadership tools necessary for future international success.

 

 

Sivad Studios Beach Extravaganza Package Family Session at Pacific City Beach. It includes one 20 x 24 wall portrait and is valued at $785. Restaurant gift cards to places like Oba, El Gaucho’s and Harborside • Weekend get-aways • Signed Trailblazer Ball Beautiful ladies wrist watch from Packouz Jewelers • Beer and Wine Baskets • Family night baskets • And many more…


Appetizers Sit-down Dinner

                                      

  

Silent Auction Items Include:

Grand Prize: Large Flat Screen TV • 1st Prize: $500 Cash 2nd Prize: $200 Restaurant Gift Card

Drinks Available Live & Silent Auction Music

 

   Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010 


 


29      


                                      







 


 


 


 


Sponsored by the Players Foundation

  

3rd Annual Auction  



                                                          

Language Academy’s

 

    La Escuela / Language Academy, Inc. • 7703 NE 72nd Ave. Vancouver, • (360) 883-5658  WA  


                                      

 

  

 

                                      

 

  

 

                                      

 

  

 

Language Academy Auction

 

Find us on

 

                      

 

Please Join Us for


Tickets are $50 and can be purchased in advance by calling 360-883-5658 or at the door. We look forward to seeing you there. Gracias!






2010 Calendar of Events & Activities (Continued) continued from page 28

11 Tuesday

14 Friday

18 Tuesday

Café Learn and Play. Storytelling every Tuesday at Café Sip ‘n’ Play. (See May 4) 10 am

Free Movie Nights at Café Sip ‘n’ Play, 3000 SE 164th Ave., Vancouver – The Princess and the Frog. 5 pm

Café Learn and Play. Storytelling every Tuesday at Café Sip ‘n’ Play. (See May 4) 10 am

Kazoodles Toys East Side Stories and Songs for Preschoolers. (See May 4) 10:30 am Family storytime at Vancouver Mall Community Library. (See May 4) 7 pm

12 Wednesday The Gardner School Open Doors. Learn more about this Pre-K-8 private school in Salmon Creek. Call 360-574-5752 for tour times. Kazoodles Toys Stories and Songs for Preschoolers. (See May 5) 10:30 am Family story time at Washougal Community Library. (See May 5) 10:30 am

InBeTweens provide activities for kids 8-12 every Wednesday at Cascade Park Library. InBeTweens activities for ages 8-12 every Wednesday at Cascade Park Community Library. (See May 5) 5 pm

13 Thursday The Gardner School Open Doors. Learn more about this Pre-K-8 private school in Salmon Creek. Call 360-574-5752 for tour times.


15 Saturday Northwest National Park Family Day at Fort Vancouver, 1501 E Evergreen St., Vancouver. Visitors can meet park rangers, see wildlife, hear Recycleman and the Dumpster Divers play tunes about recycling, sample camp food, and check out what it was like to camp years ago versus today. Educational activities and entertainment are designed to create an awareness and interest in the national parks. Admission to visitor center and Fort is free of charge. For more information, call 360-816-6230 or visit www.nps. gov/fova/planyourvisit/events.htm. 10 am-3 pm Dozer Day at Cemex/Fisher Quarry, on the West side of 192nd Ave. and Brady Road Intersection in Vancouver. Kids have the opportunity to drive big yellow dozers, dump trucks and other heavy equipment with a professional operator at their side, as well as other activities for the entire family.  Visit www. to purchase tickets and for additional information.  Advance ticket prices: $5 for seniors and children (ages 2-12); $7 for adults; free for kids under 2. 11 am-4 pm Family story time at Cascade Park Community Library. (See May 1) 11 am Free Movie Nights at Café Sip ‘n’ Play, 3000 SE 164th Ave., Vancouver – The Princess and the Frog. 5 pm La Escuela and The Language Academy, Inc. third annual silent auction fundraiser and cocktail reception at Heathman Lodge, 7801 NE Greenwood Dr., Vancouver. Tickets, $50, include a full-course dinner. 6 pm

16 Sunday Dozer Day (See May 15) 11-4 pm

Kazoodles Toys East Side Stories and Songs for Preschoolers. (See May 4) 10:30 am Family storytime at Vancouver Mall Community Library. (See May 4) 7 pm

19 Wednesday Kazoodles Toys Stories and Songs for Preschoolers. (See May 5) 10:30 am Family story time at Washougal Community Library. (See May 5) 10:30 am InBeTweens activities for ages 8-12 every Wednesday at Cascade Park Community Library. (See May 5) 5 pm

21 Friday Free Movie Nights at Café Sip ‘n’ Play, 3000 SE 164th Ave., Vancouver – You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. 5 pm

22 Saturday Moving You Forward Natural Health and Wellness Fair and 5k/10k Run/Walk to benefit the Clara Jean Breast Cancer Foundation at Esther Short Park. Kids Korner, with face painting, and other activities, sponsored by Vancouver Family Magazine. Free massage, acupuncture, and health screenings, and more. 8 am-1 pm Family story time at Cascade Park Community Library. (See May 1) 11 am Free Movie Nights at Café Sip ‘n’ Play, 3000 SE 164th Ave., Vancouver – You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. 5 pm

25 Tuesday Café Learn and Play. Storytelling every Tuesday at Café Sip ‘n’ Play. (See May 4) 10 am Kazoodles Toys East Side Stories and Songs for

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010

Preschoolers. (See May 4) 10:30 am Family storytime at Vancouver Mall Community Library. (See May 4) 7 pm

26 Wednesday National Senior Health and Fitness Day At YMCA-Clark County, 11324 NE 51st Cir., Vancouver. Free and open to the public. Health fair, fitness assessments, and nutrition information. No Joining Fee on new Wellness memberships. Kazoodles Toys Stories and Songs for Preschoolers. (See May 5) 10:30 am Family story time at Washougal Community Library. (See May 5) 10:30 am InBeTweens activities for ages 8-12 every Wednesday at Cascade Park Community Library. (See May 5) 5 pm

28 Friday Free Movie Nights at Café Sip ‘n’ Play, 3000 SE 164th Ave., Vancouver – Curious George 2. 5 pm

29 Saturday Open Cockpit Day at Pearson Air Museum, 1115 E 5th St., Vancouver. Climb into a vintage open cockpit plane. Free airplane rides for kids 6-17 with parent approval. 10 am-5 pm Vancouver Community Concert Band Veteran Memorial Concert at Esther Short Park. 10 am-12 pm Family story time at Cascade Park Community Library. (See May 1) 11 am Free Movie Nights at Café Sip ‘n’ Play, 3000 SE 164th Ave., Vancouver – Curious George 2. 5 pm

There will be raffles all day for free safety equipment like bike helmets, cabinet locks, and outlet covers.

Injury prevention day! June 5th 10:30 am – 4:00 pm Doernbecher Children’s Safety Center in partnership with Kohl’s Department Stores presents the new Kohl’s Safety House.

Looking for helmets? Bike helmets for children and adults will be professionally fitted and sold all day for $5. There will be many fun and interactive exhibits for children to learn how to stay safe. Children can learn about pedestrian safety and see the inside of an ambulance.

Throughout the day, many of Portland’s community programs and family resource centers will be present to help parents learn more about the support available to families in their area.

June 5th, 10:30 am–4:00 pm Outside the Portland Children’s Museum 4015 Southwest Canyon Road Portland, OR 97221


Vancouver Family Magazine and Shorty’s Garden and Home present:

Garden Gala

Thanks Vancouver! for voting us “Best Baby Boutique”

for kids

A free summer kickoff event for families

“My Birthday Wish List”

for Mom & Baby-to-Be

“My Baby Registry”


We’ve got the Baby stuff, it’s true, plus an entire line up of Toys, Books, Games, Dress-up, Puzzles, Arts and Crafts, for Fun, Learning, and Creativity for Toddlers to Tweens. 13307 Hwy 99 Ste.105 • Vancouver, WA 98686 From North or South, Exit I-5 or I-205 at 134th St/Salmon Creek

360.253.2229 Thanks for SHOPPING LOCAL!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

11 am-2 pm

Prizes • Activities • Entertainment Shorty’s Garden and Home 10006 SE Mill Plain Blvd Vancouver

Vancouver fa mily magazine

For more information, visit or call (360) 882-7762

Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010


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Vancouver Family Magazine • • May 2010

May 2010  

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